- Maltese potty training
Potty training a Maltese dog

How to potty train a Maltese

Maltese dog potty training guide with video tutorials, housebreaking supplies and Maltese potty training problems.

How to potty train a Maltese?

Maltese potty training

Maltese dog potty training

Maltese puppies can start potty training at around 6 weeks of age. Young Maltese dogs are still flexible and can fairly quickly learn to use an indoor dog potty or be trained to be taken outside to do their business there. Even before you bring your Maltese puppy home, decide where your new Maltese pup will go to potty. If you live in an apartment, housebreaking a Maltese dog to use an indoor dog toilet can be a convenient solution because the dog won't have to wait to be taken outside in order to potty. If you live in a house, taking the dog outside to a designated toilet area may be a sensible option. In order to help your Maltese puppy to quickly master potty training, be sure to have some healthy training treats available that you can use as a reward. Small food rewards work great with many dogs and allow your Maltese dog to quickly figure out what needs to be done in order to get rewarded.

For small dogs such as the Maltese, using an indoor dog potty such as the Blyss Pets Klean Paws Indoor Dog Potty is a great solution for your Maltese potty needs. Klean Paws Indoor Potty is ideal for small dog breeds such as the Maltese and works well for both Maltese males and females. In addition to the indoor dog potty, you will also need Puppy Pads that can be used with the Blyss Pets Klean Paws Indoor Dog Potty system and make the clean up very easy. Once you have the indoor dog toilet set up at home, be sure to also have a potty traing spray such as the Indoor Outdoor Potty Here Training Aid for Dogs and Puppies that you can use to spray the area where you want your Maltese puppy to use as a potty. Maltese dogs use their nose to locate the area where they feel comfortable using as their bathroom and the spray helps them to know where they should pee and poop.

While you are housebreaking your Maltese dog, be prepared for any accidents that will naturally happen during potty training process. To help you quickly remove any Maltese urine or feces from your floors along with the bad odor, use Enzyme Cleaners instead of ordinary household cleaners as only Enzyme-based cleaners help to completely eliminate any traces of the urine scent, which is your goal. If your Maltese can smell the urine on the floor, he or she will treat that area as a toilet next time, because that's what it smells like to your pet. Removing any urine or poop scent from the carpet or floor surface helps to discourage your dog from using that area as his toilet in the future.

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Can full grown Maltese dogs be potty trained? Adult Maltese can be successfully house trained and while some Maltese may be easier to potty train than others, with patience and consistency you can get your full grown Maltese potty trained in a matter of several weeks. The most important ingredient to successful Maltese potty training is your presence and involvement. The Maltese dog can't potty train herself or himeself - the dog requires your guidance throughout the process in order to succeed. Never punish your Maltese dog after another accident - punishing the dog can only prolong the housetraining process and make your dog lose his trust in you. Instead of yelling at your dog, quickly clean up the mess and be more attentive to Maltese's behavior. If you notice potty readiness signs such as the dog walking in circles and sniffing the floor, immediately take the dog to the potty area and let him or her do the pottying there. Once the dog is done, praise the Maltese and offer a small treat right away so that after a while your dog will associate being rewarded with using a potty in the allocated area, which is your goal.

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Maltese puppies have smaller bladders and need to pee more frequently than adult Maltese dogs. Typically a Maltese puppy needs to pee as soon as he wakes up, after he eats or drinks, after playtime and that may amount to once every hour, especially for very young Maltese pups. During the first few weeks of potty training you need to be present and help your puppy by taking him to the designated dog potty area after the dog sleeps, after he gets a meal and every time you see the Maltese walking in circles and sniffing the carpet or the floor.

While housetraining a Maltese may take all your attention during the first few weeks, keep in mind that you are establishing good habits for your pet and helping your Maltese to become a well mannered pet that will soon learn where to go to use a potty and your life will be much easier in just a few weeks of dedication to the potty training process.

In case you need to be at work or need to leave your Maltese dog that is not yet fully housetrained at home alone for a few hours, put doggie diapers on your Maltese dog to save your home from any accidents that will happen during that time. Always walk the dog prior to leaving so that he gets a chance to potty outside or take the dog to the indoor dog toilet area before putting on doggie diapers on the dog. Dog diapers for Maltese dogs are available for male and female dogs. Most Maltese dogs are tiny and you need the extra small doggie diapers for your Maltese dog. Some Maltese owners put the dog diapers on the Maltese dog at night to prevent accidents on the floor.

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