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Weimardoodle (Weimaraner Poodle Mix)

Weimardoodle dog imageWhat is Weimardoodle? Also known as the Weimaranerpoo, Weimaranerdoodle and Weimarpoo, the Weimardoodle is a hybrid cross between a poodle and a Weimaraner. Weimardoodle wins the hearts of many with fun and affectionate personality. Weimaraner Poodle Mix dog is suitable for active families due to active and playful character. Weimardoodles make great companions for families and single adults alike.

The appearance of a Weimardoodle is a mix of a Poodle and a Weimaraner. Weimaraner Poodle Mix dog may inherit different traits from both parent dogs and as a result it is possible to notice a curly coat that resembles Poodle's coat or a shorter coat that is more wavy than curly. Weimardoodle dogs may feature an array of coat colors that may include many shades of grey, including silver grey, black, white, peach, brown and more. Grooming needs of a Weimardoodle depend on the type of coat the dog inherits. Some Weimardoodles may feature a coat that requires less maintenance while others may feature coat that needs more extensive grooming and care. Not all Weimardoodle dogs are hypoallergenic like the Poodle. While some Weimardoodle dogs may have more hypoallergenic coat quality, others may not inherit that trait from the Poodle. How bad does a Weimardoodle shed? Since Weimardoodle dog is a mix that has a Poodle as one of the parents, there is a possibility that the Weimaraner Poodle Mix dog will produce a lower amount of shedding. Grooming needs of Weimardoodles vary a lot. Frequent brushing can help keep Weimardoodle dog's coat clean and prevents matting.

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Besides grooming needs, Weimaraner Poodle Mix dogs are demanding in terms of attention and need owners who can spend most of the day with the dog. Weimardoodles are always ready to play with you and need an owner who can allocate lots of time outdoors playing and enjoying this energetic dog. If you don't put sufficient time aside for showering your pet with the affection and attention they need, he could become depressed, lonely and eventually behavior problems will start developing due to infufficient physical and mental stimulation that this dog requires.

Weimardoodle is a perfect combination of two active and intelligent purebred dogs (Weimaraner and Poodle) into one unique smart package. Can a Weimardoodle dog live in an apartment? Given that a Weimaraner Poodle Mix comes from two active breeds, Weimardoodle dogs are not suitable for living in an apartment with limited amount of exercise during the day. Weimardoodles are demanding in terms of exercise and need a large fenced yard where this dog can run, explore and exercise to burn off the impressive amount of energy throughout the day.

Can a Weimardoodle be left alone? Young Weimardoodle pups need constant supervision as they are curious and can easily get into a lot of trouble when left alone. Adult Weimardoodles can be left alone but they need a long walk and plenty of exercise before staying home all by themselves even for a couple of hours. Ideally the dog needs to be around family most of the day. If you need to step out, be sure to give your pet an opportunity to use up some of that energy and take a potty break before you leave for some time so the dog can rest while alone. Leave some of your dog's favorite toys, including a safe chewable dog toy so your pet can stay busy when you are not around.

Are Weimardoodle dogs easy to train? Weimardoodles are typically more responsive to obedience training than purebred Weimaraner dogs. Poodle dogs are known for their exceptional trainability and many Weimardoodles inherit that trait.

Are Weimardoodles suitable for families with kids? Weimardoodle dogs are very demanding, especially during the puppyhood. Socialization, potty training, obedience training as well as keeping the very active dog physically and mentally stimulated can take up a lot of time and not all families especially with young kids have the luxury of time that this dog requires on a daily basis. Weimardoodle can be a wonderful family dog for an active family with older children.

Weimardoodle pros and cons
Pros of owning a Weimardoodle
Weimardoodle dogs are intelligent
In many cases Weimaraner Poodle Mix dogs respond well to training
Weimardoodles are suitable for active owners who can spend a lot of time outdoors with the dog
Weimaraner and Poodle Mix dogs are playful and affectionate

Cons of owning a Weimardoodle
Weimardoodle dogs are demanding in terms of attention and dislike being left alone
Weimardoodles are high-energy dogs that require a considerable amount of exercise every day
Weimaraner Poodle cross dogs are not suitable for families with young children
Weimardoodles can be stubborn
Weimardoodle dogs are mixed dogs that may inherit different traits from their parents and can be less predictable than purebred dogs
Poodle Weimaraner Mix dogs require plenty of socialization during puppyhood and need an owner who can dedicate a lot of time to this demanding pet
Weimardoodle dogs are not suitable for living in an apartment and are happiest in a home with a large yard

Weimardoodle Life Expectancy

What is the average life span of Weimaraner Poodle Mix dog? Average lifespan of a Weimardoodle dog is from 10 to 13 years. As with any dog breed, the dog's life expectancy depends on many factors that include the dog's overall health, genetics, lifestyle, care and diet.

Weimardoodle Size

Weimardoodles have a quite wide variance in size. Weimardoodle size highly depends on whether the Weimaraner is crossed with a Miniature, or Standard Poodle. The most common among all is the Miniature Weimardoodles with a shoulder height ranging from 17 inches to 21 inches and weighing from 30 lbs to 50 lbs (approximately 14 kg to 23 kg). Some will have the athletic build of Weimaraners, while others being more slender just like the Poodles. Most Weimardoodles have a limb and head that are quite proportionate to their body size, which protects them from having back problems.

Weimardoodle socializing and training

Weimardoodle puppies need socialization and training to learn how to be well mannered family pets. A Weimardoodle dog that received little socialization during the early months of life may display various behavior issues that may include overprotective behavior as well as aggressiveness towards other dogs. Socializing a puppy helps the dog to learn to be confident and secure in different circumstances and social situations. Exposing the puppy to different experiences and allowing the dog to be comfortable around other people and dogs. When socializing the dog, make sure to always create only positive experiences so that the dog learns that the world is a friendly place and there is no reason to be fearful or aggressive towards other people or pets.

Potty Training a Weimardoodle
Despite the amount of training you intend for your new Weimardoodle puppy, you have to potty train the new family member. Accidents are bound to happen in the house, but when you use the recommended potty training tips along with patience and consistency, you could manage to do away with bathroom accidents forever!

First of all, ensure you have as much time to devote to your Weimardoodle. Remember that a dog can not potty train himself/herself and you need to be around in order for the process to produce positive results. In the early phases of potty training, you need to take your Weimardoodle puppy outside every 30 minutes. Have treats available so you can reward the Weimardoodle pup for peeing or pooping in the allocated potty area.

Since Weimardoodles can be quite stubborn due to their Weimaraner parent, you need to be patient to achieve the desired results. The pup will learn faster if he's allowed to set the pace. Never punish the puppy for accidents. Quickly clean up the mess with an enzyme-based cleaner and move on with the potty training. Punishing the Weimardoodle puppy for accidents will significantly slow down the whole potty training process and is counterproductive.

Every hour or so, ensure to take your puppy outside to the specific potty area you've designated. As you lead your Weimar-doodle puppy outside using a leash you can make use of a cue words such as "Go potty!" to help him relate the command with the potty training action.

Once at the potty spot in the yard, ensure the pup doesn't spend more than five minutes to relieve. If he fails to go potty within the five minutes, return him to the house. Have a timer and reset it after every session. In case he begins walking around and sniffing the floor, take him out right away. Otherwise, wait for an alert from your timer and repeat the initial process.

Whether the Weimardoodle puppy manages to relieve himself during the first or second time, ensure to give him praise and accompany this with a tasty treat. He will eventually associate a positive encounter with the process of going potty the more fuss you make. You can increase the timings when you should take him out as he learns.

Remember to keep an eye on the dog and take him out whenever he shows signs of readiness to use a potty. Keep working with your Weimardoodle until he masters this important skill!

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