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Owning a Boxerdoodle dog

Boxerdoodle pros and cons

Pros and cons of owning a Boxerdoodle dog

Boxerdoodle health issues

Owning a Boxerdoodle pros and cons

Boxerdoodle pros and cons Boxerdoodles were developed by crossing a Poodle breed with a Boxer breed. Boxerdoodle owners have many positive things to say about Boxer Poodle mix dogs. One of the reasons why Boxerdoodles are gaining popularity is because Poodle Boxer cross dogs produce lower amounts of various pet allergens, from saliva to pet dander that may cause allergic reactions in some people. Doodle dogs such as Boxerdoodle have other pros when it comes to their coat - in addition to being hypoallergenic, Boxerdoodles also shed significantly less than do purebred Boxer dogs, making this hybrid an attractive pet for many potential owners.

What are some other pros to owning a Boxer Poodle mix dog? Active people who are looking for a dog that can be a perfect exercise partner that has a lot of energy to burn will find Boxerdoodle very suitable for the job. Boxerdoodles are highly active and need a couple of hours of walking every day to stay physically fit and mentally healthy. For people who dislike being very active, the high energy level of a Boxerdoodle dog may seem like a challenge rather than an advantage. Poodle Boxer mix dog is not for everyone - only people who can spend most of the day with the dog and are prepared for a lot of walking and other fun activities with the family pet throughout the day should think about getting this energetic dog. While Boxerdoodle is a young puppy, there will be a lot of time investment into socializing, training and caring for a Boxer Poodle pup. Younger puppies have a lot of curiosity in addition to endless energy, which makes them prone to getting in a lot of trouble as they are growing up. Basic training and potty training may take up a few months before the Boxerdoodle pup is fully trained, which can be a con for people who have other responsibilities in addition to caring for the new pet.

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How difficult are Boxerdoodles to groom? While some Boxerdoodle dogs feature a shorter coat and relatively easy coat maintenance, others may have a coat that is similar to that of a Poodle parent, and may require periodical trims as well as more frequent brushing to keep the coat healthy and neat. Even though there is usually a low amount of shedding, Boxerdoodle coat needs to be brushed thoroughly once every few days to remove any mats and tangles that may cause discomfort to the dog. Neglecting proper coat care may result in skin irritations that can be uncomfortable for your dog.

Ear infections are more common for dogs with handing ears, such as Poodles and if your Boxerdoodle has hanging ears, be sure to check for any signs of redness or bad smell from the ears that may indicate a bacterial infection. Trip to the vet would be necessary in that case. To minimize the risk of ear infections, always dry your Boxerdoodle's ears after a swim or after a bath with a clean, dry towel. Ear cleaning solutions are available for dogs and make it easy to take good care of your Boxer Poodle mix dog's ears.

One of the advantages to owning a Boxerdoodle dog is that Boxerdoodles are very intelligent and respond well to training. Some Boxerdoodles may be more stubborn than others but most Boxerdoodle dogs are quick to learn new concepts and with positive motivation training techniques can be trained in a shorter period of time.

Boxerdoodle dogs come in different sizes, depending on the size of the parent Poodle. A Boxer Poodle dog that comes from a Boxer and Mini Poodle parents will be smaller in size than a Boxer Poodle mix dog that resulted from crossing a Boxer with a Standard Poodle. Smaller Boxerdoodles are more suitable for living in an apartment while larger Boxerdoodles naturally require more living space. Boxerdoodles of all sizes benefit from living close to a dog park where the dog can get exercise. Having a large fenced yard is another luxury that a Boxerdoodle as well as his or her owners can truly appreciate. Boxerdoodles enjoy being physically active. This hybrid dog is playful and loves to participate in running around with the kids and other activities such as swimming or fetching.

Pros of owning a Boxerdoodle

Boxerdoodle dogs are friendly, affectionate, and fun dogs that can be great companion pets for active adults of all ages.
Due to their intelligence and natural desire to please the owners, Boxer Poodle mix dogs are highly trainable.
For active people, Boxerdoodles are great exercise partners that enjoy long walks, hiking, swimming and other activities.
Boxerdoodles have a fairly long life expectancy.
Boxer and Poodle mix dogs enjoy healthier lives than purebred dogs due to hybrid vigor.

Cons of owning a Boxerdoodle

Boxerdoodle dog needs frequent daily exercise due to high energy bursts. Boxer and Poodle cross dogs need to be physically and mentally active throughout the day to keep out of trouble. Bored Boxerdoodles may try to keep themselves busy with a range of undesirable dog behaviors from being destructive around the house to excessive barking. Potential owners need to be confident that they can this dog busy doing productive things during the day to keep the dog occupied and happy.
Boxer Poodle mix dogs can be susceptible to serious health issues from their parents that may range from various eye conditions to bloat that can be life-threatening. Be sure to use a slow feeder for your Boxerdoodle dog to help prevent Bloat.
Families with small children are not ideal for Boxerdoodles. There's simply not enough time for busy young parents to take on a big responsibility of also having a young puppy that may compete for time with small children. Boxerdoodle puppies take a lot of time and energy and are ideal for adults who have plenty of time to dedicate to this dog.
Boxerdoodles can have high grooming requirements. Dog grooming appointments can be expensive and although it is possible to groom a Boxerdoodle at home, owners need to be prepared to spend a reasonable amount on professional grooming tools to use at home.

Boxerdoodle dogs can be expensive to buy and some people choose to adopt a Boxerdoodle dog from a local dog shelter. If you choose to adopt a Boxerdoodle dog, ask a lot of questions about the dog's temperament and behavior to be sure that the dog is a good fit in your household. If you have other pets at home, ask how the dog behaves around other dogs or pets as staff may have some valuable information to share with you in regards to the dog you are interested in adopting which can be very helpful.

Whether you are getting a Boxerdoodle puppy or a full grown Boxer Poodle mix dog, have all the pet supplies ready before you bring the dog home. This way you can dedicate the first few days to the new family member instead of looking for all the pet supplies you may need.

Boxerdoodle health problems

Generally, Boxerdoodles are known to be very healthy dogs, having been bred from two purebred Poodles and Boxers to minimize the risk of hereditary health problems. However, Boxer Poodle mix dogs can be susceptible to some health issues that affect their parents. Here are some of the health conditions Boxerdoodles can be predisposed to:


It's always important to schedule frequent and regular visits to your vet to ensure your dog is always healthy by detecting any problems early enough.

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