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Managing Pug shedding

Pug shedding

Do Pugs shed? Pugs are among the most popular small companion dog breeds that unfortunately shed a lot. Shedding in Pugs does not indicate a health problem - the dog's short coat produces a significant amount of shedding naturally and Pug owners are often faced with the question "How to manage Pug shedding?" Here we explore best solutions for Pug shedding because our goal is to help Pug owners to successfully manage Pug shedding.

Pug shedding

Pug shed

Pug shedding management

Whether you are a seasoned Pug owner or planning to get a Pug, it is important to realize that although Pugs shed a lot, there are effective solutions to help manage the challenges that abundant shedding may present to people who own this breed. How much do Pugs shed? Pug dogs feature a thick, short coat that produces a surprising amount of shedding throughout the year with even more noticeable shedding during the fall and spring seasons. If you have a Pug at home, you may have noticed that during spring time Pug's coat starts to shed more profusely in order to prepare the dog for a warmer season, thus shedding the thicker coat that was needed during the winter to keep the dog warm. Some Pug owners may wonder "How do I keep my Pug from shedding?" Shedding can not be completely eliminated in Pug dogs and while there are dog breeds that produce less shedding, Pug owners should not be misled into thinking that they can stop their Pug from shedding. Pug owners know that every piece of furniture where the Pug spends some time will be covered with the dog's shedded hair. Not only will you find Pug's hair on the couch, but the floor may also get covered with the dog's shedded hair. While shedding is perfectly normal for Pugs, owners may find it important to keep the shedding under control.

What are some of the most effective ways to help control Pug shedding? Besides feeing your Pug a healthy diet that maintains overall health of your pet, be sure to get the best brush for your Pug that will effectively help to remove the bulk of loose hair from the dog's coat. Getting a good brush and not using it regularly will not help much with keeping the shedding under control. Take your Pug outdoors and thoroughly brush the dog in the fresh air with a FURminator deshedding brush that can be a life saver for many Pug owners. As you are brushing your Pug, you will notice that large amounts of the dog's dead hair are being removed and that is not a reason to worry - FURminator dog brush helps to get rid of most of the dead hair from the dog's coat. Always brush your Pug in a gentle manner in the direction of hair growth to make sure the dog is comfortable during the process and to prevent skin injuries. Most Pugs enjoy being groomed and will be patiently sitting while the owner is brushing them. If your Pug is not sitting still while you are brushing him, have some healthy treats available that will help to keep the dog still. Reward your Pug with a little bit of the treat only when he is behaving as intended. If the dog is trying to run away, don't provide the treat at that moment, because your Pug will naturally assume that he is being rewarded for trying to run away. That's not what we want. Getting your Pug used to being brushed should start from puppyhood, but even a full grown Pug can learn to enjoy the brushing sessions. Talk to the dog in a soothing voice to help your Pug relax. With regular use of FURminator the amount of hair around your home will start decreasing because this deshedding tool captures most of the loose hair during brushing. Many Pug owners claim that getting a Furminator deshedding brush was one of the best investments made to successfully manage the heavy Pug shedding. Hertzco Deshedding Tools is just as popular as Furminator among Pug owners and for a good reason. This powerful deshedding tool makes shedding management easy and comfortable for both the Pug and the owner.

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog & Cat Deshedding Tool is a well-rated Pug deshedding brush that is also self-cleaning. Hertzko deshedding brush helps to remove up to 95% of shedded hair from the dog's coat.

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog & Cat Deshedding Tool
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FURminator deshedding brush for Pugs can be used every day, helping you to successfully remove most of the shedded hairs. Many FURminator users praise this deshedding tool because it is much less messy than many other brushes. As you are using FURminator brush, the loose hair collects on the teeth of the brush and you can release the collected clump of Pug hair by pressing on a button. Easily collect the loose hair from the brush into a container to minimize clean up time after brushing your Puggie. With other brushes you may be able to remove some of the Pug loose hair while with FURminator expect to see a much larger pile of shedded hair that the deshedding brush is able to successfully remove.

If you own a Pug, getting a vacuum cleaner to keep your floors and furniture free from Pug's shedded hair can significantly help to keep your home clean and mostly free from Pug's hair. Some vacuum cleaners are specifically designed to target dog hair and do an even better job at removing most of the dog's hair from surfaces than ordinary vacuum cleaners. Pet shedding management vacuum cleaner accessories can also be useful and may be used to gently brush your dog while the vacuuming action sucks the hair inside the vacuum cleaner at the same time, thus helping to maintain the environment clean from the dog's hair as you are brushing him or her.

FURminator deShedding Edge Dog Brush
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• FURminator deShedding Edge Dog Brush is a great choice for Pug owners

• Removes most of the loose hair from shedding from a Pug dog's coat

• A must-have grooming brush for all Pug owners to effectively manage the heavy shedding

There are other options to help manage the amount of Pug hair around your home. Robot Vacuums are gaining popularity among pet owners and require minimal effort to keep the home clean and free of pet hair. One of the most effective tools to manage the pet hair around the house is a Neato Robotics D7 Connected Laser Guided Robot Vacuum that does the cleaning work for you. This Robot Vacuum is specifically designed for pet owners to help with collecting all the dog hair from the floors, including wooden floors as well as carpeted surfaces so you can concentrate on doing things you like while the vacuum does the cleaning. There are many Robot Vacuums that are more affordable and can still provide good results cleaning the shedded Pug hair. Whether you have hard floors or carpeted floors, finding the right Robot Vacuum for your situation can save you a lot of time and energy and you will no longer have to worry about Pug hair all around your home. The disadvantage of using a Robot Vacuum is that it can not be used on your sofa or chairs or any other furniture like regular Vacuum Cleaners. Advantages of Robot Vacuums include minimal effort since the robot does the work for you.

Some Pugs enjoy being brushed while others may put up a fight and try to wiggle around as you are trying to keep the dog in place to brush him or her. Don't give up. At first, try some treats. Reward Pug for sitting calmly. Try to give your Pug a nice walk prior to brushing the dog so that he can get more relaxed during brushing. If that doesn't work, invite a friend who can help you by keeping the dog in place while you are carefully brushing the short hair to remove any loose hairs. Every FURminator brush comes with instructions that are important to follow in order to get the best results.

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