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Dog boarding Florida

Dog boarding Florida

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If you are looking for a dog boarding facility in Florida, there are many options available. Florida's residents have numerous dog day care as well as dog overnight care facilities. Pet owners who work during the day may be interested in keeping their dog in a dog day care where the dog may receive plenty of socialization and stay active and busy while the owners are at work. Owners of very active breeds find day care facilities very helpful in keeping their pets engaged during the day instead of leaving the pet home alone with little opportunity to socialize and stay occupied during the day. In many cases dog day care facilities offer dog training classes where the puppy or even a full grown dog can learn good manners and get basic or even advanced training. Dog boarding facilities go beyond day care and offer overnight stay for dogs. During the day dogs may enjoy the benefits of day care and at night dogs sleep in their own kennels. Bedding is often provided by the boarding facility. Prices for dog boarding may differ from one facility to another and depend on services provided as well as amenities of each individual facility. Amenities in dog boarding kennels often include indoor and outdoor dog runs, climate-controlled environment, live webcams for dog owners to easily monitor how their dog is doing while at the facility. Other amenities may include swimming pools where dogs can cool off. If your dog needs medications to be administered, many dog boarding facilities are able to administer medications per requirement.

As the demand for premium pet services continues to rise, upscale dog boarding facilities have emerged as havens of luxury, comfort, and personalized care for beloved canine companions. In the picturesque state of Florida, where pet-friendly living and scenic landscapes are abundant, upscale dog boarding takes pet care to an entirely new level. This article delves into the realm of upscale dog boarding in Florida, exploring the lavish offerings, specialized amenities, and unparalleled experiences that cater to both dogs and their discerning owners.

Upscale dog boarding facilities in Florida

What to expect from luxury dog boarding facilities in Florida?

Exquisite Accommodations: Upscale dog boarding facilities in Florida pride themselves on offering lavish accommodations that mirror the comforts of home. Private suites, spacious kennels with premium bedding, and climate-controlled environments ensure dogs enjoy the utmost comfort.

Personalized Attention: Distinguished by low staff-to-dog ratios, upscale facilities provide personalized attention that nurtures each dog's individual needs and preferences. Dogs are greeted by name, and their daily routines mirror those of home life.

Gourmet Dining: Upscale boarding extends to the culinary realm, where dogs indulge in gourmet meals prepared with high-quality ingredients. Dietary preferences and special requirements are carefully accommodated, offering a culinary experience that rivals their owners'.

Spa and Grooming Services: Pampering is a cornerstone of upscale dog boarding. On-site spas offer indulgent grooming treatments, including luxurious baths, massages, and pawdicures, leaving dogs feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Fitness and Wellness: Wellness programs tailored to each dog's age, breed, and energy level ensure physical and mental stimulation. Exercise regimens encompass nature walks, swimming, and even personalized fitness classes.

Canine Concierge: These upscale facilities often feature concierge services that attend to every dog's whims and needs. From arranging playdates and social interactions to providing curated entertainment, the canine concierge ensures dogs' stay is nothing short of exceptional.

Luxury Playgrounds: Well-designed outdoor spaces offer dogs ample room to roam and engage in playtime. Enrichment activities, obstacle courses, and stimulating toys contribute to a fun and engaging environment.

Trained Staff: Upscale dog boarding in Florida maintains a team of highly trained professionals with extensive knowledge of dog behavior, health, and safety. This expertise ensures a secure and enjoyable experience for every dog.

24/7 Monitoring: Dogs are monitored round-the-clock to ensure their well-being. This attentive supervision allows for prompt response to any needs or concerns that may arise.

Medical Support: Upscale boarding facilities have access to veterinary care or can quickly reach a trusted veterinarian in case of emergencies. Dogs' medical records are diligently maintained and communicated with the owner's primary vet.

Live Video Streaming: Many upscale facilities offer live video streaming, allowing owners to virtually check in on their furry companions at any time, fostering a sense of connection even from afar.

Customized Updates: Regular photo and video updates provide a glimpse into a dog's day, giving owners peace of mind and the assurance that their pet is enjoying a luxurious stay.

Seamless Communication: Concierge-style communication keeps owners informed about their dog's activities, meals, and overall well-being. Open lines of communication ensure transparency and reassurance.

Upscale dog boarding in Florida represents a harmonious blend of opulence, attentive care, and customized experiences. The luxurious accommodations, lavish amenities, and impeccable attention to detail create an environment where dogs are not just guests but cherished members of an exclusive retreat. As upscale dog boarding continues to redefine the boundaries of pet care, Florida's discerning pet owners can entrust their canine companions to a world of luxury and exceptional care, knowing that their beloved pets are enjoying a vacation of their own.

Every dog boarding facility in Florida has different rules and standards and finding the dog lodging that you are comfortable with may take some work on your part. Ask your friends for recommendations of a dog boarding facility. Check with your veterinarian about dog boarding in your area that your vet can recommend. List of dog boarding facilities in Florida. Dog day care in Brooksville, Florida

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Four Paws Dog Day Camp-Kennel
13385 Montour St, Brooksville, FL 34613
Phone: 352.597.9494
Services provided: Dog daycare, dog grooming and overnight dog boarding. Amenities include dog swimming pools, buildings feature air conditioning as well as heat to ensure most comfortable environment for your pet.

Dog boarding facilities in Fort Myers, Florida

Happy Paws Ranch
8951 Nalle Grade Rd, Fort Myers, FL 33917
Phone: 239.567.0234
Services provided: cage free dog boarding in Fort Myers area. This licensed dog lodging facility offers 5 fenced acres in a serene atosphere. HEPA air purifiers are used indoors to remove any bacteria or mold from the air. Each dog is fed their own food to prevent digestive issues that are associated with changing diet.

Brower Kennel & Grooming
16991 Slater Rd, North Fort Myers, FL 33917
Phone: 239.543.5427
Services provided: cage free dog boarding, dog grooming and cage-free daycare for dogs. Small and Large dogs are welcome at this dog care facility.

Dog boarding facilities in Fort Pierce, Florida

City Lickers, Inc
23285 Orange Ave, Fort Pierce, FL 34945
Phone: 772.216.5263
Services provided: dog boarding facility that offers an abundance of space for each dog. Dogs aren't mixed with other dogs and each canine guest gets to spend individual time outside. Suits and private gardens are cleaned throughout the day.

Dog boarding in Lake Placid, Florida

Dawg House Pet Resort
69 Dawg House Dr, Lake Placid, FL 33852
Phone: 863.465.9674
Services provided: Dog day care, dog boarding, dog grooming are offered at this facility. Amenities include exercise area equipped with bridges, ramps, stairs, cones and tunnels, and of course lots of toys for dogs to enjoy. Play time is supervised.

Dog overnight care in Leesburg, Florida

Pet Lodge & Spa
10837 US Highway 441 Ste 3, Leesburg, FL 34788
Phone: 352.253.0059
Services provided: dog lodging, dog grooming and dog spa. Amenities include park-like setting where dogs can play outdoors with lots of shaded areas for comfort.

Dog boarding in Malabar, Florida

Dee's All Breed Pet Resort
3970 Old Dixie Hwy, Malabar, FL 32950
Phone: 321.728.4733
Services provided: Dog boarding and dog grooming. Multiple pets from the same family are welcome.

Pet boarding in Palm Bay, Florida

Paradise Luxury Dog Resort
220 Chandler Rd NW, Palm Bay, FL 32907
Phone: 321.728.2200
Services provided: Dog sleepovers, dog daycare and professional dog grooming are offered at this dog boarding facility. Amenities include cage-free boarding, dogs with special needs and older dogs are welcome at this dog resort.

Dog day care facilities in Sanford, Florida

Pampered Paws Dog Day Care
4069 W State Rd 46, Sanford, FL 32771
Phone: 407.302.4478
Services provided: Dog day care and dog grooming.

Dog boarding facilities in Winter Garden, Florida

Puppy Dreams Pet Boarding
703 Vineland Rd, Winter Garden, FL 34787
Phone: 407.654.8885
Services provided: Pet boarding and dog daycare. Amenities include doggie suites that are designed so that dogs can't see one another at night and can get a peaceful rest. Kennels are comfortable and the temperature is kept at around 75 degrees so that dogs are comfortable. Dogs can get grooming and bathing before going home after their stay.

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