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Dog boarding Maine

Dog boarding Maine

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Dog boarding facilities in Maine include dog overnight care as well as dog day care facilities and most facilities include both. In-home dog boarding services can also be found in Maine. Camp Bow Wow Portland, for example, offers dog in-home care in Portland and surrounding areas. While amenities at dog boarding facilities may be different, most facilities provide climate-controlled environment and several outside walks so that canine guests could get sufficient exercise and potty breaks. From luxurious suites to standard kennels - there are many options for dog owners who are searching for a dog boarding facility in Maine.

We recommend asking your veterinarian for dog boarding recommendations in your area. Once you have a list of dog boarding facilities, visiting the boarding center in person is a good way to learn about how the facility operates and whether dogs boarded there are well cared for. Many dog boarding facilities are open to accepting dogs with special needs, senior dogs and dogs that require medication to be administered during their stay. Whether your dog needs to stay at the boarding facility a long term or a short term, finding a boarding facility with a great reputation is important for your peace of mind and for your dog's comfort and safety.

Dog boarding amenities and costs in Maine can vary based on the specific facility, the services offered, and the region within the state. Here is a general overview of typical amenities and factors that may influence pricing for dog boarding in Maine:

Amenities Offered in Dog Boarding Facilities

Accommodations: Comfortable kennels, private suites, or cozy sleeping areas with bedding to ensure your dog's rest.

Exercise and Play: Supervised playtime, both indoors and outdoors, to keep dogs active and engaged.

Feeding: Regular feeding schedules with high-quality dog food or the option to provide your dog's preferred food.

Socialization: Interaction with other dogs (if compatible) and trained staff to promote socialization.

Grooming Services: Optional grooming services such as baths, nail trims, and coat brushing.

Medication Administration: Trained staff to administer any necessary medications your dog may require.

Individual Attention: One-on-one attention and playtime for dogs that prefer human interaction.

Rest Areas: Quiet rest areas or private spaces for dogs to relax between play sessions.

Health Monitoring: Monitoring of your dog's health and behavior, with prompt reporting of any concerns.

Additional Services: Some facilities offer extra services like training, dog walks, and even pet photography.

Factors Influencing Boarding Prices

Location: Boarding prices can vary based on the location within Maine. Facilities in larger cities or more touristy areas may have higher rates.

Facility Type: Luxury or upscale facilities with additional amenities may have higher prices than standard boarding facilities.

Size and Breed: Larger dogs or dogs with special needs might have different pricing structures.

Duration: Longer stays may come with discounted rates compared to shorter stays.

Additional Services: Prices may differ based on the extra services you choose, such as grooming or training.

Peak Seasons: Prices may increase during peak travel seasons and holidays when boarding demand is higher.

Daycare vs. Overnight: Some facilities offer both daycare and overnight boarding options, each with its own pricing structure.

Package Deals: Discounts might be available for extended stays or multiple pets.

It's important to contact specific dog boarding facilities in Maine for accurate and up-to-date pricing information. When researching, consider visiting the facilities, asking about their amenities, reviewing their policies, and reading reviews from other pet owners. This will help you make an informed decision that ensures your dog's comfort and well-being during their boarding stay.
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List of dog boarding facilities in Maine

Dog boarding Bangor, Maine

Green Acres Kennel Shop
1653 Union St, Bangor, ME 04401
Phone: 207.945.6841
Services include: dog daycare, dog overnight care, dog grooming and behavioral counseling. Amenities at Green Acres Kennel Shop include heated kennels that come in different sizes. Each kennel has indoor and outdoor space.

Carden Kennels
880 Ohio St, Bangor, ME 04401
Phone: 207.942.2161
Services include: Dog boarding, day care and grooming. Amenities at Carden Kennels include bedding that is laundered daily, radiant floor heating and a variety of boarding options that include Cuddle Care Loft, Senior Care Center and Classic Canine Guest Rooms. All canine guests enjoy up to five walks outside where dogs can play, exercise and potty. Special needs dogs are welcome at this dog boarding facility.

Country Kennel
1708 Stillwater Ave, Bangor, ME 04401
Phone: 207.945.9221
Services include: doggie daycare, dog overnight boarding, dog obedience classes and dog grooming. Country Kennel offers a state of the art facility with in-floor radiant heat, extra large runs with dog beds, daily exercise in a large fenced in area and more.

Bangor Pet Resort & Spa
1412 Essex St, Bangor, ME 04401
Phone: 207.941.9825
Services include: dog daycare, dog grooming and dog boarding. Amenities at Bangor Pet Resort & Spa include two meals a day, change the linen and clean the rooms daily, hide snacks inside dog toys to keep our guests occupied.

Dog overnight boarding Portland, Maine

Happy Tails
119 Bishop St, Portland, ME 04103
Phone: 207.797.2488
Services include: dog daycare, dog training and dog boarding. At Happy Tails boarding facility there is plenty of space for dogs to run, play and exercise. There are 6 outdoor play yards, full of obstacles. Small dogs and large dogs are separated by size, temperament and energy levels and enjoy socializing with compatible dogs.

Camp Bow Wow Portland
49 Blueberry Rd, Portland, ME 04102
Phone: 207.541.9247
Services include: dog daycare, dog boarding, dog grooming and in-home pet care. Amenities at Camp Bow Wow Portland include All Day Play, Live Web Cams, Spacious Play Yards, Medicine Administration, Check In/Out Anytime During Camp Hours, Pet First Aid & CPR Certified Counselors and Lots of TLC!

Dog boarding facilities East Millinocket, Maine

Katahdin Kritters Pet Resort
20 Dirigo Dr, East Millinocket, ME 04430
Phone: 207.746.8040
Services include: doggie daycare, dog overnight boarding.

Furever Friends Doggie Daycare & Sleepover
90 River Rd, Lincoln, ME 04457
Phone: 207.290.7756
Services include: dog boarding and dog day care. In-home boarding is also available.

Dog boarding Cumberland, Maine

Charlies Friends
42 Middle Rd, Cumberland, ME 04021
Phone: 207.829.6580
Services include: overnight dog care, daycare, dog grooming, dog walking and more. Amenities at Charlies Friends dog boarding facility include a bath before a dog goes home.

Dog daycare York, Maine

It's a dog's world
3 White Birch Ln, York, ME 03909
Phone: 207.363.0099
Services include: dog daycare and dog training facility. Amenities at this dog daycare facility include continuous supervision, daycare dogs receive much socialization throughout the day and plenty of access to water, rest and a diversity of spaces and dogs.

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