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Boston Terrier vs Boxer

Dog breed comparison between Boston Terrier and Boxer. Differences and similarities between these companion dog breeds explained.

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Comparison between Boxer and Boston Terrier breeds
Boston Terrier vs Boxer
Boston Terrier pros and cons

Boston Terrier vs Boxer

Boston Terriers and Boxers are completely different breeds that share some similarities as well as differences. Boston Terriers look like miniature Boxers and some people may even confuse these two breeds. Boston Terriers and Boxers have long legs and athletic overall appearance. Both breeds have short muzzles (known as brachycephalic breeds). Brachycephalic dogs are banned by many airlines because these breeds have troubles regulating body temperature due to shorter snouts. Potential owners should know that Boston Terriers and Boxers may have difficulties breathing and often snore or wheeze.

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Other similarities between Boxers and Boston Terriers such as high intelligence and stubbornness in temperament. These aren't the easiest breeds to train, although in the right hands Boston Terriers and Boxer dogs can succeed in obedience training. Boston Terriers and Boxers are playful, alert and curious and stay this way well into the old age. Despite many similarities, there are some significant differences that are noticeable in energy levels of these breeds. Boxers are much more active and require a lot more exercise during the day than Boston Terriers that are more relaxed in comparison to energetic Boxers. Boxer dog is more appropriate for an owner who enjoys long daily walks and can spend most of the time with the dog. Boston Terriers do not need as much exercise and can easily adjust to the energy level of their family.

Grooming needs are similar between Bosties and Boxers. The short coat is easy maintenance and requires daily brushing to remove the dead hair. Daily grooming routine should also include brushing the dog's teeth as well as cleaning the facial folds. Dirt and bacteria can easily accumulate in the dark and moist areas in the skin folds and can cause various skin problems for either a Boxer or Boston Terrier. Keeping these areas clean and dry is important and can be easily accomplished by using a wrinkle wipes for dogs.

Which breed is more suitable for a less active family? Definitely a Boston Terrier is a more suitable dog breed for a less active family. Boston Terriers do not need hours of exercise every day and can adjust to the level of physical activity of his family. Boston Terriers are less active than Boxers and a few daily walks around the block combined with some indoor playtime is enough to keep a Boston Terrier happy and fit. Boxer dogs, in comparison, require a few long walks each day. Boxers are more active than Boston Terriers and aren't suitable for less active families or for elderly people with mobility issues. Boxers are demanding in terms of physical activity and need at least an hour of exercise every day. A Boxer that does not get enough exercise is more likely to develop various behavior problems. Differences between Boxers and Boston Terriers in detail.

Boston Terrier Boxer Mix (Miniature Boxer)

Image of Boxer Boston Terrier mix.

Boston Terrier Boxer Mix

Half Boxer half Boston Terrier mix dogs are also known as Miniature Boxers. Miniature Boxers are smaller than Boxers in size, but usually are larger than Boston Terriers.

Boxer vs Boston Terrier: Grooming

Boxers and Boston Terriers have similar grooming needs that include brushing the coat to remove any dead hair, wiping the facial wrinkles to keep these areas free from bacteria that may cause skin irritation. Dog's teeth also need to be brushed daily using a canine toothpaste. Regular teeth brushing helps to maintain healthy teeth.

Boxer vs Boston Terrier: Lifespan

Boxers have an average lifespan of 9 to 11 years while Boston Terriers have an average life expectancy of up to 14 years. Larger breeds tend to have shorter lifespan than do smaller breeds and this is the case with Boxers and Boston Terriers. Smaller Boston Terriers have a longer life span on average than do larger Boxer dogs.

Boxers vs Boston Terriers: Size

Boxer dogs are significantly larger than Boston Terriers. For example, when compared in weight, Boxers can weigh up to 70 pounds while a smaller Boston Terrier can weigh up to 25 pounds. In height, Boxers can reach up to 25 inches while Boston Terriers are up to 17 inches tall. There's a significant difference in size between these two breeds.

Boxer male weight: 66 to 70 lb (30 to 32 kg)
Boston Terrier male weight: 10 to 25 lb (4.5 to 11.5 kg)

Boxer male height: 22 to 25 inches at the withers (57 to 63 cm)
Boston Terrier male height: 15 to 17 in (38 to 43 cm)

Boxers vs Boston Terriers: Shedding

Boston Terriers and Boxers have a short, smooth coat that doesn't produce much shedding. Brushing a dog daily with a deshedding brush helps to manage the shedding and keep home free from dog's hair. Furminator for short coat is ideal for both of these breeds.

Boxer vs Boston Terrier: Price

Boxer dog price averages at around $700 per puppy. Boston Terrier's price, averages at around $1,000 and up. Boston Terriers are smaller than Boxers and generally produce less puppies as a result, which explains the higher price. Many factors affect each individual puppy's price. Having a well known pedigree is one of them and dogs with well known blood lines can cost significantly more.

Boxers vs Boston Terriers: Temperament

Although there are many similarities in appearance, Boxers and Boston Terriers have many differences in their temperaments. Boxers are a lot more active than Boston Terriers. Both breeds are very affectionate towards owners. Boston Terriers are friendly towards strangers while some Boxers tend to be more reserved around unfamiliar people. Boxers are more suitable for energetic owners who appreciate a dog with lots of energy. Boston Terriers tend to be more calm than boisterous Boxers. Although Boston Terriers love to accompany owners for longer walks, they prefer to be carried rather than walk, while a Boxer dog has plenty of energy even for longer walks. Both, Boxers and Boston Terriers are brachycephalic breeds that should avoid exercise in a hot and humid weather.

Bulldog vs Boxer: Country of breed origin

Boxer place of origin is Germany.
Boston Terrier is an American dog breed.

Good with kids: Difference between Boxers and Boston Terriers

Boxers and Boston Terriers make excellent companion pets for families with kids. Boxers are larger than Boston Terriers and are more appropriate for older kids, while Boston Terriers are more suitable for sensible kids of different ages. Children need to be taught how to properly handle a dog and should treat the pet with respect. For example, kids should not bother a dog while the dog is eating or sleeping. Also, kids should avoid lifting a dog up to avoid any unfortunate accidents.

Boxer versus Boston Terrier: Companion dogs

Boxers and Boston Terriers are companion dog breeds that need to spend most of the time with owners in order to thrive. These breeds should not be considered by people who can not spend most of the day with the family pet as lonely Boxers or Boston Terriers start developing behavior issues as a result of loneliness, boredom and inadequate energy outlet. Boxers make great companions for energetic people who love long walks and can appreciate a high energy dog who needs attention most of the time. Boston Terriers are great for retirees, single people and families who can provide the pet with the love, care and affection that this dog needs. Both breeds don't require much grooming but their different energy levels should be taken into consideration when selecting a companion pet.

Good with other dogs: Boxers vs Boston Terriers

Some Boxer males can be aggressive towards other male dogs. Boston Terriers tend to be friendly with other dogs. Boston Terriers and Boxers need to be properly socialized starting in an early age in order to be comfortable and confident in different circumstances and with different people and pets.

Boxers compared to Boston Terriers: Intelligence

Boston Terriers and Boxers are intelligent, curious and alert. These dogs may not be the easiest to train, but they are smart and enjoy mental stimulation. Provide your pet with interactive dog toys that can keep the dog busy and add more fun to your pet's life. Treat dispenser toys are also wonderful and will keep your dog busy for a while.

Boston Terriers vs Boxers: Trainability

Boston Terriers and Boxers are challenging breeds to train. Both are stubborn and like to have their way. Boxers and Boston Terriers can be sensitive to harsh training techniques and should be trained in a consistent and gentle manner. Finding the right motivation is the key to success. Food, praise and playtime are all great motivation techniques. Start training while the dog is still a young puppy and less set in his or her ways. Obedience training and potty training should start the moment you bring a puppy home. Always have your home prepared for the new four legged family member by setting up a dog potty area where the dog will be able to answer the nature's call. Stay consisted with rules and make sure that all family members follow the same rules. For example, if a Boxer dog is not allowed to jump on furniture, then there should be no exceptions to the rule and all family members need to stick to that rule and not allow the dog to sleep on the couch. Consistency is the key to success when it comes to obedience training and both breeds are capable of learning good behavior in the right hands.

Boxers versus Boston Terriers: Barking

Boston Terriers are quiet dogs that hardly ever bark. Boxers also don't bark much but when compared to Boston Terriers, they do bark more. Quiet Boston Terriers make wonderful apartment dogs.

Boxers vs Boston Terriers: Exercise needs

Boxer dogs need a siginificant amount of exercise during the day. At least an hour of physical activity is a must with this energetic breed. If you are planning to get a Boxer, be prepared for long walks and lots of time in the dog exercise area where your pet can spend some of that endless energy. Boston Terriers don't require as much exercise and can be happy with a few daily walks around the block.

Health issues: Boxers versus Boston Terriers

Brachycephalic breeds such as Boxers and Boston Terriers have difficulties breathing and can be sensitive to hot and humid weather. Always keep your pet in a cooler environment during hot weather and should avoid exercise during extreme weather. Boxers and Boston Terriers may be prone to Bloat and various eye problems.

Boxers compared to Boston Terriers: Dog behavior issues

Boxers and Boston Terriers can be difficult to train. Leaving a dog unattended for a long time may result in different behavior problems. Companion breeds such as Bosties and Boxers need to spend most of the time with the owners, otherwise they may start undesirable behaviors such as chewing or ripping furniture, excessive barking and so on.

Find a way to keep your dog busy while you are away. For example, provide the dog with some chewable toys and always make sure to give your dog a good walk prior to leaving. A nice walk helps to get rid of the excess of energy and the dog is more likely to rest while you are away.

Boston Terriers compared to Boxers: Popularity

Boxers take the 11th place in popularity while Boston Terriers are number 21 in popularity in the United States.

Boston Terrier vs Boxer dog: Loyalty to the owner

Boston Terriers and Boxers are loyal to their families and need love, care and attention from their owners every day on order to thrive.
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