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Dog boarding Vermont

Before boarding a dog in Vermont, there are several important factors to consider to ensure your furry friend has a safe, comfortable, and positive experience. Here's a comprehensive list of things to know and consider before boarding your dog in Vermont:

Research Boarding Facilities: Take the time to research and visit potential boarding facilities. Look for well-established and reputable places with positive reviews and a clean, safe environment.

Health Requirements: Ensure that your dog is up-to-date on vaccinations, including rabies, distemper, and bordetella (kennel cough). Most boarding facilities require proof of vaccinations to ensure the health and safety of all dogs.

Medical Needs: If your dog has any special medical needs, such as medications, allergies, or chronic conditions, communicate these requirements clearly with the boarding facility. Make sure they are capable and willing to provide the necessary care.

Behavior Assessment: Some boarding facilities may conduct a behavior assessment to ensure that your dog is well-socialized and can interact positively with other dogs and staff. Be prepared to provide information about your dog's temperament and behavior.

Reservations: Boarding facilities can fill up quickly, especially during peak seasons. Make reservations well in advance to secure a spot for your dog.

Tour the Facility: Before making a reservation, schedule a visit to tour the boarding facility. Pay attention to cleanliness, the condition of kennels or sleeping areas, play areas, and the overall atmosphere.

Staff Qualifications: Inquire about the qualifications and training of the staff members. Trained and experienced caregivers are better equipped to handle emergencies, administer medications, and provide proper care for your pet.

Safety Protocols: Ask about the facility's safety protocols and procedures. A safe facility should have clear guidelines for handling emergencies, illness, and any potential conflicts between dogs.

Separation of Dogs: Find out how dogs are separated during playtime, feeding, and rest. Dogs should be grouped based on size, temperament, and compatibility to prevent conflicts.

Exercise and Playtime: Inquire about the amount of exercise and playtime your dog will receive each day. Dogs need regular activity to stay happy and healthy.

Feeding Routine: Discuss your dog's feeding schedule and dietary requirements with the facility. Some dogs may have specific dietary needs or preferences that should be accommodated.

Comfort Items: You can bring along a familiar blanket, toy, or bed from home to help your dog feel more at ease in the new environment.

Emergency Contact: Provide the boarding facility with emergency contact information, including your cellphone number and a local contact in case they need to reach you during your absence.

Health Records: Bring a copy of your dog's health records, including vaccination certificates and any relevant medical history, in case they are needed.

Emergency Procedures: Inquire about the facility's procedures in case of a medical emergency. A reputable facility should have a plan in place and access to a veterinarian.

Medications: If your dog requires medication, ensure that you provide clear instructions and properly labeled medications to the boarding staff.

Check-In and Check-Out Times: Understand the facility's check-in and check-out times and plan your schedule accordingly.

Payment: Clarify the payment structure and any additional charges for special services or requirements.

Trial Stay: If your dog hasn't boarded before, consider arranging a short trial stay or daycare visit to ensure they are comfortable and compatible with the environment.

Emergency Care Authorization: Sign an emergency care authorization form that allows the facility to seek medical treatment for your dog in case of an emergency.

Reliable Contact: Provide the facility with a reliable contact person who can make decisions on your behalf if you cannot be reached.

By considering these factors and doing thorough research, you can help ensure that your dog has a positive and stress-free experience while boarding in Vermont. Remember that a well-prepared and informed approach will contribute to your dog's well-being and your peace of mind while you are away.

Dog boarding Vermont

Dog boarding near me in Vermont

Dog boarding Barre, Vermont

Four Paws Inn
504 Mekleson Rd, Barre, VT 05641
Phone: 802.479.3554
Services at Four Paws Inn include: dog boarding. Amenities at Four Paws Inn include 4 outdoor paddocks for all our visiting dogs to enjoy along with our state-of-the-art kennels to accommodate boarders. All kennels feature rubber mats and fleece blankets as well as Kuranda beds for our older canine guests.

Dog boarding Burlington, Vermont

Play Dog Play Canine Care Center
668 Pine St, Burlington, VT 05401
Phone: 802.540.0545
Services at Play Dog Play Canine Care Center include: dog boarding, dog daycare, dog training. Amenities at Play Dog Play Canine Care Center include personal suite for dinner and rest. State-of-the-art boarding suites.

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Dog boarding Danby, Vermont

Wolf Mountain Kennel, LLC
704 Staples Rd, Danby, VT 05739
Phone: 802.282.9563
Services at Wolf Mountain Kennel, LLC include: dog boarding. Amenities at Wolf Mountain Kennel, LLC include spacious indoor or outdoor areas. Indoor 1200 s.f. padded, climate-controlled play area. Covered exercise pens and several acres fenced in with 6'3" fencing for your dog's safe exercise and enjoyment.

Dog boarding Roxbury, Vermont

Happy Tails Boarding Kennel
991 Northfield Rd, Roxbury, VT 05669
Phone: 802.485.5296
Services at Happy Tails Boarding Kennel include: dog boarding. Amenities at Happy Tails Boarding Kennel include air conditioning in the summer, radiant floor heating for cooler months. Two outdoor exercise areas for dogs to enjoy. Each canine guest gets outdoor exercise at least 3 times per day. If you would like your dog to be in a play group with other dogs, please request at the time of drop-off.

Dog boarding Newport, Vermont

Oasis Pet Resort
567 Sias Ave, Newport, VT 05855
Phone: 802.334.7005
Services at Oasis Pet Resort include: dog boarding, dog daycare, dog grooming. Amenities at Oasis Pet Resort include private, spacious room, raised platform bed and radiant heat floors. An acre and a half of fenced-in land for dogs who love to run and smell.

Dog boarding North Bennington, Vermont

Great Fields Kennel
48 Riverside Dr, North Bennington, VT 05257
Phone: 802.442.6794
Services at Great Fields Kennel include: dog boarding and grooming services that include dog bath. Amenities at Great Fields Kennel include 3/4 acre fenced in dog park that features dog pools, agility equipment, and plenty of toys.

Dog boarding Proctorsville, Vermont

Cavendish Canine Camp
46 Winery Rd, Proctorsville, VT 05153
Phone: 802.226.7297
Services at Cavendish Canine Camp include: dog boarding, dog grooming and daycare. Amenities at Cavendish Canine Camp include clean environment, supervised morning and afternoon playtime.

Dog boarding Shaftsbury, Vermont

Fran Zando Kennel
227 Fran Zando Rd, Shaftsbury, VT 05262
Phone: 802.442.4765
Services at Fran Zando Kennel include: dog boarding, dog grooming. Amenities at Fran Zando Kennel include private indoor run. The boarding facility is climate controlled with heat in the winter and AC in the summer. Four potty walks per day. Individual outside runs.

Ravenscroft Dog Boarding
1111 Old Depot Rd, Shaftsbury, VT 05262
Phone: 802.375.9656
Services at Ravenscroft Dog Boarding include: dog boarding. Amenities at Ravenscroft Dog Boarding include spacious play yards.

Dog boarding South Burlington, Vermont

Oh My Dog
18 Lime Rock Rd, South Burlington, VT 05403
Phone: 802.489.5273
Services at Oh My Dog include: dog boarding, dog day care, dog training. Amenities at Oh My Dog include ample opportunity for playing. Plenty of space for dogs of all sizes, shapes, ages, and breeds. Canine guests can play all day in the pools and in the sprinklers. All play structures are hand-built from beautiful red cedar.

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