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Dog Horoscope 2017 and Pet Astrology

Aries dog (March 21 – April 19)

Taurus dog (April 20 – May 20)

Gemini dog (May 21 – June 21)

Cancer dog (June 22 – July 22)

Leo dog (July 23 – August 22)

Virgo dog (August 23 – September 22)

Libra dog (September 23 – October 22)

Scorpio dog (October 23 – November 21)

Sagittarius dog (November 22 – December 21)

Capricorn dog (December 22 – January 19)

Aquarius dog (January 20 – February 18)

Pisces dog (February 19 – March 20)

The astrological sign of your dog will play a big role in his personality. Don't be surprised if your Aries dog tries to assume a leadership role in the dog park and notice how your Sagittarius dog is the one that gets along with other dogs. Astrological sign of your dog is affecting his or her temperament and personality.

Aries Dog

(March 21 – April 19)
Element: Fire, Planet: Mars

Aries dogs are full of energy. These are born leaders. Brave, impulsive, unstoppable. Aries dog is always in the center of attention. Dogs born under this horoscope sign try to dominate not only other dogs but also family members. Be careful when you're getting an Aries dog that is also a large breed. Once you have an Aries dog – ensure that your dog follows your rules. Aries dogs have two sides to them: one side is very friendly and communicative and the other side is conflicting and in the fighting mode. Aries dogs are very loyal and protective with their owners.

Aries dog prefers to be the only pet in the family and tends not to get along with any new pets in the household.

Aries puppies develop fast. Very active and creative and with a good appetite. Aries puppy needs to be physically active. Do not overuse your physical force when you're training an Aries puppy. The best approach to Aries dogs would be patience and praise. Otherwise you will create a stubborn dog that will remember the negative experiences he experienced during his training. Aries puppies are very curious about everything and by properly channeling his curiosity during training you can get a dog that will be your pride and joy. Make sure you're using a positive tone of voice during training sessions. Try not to repeat the same command more than 2 or 3 times during a training session. Remember to walk the dog before each training session.

Aries dogs often suffer from dental problems and nervous system problems. As an owner you can try to minimize the risk of these diseases by properly taking care of the dog.

According to pet astrology, dogs born under the sign of "Aries" gets along with other "Aries", "Lios", "Sagittariuses" and "Geminis". Although conflicts can still occur. You will never be bored with an Aries dog.

Taurus Dog

(April 20 – May 20)
Element: Earth, Planet: Venus

Taurus dogs are very balanced and peace-loving. But when provoked the dog will not stop at anything.

Taurus dogs do not like to share "personal things" such as toys or treats. These dogs make great protection dogs for either their home or owner. Taurus protection dogs can sometimes do more than necessary while protecting property or owner.

Taurus dogs enjoy the fresh air and these are perfect dogs for the suburbs. Taurus dogs love their owner, their family and their home.

As a puppy, Taurus tends to be calm and sometimes even on the slow side. Taurus dogs don't like big changes in their environment. Calm and assertive approach works best when handling your Taurus dog. Fast movements will not be appreciated by your taurus dog. Do not raise your voice and try to avoid putting pressure on your dog. Calm and systematic training sessions work best.

In terms of health, the reproductive organs can be vulnerable in taurus dogs. Also metabolism can become an issue and as a result the dog may gain extra weight. Taurus dogs don't get sick often but when they do - getting better may take longer time.

Taurus dogs usually don't get in conflict with other dogs but if a conflict happens, these dogs can defend themselves very well. Taurus dogs get along with dogs born under "Lios", "Libras", "Sagittariuses" and "Pieces" horoscope signs.

At home your taurus dog will be very balanced and friendly with kids and family.

Gemini Dog

(May 21 – June 21)
Element: Air, Planet: Mercury

Gemini dogs are always on the go. Very friendly. Dogs born under Gemini sign are curious about everything around. The most curious dogs of all horoscope signs. These dogs are actors and diplomats. Communication is very important to these dogs. Gemini dogs try to impress all the guests at the same time. These dogs are comfortable in any company. Gemini dogs immediately feel your mood and they always know if you're ready to play with them or not. Gemini dogs are great for either suburban or city life. These dogs shouldn't be left alone in an apartment for a long time as they can bark, chew on things and sometimes can even try to jump out of a window.

Gemini dogs love to bark and they are very active. They aren't jealous. The more there are pets in the house - the more interesting it is for your Gemini dog. They love to play with kids.

There can be issues with feeding your Gemini dog. These dogs tend to have strong food preferences. Gemini puppies need a lot of toys. These puppies thrive when you play with them. These dogs need to be walked as much as possible. Gemini dogs are intelligent and quickly grasp new concepts. The best training approach is to switch from new commands to old commands that the puppy already is familiar with.

Bones and cartilages tend to be vulnerable in gemini dogs. Immune system issues and appetite issues can sometimes occur.

Gemini dogs get along with other pets. The most compatible signs according to pet astrology are "Cancer", "Lio", "Libra", "Scorpio", "Sagittarius", "Aquarius" and "Aries".

Gemini dog is ideal for an active owner that will spend as much time as possible with the dog and will not leave the dog alone at home.

Cancer Dog

(June 22 – July 22)
Element: Water, Planet: Moon

Cancer dogs tend to change their mood often. These dogs reflect the mood of the owners. If you're happy - the dog is happy, when you're sad - the dog will also feel sad.

Sometimes cancer dogs can be aggressive seemingly without cause. This aggression will pass as the moon's phase changes.

According to pet astrology, Cancer dogs are very cautious and are careful of animals that are bigger than themselves. These dogs aren't natural fighters. They avoid confrontations. Loud noise, overly energetic music can make them nervous. These dogs will remember if someone hurts them in any way.

Cancer dogs don't always accept other pets at home. These dogs don't like to share their belongings with other dogs. Cancer dogs don't like changes in the environment and they often don't feel well in any transport. These dogs are the happiest in the fresh air close to their home. Cancer dogs love water and children. These dogs love to collect toys and food and are very protective over their belongings even if there's always food available to them.

Cancer puppies are adorable and emotional. As an owner you need to provide them with love from an early age otherwise the dog can become aloof. Cancer dogs are trainable provided that they are treated kindly.

Digestive and respiratory systems are the most vulnerable when it comes to health for Cancer dogs. Skin diseases can also be an issue.

Cancer dogs get along fine with other pets as long as these pets are small in size. They get along with other "Cancers", "Leos", "Virgos" and "Pisces".

Cancer dog is the happiest in a stable, calm home with as little changes as possible in the environment.

Leo Dog

(July 23 – August 22)
Element: Fire, Planet: Sun

It is easy to recognize a Leo dog. Leo dog always keeps his head up high and walks in a very proud way. Leos are the natural leaders. Dogs born under this zodiac sign tend to be curious discoverers. You will need to respect your leo dog the same way your leo dog will respect you.

Leo dogs and puppies should never be treated in a rough and insensitive way. But also you should not let your dog extend his dominance over you. Love your Leo dog, be kind to the dog and treat the dog in a calm and firm way.

Leo dogs are the happiest in their yard or house where the dog feels that he is the king. Leo dogs dislike moving. Leo dogs love those who are small and weak. These dogs are great with kids.

Leo puppies tend to be dominant and get along with other pets. Leo dog will always dominate over other pets in the house. Leo dogs tend to be easily trainable.

When it comes to health, Leo dogs are the most susceptible to heart problems and metabolism issues.

Leos get along with dogs born under such horoscope signs as "Libras", "Capricorns", "Aries", "Tauruses", "Geminis" and "Cancers".

Leo dogs will make you proud on dog shows and this is the dog that will protect your "kingdom".

Virgo Dog

(August 23 – September 22)
Element: Earth, Planet: Mercury

Virgo dogs tend to be easygoing. They love the world as it is. These dogs are always friendly to those weaker or smaller than they are. Virgo dogs are very picky when it comes to food. These dogs love cleanliness and will be patient with hygenic procedures. An owner of a Virgo dog should be calm and balanced.

Virgo puppy will not cause too many problems. These dogs are easily trainable. As a trainer remember to praise your Virgo dog. Virgo dogs do well with schedules. According to pet astrology, Virgos are the most organized of all dogs.

These dogs are more susceptible to oncological and metabolism issues.

Virgo dogs get along with other "Virgos", "Tauruses", "Cancers" and "Capricorns".

Virgo dogs bring a lot of joy to their owners and there are usually no big problems with Virgo dogs.

Libra Dog

(September 23 – October 22)
Element: Air, Planet: Venus

Libra dogs are very friendly, peaceful and communicative. They tend to be active. Let these dogs get enough running when you walk them. Libra dogs are very positive and they don't let the negative to stick to them.

Dogs born under Libra zodiac sign enjoy balance when it comes to socializing. They don't like being alone or being in a big crowd. Libra dogs have a good appetite. Be careful in extreme weather - if it's too cold or hot outside - the dog may get sick. These dogs like to live in clean environment.

Libra dogs live a long and healthy life with the proper care.

Libra dogs and puppies aren't always easy to train. Do not overdo training and stay calm when you're working on training your Libra dog. Also do not raise your voice as this will not be appreciated by your Libra dog.

Libra dogs don't like fights of any sort. These dogs get along the best with "Lios", "Virgos" and "Aquariuses".

You will feel calm and comfortable with your Libra dog but do not count too much on your libra dog guard skills.

Scorpio Dog

(October 23 – November 21)
Element: Water, Planets: Mars, Pluto

Scorpio dogs are strong dogs. They are active and aggressive. Aggression is never pointed towards the owner. The owner has to work hard to get the Scorpio dog to understand it's place in the "pack". These dogs are very dominant and they always protect their "belongings" such as toys or food plate, etc.

Scorpio dogs are good travelers. Dogs born under Scorpio zodiac sign enjoy traveling with their owners.

Scorpio puppies are adorable but very aggressive. They start fights and also can damage your property at times. At the same time Scorpio puppies are intelligent and quickly learn "taboos". They need to express themselves through different means and you need to provide them with enough toys and also spend time playing with your Scorpio puppy.

You will spend a lot of time training a Scorpio dog. Patience and assertiveness are your best friends when it comes to training your Scorpio dog.

Kidney problems and urinary tract and respiratory problems can be the health issues with Scorpio dogs.

Scorpio dogs rarely get along with other pets in the house and they can tolerate "Sagittariuses" and "Pisces".

When you're getting a Scorpio puppy, you're getting a fighter and protector. Will you be able to handle your Scoripo dog?

Sagittarius Dog

(November 22 - December 21)
Element: Fire, Planet: Jupiter

Sagittarius dogs are very active and positive. They are always curious. Enjoy traveling, get into new adventures. These dogs always dream of freedom. Golden, comfortable cage is not for them. This is not your couch dog.

Sagittarius dogs enjoy company of other pets and people. Dogs born under this zodiac sign won't miss the old apartment but they will miss the old friends.

Sagittarius puppies need constant attention. They are too curious for their own good. Getting hurt or getting lost are the common problems with Sagittarius puppies. Do not let them out of your sight.

Sagittarius dogs and puppies are easily trainable as long as training sessions aren't boring and too repetitive. It's important to provide enough physical activity to your Sagittarius dog.

The most vulnerable organs are digestive system and liver.

Active Sagittariuses get along with all other signs, best of all with "Aries", "Geminis", "Scorpios" and other "Sagittariuses".

If you're active, enjoy walking and travel a lot, or live in a house with a spacious yard - Sagittarius dog is a great fit for you.

Capricorn Dog

(December 22 – January 19)
Element: Earth, Planet: Saturn

When you get a Capricorn puppy, you'll be surprised at how many adult qualities your puppy has. Capricorn puppies quickly understand how the world works and you won't need to control his every move. Capricorn dogs will try to be authoritative towards other dogs as well as towards their owner. Dogs born under this zodiac sign tend to be more stubborn.

Capricorn puppies enjoy order. Changing the environment doesn't make your Capricorn dog happy. There shouldn't be any rush. According to dog horoscope, Capricorn dog is loyal to the owner and expects the same in return. No competition will be tolerated and Capricorn dogs may not enjoy having to share their owner's attention with other pets.

Start training your Capricorn puppy early and there won't be any issues with training the dog. You will need plenty of patience. Be predictable as your Capricorn puppy willnot appreciate changes in your training methods. Whatever your Capricorn dog learned he won't ever forget. Remember that your Capricorn dog needs to be physically active. Capricorn makes good guard dog for his home.

Skin and sceleton issues are common. You need to watch out for ticks and fleas.

Capricorn dogs don't enjoy big crows. Capricorn dogs tolerate "Cancers", "Libras" and "Scorpios". But they are happiest with just the owner.

Aquarius Dog

(January 20 – February 18)
Element: Air, Planet: Uranus, Saturn

Your Aquarius dog is full of surprises. The dog may react differently to the same events and people. Aquarius dogs are friendly, active and they love a change of scenery. Being aggressive is not a typical behavior for Aquarius dogs. You will never be bored with your Aquarius dog. Dogs born under Aquarius zodiac sign love to bark with and without a cause. Aquarius dogs are very intelligent and they easily "read" your mood.

Aquarius dogs aren't leaders. Why try to be in charge when you can make many friends instead?

Dogs and puppies born under this zodiac sign enjoy physical activities, training and try to be on good behavior to please the owner.

Potential health issues for dogs born under this Aquarius zodiac sign include allergies and inflammations.

Aquarius dogs get along with "Scorpios", "Cancers", "Aquariuses" and "Capricorns".

Pisces Dog

February 19 – March 20
Element: Water, Planet: Neptune

Pisces dogs are the calmest of all other signs. They constantly need your attention. These dogs aren't aggressive. Pisces tend to be friendly and patient. Pisces dogs get along with everyone around and they absolutely love kids.

Many dog owners will notice a positive health effects that come from owning a Pisces dog. These dogs easily distinguish "good" and "bad" people.

Pisces dogs and puppies have a good memory and are highly intelligent. Dogs born under this sign quickly figure out new commands and there's no need for a strict dog trainer when it comes to your Pisces dog.

As a puppy your Pisces dog may appear weaker and smaller compared to puppies from other signs. Sometimes these dogs lack in confidence and they need you to help them believe in themselves. Pisces dogs shouldn't be used for protection. These dogs live in their own calm world. It is not recommended to train your Pisces dog after 4 p.m. as they get sleepy by that time. Raising your voice can drive your Pisces into a depression. Pisces are excellent travel companions especially if there's an opportunity to take a swim in a body of water during the trip.

Pisces dogs get along with "Tauruses", "Geminis", "Cancers", "Virgos" and "Scorpios".
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