- Goldador shedding management
Goldador dog shedding management

Goldador shedding

When considering a designer dog breed such as Goldador it is wise to consider the dog's grooming needs and of course, the amount of shedding that the potenial new pet may have. Questions such as the following are important to ask the breeder or other Goldador owners to determine how much time you may need to allocate to properly care for your Golden Retriever Lab mix dog:
Do Goldadors shed a lot?
What is the amount of shedding that Goldadors produce?
What is the best way to manage the heavy shedding of Goldador?
Which grooming tools are best for dealing with Goldador shedding?
Which brushes help to deshed a Goldador dog?
Do Goldadors shed seasonally or constantly?
What can I do as an owner to help reduce the Goldador shedding?

Goldador shedding

Golden Retriever Lab mix grooming

Goldador pros and cons

Goldador shedding

Goldador shedding management

How much do Goldador dogs shed? Goldador is a designer dog mix that was developed by crossing a Golden Retriever with Labrador Retriever and since both of these parent dog breeds shed a lot, the resulting Goldador inherits the same amount of shedding as his parents. Potential Goldador owners need to be prepared to successfully manage the significant amount of shedding that Goldador dogs produce. Goldadors feature a double coat that is also water repellent and thick in texture. Goldadors shed all year round, with even more shedding being produced during the spring and fall seasons. Golden Retriever Lab mix owners need to be properly equipped with the right grooming tools in order to keep the dog's coat healthy and keep the dog's shedding under control.

Which deshedding tools work best for Goldador's coat type? There are many options available on todays market that allow dog owners with heavy shedding breeds to easily manage the dog's shedded hair. FURminator Deshedding Tool for large breeds is one of the best known deshedding tools that can be used to manage a Goldador shedding. Goldador owners and professional dog groomers swear by FURminator that helps to not only remove most of the shedded hair from the dog's coat but this dog grooming tool is also gentle on the dog's coat and with proper use can dramatically reduce the amount of dog's hair around your home as most of the dead hair will be successfully removed. Brushing your Goldador with a FURminator deshedding brush can be a bonding and relaxing experience for you and your dog alike. One word of advice is to brush the Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever mix dog outdoors to minimize the time that it takes to clean up after brushing a Goldador.

FURminator deshedding brush for large dogs as well as Hertzko Deshedding Tool can help to remove a lot of the dog's shedded hair from Goldador's coat. Brush your pet outdoors as there will be a lot of Goldador's hair flying around and brushing a large dog like Goldador at home can result in a big mess that will take time to clean up.

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Being a Goldador owner means vacuuming your home frequently to remove any dog's hair that can be found throughout the home where a Goldador dog lives. When you start planning on getting grooming tools for a Goldador dog, don't forget to invest in a dog-friendly vacuum cleaner that will help to effortlessly take care of any dog hair that will find their way on the floor and on most furniture in your home. A pet friendly vacuum cleaner is specifically designed for removing dog's hair from most surfaces and can make your life with a Goldador much happier.

Goldador grooming

How to get a Goldador dog to accept being brushed? Goldadors are easily trainable dogs because they love to please their owners. In order to help your Goldador to get accustomed to having his coat brushed, start training him early on and only use positive training methods such as rewards or playtime. Even a two-month old Goldador puppy can start short, one minute long grooming training sessions. Have some treats available and have a grooming brush ready when you begin Goldador puppy grooming. Goldador pup should be walked prior to the one minute grooming session so that he is more calm and ready to rest. Sit the pup comfortably and speak softly while you are gently brushing his coat. Give the dog a small toy or a treat to keep the puppy busy as you are brushing him. After a minute of brushing is over, reward your dog with a small treat or with a praise. After several short grooming sessions your Goldador will realize that grooming can be enjoyable and that there's nothing to worry about. Many dogs enjoy being groomed and with a positive attitude you can get your Goldador to love grooming as well!

When grooming a Goldador, there are several steps that need to be taken. Not only does the Golden Retriever and Lab mix dog needs to have his coat brushed and cleaned, but Golden's ears, nails and even paws need to be properly groomed. See video below that shows the proper steps that Goldador's owners can take while grooming this beautiful dog.

With an easy tendency of developing ear infections easily, you need to regularly check and clean Goldador's ears on a weekly basis. If your Goldador enjoys swimming, remember to bring a clean towel to wipe the dog's ears after each time the dog enjoys swimming or takes a bath. Why is it important to keep the Goldador's ears dry and clean? Harmful bacteria responsible for ear infections in dogs has favorable conditions for breeding in moist environments and when the dog's ears are wet for extended periods of time, there's a higher chance of the dog developing an ear infection. There are many products for pet owners that help to keep Goldador's ears healthy and clean.

Goldador dental care
In order to reduce any chances of bacteria build up in your Goldador's mouth, and to also ensure you stop tartar in its tracks, always brush the dog's teeth at least 2 to 3 times every week. Never use a human toothpaste when brushing a Goldador's teeth as it contains ingredients that are harmful for pets. For brushing a Goldador's teeth use an enzyme based canine toothpaste that is safe for dogs even if accidentally swallowed. Goldadors can not spit out the toothpaste and some of it will get into the dog's digestive system, therefore using a canine toothpaste is necessary when brushing your Goldador's teeth. Many Goldador owners wonder when is the best time to start brushing a dog's teeth. Start training your Goldador pup to accept brushing his teeth as soon as you bring the dog home. Make this procedure positive by being calm and reward your dog with a playtime after you're done brushing his teeth. Never force the dog to accept grooming, instead be sure to use a toothpaste with the flavor that your dog likes. At first let the dog sniff the canine toothpaste and he may even try to lick it. Start by gently rubbing the Goldador puppy's teeth with your finger that contains some of the canine toothpaste. Your dog may be surprised at first but after a few short training sessions your Goldador will not only accept but may like having his teeth brushed. After your Goldador accepts your finger with a toothpaste, gently introduce a toothbrush and use it instead of your finger. Always be careful not to accidentally hurt your pet as you are brushing his teeth. Find a quiet place with no distractions so that the dog has fewer reasons to run around and can stay still for a little time to get his teeth brushed.

Pet dental sprays are gaining their popularity among dog owners. Why is it a good idea to use a dog dental spray? Dental sprays designed for pets help to reduce the risk of dental decay and also help to remove tartar that builds up as a yellow crust on dog's teeth. Dog dental sprays are very easy to use - all that is needed is adding a few drops of the pet dental spray solution in your Goldador's water. There are many different brands of Pet Dental Spray on the market and finding the one that fits your dog's needs will help you to keep your dog's teeth healthy and his breath fresh.

Goldadors' nails should be trimmed once or twice in a month. To determine whether the nails need trimming, observe keenly to check if they are clicking on the floor. This keeps their feet in perfect condition, which also ensures the dog will not scratch when he jumps up at you.

How often should Goldador be bathed? Goldadors should only be bathed when necessary, as they like jumping and swimming in water, after which you have to ensure you rinse him using freshwater to completely remove any product from the dog's coat that may otherwise cause irritation or skin dryness.

Once in a while, you could take your Golden Lab cross dog to a professional groomer. But most times, you can use the following tools to do the grooming by yourself:

Shedding Brush
Pin Brush
Slicker Brush
Zoom Groom
Gloves for Pet Grooming
Bath Brush (Magic Coat Love)
Natural Shampoo for Dogs

Nature's Miracle Supreme Odor Control Oatmeal Dog Shampoo & Conditioner
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