- Cavachon potty training
How to potty train a Cavachon dog

How to potty train a Cavachon

Cavachon dog potty training tutorial. Best potty training supplies for a Cavachons.

How to potty train a Cavachon?

Cavachon potty training

Cavachon potty training Are Cavachons hard to potty train? Potty training a Cavachon puppy or full grown dog is a task that many first-time dog owners find challenging. However, if you have the right attitude, patience, and consistency, potty training your Cavachon dog can be possible in a matter of few weeks. Here are some steps that will help potty train your Cavachon.

Preparing a dog potty area needs to be done before you bring Cavachon home. Prior to binging home a Cavachon pup, be sure to allocate a potty area where your new pet can relieve himself or herself. It is very important to have a potty area ready so that when your Cavachon arrives you can spend all the time and attention on your puppy instead of worrying about things like setting up a potty area. If you live in an apartment, consider getting an indoor dog potty so that you wouldn't have to run outside every couple of hours or even more frequently during potty training process. Indoor dog toilet is a convenient way to keep your dog comfortable and able to relieve himself or herself when you are not home or during bad weather when going outside may be difficult. If you have a private house, allocating a specific area in your yard as your pet's potty area is a smart idea. Allocating a specific area as your dog's toilet will help to keep all the mess in one area and it's easier to maintain. Every time you bring Cavachon here, say "Go Potty" to help your dog learn where he or she may pee or poop. Eventually the dog will know that when you say "Go Potty", that it's time to run to the potty area and do the deed. Have some treats available so that you can quickly reward your pet during potty training after a successful performance.

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When should you begin potty training a Cavachon dog? The minute your pet arrives home, housetraining must begin to establish good potty manners from the very start. As a new pet parent, you will be the one teaching your dog to use the potty area any time the dog needs to relieve himself. Be ready to spend first couple of weeks observing your dog's behavior and taking the dog to the potty area anytime you notice potty readiness signs. Have all the supplies ready so that in case of an accident you can quickly remove the mess. There will be many accidents before your dog learns to use the dog toilet. In case of an accident never yell or punish your pet in any way - this will only slow down the potty training process further and won't help during potty training. Instead, use small and healthy food rewards to reward your Cavachon every time the dog uses the potty area. Praise and small bite of food can help your pet associate using his potty with getting praised or rewarded.

Set up a schedule that will help in determining when you are supposed to take Cavachon outside. Having a consistent feeding schedule helps to set up a schedule when you will be able to know when your dog is ready to potty. Bear in mind that as puppies, Cavachons will not be able to hold it in for long - their bladder is very small. So take Cavachon outside 30 to 45 minutes after the following activities or every 2 to 3 hours. The more frequently your pet uses the correct potty area, the sooner Cavachon will learn where he or she can go potty. Since your Cavachon can't potty train himself or herself, it is really important that the owner can spend most of the time during the first few weeks of getting the new puppy home to help establish good potty habits in your new family member.

When should you take Cavachon to the potty area? Watch out for signals that your Cavachon needs to relieve. They include sniffing around, scratching the floor or moving in a circular motion. If you catch him relieving himself inside, avoid raising your voice at him, instead use a neutral tone while being firm, so he can realize you are still the pack leader. Take him outside to the potty area so he can finish the toilet business. A Cavachon puppy needs to use a toilet first thing after the dog wakes up. Also after feeding be sure to give your pet an opportunity to visit his potty area. After drinking water many dogs need to relieve themselves - take the puppy outside for a potty break. Also, take your Cavachon puppy to the potty area after playing and right before bedtime at night. Observing your pet's behavior can give you clues when the dog is ready to use a potty area. For example, if you notice that your dog is sniffing the floor - it's a signal that your pet is looking for a place to use as a potty. Immediately take the dog to the potty area. Many dogs walk around in circles as they are looking for the right area to use as a potty. This is your opportunity to give your pet a chance to visit the potty area.

Take your pooch to the potty area you have chosen every time they need to poo. The familiar smell will help remind your Cavachon to use the area as a potty place. Use positive reinforcement when training your Cavachon. Cavachons love treats and so it's advisable to reward the pooch with small treat whenever they perform the toilet business well. If you do not have a food treat at that moment a quick play session or praise will do the trick. Avoid punishing the dog as this will make him get afraid of you, and delay the potty training process further.

People who live in apartments may choose to use an indoor potty for their pet so that the dog can use the potty anytime nature calls without having to wait to be taken outside. You will need to train your dog to use an indoor dog potty and even though potty training may take up some time, it is a great way to keep your pet happy and to prevent accidents when the dog just can't wait until the next walk and needs to use the potty.

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As you are potty training a Cavachon dog, be prepared for any accidents by having some dog poop bags, treat rewards as well as enzyme cleaner solution that is specifically designed to remove any traces of urine or fecal smell from your floors. Completely removing smell or urine from the floor will help to prevent your pet from using this area as his toilet in the future. Dogs tend to select certain areas that smell like their urine or feces as a potty place and that is the reason why it is important use enzymatic cleaner for any accidents to get rid of any trace that may be left after an accident.

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It may also be a good idea to train your Cavachon to associate a command with pottying. For example, using a command such as "Go Potty!" can help your dog know what you are expecting. This command can be very useful when you don't have much time for a long walk or during traveling with your pet. Always use the same words for this command and don't forget to reward your pet after the dog is finished. Start using this command any time you bring the dog to the potty area and you see that the dog is about to pee or poop. This way your pet will soon understand what the command means and will be able to use the toilet on command down the road.

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