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Potty training a Morkie dog

How to potty train a Morkie

Having difficulties potty training a Morkie? Morkie dog potty training tutorial. Best potty training supplies for a Morkie dog.

How to potty train a Morkie?

Morkie dog potty training

Morkie potty training Potty training a Morkie puppy can begin from the moment that you bring a puppy home. Having all the potty training supplies already in place before the puppy is home will help you to immediately start the housebreaking process. Which house training supplies should you get to ensure a successful and quick potty training of your new puppy? If you are planning to train your dog to use an indoor dog potty training system, then set the indoor dog toilet in the area that the dog can easily access. Which indoor dog potties work best for Morkies? Since Morkies are small in size, they need an indoor dog potty that is specifically designed for smaller dogs. Some of the high success potty training systems that we can recommed for Morkies include the following:

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Indoor dog potty trays are usually used with puppy pads that help to contain the dog's urine and make clean up quick and easy. Some Puppy Pads help to neutralize the dog urine odor and are highly absorbent.

Once you set up the indoor dog toilet, the difficult part now is to help your Morkie puppy understand that this is the place where he or she is supposed to use as a toilet. Morkies have a good sence of scent and if you ever had a chance to observe how dogs select a spot to use as a toilet, you noticed that a dog that is ready to pee or poop will usually sniff the floor or a tree if it's a male and find just the right spot in order to urinate there. Dogs use their nose outdoors before selecting the area where they are comfortable doing their business and if we want to make the indoor dog potty attractive for your Morkie as a potty area, there are specially scented potty aid sprays that can help the dog to use the correct spot where to go potty. There are several different sprays for marking the dog toilet available on the market and using these potty training aids can significantly speed up the potty training process and help Morkie dog to have a clear idea of where the potty is located after you spray the dog potty tray.

Use the potty training spray to mark the area that you intend to use as Morkie's toilet.

How to potty train a Morkie? Begin potty-training your dog from the moment you bring the puppy home. You will need to pay attention to the dog's behavior during the first few days by identifying potty readiness behaviors that include Morkie sniffing the floor, pacing in circles and appearing anxious as if trying to find the right spot to use as a potty. As soon as you notice the dog engaging in such behaviors, quickly pick the dog up and take Morkie to the potty area, saying "Go Potty!" in a calm voice. Place Morkie on the dog potty tray that you already sprayed with the potty attractant spray. At first Morkie may not be sure what is expected, he or she may start sniffing around and will eventually use the dog potty tray. Reward Morkie with a small healthy treat immediately and praise the dog. Although young Morkie puppies need some time to learn where they need to go potty, the first few days are critical and require your full attention in order to potty train your dog in a shortest time possible. Since your Morkie puppy will need your undivided attention in order to get potty trained, be sure that you take the dog home during a holiday or when you have a few days to dedicate to potty training your new family addition. Morkies can not house train themselves and your presence is necessary in order for the dog to learn the new skill. Accidents may still happen even if you are carefully watch Morkie during potty training. Never yell at the dog and stay very patient. In case of an accident, quickly clean up the mess and continue observing the Morkie pup for potty readiness signs so that you could promptly take the dog to the designated potty area.

Morkies can be trained to use an indoor dog potty. One of the easiest to use indoor dog potties is the All-Absorb Silicone Training Pad Holder. It is easy to clean and easy to use. Morkie will need to be trained to use this dog toilet just like with any other indoor dog potty. Place training pad into the training pad holder to keep it in place and bring your pet there every time you notice any potty readiness signs in your dog's behavior.
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Another important point to remember as you are housebreaking a Morkie is that you need to completely remove any scent of the dog's urine or feces from the accident area. The best cleaners for completely removing dog's urine smell are enzyme based cleaners. Leaving even a faint trace of urine scent on the carpet or on the floor will attract your dog in the future to use as a potty area again, which is what we want to avoid. Enzyme based cleaner is very useful for removing the dog's urine as well as urine scent from your floors to help speed up potty training process.

While potty training a puppy or a full grown Morkie may take some time, some situations call for use of doggie diapers. Doggie diapers for Morkies can help in different circumstances, including during traveling when you are unable to let your dog out for a quick bathroom break, for example. Dog diapers for senior Morkies can be a lifesaver in situations when the dog is getting older and may be losing control over his bladder. Senior Morkies may need to use dog diapers. Female Morkies can use doggie diapers during heat. Even Morkie puppies may occasionally need to use diapers at night, for example, to save your floors from numerous accidents that puppies are prone to. If you are at work during the day and want to avoid finding yellow puddles of puppy urine on the floor when you come home, you can use doggie diapers as well. Dogs that are still going through potty training occasionally need to use doggie diapers when the owners are not able to supervise the dog for an hour or so. Doggie diapers are designed for male dogs or female dogs and you need to get the appropriate size - which would be extra small or small, depending on the size of your Morkie.

How to housebreak a Morkie
What if you want to train your Morkie to pee and poop only outdoors during walks? Morkies can be trained not to soil in the house but it is the owner's responsibility to take the dog outside frequently enough (at least three or four times every day) so the dog can relieve himself during these bathroom breaks outdoors. If Morkie owner is at work all day long, it is simply not fair to expect that the dog would be waiting all day to go outside in the evening. Morkies are small in size and their bladder has limits as to how much urine it can contain. It is more humaine to potty train your pet to use an indoor dog potty when you are not around to take him outside every two or three hours. Be prepared for any accidents during potty training with an enzymatic stain remover solution that quickly cleans any accidents without leaving scent behind.
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Training your Morkie to potty outdoors has its advantages and it's relatively easy to accomplish. The housebreaking process is similar to that of indoor toilet training. Take Morkie outside as soon as you think the dog might be ready to pee or poop. Be prepared by having a small plastic bag with some treats and also a plastic bag to clean up after Morkie poops outside. Never leave the dog's poop without cleaning it up because someone may step into it and that is never a pleasant experience.

When at home and not busy, keep your Morkie close. Any moment you realize the Morkie puppy is getting ready to pee by sniffing around and pacing in circles, distract him by loudly clapping your hands and take the dog outside to his designated bathroom spot. As you move to the designated area, speak an expression that your Morkie will ultimately associate with the act of Pottying. This could be "Go Potty!" or something that is comfortable to say. Allow your Morkie some time to select a spot. While on the designated area, stand and just allow your Morkie to move within the area to select the ideal spot. Since puppies can take 1 to 15 minutes sniffing around, picking a spot, and relaxing bowel or bladder muscles, just plan to be for quite some time. After your Morkie is done poo'ing, just say "Good!" plus the phrase you selected to affirm the action and then give a reward treat. Morkies that are potty trained are much easier to take care of and initial investment of time and energy into potty training your pet is well worth the benefit of having a good mannered dog. How long does it take to fully housetrain a Morkie? That depends on your level of involvement in the potty training process. If the owner can allocate the first couple of weeks to spend with the dog and be alert to all the potty readiness signs, take the dog to the potty area and then reward the good behavior, the process can take weeks rather than months. Some Morkies may be quicker than others to learn to potty in the right spot, but ultimately with patience and consisten approach any Morkie dog can be successfully potty trained.

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