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Owning a Boxador dog pros and cons

Boxador pros and cons

Pros and cons of owning a Boxador dog

Boxador health issues

Owning a Boxador pros and cons

Boxador pros and cons Boxador is a dog that was developed by crossing a Labrador Retriever with a Boxer dog. Boxadors combine the temperament as well as appearance of these two breeds in an unpredictable way. There are many positives as well as some negatives that potential Boxador owners need to consider before choosing this hybrid dog.

Are Boxadors suitable for apartments? Boxador dogs are fairly large in size and highly active, making these dogs unsuitable for living in small spaces such as city apartments. Boxer Lab mix dogs need plenty of space to exercise and burn off that high energy and require a home with a large fenced yard where the dog can enjoy playing, exercising and just staying active during the day. The con of owning a Boxador dog is that this dog is not suitable for city life where there isn't enough space for the dog to enjoy. Busy streets and limited amount of running space are not for Boxadors.

Do Boxador dogs need a lot of exercise? The short answer is yes. Boxadors have lots of energy that they need to spend during the day and it is up to the owner to provide the dog with the opportunity to use that energy in a healthy and constructive way. Boxadors that don't get enough exercise may develop various behavior problems and can quickly turn your home upside down by becoming destructive. Scratched up doors and floors, ripped up sofas and chewed up shoes are on the list of your Boxador dog "Things To Do" if he is left alone frequently and is missing his daily long walks and exercise. Boxadors should not be left alone and for prolonged periods of time. If you must leave your pet for a couple of hours at home by himself, be sure to give your dog an ample exercise that may include a good walk prior to leaving him home alone. Exercise will tire out your dog for some time to give you time to come back to a home that is still intact. One of the cons to owning a Boxador is that this dog should not be left alone for long periods of time and needs owners who can give him the attention and long walks that he needs every day.

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Are Boxador dogs easy to train? Lab mixes such as Boxador are very intelligent and most Boxadors respond well to training which are some of the pros to owning this dog. Boxador puppies need to start basic training as well as socialization during early puppyhood, while they are still flexible and easy to train. Older Boxador dogs tend to be more set in their ways and may need more time to learn new things.

Do Boxador dogs make good family pets? Boxadors are most suitable pets for experienced dog owners who understand the needs of Boxer mix dogs that have above average exercise requirements. Boxadors can be great pets for families with older children. Boxador puppies that are raised in families with older kids can be playful companion dogs that get along with everyone in the household. Families with small children, on the other hand, may not have the time that it takes to raise a very active Boxador puppy. Puppies of all dog breeds and mixes require plenty of time especially during the first months of life and families with very small children may not be able to give the Lab Boxer mix puppy that time that it takes to properly train, socialize and care of that demanding and active puppy that also needs to be potty trained at the same time. Young Boxador puppies can be challenging especially for novice dog owners.

Do Boxador dogs drool? Boxadors that inherited the jaw structure of the Boxer parent may drool more than Lab Boxer mix dogs that inherited the Labrador Retriever's more elongated jaw that helps to prevent excessive drooling. Drooling can be a con for many potential dog owners who are considering getting a Boxador dog. Dogs may drool for several reasons, including the structure of the dog's jaw. Dogs also salivate more when anticipating a meal and with some dogs that may be the only time when drooling is excessive.

Do Boxadors shed a lot? Lab mixes often produce a significant amount of shedding and Boxadors are average shedders that may produce more shedding during fall and spring seasons. The shorter coat makes grooming this dog easier especially when compared to dogs with longer coat. Several brushing sessions per week help to remove most of the shedded hair and keep your dog's coat looking neat and well cared for.

Pros of a Boxador

Lab Boxer mix dogs are very intelligent
Most Boxadors respond well to being trained
Boxadors are fairly low-maintenance when it comes to coat care
Boxador dogs make great companion pets for active people who have a lot of time to dedicate to the dog
Boxadors are good exercise partners - they are athletic and agile
Boxer Lab mix dogs are playful and make good pets for families with older kids

Cons of a Boxador

Boxadors shed heavily during seasonal shedding
Boxador dogs love to eat and are prone to obesity
High exercise requirements make Boxadors not suitable for living in an apartment
Some Boxadors may drool

Boxador health problems

Boxadors are designer dogs that are usually healthier than their purebred parents. However, Boxer Lab mix dogs are more likely to suffer from the same health conditions as their parents. Although Boxadors are generally healthy, getting a health certificate from their parents can help to clear any doubts.

Here are some of the health conditions Boxadors are susceptible to

Hip dysplasia, which is a condition caused by an abnormal hip socket formation and is more common in large dogs. In this case, instead of the joints effortlessly gliding together, they grind against each other. The inherited condition causes lameness and pain. The signs of the disease in Boxadors may include loss of thigh muscles, decrease in activity, hip pain, narrow stance, decreased range of motion and difficulty standing.

Bloat, which is a life-threatening condition that affects Boxadors. It happens when the dog's stomach is filled with air, fluid or gas which later extends the pressure to the nearby organs. This then leads to difficulty breathing, stomach lining tear or lack of blood flow to the stomach or heart. Take the dog to the vet immediately if you notice any Bloat signs. Using slow feeders is a great way to help prevent Bloat in Boxador dogs. Common Bloat symptoms may include lethargy, shortness of breath, anxious behavior, drooling, and restlessness. This usually happens after the dog has eaten a large meal or after a hard workout. If not treated immediately the dog may die in the process.

Arthritis, which is a condition that happens when the bones in the dog's body become deteriorated. As the disease develops the joints become inflamed which then leads to crippling effects and pain. Symptoms that may be seen include stiffness, limping, decrease in activity, lameness, whimpering in pain, aggressive behavior or reluctance to play or jump. The condition is not curable, though it's manageable through medication.

Ear infections which is a condition manifests as itchy and irritated ears. Major causes may range from polyps, aspergillus, objects lodged inside the ear, ear mites, Malassezia, hypothyroidism to allergies. After the dog is infected the symptoms may include bad odor from the ear, abnormal discharge, head shaking or tilting, unusual eye movements or scabs on the outer parts of the ear. Visit the vet to help your pet as soon as possible.

Cancer is becoming more prevalent in dogs and it's the leading cause of death in older dogs. Normally, blood tests don't detect this disease early as the dog grows. It's therefore important to keep checking your pooch for any bumps or lumps, sores that don't heal quickly, changes in weight or any bleeding from either ears nose and mouth. The dog may experience coughing, difficulty eating, excessive panting or extreme tiredness. Other factors to look out for are constipation, diarrhea, mucous and blood in the stool. If the disease is detected early it can be treated.

Ectropion & Entropion which is a condition that usually affects the eyelids. The Ectropion refers to baggy and saggy eyelids which predisposes the cornea of the dog to dryness, which leads to discomfort and itchiness. On the other hand, Entropion refers to in-turned eyelids. This condition makes the dogs eyelashes rub on the surface of the eye, which in return causes a lot of pain and discomfort. It's through a corrective surgery that the dog can have back a normal life.

A well-balanced diet is very important for Boxador dogs. The age and level of activity should also be taken to record while formulating the diet. Avoid leaving food outside all day. This is because Boxador's tendency to love food will make him gain weight rapidly, a condition that can later bring about health issues associated with obesity.

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