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Owning a Borador dog pros and cons

Borador pros and cons

Pros and cons of owning a Borador

Borador health issues

Owning a Borador pros and cons

Borador pros and cons If you've ever been curious about a Border Collie and Labrador Retriever mix dogs, there are some considerations to think about before getting a Borador pup. Boradors are not suitable dogs for many people. Let's look closely at Borador dog pros and cons to get a better idea of whether this dog is suitable for your lifestyle and family.

Being an offspring of two highly trainable and very intelligent breeds (Border Collie and Lab), Boradors inherit many positive qualities. Boradors respond well to being trained and can be trained to a high standard. In addition, these dogs are fit to be service dogs that can excel in many occupations - from being helpers around the farm to help in herding jobs, to helping the police in search and rescue missions. Other occupations for Boradors include obedience, and trailing. Working dogs such as Boradors need to be kept busy by participating in dog sports or training to get the mental and physical stimulation that they require for staying in best shape. While Boradors are incredibly intelligent, these dogs may be challenging for people who don't have the time or energy to keep this dog busy throughout the day, which can be a con. A Borador that is left alone without any constructive way to use his or her energy will find ways to stay busy but the owners may not be happy to find a ripped up couch or chewed up things around the home when they come home from a long day at work. Boradors require owners who can be around most of the time and who can keep the dog occupied.

Many potential owners wonder whether a Borador is suitable for apartment living. Unfortunately for those who live in apartment complexes this dog is not the right fit for a life in a city apartment with very limited space to spend all the excessive energy that this Border Collie mix has. An active Labrador Retriever and Border Collie mix dog needs space and is suitable for a home with a large fenced yard where the dog gets the freedom to run around, explore and exercise during the day in addition to several daily walks with the owner.

When it comes to grooming, Boradors require frequent brushing to help remove the shedded hair - one of the cons to owning a Borador is that this dog sheds a lot thoughout the year and with even more abundant shedding during fall and spring seasons. Be prepared to collect handsfull of dog's shedded hair around your home. Investing in a good vacuum cleaner and brushing the dog daily may help to manage the Borador dog's heavy shedding. Another reason why it is important to brush Borador regularly is that brushing helps to prevent mats and tangles from forming on the dog's coat. Areas around the dog's ears and around the dog's legs are most prone to matting and need to be thoroughly brushed at least a couple of times per week.

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Are Boradors suitable as family pets? Borador dogs are suitable companion dogs for active families with older children and who can provide the dog with a job to do during the day. Whether your Borador will be busy doing dog sports several days during the week or helping around the farm - a happy Borador is a busy Borador. If you have small child that requires most of your attention during the day, then getting a Borador pup may not be a good idea because Borador puppies also need most of your attention and supervision during the day and having your new puppy compete for attention with a child is never a good situation for any of the parties involved. Young Boradors are very active and curious and in most cases are not suitable for families with many other responsibilities such as a baby or a full time job outside home. Too many Boradors end up in dog shelters because their owners did not anticipate the amount of work and attention that goes into having an energetic family pet that is very demanding in many ways. Potential owners of Borador dogs need to have a good idea of whether their lifestyle can allow for an active pet that is not a typical companion pet but a dog with a strong work drive that needs to stay busy in constructive ways. Otherwise you may end up with a dog that does not get to use much of his or her physical and mental energy and will look for other ways to stay busy or turn to destructive behavior to stay occupied. The con to owning a Borador is that this dog needs an owner who can offer plenty of opportunities for the dog to live an active and busy life and not many people can provide a Borador with the lifestyle your dog requires to channel his natural work drive in a positive direction.

Strong herding drive may be present in some Boradors and unless your dog is helping you manage livestock, the strong herding drive may cause your dog to try to herd other household pets or even children. This tendency can be minimized with proper training but can be a con to some Borador owners. Other undesirable behaviors may include chasing small animals such as squirrels, cats or birds. Are Boradors friendly with other dogs? As long as your Borador received sufficient socialization during puppyhood, he or she can get along fine with other dogs.

Pros of owning a Borador

Borador dogs are intelligent and eager to please the owners which translates into being very trainable dogs
Borador dogs are suitable for active owners who have a lot of time to dedicate to training, exercising and caring for this dog
Lab and Border Collie mix dogs are suitable for many dog occupations such as herding, tracking, police work and many others

Cons of owning a Borador

Boradors are working dogs that need a job to stay busy during the day
Boradors are not suitable for small living spaces such as an apartment which is a con
Borador dogs may develop destructive behaviors if left alone frequently or if bored
Border Collie Lab mix dogs are very active and need hours of walking and exercise every day
Borador puppies are very demanding for attention and need an owner who can properly train and socialize the dog
Borador dogs are not suitable for families with small children
Borador dogs produce a significant amount of shedding which is another con to owning the Lab Mix dog

Borador health problems

Boradors are bound to suffer the same health issues their parents the Labrador Retriever and the Border Collie suffer. Although these pups are generally healthy its recommended for a potential buyer to see health certificates of both the parents. However, veterinary checkups should never be skipped, this will ensure that you have a healthy pup and also diagnose any disease as early as possible.

Here are some of the health conditions that Borador dogs are susceptible to

Allergies, which is a serious condition that affects the dog's skin and manifests hay fever-like symptoms. The problem can be very debilitating if not detected and managed properly. In some cases, the condition may call for a lifetime treatment to prevent discomfort and itchiness of the skin which may impact the dog's quality life.

Collie eye anomaly, which is a congenital defect of the retina usually inherited from the Border Collie parent. Although it's not a common condition in this hybrid, your dog should undergo an eye examination to rule out any possibilities.

Elbow Dysplasia which is a health condition that is usually inherited from the Labrador Retriever. It affects the elbow joint proper development. Testing of both parent dogs will prevent the disease from being passed on to the next generation.

Owning a Borador pros and cons

Hip Dysplasia, which is a similar condition to the elbow dysplasia and is also inherited from the parents. It affects the proper development of the hip joint. It's therefore vital for the parent dogs to undergo tests that show they are free from the condition before producing a Borador.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy, which is a health condition that affects the retinal nerve cells which makes it impossible for the light signals being transmitted to the brain. It's a condition that affects older dogs and is common in both the Labrador Retriever and the Border Collie.

Healthy and well balanced diet is very important for Boradors. Boradors are medium to large-sized dogs with high energy levels. Borador's diet should be formulated according to the dog's size and age. This is because according to the developmental stages puppy dietary needs will be different from the adult and senior dog's needs. Feed your full grown Borador two or three times per day because once a day feeding is associated with bloat in dogs such as Borador. Avoid feeding your dog with a lot of canned dog meals because most of them are not suitable for your dog's dental health. Too much-wet dog food will lead to tooth loss and plague build-ups on the dog's teeth.

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