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Peekapoo (Poodle and Pekingese mix)

What is a Peekapoo? Peekapoo is a designer crossbreed dog produced by crossing a Pekingese with a Poodle. Being a great companion dog, Pekingese Poodle mix dog just loves sitting next to the owners on the floor or on their laps. The search for a low-shedding dog and loyal companion and partner led to the creation of Peekapoo. Peekapoo dog also goes by the following names: Peke-A-Poo, Pekepoo and Pekapoo. If you are looking for a loyal companion dog that is full of fun, and you don't mind the above average grooming needs of Peekapoo, the Pekingese Poodle mix could become your best friend for many years to come.

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Peekapoo was designed for individuals suffering from allergies. Designer dogs are very unique, in that one can actually be long-coated and be a moderate shedder of dander and hair, which sets off one's allergy. Although "Doodle" designer dogs are not completely free from pet produced allergens, the affectionate and intelligent Peekapoo has stolen the hearts of many people, which is why Poodle and Pekingese cross dog has found his way in many laps and homes. The Pekingese Poodle mix is now being successfully used as a therapy dog.

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The Peekapoo is an excellent dog that will bark loudly at the sight of anything or anyone suspicious. Residential environments that have noise restrictions are not ideal for the Pekingese Poodle mix. Peekapoo barks very loudly despite his tiny body. The Peekapoo has inherited the affectionate and friendly trait from the Pekingese parent, and hypoallergenic and intelligent traits from the Poodle parent to form a well-rounded companion dog.

Peekapoo is a great dog breed that thrives very well in any home environment, where an apartment or a home with a fenced yard in the countryside. Peke Poodle mix dog definitely likes playing a lot and would thus prefer to be in a fenced-yard home, but should never be left outside unsupervised or even let to live outdoors. When in an apartment environment, it would be great for you to have an air conditioner. This is because being a flat-faced (brachycephalic), Peke-a-poo is likely to quickly succumb to heat exhaustion. The Peekapoo needs to be exposed to sufficient exercise (avoid excessive exercise during hot or humid weather); at least a good session of play around the yard and a few walks around the block each day. If you fail to do this consistently, the high energy levels of this dog could be converted into destructive behaviors.

The Pekingese Poodle mix isn't the type of crossbreed dog that will easily get acquainted with any stranger before earning enough trust, as he's always naturally suspicious of anything that is strange to him. However, the Peekapoo can easily be trained to be an affectionate and well-rounded dog by socializing him to various stimuli and people. Within any family set up that the Peekapoo is in, he will easily get along with all the members. But he likes being with the more considerate and careful older children, and Peekapoo dog has to grow up with them to easily accept their company. It is also essential for you to socialize your Peekapoo early to other pets at home in order for this beautiful breed to behave well in the presence of other animals.

Peekapoo dogs are most suitable for owners who can spend a lot of time every day with the pet companion and who like to groom a dog frequently. Seniors, single adults and couples may find that a Peekapoo is a wonderful companion pet who is always happy to be around and to share his life with you. Leaving the Peekapoo for extended time periods isn't advised, as Pekingese Poodle mix dog is likely to suffer from separation anxiety or the Small Dog Syndrome and become a destructive pooch.

Peekapoo Life Expectancy
How lond go Peekapoo dogs live? Being a small sized dog, the Purebred Mini or Toy Poodle parent of the Peekapoo is considered among the longest living Purebred dogs with an average lifespan of about 14 years. The Pekingese purebred parent, on the other hand, can live to 13 or 15 years. Crossbreed dogs are generally known to live longer than purebred dogs. As such, a Peekapoo can live up to 15 years or more. This is, of course, determined by other factors such as how well the Peekapoo is bred, health of the dog, lifestyle and the feeding patterns used for the Peekapoo.

That said, you also need to be cautious when buying Peekapoo puppies in order to avoid those with brachycephalic faces, as Peekapoos with short muzzles tend to be more prone to health issues, exposing you to spending high in vet medical bills.

Peekapoo Size
When it comes to designer dogs like the Peekapoo, there's usually no breed standard, and breeders can't conform to any dog size. Nevertheless, Peekapoos are available in a vast variety of sizes. For instance, larger Peekapoo puppies will be produced when Pekingese are crossed with Miniature Poodles than when they are crossed with Toy Poodles. When fully grown, Peekapoos can weigh between 4 and 20 pounds, and reach a height of 11 inches.

Peekapoo Appearance
What does a Peekapoo look like? Although they are small, they are also very perfectly proportioned with a fluffy tail that curls over their bodies. Peekapoo dogs also tend to have a flat face as a result of inheriting the Pekingese's Brachycephalic muzzle. Peke Poodle mix dogs feature long hair growing around their droopy ears, which can be clipped off or well-kept for easy maintenance.

Peekapoos have a wavy, medium to long coat that has an extremely soft texture. The Pekingese Poodle mixes shed moderately, and their Poodle parents attribute to this dog's hypoallergenic coat.

History of the Peekapoo
Being a designer dog that has its definite roots way back in the 1950s, the Peekapoo is known to be the oldest dog among its hybrid counterparts. In their well-documented history, the Pekingese was crossed with a Toy or Miniature Poodle with the objective of producing low-shedding dogs for allergic people. By the early 1960s, the Peekapoo had gained a substantial amount of popularity.

Responsible breeders will continue to make the Peekapoo extend their long and great history. The recent slew of the first Poodle crosses was developed during the 1950s and 1960s when the Pekingese and Poodles were crossed to produce a Peekapoo. Having thrived through 5 decades, it's worth to say that the Peekapoo has surely won.

With some enthusiastic breeders attempting to create a formal Peekapoo breed, Peekapoo folks have kept off from crossing Peekapoos amongst themselves, since they believe the best Peekapoos are products of crossing purebred Poodles and Pekingese. As Peekapoos are still designer breeds, they are yet to be recognized by any registries such as the American Kennel Club as an official breed.

Peekapoo Pedigree
Despite its great popularity, the Peekapoo crossbreed puppies are still first-generation (F1s) dogs from their Purebred Pekingese and Poodles. This has maintained the Pekingese Poodle mix fairly away from inherent diseases that their parents are prone to.

The Peekapoo F1 puppies are very unpredictable in regard to appearance, character, and behavior. For this dog to be recognized as an official breed by registries, Peekapoos have to be crossed amongst themselves through multigenerational breeding. To get a purebred Peekapoo pup with predictable characteristics could take several decades. However, there has not been any news on whether this is happening. Given its tiny, sweetly affectionate and lapdog size temperaments, the Pekingese Poodle mix has had a strong following from dog enthusiasts.

Feeding your Peekapoo
Just like human beings, dogs will consume different amounts of food due to varying factors. The amount of food given to your dog depends on his levels of activity, metabolism, build, age and size. As such, a very active dog will definitely consume more food than a couch lapdog. The quality of food you feed your Peekapoo also plays a huge role. Low-quality food isn't good for your dog's health, but high-quality dry food will nourish your dog further to build on its body's health.

Dogs are usually not able to measure the amount of food they should eat by themselves. If you leave out food to your Pekingese Poodle mix to free feed, he will most likely overeat. This could pose a great danger to the dog's health because it will definitely become overweight if this continues. All you need to do in order to prevent this is to divide the meal into two, and should not exceed 1/4 to 3/4 cup depending on your dog's needs.

To check if your dog has added excess weight, look at him from the top as an eye test. If your dog has a healthy weight, you can see a waist. When performing a hands-on test, place your thumb fingers along the spine while spreading your hands over the dog's back, and spread your fingers down. Without using so much force to press, you out to feel your Peekapoo's ribs but not see them. Failure feel the dog's ribs means your dog has added in extra weight, and you, therefore, need to sort this out by exposing him to more exercise and feeding him less.

How the Peekapoo Relates to Children
If these dogs are introduced to kids early when they've just arrived, they can make very wonderful companions. With natural suspicion instincts to new individuals, rambunctious, loud children could be a nuisance to be handled by a Peekapoo. Even for gentle Peekapoo that has already been socialized to children, they are not ideal for those homes with little children who are likely to unintentionally hurt them.

It's always important for you to teach children how to touch or even approach children while still supervising the small dogs-children interaction to prevent any biting and tailor pulling. Always train your child not to approach any dogs while they're sleeping or eating, or even attempt to take away the dog's food. To prevent your Peekapoo from being aggressive and combative towards other pets and new dogs, early socialization is key.

Peekapoo Exercise and Training Requirements

Are Peekapoos high energy dogs? Peekapoos have great potentials as high energy dogs, having inherited this from the Poodle parent who likes interacting and burning off its high energy bursts. Peekapoos are ideal dogs for active dogs who like to bring their pets along.

When they are young puppies, Peekapoos have a tendency of chewing toys like teething rings which are of great assistance when they begin teething. Other playing toys can also make them can also help to keep them engaged with entertainment.

As soon as your Peekapoo pup gets home, ensure to start training and socializing them early enough in order to prevent any nipping and barking issues. While Peekapoo dogs are very intelligent, they may also inherit their stubborn streak from the Pekingese breed, making them not so easy to train. Depending on the temperament of your Peekapoo dog, he may respond well to training or be a little stubborn.

The recommended age to begin residential training your pup is at 8 weeks, as very small puppies have very little attention spans to learn any commands. Whenever you engage your Peekapoo in any kind of training session, ensure to always use positive reinforcement techniques so that Peekapoo can relate the training with a positive experience to help the pup enjoy the process of learning something new and build an even stronger bond with you.

How to groom a Peekapoo

Are Peekapoo dogs easy to groom? Potential Peekapoo owners need to be prepared to spend a lot of time and in some cases money to properly care for their pet's luxurious coat. With an almost cottony texture, the Peekapoo's coat has a soft feel. Peekapoo's coat can be from moderate to long lengths and is naturally wavy. Although the initial objective of creating this dog was to produce low-shedding dogs, Pekingese Poodle mixes shedding range varies from low to moderately high, depending on how the genetic dice rolls.

As mentioned earlier, Peekapoo's nature of being first generation of purebred dogs doesn't have a perfect blend of the two parents in most scenarios. This also includes color, in that, the Pekingese Poodle mix may have several markings such as phantom (black with markings of tan), or a solid color or even a variety of coat colors including:

White Gray

To be tangle-free and healthy, Peekapoos' coats need to be groomed regularly. In addition to Peekapoo's coat maintenance, grooming a Peekapoo dog includes keeping the wrinkled face of the dog clean from dirt and bacteria. The facial folds need to be cleaned daily to prevent an onset of any infection that can occur in these areas if neglected. Although regular bathing and brushing are needed for a Peekapoo, you can keep him clipped to ease the process of caring for him. Keeping Peekapoo's hair long can be a lot of maintenance work that includes brusing the hair on daily basis to prevent matting and tangling. Long hair can also make your Peekapoo have more frequent eye irritations. If you don't want to clip the entire coat hair, just trim the fur causing disturbance to his eyes.

Your dog's ears can be checked for infections once a week for redness, bad odor, and dirt. To keep Peekapoo's ears clean and healthy, wipe the dog's ears using a gentle ear cleaner for dogs that has a proper PH balance in order to prevent further issues.

Tartar and bacteria in your Peekapoo's teeth could be a very bad menace to the dog's overall health. Problems with Peekapoo's teeth can be well prevented by brushing your dog's teeth 2 to 3 times a week. To keep away bad breath and gum disease, you can brush the teeth on a daily basis.

If the nails of your dog are long to the extent of clicking on the floor, it means they are extremely long. By trimming Peekapoo's toenails on a regular basis, you will also prevent yourself from being scratched when your Peekapoo is jumping to you.

Grooming shouldn't be a punishment to your Peekapoo. That said, you need to make this experience positive to Peke-a-poo, in order to lay a perfect foundation for handling your full grown Peekapoo as well as easing the vet checkup processes. To achieve this, ensure to offer praise and rewards in the form of treats when he behaves and obeys.

During the grooming process, look out for rashes, sores, and any other infection signs like tenderness, redness, and inflammation on the feet or skin or inside the mouth, eyes or nose. No discharge or redness should appear in the eyes, they should be absolutely clear if healthy. Through perfect grooming and wellness checkup, you will be in a position of identifying any imminent issue to get it solved early enough.

Peekapoo temperament

Greatly dedicated to his family, the Peekapoo is a loyal and loving dog that delights to participate in almost all family activities. The easygoing personality of Peekapoo dog makes him playful and gentle around owners. While outdoors, this intelligent crossbreed is always happy to spend time with the owners.

There are quite a number of factors that do affect Peekapoo's temperament from genetics to socialization and training. Peekapoo puppies that possess great temperaments are always playful and curious. They are not shy to approach visitors and other people and may like to be held by them. Avoid selecting puppies with extensive diversities, such as the ones who are always hiding from strangers or those who are aggressive towards their fellow littermates. Get a Peekapoo who is somewhere in between to get a well-balanced pup.

To ensure that your Peekapoo puppy has nice personality and temperament, ensure to meet the parents (even if it's just the mother of the Peekapoo pup). To evaluate the kind of grown-up Peekapoo pup you could have, you can also meet the parents' relatives or siblings. This helps you to get some insights into the character of dog you can expect from the Peekapoo you acquire.

Peekapoo dog needs early socialization to eliminate the suspicion he may have toward new pets and strangers. Inadequate socialization may result in timid or aggressive Peekapoo temperament. You can ease the process of early socialization and training by enrolling your Peekapoo pup into a puppy kindergarten. You could also have regular visitor invitations while also taking the Peekapoo pup to busy dog parks. Your Pekingese Poodle mix can also improve his social skills by taking him on leisure strolls in the neighborhood.

Peekapoo potty training

Are Peekapoo dogs difficult to housetrain? Being an intelligent dog breed, the Peekapoo may give you less of a hard time when it comes to potty training. Stubbornness may be an issue with some Peekapoo dogs that inherited Peke's personality, which is why it's important to introduce crate training to make housebreaking process a bit easier.

Crate training assists the Peekapoo not to cause accidents inside your house or get to handle things they are not supposed to. It is an ideal place for your Peke-a-poo dog to retreat and take a nap. Crate training also helps Peekapoos to accept and appreciate confinements whenever you need to board him into your car or take the dog to the vet. However, you should never lock your Peekapoo in the crate for more than a couple of hours at a time. Unless he's sleeping at night, you can help your Pekingese Poodle mix to learn to rest and relax in the crate.

While the Pup learns to be comfortable spending some time in the crate, designate an area outside the house for the Peekapoo to be relieving himself. Every time you get him out of the crate about every 2 hours or so, bring him to the potty area, and don't allow him to play outside during this process rest he gets confused and associate going out with playing. You should also take your Peke-a-poo out for a bathroom break every time after sleeping, eating, or even playing. Watch out for any signs that your pup wants to relieve himself such as circling around, barking, going to a previously soiled area, or even sniffing on the floor. Immediately after relieving himself on the potty area selected outside, praise him and give some rewards in form of treats. Repeat the entire process until your pup learns to do the business by himself while maintaining consistency while you avoid punishing your dog for any accidents. Along the way, you could introduce some commands related to going to the crate or going outside to potty. Again, this should be taught using treats plus toys when house training and crate training.

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