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How to groom a Maltese dog?

How to groom a Maltese

Grooming a Maltese at home is a wonderful way to bond with your animal companion and at the same time to save a small fortune. In this Maltese grooming guide we provide Maltese grooming videos along with helpful pet grooming tips that you can use in the convenience of your home.

Maltese grooming

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Maltese grooming

Maltese grooming

Maltese grooming needs are above average and despite small size, these ornamental dogs require daily brushing, monthly haircuts and regular teeth and nail care to look and feel their best. Taking a Maltese to pet grooming salons can be expensive. Grooming a Maltese at home shouldn't be complicated. An investment into professional Maltese grooming tools will help you to get professional results. The more you practice, the better the results will be. Accomplishing a great Maltese haircut and a happy dog are worth it in the end. Both you and your Maltese will look forward to the next grooming session. Before you start grooming your Maltese, see videos where professional groomers are giving a haircut to a Maltese dog. Start with a simple Maltese cut and once you master it, you can always experiment and try a different cut on your pet. Maltese breed enthusiasts appreciate the fact that a Maltese coat can grow long and there are many different haircuts that you can try on your versatile dog.

Maltese coat care includes daily brushing. The importance of having the right brushes for your Maltese is difficult to overestimate. Best brushes for Maltese include a Pin Brush, a Comb, a Mustache Comb and a detangling spray for dogs. Don't forget some healthy treats that are needed to reward the dog for patience and good behavior during the grooming session.

Maltese daily grooming includes brushing the dog's coat. Having the right Maltese grooming brush is the first step in successful Maltese coat care. For a basic Maltese coat grooming you will need a pin brush, a comb, a mustache comb, detangling spray for dogs and some healthy treats. Madan brushes for Maltese are gaining popularity among many Maltese owners.

Training a Maltese puppy to accept grooming can take a few weeks. Not all Maltese dogs enjoy grooming right away and most need to be trained to stand still and be patient while you are grooming the dog. Start the training by placing the Maltese dog on a grooming table and immediately provide a small treat so that the Maltese can start to associate spending time on the grooming table with good things happening to him or her. Do not attempt to start brushing the dog during the first days of grooming training. Have the dog on the grooming table for a few minutes at a time. Gently touch the dog and speak to him or her in a calm voice. The first training session may last only a couple of minutes but it is important to have the dog very relaxed and comfortable during this time. Increase the time that the dog spends on the training session by a few minutes every day. Provide plenty of treats and continue talking to your dog in a calm, relaxing voice. Accustom the dog to being touched as the Maltese is spending time on the grooming table. Lift each of his feet and train him to let you touch his paws. Be generous with using treats especially during the first grooming training sessions. After several days of just touching the dog on the grooming table, start getting your Maltese comfortable with having his coat brushed during the training. Just a minute of brushing at first followed with a treat is a great way to encourage your dog to stay calm and relaxed during his grooming. Increase the time that you are brushing the Maltese every time. You may train the dog to lay down while being brushed. Some dogs even fall asleep during their grooming sessions and that's a good sign. The more relaxed your Maltese is during grooming - the easier it is to groom the dog.

How to groom a Maltese - video tutorial.
Once the Maltese is trained to accept grooming, it is time to start his daily grooming routine. Place the Maltese on a grooming table. If you don't have a grooming table, use any comfortable table that you have at home. Have the table next to a wall if you can to minimize the chance of dog falling off the table. Also put a towel or any material that is not slippery to prevent the dog from falling. Never leave the dog unattended on the table as there's a high risk of injury if the dog accidentally jumps off the table. Grooming tables are usually equipped with straps that prevent the dog from accidentally jumping off the table. Once you have a comfortable dog grooming area, have all the grooming tools that may include brushes, detangling spray and other Maltese grooming supplies nearby.

The first step in brushing a Maltese is to spray some detangling spray directly onto the pin brush. This will help to detangle the dog's coat without damaging his skin or hair.
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Use a pin brush all over the Maltese's coat. Brush the dog's coat in a gentle way to minimize the chance of ripping out any hair or damaging his or her sensitive skin.
Safari Wire Pin Brush for Dogs
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The next step is to use a comb to remove any tangles. Don't forget to use a detangling spray on the comb before using it. After removing all tangles and mats, use a mustache comb and gently brush the hair around the Maltese's face. While grooming a Maltese face, be especially careful as it is easy to accidentally hurt the dog's eyes. Give the Maltese treats frequently during hair brushing to reward your dog's good behavior. Maltese basic grooming video (best brushes for Maltese explained).

Maltese grooming tools

Before we start with Maltese haircuts, getting the right grooming tools is essential. Grooming table for small breeds such as the Maltese can help with creating a comfortable grooming time. Since Maltese breed is high maintenance and needs brushing, eye stain removal and even teeth brushings on a daily basis, having a grooming table can be very helpful. A Maltese dog owner can get away with placing the dog on any table for grooming, but having an adjustable grooming table that is equipped with a grooming arm to hold the dog in place and prevent injuries, a non-slip rubber surface for a good grip and a convenient storage basket for grooming tools is a safer and a lot more comfortable option for both the groomer and the pet.

A grooming table is an investment that will last for many years to come and can make the grooming experience more comfortable for both the Maltese and his or her owner. In addition to dog grooming table, expert level Maltese haircuts require professional dog clippers. Dog clippers help the groomer to create any haircut in an efficient way. Maltese dogs need to get a haircut every four to six weeks to look their best. Investing in professional dog clippers is a good idea. There are many varieties of pet clippers available on today's market, including low sound and low vibrations for sensitive Maltese. Rechargeable and cordless dog clippers are also convenient to use as there's no cord to worry about when giving the Maltese a haircut.

Maltese haircuts

Most popular Maltese dog haircuts include the following: Best In Show Maltese Haircut, Puppy Cut, Short Cut, The Classic Bob, Fancy Flairs and The Scissor Cut. Other Maltese Haircuts, such as Teddy Bear Cut and Long Girly Haircut are also well known. Teddy Bear Cut is among the most popular Maltese haircuts. Long girly Maltese haircut is very similar to Teddy Bear cut, but longer hair is left on the head of the dog for cute ponytails. Other Maltese haircuts include a Layered Maltese cut, Lion's tail cut and Best In Show Maltese cut.

How to groom a Maltese video.

Daily combing and brushing of the long, silky coat is important but be gentle, as the coat is very soft. The hair on the top of the head is often tied up in a topknot to keep it away from the eyes. Some pet owners opt to clip the Maltese hair short for easier and less time-consuming grooming. The Maltese sheds little to no hair and makes a good pet for allergy sufferers. Taking your Maltese to the dog groomer can be expensive and time consuming and some Maltese owners choose to learn how to give their Maltese a haircut at home. It may be easier to first have a professional dog groomer give your Maltese a haircut that you prefer and as the coat grows out it will be easier for you to follow the outlines of the professional Maltese haircut and give the dog a trim at home yourself. Train your Maltese to accept grooming - see video demonstration below.

In order to groom your Maltese at home, you will need the following Maltese grooming tools:
Professional Pet grooming scissors set that includes straight scissors, curved scissors and thinning shears. Although professional clippers can be used for cutting a Maltese hair in a variety of different lengths, grooming scissors are still needed for a more precise cut in difficult to reach areas.

A pin brush can be used to brush Maltese coat prior to giving the dog a haircut.

A comb helps to remove any tangles or mats on Maltese. Remember to always add some detangling spray on the comb before using it. Adding a detangling spray prevents hair breakage and the comb goes much smoother and easier on a matted area.

Professional dog clippers
Maltese dog owners that choose to groom their dog's coat at home can save a lot of money on expensive dog grooming visits to a professional pet groomer. Watch some educational videos that explain how to properly give a Maltese a haircut and try to cut your Maltese's hair at home. With some practice and with the right tools you may find that grooming a Maltese at home is not only fun and therapeutic experience for you but you can also spend the time bonding with your dog in the process.

Maltese ponytails look adorable with decorative hair clips for Maltese. Dog hair clips also help to keep the hair away from the Maltese's eyes, thus avoiding eye issues that may be caused by the dog's hair rubbing against the eyes and causing irritation or eye infection.

Korean face cut is a more complicated Maltese face style that looks adorable on the dog, but may be challenging for novice groomers. Maltese Korean face video tutorial.

Beautiful Maltese grooming styles, such as the Uppity Do Dah, which is a Korean Style Maltese grooming help to create a lovely style and at the same time keeps the hair off the dog's eyes. See the video tutorial to learn how to style a Maltese hair.

Another beautiful Maltese haircut is named Asian Fusion Style. See video tutorial that provides detailed information and shows how to give a Maltese Asian Fusion Style cut.

Maltese top knots are popular ways of styling the hair on the Maltese's head. How to make a holiday bow Maltese top knot - video tutorial.

Maltese eye stain

Clean the eyes and beard daily to prevent staining. White-coated dogs like Maltese are frequently seen with pinkish, ruddy, or brown stains when their eyes tear. Some reasons for this staining are health related, while others are caused by diet and even allergies. The tearing actually stains the coat. Washing this area daily with a cotton ball moistened with warm water or sterile saline helps reduce staining. The most important step in controlling tear stains is to determine and remove the cause. Check with your veterinarian about the best way to handle the tear stains on your Maltese.

See Maltese grooming video below to learn more about removing the eye stains and maintaining a beautiful coat on a Maltese dog.
Maltese video tutorial that shows how to take care of Maltese's tear stains. As you are grooming you Maltese's face, be especially careful with the dog's eyes to make sure that no products gets into the dog's eyes. Tear remover solutions for pets may cause eye irritation and need to only be applied below the Maltese's eye area to avoid risk of irritation or damage to the dog's eyes.

Maltese video - eye stain removal tutorial.
Products specifically formulated for removing tear stains help to effectively get rid of the unattractive stains around the Maltese eyes.

Some Maltese breed owners recommend switching to homemade dog food for Maltese to help reduce eye stains. Eye stains in some Maltese dogs are caused by allergies to certain ingredients in commercial dog food products. Cooking for Maltese at home can help eliminate the reddish stains. Another option is to try to switch to a hypoallergenic dog food or limited ingredient dog food and see if that diet helps to keep the Maltese's eyes clear from the red stains. Healthy Breeds Maltese Tear Stain Dog Wipes
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Maltese teeth

The Maltese are prone to teeth problems. The overall health of the dog in large part depends on the condition of the Maltese's teeth. Part of the daily grooming routine is brushing the Maltese's teeth. Start training your Maltese to accept having her or his teeth brushed during puppyhood. Older Maltese can also be taught to accept having their teeth brushed, but may take longer to get comfortable with the procedure. Enzymatic toothpaste for dogs works best. There are many flavors available and a Maltese owner may find that the dog prefers a certain toothpaste flavor to others - don't be afraid to let your dog try different toothpaste flavors to find the one he or she likes. Human toothpaste should never be used for brushing a Maltese teeth. Dogs are not able to spit out the toothpaste and swallowing even a tiny bit of human toothpaste may cause irritation and can be dangerous for the dog's health.

How to brush a Maltese teeth - video tutorial.
Here's another Maltese grooming tutorial video that shows how to properly brush a Maltese teeth.

In addition to brushing the Maltese's teeth daily, provide the dog with chewable toys and treat your pet with dry dog biscuits periodically to help the teeth stay clean and healthy.

Cutting Maltese nails

Part of Maltese grooming routine is trimming the toenails. Maltese nails to be trimmed every six weeks. Several types of nail clippers are available for dogs. Many groomers recommend the plier-type because they tend to cause less uncomfortable pinching of the nail. A set with nail guard for dogs may be helpful. Only use dog nail trimmers on your Maltese as human nail clippers can easily damage the dog's nails. Snip the toenails at the point where the Maltese's nail curves, being careful not to pinch or cut into the quick. Quick is the tender, sensitive, blood-rich bed around which the nail grows. If your dog has clear white nails, you will be able to easily see the pink of the quick and avoid cutting into it. Should you accidentally nick the quick, it will bleed and cause your Maltese to vocalize. Stop the bleeding with a styptic pencil or by placing his foot in a container of corn starch.

Maltese puppies need to be trained from a young age to accept having their nails trimmed. This part of grooming routine may take some getting used to for your small pet. Start by placing the dog on the grooming table and rewarding the Maltese for being calm. Only give a treat once the dog is calm and relaxed. This way the Maltese will learn that if he or she is calm and relaxed, good things start happening. Once the dog is comfortable on the grooming table, take one of his paws and hold it for a few seconds. Immediately reward the dog with a treat when you are holding his paw. Do not give the dog while he is pulling his paw away - as the dog will think that he or she is rewarded for pulling the paw away. Precise timing of giving a reward is very important as the dog will associate getting the treat with the last action that he or she took prior to getting a treat. Speak to the dog in a calm voice and slowly build up his or her confidence that when he is letting you hold his paw for a few seconds at first - he or she gets a small reward. Keep the training session short - a few minutes is enough. Do not use nail clippers during the first grooming training session. When the Maltese is comfortable letting you hold his paw, have dog nail clippers handy. Start by just clipping one nail per day. Always stay positive and reward the dog with a small treat as soon as he or she let you cut his nail. Be careful not to cut off too much nail - just the curling tip of the nail should be cut off. Not all Maltese enjoy having their nails trimmed and the dog's owner needs to have plenty of patience in order to accomplish positive results with cutting Maltese nails. Eventually the Maltese learn to be relaxed while having their nails trimmed.

Maltese bathing

How often should I bathe my Maltese? Maltese typically need to be bathed once a month or every four to six weeks. Use a canine shampoo for Maltese breed to get best results. Place a non slippery mat on the bottom of the bath prior to bathing the Maltese. The non slip bathing mat will help the dog to have a good grip while bathing. Be careful not to get any shampoo in the dog's eyes while washing the Maltese and have a clean, dry towel nearby so that you don't need to leave the dog alone in the bathtub while getting a towel. Be sure to completely rinse off all the shampoo from the dog's hair. Leaving any shampoo on the dog's sensitive skin may result in irritation and skin dryness. Thoroughly dry the Maltese after a bath and be sure to completely dry the dog's ears to prevent ear infections that tend to occur when there's moisture accumulation.

Maltese bathing video tutorial.
Maltese's pure white coat can easily get stained by the pee stains. Yellowish color may appear on Maltese's white coat around the belly and the dog's legs. How to get rid of the pee stains on Maltese coat? No Rinse shampoo for dogs can be very helpful in removing pee stains and for spot treatments. The Maltese grooming video provides reviews on several no-rinse shampoos for dogs and also shows how to clean the pee stains from the Maltese's coat.

Clean the Maltese ears regularly. Wipe ears with a dry, clean towel after a bath to absorb the moisture and thus help prevent ear infections. Some owners choose to put cotton balls into the Maltese's ears prior to bathing the dog. Cotton balls help to keep moisture out of the Maltese ears while the pooch is taking a bath. See Maltese grooming video tutorial that shows how to clean a Maltese ears.

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