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Cockapoo (Poodle and Cocker Spaniel mix)

Cockapoo dog imageWhat is a Cockapoo? The Cockapoo designer crossbreed is also well known as a Cockadoodle, Cockerpoo, or Spoodle. Being among the most famous designer dog breeds, the Cockapoo is a cross between the energetic Cocker Spaniel and the allergy-friendly, low-shedding Poodle. This results in small to medium-sized dogs who are very cute and super adaptable. Cockapoos are sufficiently agile to chase, swim and hike, but also affectionate to curl on your laps while you enjoy a cup of coffee.

What does a Cockapoo look like? Cockapoos are available in a vast range of patterns and colors, and this depends on their parent breeds. The most recognizable feature is their teddy bear face and curly coat. With a long, single coat that usually ranges from loose to straight curls without kinks, Cockapoos are available in different color combinations as can be seen in their parent Poodles and Cocker Spaniels, which have a richer variety of coat-color than in other dog breeds. In temperament, Cockadoodles are happy, outgoing and smart dogs. Having inherited their intelligence from their Poodle parent, and confidence from the Cocker Spaniel, Spoodles are great for busy families. Due to the status of their designer breed, Cockapoo dogs are usually at risk of puppy farms breeding.

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Adorable Cockapoo dogs will always strive to be the life of the party at your home. Since Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mix dogs are highly forgiving and very intelligent, they are people-oriented, and their high-level affection will always make you feel accompanied.

Cockapoos were initially bred to produce low-histamine creating dogs with stable temperaments. Though you will find individual variations in the Cockapoo crossbreed, you will definitely realize the results in all categories will be very favorable with high spirit, intelligence and sturdiness.

Cockapoo full grown size
How big do Cockapoos get? With an adult Cockapoo expected to reach a height of 25 to 38 cm, and 19 pounds in weight, there are 4 different categories of size in which Cockapoos are bred. Cockapoos come in Teacup size, Toy size Cockapoo, Mini and Maxi or Standard sizes. Comparison between different Cockapoo sizes is as follows.

Cockapoo sizes

Teacup Cockapoo doesn't exceed a height of 10 inches and 6 pounds of weight.

Toy Cockapoo is sturdier than a Teacup Cockapoo and can tip a scale of up to 12 pounds and a height of 10 inches.

Miniature Cockapoo has a height range of 11 to 14 inches and weighs from 13 to 18 pounds.

Maxi Cockapoo or Standard Cockapoo can weigh at least 19 pounds with a minimum height of 15 inches.

How long do Cockapoo dogs live?
What is the lifespan of a Cockapoo? The average lifespan of a Cockapoo dog is approximated to be around 12 to 15 years. However, some Cockapoos can even reach 20 years of age.

Origin of Cockapoo
Having been originally established in the United States during the 1950s, the Cockapoo dog breeds are considered among the oldest designer hybrid dogs. Whether it was developed on purpose or by accident, the Cockapoo has now become an excellent family pet and a much-loved companion that adapts to many styles of life. After being introduced in the United Kingdom about 10 ago, their loyal, kind natures and charming looks made it become a hit in the country.

What breeds produce a Cockapoo? The F1 Cockapoo, which was the first offspring produced by mating a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel boasts having consistent results and is always preferred as the better breed. With their Hybrid-Vigor, F1 Cockapoos are a little bit taller than their parents. But when the F1 Cockapoos are crossed to produce what is known as F2 offspring, things get a little bit different.

To ensure Cockapoos are bred responsibly, local breed clubs have been well established across the world. Responsible Cockapoo breeding enhances the production of risk-free puppies so that they don't develop hereditary and congenital health issues that usually affect the Cockapoo parent breeds. As such, ensure to contact a responsible breeder who regularly conducts hereditary disorders checks in their stud dogs to minimize these risks. But it's not always a guarantee to get Cockapoo puppies that are free of hereditary and congenital disorders. Good just reduces the risks of such happenings.

Poodle Cocker Spaniel mix

Cockapoo Training
Just as it is for other dog breeds, training your Cockapoo is very important. However, for Cocker Spaniel x Poodle dog, you need to take some special factors into consideration due to the genetics they inherit from their parent Poodles and Cocker Spaniels.

With the parent Cocker Spaniels and Poodles having been listed as among the easiest dog breeds to train, the Cockapoo will also not give you a hard time in the same. Important points worth noting:

With origins from the world of sporting in water retrieving, Poodles gained a reputation of being personable companions as well as incredibly intelligent.

On the other hand, Cocker Spaniels were originally bred for great hunting skills. They have keen abilities for a scent that was used for finding and flushing birds from the bushes, and also retrieve the shot birds. They are also energetic small dogs that are enthusiastic about working alongside people as they learn.

The points noted above are most likely to be found in the offspring of these two breeds, making them very easy to train even for first-time dog owners.

Although Cockapoos have been available since way back in the 1950s, they are still crossbreeds as they have not fully been established. As such, it's not that easy to predict the behavior traits of the resulting Cockapoo puppies. Each litter, each individual dog, and each generation of Cockapoos are likely to differ by far from one to the next in regard to temperaments, physical traits and health. This will definitely affect the trainability of these dogs. Generally, a majority of dog owners who have Cockapoo say training the dog is relatively easy and full of fun. Trainers and owners alike also report the Cockapoo puppies to be wonderful, energetic social pets that are always eager to please.

How to care for a Cockapoo
Although these hybrid designer breeds have moderate energy levels, Cockapoo dogs definitely don't laze around much. Cockapoos enjoy a good walk, which is important to prevent Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mix dogs from becoming overweight. A good session of play at the backyard should be the best kind of exercise for your Cockapoo.

Being an adaptable breed, Poodle and Cocker Spaniel mix dogs can happily live in apartments as companion dogs. The smaller Cockapoos tend to do better in this kind of environment than the Standard or maxi Cockapoos, and they shouldn't be kept outside in kennels. The Cockapoos will thrive very well when with family and are at a very high risk of suffering from a condition of separation anxiety, which could make them become destructive and bark excessively.

To avoid any kind of accidents in the house, you can crate train your Cockapoo. A crate will help the dog nap, retreat, and avoid him from getting into things that he shouldn't. In addition, it will help your dog to positively accept being confined if in case he needs hospitalization or boarded. However, always avoid locking up the Cockapoo in the crate for long, as it isn't a jail. He should actually not spend continuous hours in the crate unless it's at night.

Cockapoo exercise needs
How active are Cockapoos? In terms of exercise requirements, the Cockapoo breed offers the right level for most people to handle. The dogs aren't so demanding, and will just go swimming in the river or go for long long walks. Your Cockapoo requires daily walks.

Full grown Cockapoo are super-energetic and will need 45-minute walks twice a day to start with, and you can adjust this duration in order to suit the personality of the Cockapoo you own. When a Cockapoo is a puppy, the level of exercising them should be limited as follows:

Cockapoo dog exercise needs based on age

Cockapoo Puppy aged 8 weeks needs two 10-minute walks a day
Cocker Spaniel Poodle Mix Puppy aged 12 weeks needs two 15-minute walks a day
Poodle Cocker Spaniel Mix Puppy aged 16 weeks needs two 20-minute walks a day
Spoodle Puppy aged 6 months requires 30-minute walks twice per day

After resting and as they accompany you, your Cockapoo is likely to try any activity. Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mix dogs enjoy playing, walking, hiking, swimming, trekking, and have fun in competing in agility or fly ball. If you help your Cockapoo lead a somewhat active lifestyle, these hybrid dogs are perfect companions.

How to groom a Cockapoo

Cockapoo is a high maintenance breed when it comes to coat grooming. Cockapoo coats need daily brushing. The Cockapoos' coats are usually seen as natural, but people like clipping them. It should, however, be trimmed to 2 or 3 inches. Cockapoo owners need to trim the hair around the dog's eyes to enhance visibility, so as not to give an impression of being an English sheepdog that is old.

Any Cockapoo puppy that is as a result of multigenerational breeding should be non-shedding and odorless, but this is usually different in every Cockapoo. Since all dogs across the world shed even if it's just a tiny bit, "non-shedding" is actually a fantasy. You only need to bathe your Cockapoo when it's just necessary so as to maintain health as well as coat oil.

The Cockapoo inherits the floppy ears of the Cocker Spaniel, which have a tendency of blocking air circulation. To prevent any kind of ear infection, you have to thoroughly check and clean the ears weekly. This is done by gently wiping the ear on the only part you can see using a moistened cotton ball with a cleaning solution recommended by a vet. Sticking of cotton swabs or other things into your dog's ear could easily cause damage. If you happen to see your Cockapoo frequently shaking his head, scratching his ears, seems tender or looks red, or if the inside smells bad, the ear could be having an infection, and it's time to see a vet.

To remove the bacteria that lurk inside your dog's mouth or tartar that builds up, the teeth of your Cockapoo needs to be brushed twice or thrice a week. To eliminate bad breath or the risk of gum disease, you could brush the dog's teeth daily.

If your Cockapoo doesn't wear his nails down naturally, you need to trim them once or twice a month to prevent painful tears and other problems. Just check to see if they are long or clicking the floor. Since dog nails have blood vessels in them, ensure not to cut too far so that your dog doesn't bleed. If your dog suffers this pain, he may refuse to cooperate when he sees you with the nail clippers. You could ask for pointers on how to trim the nails from a professional groomer or vet if you are not experienced in this. Ensure to make your Cockapoo accustomed when still a puppy, and handle their feet frequently to make them used to it, as dogs are very sensitive with their feet. Also frequently look inside their mouth. Your Cockapoo should associate grooming with a positive experience, so ensure to reward and give praise in the process. By doing this, you will have laid a perfect foundation for seamless veterinary exams and other kinds of handling when the dog becomes an adult.

During the grooming process, ensure to check Cocker Spaniel Poodle dog for rashes, sores, and other signs of infections such as tenderness, redness, or inflammation in the nose, eyes, mouth, or on the skin and feet. The dog's eyes need to be clear with no discharge or redness. Weekly careful examinations will assist you to spot any potential health issues early enough.

Although the Cockapoo needs occasional trimming and brushing of the coat, grooming the dog doesn't have much work like other dog breeds. But grooming difficulty level of Cockapoo dog depends upon which parent breed is favored by the Cockapoo offspring. You will need to have the following tools at hand:

A steel comb that has rounded tines to gently brush Cockapoo coat
Rounded-end Slicker brush bristles
For the poodle-type coats, an Electric clipper is necessary
Teeth-cleaning supplies to maintain Cockapoo's dental health
Nail clippers to keep Cockapoo comfortable as long nails may even affect the dog's posture and stride
Ear-cleaning supplies to keep Cockapoo's ears healthy. Dogs with floppy ears such as Cockapoos may get ear infections if the dog's ears aren't properly taken care of.

Cockapoo temperament

Cockapoo dogs may have very distinct personalities and even puppies born in the same litter may show some differences in temperaments. Established as a companion dog, the Cockapoo is very easy to please and highly intelligent. Cockapoo dogs are outgoing in nature, happy, and they get along well with all people. Cocker Spaniel Poodle mix dogs enjoy snuggling up with people on the couch, and their high rate of activity depends on their temperament.

Just like any other puppies, the Cockapoo breed needs to be socialized early as well - pups need be exposed to a number of different sights, people, experiences and sounds when they are still new and young. Sufficient socialization helps your Cockapoo to grow as a perfectly rounded dog.

When left alone for extended periods of time, Cockapoo dogs are likely to suffer from separation anxiety. Poodle and Cocker Spaniel mix dogs always prefer to be in the company of their families. Depending on the temperament of their parents, these dogs aren't so hard to train. With patience and time, these dogs can easily achieve a high level of obedience when positive reinforcement techniques are used to train the dog.

Potty Training a Cockapoo

How to potty train a Cockapoo? You need to be aware that welcoming a Cockapoo puppy into your home is a big commitment, and you need to plan some time off work prior to bringing this puppy home. This ensures you have sufficient time to welcome and train your puppy living in your home. Among the most important and first lesson for your Cockapoo puppy is the potty training. As discussed before, the Cockapoo puppies are intelligent quick learners and are not likely to give you a hard time teaching them. All you need is consistency and patience.

Just like people, puppies are also different and their learning speed varies a great deal. For your Cockapoo puppy to know the correct pottying area and where not to potty, it will definitely take some time. Young Cockapoo puppies are usually not able to contain their bowels and bladders for long. They will, therefore tend to potty frequently, probably every hour or so. Initially, you need to brace yourself for 'pottying accidents' in the house. Endeavor not to punish your little Cockapoo puppy, as he's in the process of learning. When training, use consistent and easy-to-understand commands. Eventually, the Cocker Spaniel Poodle mix dog will know what he is expected to do.

Initial Steps of house-training a Cockapoo puppy

First of all, identify an area in which you need to be the dog's toilet outside your house. Secondly, watch out for any signs your dog may show that he needs to potty. He will most likely sniff on the floor, become restless and go round in circles, or could return to a place he had messed in the house. Whenever you notice any of these signs, take your Cockapoo puppy immediately to the spot you had identified outside. Always keep your eye on the clock, as your dog is most likely to need pottying shortly after sleeping, eating or playing. Always return to the same spot outside and refrain from making the dog play while outside to avoid any confusion, as the dog may relate going outside with playing. At this point, you need to ensure your Cockapoo puppy is focusing on going to potty on the right spot outside your house. Whenever you take him out to potty, ensure he really relieves himself. While at this same pottying spot, and after the dog is done with the business, praise him softly and give rewards inform of treats such as foods. This instills in the dog that what he's done is correct. After the dog has related to outside spot with pottying, include a command in the praises after the dog has relieved himself. This could be, "Good potty!" Eventually, it will be very easy to open the door and say the command, and the dog will run to the spot and relieve himself.

During the process of Potty training, ensure the dog is always as close to you as possible. This minimizes the risk of the dog messing in the house before he fully learns what is required of him. By attaching a leash to your Cockapoo puppy, you will find it very easy to accomplish this kind of closeness. In this way, your puppy will definitely fail the potty training, as he's never far away from you.

You could also use a kennel to train your puppy if you have trouble in potty training or are not in a position to keep watching your puppy all day long and constantly. Alternatively, you can also put the Cockapoo puppy outside during times of good weather after the puppy has learned about the correct spot for pottying. The only demerit of this method is that you will miss out on the times your puppy relieves himself on the right spot to reward and praise him for good behavior. In this case a kennel will assist. But don't lock up your dog in the kennel for more than two hours after pottying.

Generally, being intelligent quick learners, Cockapoos don't consume much time to learn. Following positive reinforcement techniques, and avoiding any punishments whatsoever related to accidents during potty training, your puppy will enjoy learning.

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