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Dog boarding Louisiana

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Louisiana residents have many options to choose from when looking for a dog boarding facility that can provide a safe and comfortable accommodations for their pets. From doggie daycare to short-term or long-term dog lodging - there are dog boarding facilities in most locations available in Louisiana.

What are some of the amenities offered by dog boarding facilities in Louisiana? One of the most popular relatively new amenities feature a live webcam so that dog owners could easily check in on their dogs. Dog owners appreciate having the peace of mind knowing that their pet is doing good and is well cared for and that is easy to see through a webcam. In many dog boarding facilities dog kennels feature indoor and outdoor space so that the dog can easily enjoy fresh air outside or go indoors and get a good rest there. Dog overnight care facilities in Louisiana may have different philosophies when it comes to separating dogs from other dogs while in a boarding facility or letting dogs play and interact with other canine guests at the facility. Dog owners who want to keep their dog separate from other dogs should specifically look for a facility that does not let dogs mingle with other dogs in the facility. For people who believe that their pet would appreciate having a group playtime with other dogs there are many facilities that offer a very sociable environment for their canine guests. Some dog boarding facilities are cage-free and let dogs spend time in a less structured atmosphere.

Dog boarding requirements in Louisiana, like in any other state, can vary between different facilities. However, here are some general guidelines and common requirements that you might encounter when boarding your dog in Louisiana:

Vaccinations: Most boarding facilities in Louisiana will require proof of up-to-date vaccinations for your dog, including rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and bordetella (kennel cough). Make sure your dog's vaccinations are current and that you have proper documentation.

Health Check: Some facilities may request a recent health certificate from your veterinarian to ensure your dog is in good health before boarding.

Flea and Tick Prevention: Many boarding facilities require dogs to have current flea and tick prevention to prevent infestations in the facility.

Socialization: Some facilities might require that your dog is well-socialized and gets along with other dogs. This is important for the safety and well-being of all dogs in the facility.

Spaying or Neutering: Some boarding facilities may have requirements regarding the spaying or neutering of dogs to prevent any unwanted behaviors or incidents.

Temperament Evaluation: In certain cases, facilities may conduct a temperament evaluation to ensure that your dog is a good fit for their environment and will interact positively with staff and other dogs.

Reservations: Making a reservation in advance is typically required, especially during busy seasons or holidays when boarding demand is high.

Emergency Contact Information: You'll likely need to provide emergency contact information in case there are any issues or concerns during your dog's stay.

Medication Instructions: If your dog requires medication, you'll need to provide clear instructions, dosage information, and the medication itself.

Special Dietary Needs: If your dog has specific dietary requirements, make sure the facility can accommodate them.

Behavioral Information: Inform the facility about any behavioral quirks, anxieties, or special needs your dog may have.

Personal Items: Some facilities allow you to bring your dog's bedding, toys, or other familiar items to help them feel more comfortable.

Payment: Be prepared to provide payment for the boarding services, and inquire about their accepted methods of payment.

It's important to contact the specific boarding facility in Louisiana that you're interested in to get detailed information about their requirements, policies, and any additional amenities they offer. Visiting the facility, asking questions, and ensuring that both you and your dog are comfortable with the arrangement will contribute to a positive boarding experience.

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Once you figure out what type of dog boarding facility is most suitable for your pet, it is time to visit the facility in person and request a tour so that you could get an even closer look and see how well dogs are cared for, how clean the facility is and what a day in that facility looks like for their canine guests. Ask questions so that you are confident that you made the right choice when selecting the best dog boarding option for your dog.

List of dog boarding facilities in Louisiana.

Dog boarding Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Mom & Pops Dog Boarding
4757 Bankers Ln, Baton Rouge, LA 70817
Phone: 225.362.2461
Services include: long term and short term dog boarding. At Mom & Pops Dog Boarding, dogs are allowed to play and sleep together if they so choose so they must be spayed or neutered.

Doggie Play Camp
2616 Toulon Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70816
Phone: 225.354.9151
Services include: Dog boarding. At Doggie Play Camp a human friend is here with them 24/7 so they are always safe, secure, and surrounded by someone who cares about them. We do not kennel, crate, or use runs. The dogs have a variety of comfortable beds and furniture to choose from each night.

Petz Plaza
8380 Jefferson Hwy, Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Phone: 225.302.5926
Services include: dog daycare and dog boarding. Amenities at Petz Plaza include deluxe accommodations for dogs. Canine guests receive two to three generous walks each day in our fenced canine courtyards. Special needs dogs are welcome at this overnight dog boarding facility.

Dog boarding facilities Jefferson, Louisiana

3501 River Rd, Jefferson, LA 70121
Phone: 504.302.7200
Services include: dog daycare, dog grooming, dog boarding and dog training. Amenities at Pawlins include complimentary daycare during their boarding stay. Canine guests receive their own personal space to rest and comfortable Kuranda dog beds to sleep on.

Dog boarding Kenner, Louisiana

Pet Paradise
45 E Airline Hwy, Kenner, LA 70062
Phone: 504.467.5226
Services include: dog overnight boarding, day care, veterinary care and dog grooming. Amenities at Pet Paradise include climate-controlled environment, indoor/outdoor suite and two 20-minute playtime sessions a day. Shaded play yard for dogs to enjoy that features synthetic grass.

Dog boarding Lafayette, Louisiana

The Dog Stop
103 Turn Row, Lafayette, LA 70508
Phone: 337.628.2275
Services include: dog boarding, dog and puppy training, dog grooming and doggie daycare. Amenities in The Dog Stop facility include Dog Suites with 24-Hour camera access. Climate-controlled environment, AACPA trained staff, Full Dog Grooming from certified Dog Groomers and more. This dog boarding facility is located on Pinhook Road just minutes from Broussard, Verot School Road, River Ranch, and Youngsville.

Paws and Paw Paws
930 Robley Dr, Lafayette, LA 70503
Phone: 337.534.4729
Services include: dog daycare and boarding services. Amenities at Paws and Paw Paws include standard and luxury kennels. Live cameras viewing all of our play areas and our luxury kennels so clients can easily monitor their pets.

Dog overnight boarding Metairie, Louisiana

Pet Care Center
2212 David Dr, Metairie, LA 70003
Phone: 504.887.2999
Services include: pet resort. Amenities at Pet Care Center include climate-controlled rooms furnished with day beds and elevated feeding bowls. 24-hour attendants will provide constant care for your pet and all dogs leave their condos at least six times during the day and night to walk and play in spacious yard.

Dog boarding New Orleans, Louisiana

Zeus' Place LLC
4601 Freret St, New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone: 504.304.4718
Services include: Dog boarding, dog daycare and grooming. Amenities at Zeus' Place include spacious suites, play areas and socialization with other compatible dogs. 24/7 webcams are available for pet owners to check in on their dogs. Dogs with special needs are welcome at this boarding facility.

Camp Bow Wow New Orleans
2731 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504.891.3647
Services include: dog daycare, dog overnight boarding and dog grooming. Amenities at Camp Bow Wow New Orleans include webcams for pet owners to monitor their dogs, spacious play yards and more.

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