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Dog boarding facilities in Texas

Dog boarding Texas

For Texans seeking reliable and caring accommodations for their four-legged companions, options like dog boarding and dog daycare are essential. This article explores the world of dog boarding and dog daycare in the Lone Star State, highlighting their unique benefits and shedding light on pricing structures across various regions.

Dog Boarding in Texas

Dog boarding facilities in Texas offer a temporary home where dogs can receive attentive care when their owners are away. Whether for a short vacation or an extended business trip, these facilities ensure dogs are safe, comfortable, and content. The benefits of dog boarding include:

Professional Care: Experienced staff at boarding facilities provide essential care, from proper feeding to regular exercise, ensuring dogs thrive during their stay.

Routine Maintenance: Boarding facilities adhere to familiar routines, including playtime and feeding schedules, helping dogs feel secure and reducing anxiety.

Socialization Opportunities: Many facilities offer supervised play sessions, allowing dogs to interact with other canines and enjoy companionship.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that their dogs are in the hands of trained professionals gives owners peace of mind while they are away.

Dog Boarding Facilities in TX

Pawderosa Ranch (San Antonio): With spacious accommodations and various play areas, Pawderosa Ranch offers a homey environment for boarded dogs. Prices for dog boarding range from $30 to $50 per night.

The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Spa (Houston): Known for its luxury amenities and attentive staff, this facility provides boarding services with prices ranging from $40 to $60 per night.

Dog Daycare in Texas

Dog daycare in Texas is a hub of activity where dogs can enjoy play, socialization, and mental engagement while their owners are at work or busy with other commitments. The advantages of dog daycare include:

Physical Exercise: Daycare facilities offer ample opportunities for dogs to engage in physical activities, helping them maintain a healthy weight and stay active.

Mental Stimulation: Interactive games, puzzles, and supervised play sessions challenge dogs' minds, preventing boredom-related behaviors and promoting mental well-being.

Social Interaction: Daycare allows dogs to interact with other dogs, fostering social skills and preventing feelings of isolation.

Convenience: Busy owners can rest easy, knowing their dogs are cared for and entertained during the day.

Dog Daycare Facilities in Texas

Canine Republic (Austin): Canine Republic offers an enriching environment with structured playtime and socialization. Dog daycare prices typically range from $20 to $30 per day.

Urban Paws (Dallas): Known for its focus on play and social interaction, Urban Paws provides daycare services with prices ranging from $25 to $35 per day.

Dog boarding and dog daycare pricing in Texas

Dog Boarding Prices: Dog boarding prices in Texas can range from $25 to $60 per night on average. Luxury or specialized facilities may charge higher rates based on accommodations and additional services.

Dog Daycare Prices: Dog daycare prices in Texas typically range from $20 to $40 per day, with variations based on location, services provided, and duration of stay.

Dog boarding and dog daycare services in Texas reflect the state's commitment to providing top-notch care for its furry residents. Whether through the personalized attention of boarding facilities or the dynamic play and socialization at daycare centers, dogs in Texas enjoy attention, exercise, and companionship that contribute to their well-being.

While the provided price ranges offer a general idea of what to expect, it's essential to conduct thorough research, visit potential facilities, and inquire about their services and pricing structures. By making informed decisions, pet owners ensure their beloved dogs experience the best care Texas has to offer, even when their busy lives take them away from their furry companions.

Dog boarding Texas

Dog boarding facilities in Texas

Dog boarding in Anna, Texas

Lonestar Dog Ranch
10030 County Road 288, Anna, TX 75409
Phone: 972.924.4800
Services at Lonestar Dog Ranch include: dog boarding, dog daycare and dog grooming. Amenities at Lonestar Dog Ranch include plenty of exercise and socializing with other dogs. Air conditioned and heated 3000 square foot recreation room.

Dog boarding in Arlington, Texas

Pet Resort in the Gardens
2890-A W Pioneer Pkwy, Arlington, TX 76013
Phone: 469.263.1354
Services at Pet Resort in the Gardens include: dog boarding, dog training, dog daycare and dog bathing. Amenities at Pet Resort in the Gardens include wellness checks performed by highly-trained staff every 30 minutes. Freshly-laundered bedding, including orthopedic beds for those with tender joints or a fondness for some extra luxury. Regular feedings on a schedule that mimics home. We recommend keeping your pet on their usual diet. However, we offer a highly digestible & palatable house diet at no charge. A minimum of three outdoor elimination breaks each day with additional breaks available.

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Dog boarding in Fort Worth, Texas

Cowtown Canine Daycamp For Dogs
4605 Benbrook Hwy, Fort Worth, TX 76116
Phone: 817.732.3647
Services at Cowtown Canine Daycamp For Dogs include: dog boarding, dog day camp. Amenities at Cowtown Canine Daycamp For Dogs include climate-controlled indoor/outdoor play facilities in Fort Worth and Weatherford. Shaded outside play yard with pools, trees, and play sets for dogs to enjoy. Dogs of all sizes and breeds are welcome.

Dog boarding in Georgetown, Texas

Ponderosa Pet Resort
2815 N Austin Ave, Georgetown, TX 78626
Phone: 512.686.2780
Services at Ponderosa Pet Resort include: dog boarding, dog training, dog daycare and grooming. Amenities at Ponderosa Pet Resort include
Multiple potty breaks/day
Elevated cot
Sanitary feeding dishes
Climate-controlled indoor lodging
Daily "Room Service" cleaning
No cost to feed your food
No cost to give medicines
Social play groups
Daily behavior and health monitoring
Check-in ANY TIME – no additional fee
Lots of love from staff

Dog boarding in Harker Heights, Texas

104 E Veterans Memorial Blvd, Harker Heights, TX 76548
Phone: 254.554.7297
Services at Shangri-Paw include: dog boarding, daycare, dog wash. Amenities at Shangri-Paw include:
Private indoor suites
Climate controlled indoors
Large outside areas, with shade
Multiple potty/exercise breaks/day
Sanitary dishes provided
Bedding provided (may bring own)
No cost to feed your food
No cost to give medications
Daily health and behavior monitoring
Exit bathes, nail trims, grooming available
Check-in/out ANY TIME

Dog boarding in Lorena, Texas

Brazos Valley Boarding Kennel
5327 Old Lorena Rd, Lorena, TX 76655
Phone: 254.857.4104
Services at Brazos Valley Boarding Kennel include: dog boarding and dog bathing. Amenities at Brazos Valley Boarding Kennel include climate controlled inside kennels (air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter). Each indoor run opens to an outdoor run through a doggy door. We have 6 yards and we spend all day rotating dogs out into the yards so they can run and play and potty in the yards.

Dog boarding in Pflugerville, Texas

DogBoy's Dog Ranch
2615 Crystal Bend Dr, Pflugerville, TX 78660
Phone: 512.251.7600
Services at DogBoy's Dog Ranch include: dog boarding and daycare, dog training. Amenities at DogBoy's Dog Ranch include hours of playtime on spacious 15 acres. Climate-controlled sleeping quarters. 24 large, fenced-in play areas.

Dog boarding in Temple, Texas

Happy Paws Ranch
1921 Pleasant View Rd, Temple, TX 76501
Phone: 254.780.5119
Services at Happy Paws Ranch include: dog boarding and dog daycare. Amenities at Happy Paws Ranch include AC/Heating facilities, three large play areas, and an indoor play area for those cold, rainy days.

Dog boarding in Round Rock, Texas

Action Pack Dog Center
4 Lake Dr, Round Rock, TX 78665
Phone: 512.341.0229
Services at Action Pack Dog Center include: dog boarding, dog daycare, dog training, dog grooming. Amenities at Action Pack Dog Center include spacious overnight accommodations. Three locations to serve dog owners in Round Rock, Georgetown, and Liberty Hill, TX. Spacious, private, climate-controlled lodging accommodations. Comfy bedding and clean bowls. Daily TLC and wellness checks by our loving staff. Family pets can stay together. Meals served twice a day or as requested. We recommend bringing your dog's usual food, but we offer a high-quality food for no charge. Soothing music throughout the facility. Three to four outdoor elimination breaks.

Dog boarding in Spring, Texas

Barks and Recreation Pet Suites
1103 Spring Meadow Lane, Spring, TX 77373
Phone: 832.447.8302
Services at Barks and Recreation Pet Suites include: dog boarding and dog daycare. Amenities at Barks and Recreation Pet Suites include half an acre of wooded, shady yard for play areas. Pets stay in an actual suite, not cages. Long-term dog boarding and overnight dog boarding.

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