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Bordoodles (Border Collie and Poodle mix)

Bordoodle dog imageWhat is a Bordoodle? Bordoodle is a new designer dog created from cross-breeding two purebred dogs the Poodle and the Border Collie. Intelligent, affectionate, playful and friendly these dogs have inherited the best character traits from both their parents.

Bordoodles can sometimes be referred to as the Borpoo, Boderpoo, Borderdoodle or the Border Poodle. They make excellent family dogs as they are friendly, lovely and like companionship, at times they can be very protective of their families. These canines are also very tolerant of people ranging from very young to very old. Since the Bordoodle is a very intelligent dog, owners are advised to start training them as puppies from a very tender age. If proper socialization and behavioral training classes are not started early, the dog may exhibit stubborn traits, which eventually will result in destruction. Training will give you an ultimate and well-behaved family dog.

Bordoodle Life Expectancy

What is the lifespan of Bordoodle? Bordoodles live long and healthy lives, it's not uncommon to see a Bordoodle living up to the age of 18 years, but the average age of Bordoodles is commonly 15 years. The earliest a Bordoodle can pass away as about 12 years. In general, they tend to live healthy lives and are not prone to developing ailments.

Bordoodle Size

Bordoodles are a medium-sized breed. Full-grown Bordoodles weigh between 30 to 60 pounds and have a height of about 15 to 22 inches. Their size makes them easy to transport and handle, they are also known for their capability in sports.

Bordoodle Temperament

The Bordoodle exhibits the best character traits of its parents, the Poodle and the Border Collie which are both great canine breeds. The Border Collie adds work ethic, focus, attention span, and control in order to balance out the praise driven and the bubbly Poodle. On the other hand, the Poodle dulls down the energy level, shedding coat, herding instinct of the Border Collie and adds its own traits such as friendliness, food motivation, non-shedding coat and a joyful personality. These pups are highly sociable, friendly and will rarely display any aggression.

Bordoodles are highly intelligent, protective and loyal. They will safely guard their family and be wary of strangers until they are sure that they are trustworthy and safe. They get along well with children who know how to handle animals and will also make perfect playmates. Bordoodles also enjoy participating in the family's daily activities and routines. They have a generally quite reserved temperament. If they are not well trained, they will develop a sense of entitlement which will cause them to be disobedient in their adult life. Their personality is warm and loving and will always enjoy playing outside with family members and protecting them as well. Be aware that they take well to training due to their intelligence and enjoy tasks that stimulate their mind. If the dog is not well trained it will result in destructive behaviors, also avoid leaving him alone for long sessions. Their nature is to please their owners, disappointing them is not something they take pleasure in. While training them you will realize that they pick a trick twice as fast as the other dogs, thus you will not have to ply them in every step with either treats or rewards.

Are Bordoodle dogs suitable for families with children?
Children and Bordoodles are a perfect mix, provided that the dog and the children have been trained on how to socialize at a very tender age. Considering that puppies are very fragile, small kids can injure them so they need to be well trained. But generally, the Bordoodle is the ideal family dog.

In regard to other pets Bordoodles do generally well, but be keen to supervise the first interactions and set some boundaries. If you really need good results, socialize Bordoodle pup early and be sure to offer rewards for any good behavior shown.

How much exercise do Bordoodle dogs require?
Bordoodle Exercise and activity levels
A Bordoodle is a very active breed and requires a considerable amount of exercise in order to thrive. Border Collie and Poodle mix dog can be taken out for walks several times daily. Border Collie Poodle mix dog needs exercise that will provide valuable mental and physical stimulation. Since Border Collie Poodle cross dog is a very clever dog courtesy of his canine parents, he will be happy to solve puzzles, play with interactive dog toys and and do any other activity given by his handler.

Avoid leaving him alone for long hours since that can result in developing bad habits such as digging, barking and destructiveness around the home. Activities such as agility can offer both physical and mental exercises that Bordoodles really need to thrive. Bordoodles enjoy dashing over hurdles and through tunnels, but equally, they value achievements obtained as a team with their owners.

Caring for a Bordoodle
Owners are advised to take their dogs for regular routine vet checkups. This will ensure that any ailment is detected early and treated. The vets can, however, recommend a care routine that will help keep your dog healthy. Bordoodles have medium energy levels and also require some daily exercise. Taking him for walks that round up to about 45 minutes each day will help your dog stay healthy and happy. To keep the Border Collie Poodle mix dog alert, some obedience tasks should be incorporated during the exercises.

Luckily, people living in apartments can also keep these lovely dogs since they adapt easily to such environments. To keep your dogs' teeth healthy, brush his teeth on a daily basis or a few times a week. If you are not sure about canine teeth brushing, consult your dogs' vet for more advice. Trim his nails regularly and don't forget to check his ears for any debris and clean them as directed by the vet.

Bordoodle diet
As with all other dogs, Bordoodles too require a well balanced and healthy diet, so as to stay in optimal shape and thrive in all aspects. High-quality dry dog food which has all essential nutrients is recommended for Bordoodles. It's important to choose the right type of food you offer your dog if you need to reap the benefits.

Avoid cheap brands of foods that have harmful additives and kibble full of fillers. Go Kibble that has high-grade ingredients that are natural so as to keep your dog healthy. Keep in mind that the kibble you choose should also be appropriate for your dog's age that is; puppy, adult or a senior his size and activity levels as well.

Feed you Bordoodle with 2 1/2 to 3 cups of dry food on a daily basis. However, do split this meal into two portions per day. This will not only make the dog not snaffle down the meal in seconds, but also improve the digestive system.

Bordoodle Appearance

Bordoodles have long silky and soft wavy coats; the Poodles' extravagant curls and a tactile blend of the Border Collies silkiness. He comes in a variety of colors that resembles the Poodles which include tricolor merle, red and white, tri-color, blue or grey, black and white, golden, cream, salt, and pepper or chocolate.

Poodles and Border Collies are known to have long snouts, so this dog will definitely have a long nose and well-proportioned skull. They also have long appealing drop ears as well as waggy tails which should not be docked. Border Collie Poodle mix dogs have almond-shaped eyes which reflect their intelligence and a medium to long muzzle. Generally, their bodies are well proportioned befitting those of the parents. Bordoodles have large paws which they get from Border Collie parent which allows them to transverse large terrains Bordoodles take after the Border collies' mentality and attitude as well as the Poodles' body shape. However, they have short legs than those of their Poodles' parents, making them lower to the ground. This allows Bordoodle dogs to be quick and agile but decreases their long-distance speed.

Bordoodle Pedigree
Since Bordoodles are across Poodles and Border Collies they qualify as first-generation designer dogs. The way they inherit traits from their parent is quite unpredictable and could inherit more of one parent than the other. They are made common for two major reasons, first, they are generation dogs which makes them healthiest and second they capture what all designer dogs are about: unique, and tend to inherit some of the best traits from either of its parents.

In other instances, owners prefer just simple mixes that have lesser or bigger percentages of one breed in the mix. This will lead to generational breeding or crossing Bordoodles with Border Collies, unrelated Poodles or other Bordoodles. In the end, the multi-generational Bordoodle created will either favor one breed in terms of appearance and looks or gain more standardized traits.

Origin of Bordoodle
Like all other designer dogs, there isn't much information about the individuals' origin breed. The trend of mixing pure breeds has existed since the late 1980s. It's possible that the Poodle and the Border Collie breeds had been mixed even before the Bordoodle came to be, but no one knows the exact time when that happened. Some breeders believe that the Bordoodle originated from the United States the same as with all other hybrid dogs in the last twenty years. Despite the fact that it's not known when or where the breed began, doesn't mean that the reason for its coming to be isn't known. It's obvious that breeders decided to cross the Poodle and the Border Collie due to their high intelligence level. The expectation was to get an offspring that has a high intelligence level with a lovable nature and a potential low shedding coat.

Bordoodle breed history
The Bordoodle is created from crossing two purebred dogs the Border Collie with a Poodle. These dogs will, however, inherit traits both physical and behavioral from their parents the Border Collie and the Poodle. Since they are still very new designer dogs, potential owners are advised to familiarize themselves with the parents of the Bordoodle since their puppies may have more characteristics leaning towards either of the parents.

The Poodle was originally bred in Germany as a hunting dog. They were used as retrievers and mostly hunters' companions whereby they would help flush out ducks and other small birds. Poodles have watertight furs that make it easy for them to transverse mucky wet swamps and lakes and prevents them from cold. Eventually, they were brought over to France where they have gained popularity and resulted to be more of companion dogs.

The Border Collie originated from Britain in a county that bordered Scotland and was used to herd sheep. His name Border comes from the border where he originated and Collie is a Scottish word that meant sheepdog. The dog is known to be very hardworking and still can make a good family companion. Border Collies, however, don't like being left alone with no tasks to do, otherwise, they can be destructive. So, owners are advised to always keep them busy.

After crossing these two breeds you get a Bordoodle which mostly has the body of the Poodles with the friendly mannerism and intelligence of the Border Collie. Bordoodles are not recognized by the American Kennel Club since they are Hybrid breeds. There are other institutions that recognize Bordoodles such as the International Designer Canine Registry, The Dog Registry of America, The Designer Dogs Kennel Club, The Designer Breed Registry and the American Canine Hybrid Club.

How to groom a Bordoodle dog?

Bordoodles have a range of coat patterns and colors, normally they incorporate a mix of white, black, brown and grey. The coat is between medium and long when it comes to length and mostly described as soft to the touch and wavy. In most cases you will spot Bordoodles with dark grey and white coat, this is because they inherit it from the Border Collie parent. However, if the dog inherits more genes from the Poodle parent you will spot them with the brindle or golden coats.

Bordoodles don't shed much and so brushing them once or twice a week should be okay to keep the coat soft and smooth. It will also be necessary to bathe the Bordoodle once he gets dirty.

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Grooming the Bordoodles fur can be a bit challenging due to its long and thick wavy texture. Use a brush that is meant for thicker hair and it will be easier to brush it while wet. This should be fun since Bordoodles love getting wet and will not mind being sprayed by a hose.

Bordoodles adapt easily to climate but when it gets cold to make sure to provide a suitable dog coat. During hot seasons Bordoodles will enjoy being under a shade and other water activities.

Although Border Collies are not hypoallergenic the Poodles are, which means that the Bordoodles will shed a coat that can be hypoallergenic.

Here are some tips on grooming the Bordoodles specific areas.

How to groom Bordoodle face and eyes
Cut the coat diagonally above his eyes, while leaving the eyelashes long. Be sure to blend a line into ear length using scissors. Again, cut the coat around the nose and under the eyes.

How to groom Bordoodle ears
Gently cut under the side of the ear up to the ear leather. Remember to leave the ear front longer while blending it with a bang length.

How to groom Bordoodle head
On top of the Bordoodles head let it remain longer to slightly merge into the middle and gradually blend into the ears' length.

How to groom Bordoodle body
When it comes to the body it's about preference one can choose to trim it to about 3/4 - 3 inches.

How to groom Bordoodle feet
Leave the legs and feet the same length as that of the body. Round gently the fur on the bottom feet, removing any coat from touching the floor.

Bordoodle training

How to train a Bordoodle? Training intelligent dogs can be fun, so is the case with Bordoodles. Bearing the fact that they like to please their owners, they will not be a hard nut to crack when it comes to training. They have the eagerness to learn and will learn really quickly. Maintain a firm but positive tone while offering some rewards and praises.

It is advisable for owners to focus on positive reinforcement training because harshness will definitely not work. Since Bordoodles are friendly dogs, you will find them easier to train than all other dogs you have come across.

After a few repetitions, the dog will be ready to pick the commands and reciprocate. To attain better results start socializing your dog while still in the puppyhood stage, otherwise, it will be harder to train him out of bad habits at an older stage.

Bordoodle Puppies
Bordoodles puppies are small and very fragile. They demand extra care and gentleness so as not to get hurt. If your puppy will be around your children make sure they can handle the puppy correctly. They will do better with other kids and pets once socialization training starts at that early stage. They will also know how to behave in the house as well as how to walk in a leash.

Bordoodle Potty Training
Bordoodles are very intelligent pups, and more so when they are well trained. Potty training them should never be an issue since they like pleasing their owners. Once pooch gets home, select a specific spot where your Bordoodle will be eliminating. Take your dog to this potty area after every one or two hours to relieve.

Be observant: Be observant for signs that show he wants to eliminate, that's after eating or sleeping. He will either snuggle around one area or scratch down in circles. Take him outside to the designated area where you intend to be his elimination area, after 30-45 minutes. If you intend to train your Bordoodle to use an indoor dog toilet, take the dog there when he or she displays potty readiness.

Offer praises and rewards: After your dog has eliminated correctly offer him some rewards such as toys, or take him for a walk. Also, include some good words such as good potty when this is repeated several, he will associate it with that act.

In case of accidents: Do not yell harshly to the dog, instead you can say "No!" a word that will interrupt him and then take him out to finish the business. If you practice these simple potty training steps on your Bordoodle, he will never give you any hard moments, remember he grasps commands much faster than most other dogs.

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