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Dog boarding facilities in Wisconsin

Dog boarding Wisconsin

Dog owners in Wisconsin often find themselves in need of reliable and trustworthy care for their furry companions when work, travel, or other commitments take them away from home. This is where dog boarding and dog daycare facilities come into play. Choosing the right facility is crucial to ensure your dog's safety, well-being, and happiness. In this essay, we will delve into the key factors to consider when selecting a dog boarding or dog daycare facility in Wisconsin.

Facility Cleanliness and Hygiene
One of the primary aspects to assess when choosing a dog boarding or daycare facility is its cleanliness and hygiene. A clean and well-maintained environment is essential to keep dogs healthy and prevent the spread of diseases. Look for:
  • Regular cleaning schedules for living areas, play areas, and restroom facilities.
  • Proper waste disposal practices to ensure a sanitary environment.
  • Adequate ventilation and cleanliness in indoor areas.
Staff Qualifications and Training
The staff at a dog boarding or daycare facility plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of your furry friend. Consider the following:
  • Are staff members trained in pet care, handling, and emergency procedures?
  • Do they exhibit a genuine love for dogs and show patience and understanding?
  • Staff-to-dog ratio: Adequate supervision ensures that dogs receive individualized attention and can prevent accidents or conflicts.
Play and Socialization
Both boarding and daycare facilities should provide opportunities for dogs to engage in supervised play and socialization. Look for:
  • Well-organized playgroups based on size, temperament, and playstyle.
  • Facilities that closely monitor interactions to prevent aggressive behavior.
  • Enrichment activities that stimulate dogs mentally and physically.
Safety Measures
Safety is paramount when considering a dog care facility. Look for:
  • Secure fencing and escape prevention measures in outdoor play areas.
  • Clear separation of dogs to avoid conflicts and ensure a harmonious environment.
  • Emergency protocols in place, including access to veterinary care if needed.
Health Requirements
A reputable facility will have health requirements in place to protect the well-being of all dogs. Consider:
  • Vaccination policies: Facilities should require up-to-date vaccinations to prevent the spread of diseases.
  • Parasite prevention measures to maintain a healthy environment.
Communication and Updates
Staying connected with your dog's well-being while they're away is essential. Look for facilities that offer:
  • Regular updates, photos, or videos to keep you informed about your dog's activities.
  • Clear communication channels for emergencies or any concerns that may arise.
Rest and Comfort
Dogs need a comfortable place to rest and sleep. Consider:
  • Adequate resting areas with clean bedding and comfortable spaces.
  • Availability of private or quiet spaces for dogs that need a break from social interaction.
Amenities and Additional Services
Some facilities offer extra amenities and services to enhance your dog's experience. Look for:
  • Grooming services, such as baths and nail trims, to keep your dog clean and comfortable.
  • Training sessions or enrichment programs that offer mental stimulation.
Client Reviews and Recommendations
Reading reviews and seeking recommendations from other dog owners can provide valuable insights into a facility's reputation and quality of care.

Visit the Facility
Perhaps the most important step is to visit the facility in person. This allows you to:
  • Observe the environment, staff interactions, and overall atmosphere.
  • Gauge your dog's comfort level during a trial visit.
Selecting the right dog boarding or daycare facility in Wisconsin requires thorough research, careful consideration, and prioritizing your dog's well-being. By looking for cleanliness, staff qualifications, safety measures, health requirements, and communication practices, you can make an informed decision that ensures your dog receives the care, attention, and socialization they need. Remember that a high-quality facility will contribute to your dog's happiness and your peace of mind, allowing you to confidently entrust their care while you're away.

Dog boarding Wisconsin

Dog boarding facilities near me in Wisconsin

Dog boarding Baraboo, Wisconsin

Dog House Pet Resort LLC
S3791 County Road A, Baraboo, WI 53913
Phone: 608.356.3647
Services at Dog House Pet Resort LLC include: boarding, doggy daycare, grooming. Amenities at Dog House Pet Resort LLC include 3,000 SQ. Ft. Indoor Dog Park that is filled with Toys in addition to 6 outside dog parks. Newly completed kennels include an exit outside run letting your dog enjoy some fresh outdoor air.

Dog boarding Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

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Peebles Play & Stay Kennel LLC
N8072 US Highway 151, Fond Du Lac, WI 54937
Phone: 920.923.9609
Services at Peebles Play & Stay Kennel LLC include: boarding, daycare, grooming and spa, dog training. Amenities at Peebles Play & Stay Kennel LLC include climate controlled indoor rest and sleeping areas, 24/7 video surveillance, soothing music, fresh air exchange systems, and in-floor heat.

Dog boarding Kronenwetter, Wisconsin

Animal House Pet Care & Training Center LLC
1174 Gardner Park Rd, Kronenwetter, WI 54455
Phone: 715.355.1117
Services at Animal House Pet Care & Training Center LLC include: boarding, daycare, grooming. Amenities at Animal House Pet Care & Training Center LLC include temperature controlled environment. Our large, grassy outdoor exercise areas give your pet plenty of room to play and expend some energy. We will not turn your pets out in the same area with another visitor but they do get plenty of interaction between the fences. Other amenities include
Indoor runs with privacy partitions
Large, grassy outdoor pens for play/relief 4 times a day (included in cost)
Daily treats
Abundant natural light from sky lights
Heated floors (winter)
Air conditioned (summer)
Soft music 24/7
Fresh Air exchangers
Sanitary surroundings that are monitored continuously
Experienced staff who treat your pet as they would their own

Dog boarding New Berlin, Wisconsin

Spa Paw & Tail
5055 S Emmer Dr, New Berlin, WI 53151
Phone: 262.784.7297
Services at Spa Paw & Tail include: overnight dog boarding, dog daycare, grooming. Amenities at Spa Paw & Tail include 6 indoor play areas, a climate controlled atmosphere, soothing music piped throughout the resort, a meticulously clean environment, 2 comfy movie lounges, full spa and salon plus gourmet treats. Private suites with a full view glass door, soothing music, cot-style bedding and stainless steel dishes. Our canine guests also enjoy day camp of unlimited playtime throughout the day with a nap time from 11 am to 1 pm.

Dog boarding Onalaska, Wisconsin

Pet Me Scratch Me
2551 E Main St, Onalaska, WI 54650
Phone: 608.781.9663
Services at Pet Me Scratch Me include: boarding, daycare, dog grooming. Amenities at Pet Me Scratch Me include safe and comfortable facility. Several different boarding accommodation options.

Dog boarding Oregon, Wisconsin

Old Stone Pet Lodge
4353 Old Stone Rd, Oregon, WI 53575
Phone: 608.455.2324
Services at Old Stone Pet Lodge include: dog lodging, daycare, grooming. Amenities at Old Stone Pet Lodge include play/exercise/potty at least 3 times a day. Climate controlled atmosphere indoors. We offer a self service wash area for our customers free of charge.

Dog boarding Racine, Wisconsin

The Woof
5326 Durand Ave, Racine, WI 53406
Phone: 262.583.3120
Services at The Woof include: dog boarding, dog daycare. Amenities at The Woof include
Large indoor and outdoor play areas
Boarding includes daycare
Working Staff 24/7/365
Online Doggie Cams with clear views
Elevated Kuranda Dog Beds
Dog Daycare room equipped with activities & play sets
Separate Indoor and Outdoor Small & Large Dog Play Areas
All Pups must pass a temperament test to play and stay
Outdoor runs for our guests to stretch their legs
Very Experienced and caring staff
Text Line for easy communication
Pickup and Drop Off 7 Days a week (6 am - 8 pm)
Boarding includes pickup until 3 pm with no extra charge

Dog boarding Wausau, Wisconsin

First Class Pet Lodge & Doggie Daycamp
231676 County Road X, Wausau, WI 54403
Phone: 715.849.5365
Services at First Class Pet Lodge & Doggie Daycamp include: boarding, daycare, grooming. Amenities at First Class Pet Lodge & Doggie Daycamp include
Heated and air-conditioned facility
Climate controlled 24 hours a day
Covered outdoor kennel run, 6-foot fences
Spaces are sanitized daily
Bedding washed after any accident
Socialized boarding

Dog boarding Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Pet Retreat
E9891 County Road P, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965
Phone: 608.253.6000
Services at Pet Retreat include: dog boarding, dog daycare, dog training and dog grooming. Amenities at Pet Retreat include outside time 6 to 8 times a day into one of our play yards where they can socialize with other guests that are staying here. If your dog prefers not to play with others they will still get out for the same amount of time as the others with one of the staff members. Pet Retreat now offers Luxury Themed Suites that include a toddler bed (with turndown service and a treat) complete with a television! These suites are more of a private room where your dog can relax in a quieter environment while on vacation. Double suites for multiple dogs from the same family are also available.

Pampered Paws Pet Resort
4107 State Highway 13, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965
Phone: 608.254.7387
Services at Pampered Paws Pet Resort include: boarding, daycare, grooming. Amenities at Pampered Paws Pet Resort include climate-controlled indoor areas with air conditioning and heat as needed. Dogs go out 5 time per day.

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