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Dog boarding Indiana

Dog boarding Indiana

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There are plenty of dog boarding facilities located in Indiana. Dog boarding services include overnight care and doggie day care. For working Indiana residents who have an active pet at home, day dog care is a great option that enables the dog to stay active and cared for while the owners are at work. Overnight dog care facilities can be long term or short term and depending on your needs can take care of your dog while you are on a business trip or on vacation. Some dog boarding facilities go beyond the standard options and offer luxurious pet resort amenities where your dog can get pampered during their stay. Luxurious dog lodging facilities may feature a spacious room for your pet with an inside/outside space where the dog can spend a relaxing time. During the day your pet will be taken for a walk and for exercise in an individual play yard that often features various entertainment and training equipment to keep the dog busy and active. Webcams are often set up at dog boarding facilities so that pet owners could easily monitor their dogs and see what their pet is up to during the day. Calming music and even TVs are often set up in rooms to provide dogs with a home-like calm and relaxing environment. During the warm months many dog boarding facilities set up outdoor pools or misting areas where the dog can cool off and enjoy the experience. Keep in mind that some dog lodging facilities allow dogs socialize with other dogs while other facilities keep dogs apart throughout their stay. The same applies to dog day care - while some facilities let dogs mingle with other dogs, other facilities keep dogs in individual dog play areas where they are separate from other canine guests.

Dog daycare facilities in Indiana provide a safe and supervised environment for your furry friend to socialize, play, and receive care while you're at work or otherwise occupied. These facilities offer a range of activities and services to keep your dog engaged and happy throughout the day. While I don't have access to real-time information on specific facilities, here's what you might typically find at a dog daycare in Indiana:

Supervised Playtime

Dog daycares offer structured playtime sessions, both indoors and outdoors, where dogs can interact with other dogs under the watchful eye of trained staff. This helps promote socialization and provides an outlet for your dog's energy.

Group Activities

Activities such as fetch, tug-of-war, and obstacle courses are organized to keep dogs mentally and physically stimulated.

Rest and Nap Time

Dogs need rest too. Many daycares have quiet areas or individual crates where dogs can relax, nap, and recharge between play sessions.


Dog daycares are excellent places for dogs to learn and practice good behavior around other dogs and humans.

Experienced Staff

Trained staff members closely monitor dogs' interactions, behavior, and well-being to ensure a safe and positive environment.

Basic Training

Some daycares may offer basic training reinforcement during playtime, helping your dog practice commands and good manners.

Grooming Services

Certain dog daycares provide grooming services like baths, nail trims, and brushing, allowing you to conveniently bundle care for your pet.

Specialized Playgroups

Dogs are often grouped by size, temperament, and play style to ensure compatibility and a harmonious play environment.

Health Checks

Staff members may conduct health checks to monitor dogs for any signs of illness or discomfort and inform you if they notice anything unusual.

Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Facilities typically have secure indoor and outdoor play areas, ensuring that your dog can enjoy both fresh air and protected play.

Flexible Scheduling

Many dog daycares offer flexible drop-off and pickup times to accommodate your work schedule.


Some daycares provide daily updates, photos, or report cards detailing your dog's activities and interactions during the day.

Trial Days

To ensure compatibility, many daycares offer trial days where you can see how your dog interacts with the environment and other dogs.

When choosing a dog daycare in Indiana, it's essential to visit the facility, ask about their services and policies, meet the staff, and observe the interactions between staff and dogs. This will help you make an informed decision and find a daycare that suits your dog's needs and your peace of mind.

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When you are searching for a dog boarding facility in Indiana, check with other dog owners about where they board their dogs and ask about their experiences with the boarding facility. Also you may ask your vet to recommend boarding facilities in your area. When you have a few dog boarding facilities on your list, be sure to visit each one and get a good idea about how they care for dogs, ask many questions and find out how many times per day each dog is walked and exercised. While looking for the right dog boarding facility may take some time, it will be worth it when you know that your dog will be in good hands while you are away.

Dog overnight care in Fishers, Indiana

Beverly's Pet Resort
14000 Promise Rd, Fishers, IN 46038
Phone: 317.773.6550
Services include: overnight boarding, dog day care, dog training. Amenities include three to four 15-minute bathroom and exercise sessions every day in one of 20 individual outdoor exercise yards. Bedding, food and pans for your dog are provided. Structured routine and clean environment.

Dog boarding in Indianapolis, Indiana

Puppy Playground
5266 E. 65th St., Indianapolis, IN 46220
Phone: 317.373.7297
Services include: Premier Dog Daycare and Overnight Boarding Resorts. Amenities include indoor climate controlled kennels, family dogs from the same household can request to room in the same enclosure. Dog grooming services include bathing, basic hygiene and de-shedding.

The Wigglebutt Doghouse
8455 Moller Rd Ste 500, Indianapolis, IN 46268
Phone: 317.334.9247
Services include: doggie daycare, dog sleepovers (overnight boarding)

Fetch Dog Resort
4340 W 96th St Ste 100, Indianapolis, IN 46268
Phone: 317.491.3535
Services include: dog daycare, dog training, dog boarding. At Fetch Dog Resort all overnight boarding dogs will be out of their room to participate in doggy daycare all day long in one of the 5 play rooms. Hourly potty walks, treats, belly rubs and tending to any special needs your dog may have are all included at no extra cost.

Good Dog Hotel
5345 Winthrop Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220
Phone: 317.255.2525
Services include: Dog Hotel, Doggie Daycare, Self Serve Bathing and Professional Grooming. Amenities include spacious rooms for dogs, room service treats, private TV's and comfortable bedding.

Barkefellers The Place For Dogs
8808 Madison Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46227
Phone: 317.881.1888
Services include: pet lodging, doggie daycare, grooming and dog training. Each dog will enjoy the comforts of home in their own cozy sleeping area, complete with Kuranda Dog Bedding and the sounds of soothing music. All guests will have access to their own individual potty/exercise yards three times each day. Feel free to select activities for your dog.

Dog long term care in Marshall, Indiana

Vicki's Pet Boarding LLC
3059 E 350 N, Marshall, IN 47859
Phone: 765.597.2912
Services include: pet boarding. Indoor runs are heated and air conditioned for your pets year round comfort and Kurunda beds are provided for each run. All pets are let out, by family or individually, for potty breaks 4 times daily in our 6' high fenced in area.

Dog lodging in Mooresville, Indiana

Loving Hearts Pet Resort
11085 N Cooney Rd, Mooresville, IN 46158
Phone: 317.834.8243
Services include: full-service pet care, boarding, grooming, training, doggie daycare. Dogs are not mixed with other dogs at the facility. Each dog has own space.

Dog resort lodging in Whitestown, Indiana

The Animal Den
5338 Whitestown Parkway, Whitestown, IN 46052
Phone: 317.769.5100
Services include: pet resort lodging, pick-up and delivery, pet grooming services, dog training academy. The Animal Den is located 15 minutes away from downtown Indianapolis and the Carmel-fishers area. Standard and Deluxe dog boarding options are available. Standard option includes indoor/outdoor access, an indoor room with 20 sq ft of space and 14x4 outside patio. Grooming options, spring water and more.

Dog overnight care in Zionsville, Indiana

Hunt Club Boarding Kennel
7159 S Retriever Ln, Zionsville, IN 46077
Phone: 317.873.6884
Services include: Raised beds with bedding, playtime outside in large individual yards at least five times a day, TV, wake up service and turn down service, fresh spring water, wonderful dog treats, special care and hugs, nature walks, baths, deshedding, blow dries, brushing, massages, peanut butter kongs, administrating medication, trimming nails, transportation for pick up and/or drop off.

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