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Grooming a Maltipoo dog

How to groom a Maltipoo

Maltipoo dog owners know that this Maltese and Poodle mix dog needs a lot of maintenance when it comes to the beautiful coat that this designer dog breed is known for. Although Maltipoos are tiny dogs, their curly and abundant coat can be very time consuming. Some Maltipoo owners decide to learn how to groom their small Maltese Poodle mix dog at home instead of taking the dog to a professional dog groomer and spending a lot of money on each dog grooming appointment. Here we provide detailed information on how to groom a Maltipoo dog at home and you will also find useful video tutorials that show the correct way to create different Maltipoo grooming styles in the convenience of your home.

Maltipoo grooming

Maltipoo grooming tools

Maltipoo grooming styles

Maltipoo grooming

When you are considering getting a Maltipoo puppy, a Maltipoo breeder will typically explain that this designer dog mix needs an owner who can spend a considerable time taking care of the dog's luxurious coat. The Maltipoo has a low-dander, low-shedding coat that has a wool-like, soft, fluffy texture. Maltipoo's coat can appear as being slightly wavy or even curly.

Maltipoo grooming

How often do you need to groom a Maltipoo?
To keep your Maltipoo free of mats and clean, ensure to brush his coat on a daily basis. Clipping the Maltipoo once or two times in a year is okay, but the head will need to be trimmed on a monthly basis. The wavy Maltipoo coat requires a considerable amount of work to maintain, and if left unbrushed or unclipped, it is likely to end up being a tangled mess in just a matter of weeks or even days if the coat is long. Maltipoos need daily combing and brushing, as their fine hair is prone to forming knots. To keep the Maltipoo's coat clean and soft, monthly baths are mandatory for most of these dog breeds, though this has to be done with a shampoo that is dog-specific to prevent damaging and drying the hair.

Maltipoo care involves spending some time every day maintaining the fluffy hair. Although the coat may be left untrimmed with the owner's dedication, Maltipoos, in reality, need clipping at least once in two months to facilitate easy grooming. Since their nails also need cutting at around the frequency, it is usually easier to groom the dog's coat and nails during the same grooming session. When nails are excessively long, they usually click on the floor. Keep your Maltipoo's feet in good condition to avoid being scratched when your dog is jumping up to you.

To maintain the neatness of your dog, ensure to regularly trim the hair around the eyes of your Maltipoo. Since Maltipoos trap debris, moisture and dirt, the Maltipoo ears need to be kept clean.

How early should a Maltipoo puppy get trained to accept grooming?
A young Maltipoo dog needs to learn how to accept being groomed from a young age. Maltipoos should start being groomed while they are still puppies. This helps to make the puppy more used to the process. Being touchy about the feet, ensure to handle them frequently as you look into their mouths and ears. To your pups, grooming should seem like a positive experience with lots of rewards and praises, which also prepares the pups for less stubborn vet exams and other scenarios of handling the adult Maltipoo.

Start introducing your Maltipoo puppy to being groomed from the age of 2 months old. Spend no more than a minute or two a day gently brushing your young Maltipoo dog. You can provide the dog with some treats for good behavior or simply use a soft voice and gently brush the dog's coat as he is patiently standing. Only give your puppy a treat while he is standing calmly for a few seconds, not when the dog is excited and jumping around. You want to train your Maltipoo to behave in a calm and patient manner while getting groomed, so reward only that behavior. Maltipoos are smart little dogs and they quickly learn which behaviors get rewarded. Keep grooming training sessions short and sweet (1 to 2 minutes long for young Maltipoo puppies). Also introduce your Maltipoo to dental care and start brushing his little teeth while he is still a few months old and can easily learn to accept brushing his teeth or trimming his nails. Never use force or harsh tone of a voice when training your Maltipoo to accept grooming. With proper grooming training your small Maltipoo will not only accept grooming but can also learn to really enjoy getting brushed and groomed. Grooming should be an enjoyable and relaxing process for you and for your pet.

Maltipoo dental care
How often should I brush my Maltipoo's teeth? To remove bacteria and tartar build-up, brush the teeth of your Maltipoo twice or thrice a week. If you can manage to do it on a daily basis, it's even better. Apart from brushing your dog's teeth, you can also provide dental treats to clean plaque. Dental treats for dogs are also available as toys that usually double as teeth cleaners when your Maltese Poodle Mix pup is playing with them.

In addition to all these usual grooming practices, ensure to check for your dog's overweight. Give a hands-on test as well as an eye test. The first thing is to look down on the dog and ensure you see a waist. Next, as you place your hands on the dog's back, spread the fingers downward, with the thumbs along the Maltipoos spine. In this position, it should be possible to feel but not see the ribs without pressing so hard. If you fail to feel this, offer your dog less food and expose it to more exercise.

What are the steps to a successful Maltipoo grooming? Before you decide on which haircut to give your Maltese Poodle mix dog, his coat needs to be brushed and any tangles or mats need to be either carefully removed by brushing. Sometimes stubborn mats can be removed easier after a small amount of dog coat conditioner is applied directly to the tangle and then gently brushed. How to prevent the formation of mats on a Maltipoo? Daily brushing is necessary in order to prevent any mats from forming on a Maltipoo dog hair. Keeping a Maltipoo coat short also helps to prevent any tangles or mats forming and makes grooming a lot easier. How do mats form on a dog's coat? Usually a dirt particle or a hair that fell out gets tangled with the rest of the dog's coat and after a little time the hair gets intertwined with the other hair that grows in that area. A couple of days later the matted hair will be more difficult to untangle. That is one of the reasons why it is so important to frequently brush your Maltipoo's coat, especially if the dog's hair is getting longer and gets tangled more easily.

How to groom a Maltipoo?
After a thorough brushing it is time to decide which grooming style you want to do on your Maltipoo pup. Have your grooming tools ready and close by so that you can concentrate on grooming your pet. After a Maltipoo is thoroughly brushed, get the clippers ready. How to groom a Maltipoo dog - video tutorial.
As you are gently trimming the dog's hair around Maltipoo's body, the dog's head may be more complicated to groom properly as any trimming error will easily show if the groomer is not careful. Here's a wonderful dog head grooming tutorial by a professional dog groomer. The trim is called "Teddy Bear Head".
And here is another Poodle mix grooming tutorial that shows which grooming tools work best to achieve a professional dog haircut at home.
How to groom a Maltipoo dog at home - video tutorial

Best Maltipoo grooming tools

If you are grooming a Maltipoo dog at home, you will need the best dog grooming tools that are suitable for Maltipoo's coat to give your dog beautiful haircuts. A comfortable work area where you choose to groom a Maltipoo dog ideally should have an adjustable height dog grooming table so that you don't have to strain your back and can keep your pet safe and less stressed as you are taking care of your dog. Dog grooming tables often come with a non-slip top to ensure the safety of your dog. Many grooming tables also feature a tray for all your dog grooming supplies. Mesh tray can be a place where you store Maltipoo's brushes, hair clippers and all the other grooming tools for an easy reach. If you live in an apartment and saving space is important, a folding grooming table can be even more convenient in that case. Always choose the most safe grooming table you can find as safety comes first during grooming your pet. Remember to never leave your Maltipoo alone on a grooming table to prevent falls or any accidents.

To give your Maltipoo different hairstyles it is important to invest in professional dog clippers. There are many different dog clippers available with different options that include cordless clippers that are usually rechargeable. If your Maltipoo is sensitive to loud noise, finding low noise dog clippers should be a priority to ensure a comfortable grooming experience. While there are clippers for different dog coats, finding the clippers that are designed for Maltipoo type coat can make grooming your pet easier.

In addition to dog clippers to maintain a beautiful style on your Maltipoo, getting the right brush for your pet is very important as Maltipoos need frequent brushing.

A double sided pin brush can be used every day on your Maltipoo and should be used prior to clipping a Maltipoo's coat to remove any tangles or mats. This brush can also be used to massage your dog's skin and to evenly distribute the natural oil to keep the dog's hair healthy and beautiful.

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A dematting comb is a great investment and it does exaclty that - helps to keep the Maltipoo coat free from mats and tangles.

Comfortable grooming tools are very helpful for keeping your Maltipoo's coat healthy and beautiful while making it easy for you to groom your pet.

Maltipoo grooming styles

Since every Maltipoo dog is unique, there are many grooming styles for Maltioo dogs to choose from. Here are some Maltipoo grooming styles for you to consider. Some Maltipoo owners like to keep their dog's hair short and easy to manage. Puppy Cut, for example, is one of the shortest and easiest haircuts for a Maltipoo dog. Teddy Bear cut is another popular choice as the hair on the dog's body and legs is kept in the same length. This adorable haircut looks great on Maltipoo dog of any age. Other Maltipoo dog owners prefer fancy Maltipoo styles that are guaranteed to get your dog noticed every time you take him outside.

Some Maltipoo dog owners like to take their Maltipoo for an initial grooming to a professional dog salon and then maintain the same haircut at home as it is much easier to follow the original trim than to create one without any experience. If you are going for a special and unique Maltipoo haircut, then use your imagination and get creative as you are trimming your dog's hair. You may design a new haircut for your pet that has your sense of style shining through.

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