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Indestructible dog bed

What happens when your dog likes to chew things, including his/her bed? Don't worry, there is a great solution for you. Have you ever heard of chew proof dog beds? Even though it is commonly believed that puppies are chewers, mature dogs might engage in such behavior all the same. Over time, they might go from chewing a sneaker to destroying their bed altogether. While chewing represents a form of play, allowing dogs to explore their surroundings, it might also come as a sign that they are bored or anxious. While shopping for a chew proof dog bed, it might also be a good idea to make an effort and discover the root cause of your dog's behavior. Providing your dog with ample opportunities for play and long walks might help. There are also chewing dog toys that you can purchase, in order to support the healthy use of his/her chewing instincts.

An indestructible dog bed is a bed designed to withstand the efforts of dogs who are prone to chewing, scratching, or otherwise damaging their bedding. These beds are made with durable materials and reinforced construction to ensure they can withstand the tough treatment from even the most determined chewers and active dogs. Here are some features and benefits of indestructible dog beds.

Features of Indestructible Dog Beds
Heavy-Duty Materials: These beds are often made from tough, tear-resistant materials such as ballistic nylon, canvas, or durable PVC fabric.

Reinforced Seams: Indestructible beds typically have reinforced stitching and strong seams to prevent unraveling or tearing.

Chew-Proof Design: These beds are constructed to deter chewing and scratching behaviors, often incorporating materials or designs that are less appealing for dogs to gnaw on.

Zippers and Fasteners: High-quality zippers, closures, and fasteners are used to prevent dogs from easily opening or damaging the bed.

Water and Stain Resistance: Some indestructible beds come with water-resistant or stain-resistant properties, making them easy to clean and maintain.

Orthopedic Support: Many indestructible beds also offer orthopedic features, providing comfort and support for dogs with joint pain or arthritis.

Elevated or Raised Designs: Elevated or cot-style indestructible beds keep your dog off the ground, minimizing contact with dirt and preventing chewing on the bed itself.

Benefits of Indestructible Dog Beds
Longevity: Indestructible beds are built to last, saving you money on frequent replacements.

Safety: Dogs that tend to ingest or choke on bedding materials are less likely to do so with an indestructible bed.

Peace of Mind: You can leave your dog unattended on an indestructible bed without worrying about them damaging it or ingesting harmful materials.

Behavior Management: For dogs with separation anxiety or excessive chewing habits, an indestructible bed can provide a safe and appropriate outlet for their energy.

Durability: These beds are an excellent option for active or outdoor dogs who may be rough on their bedding.

Hygiene: Indestructible beds are typically easy to clean and resistant to odors and stains.

Suitable for Specific Breeds: Certain breeds, like strong chewers or working dogs, may benefit from an indestructible bed due to their high activity levels and natural tendencies.

It's important to note that while an indestructible dog bed is designed to be tough and durable, no bed is completely immune to a determined dog's efforts. It's always a good idea to supervise your dog with any new bed and provide appropriate toys and activities to keep them engaged.

When choosing an indestructible dog bed, consider your dog's size, age, behavior, and specific needs. Reading reviews and opting for reputable brands can help you find a bed that lives up to its claims of durability.

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Frisco Steel-Framed Elevated Dog Bed
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What should I know about chew proof dog beds?

A quality dog bed should help your four-legged friend rest comfortably, but if chewing is an issue, you will also need one that cannot be destroyed. For instance, many chew proof dog beds are equipped with a sturdy denim cover, which prevents excessive chewing. The cover might also prevent another unwanted behavior, digging. Other indestructible beds have an aluminum-based design, with ripstop ballistic fabric, promising the withstand even the most persistent chewer out there. Teething puppies might be prone to chewing as well, so sturdy materials are a must. Recommended materials include olefin, polyester, and nylon; these are often combined to create tear-resistant covers for dog beds.

To ensure that a bed is truly chew proof, the seams might be extra strong as well. Some dogs deal with hyperactivity, using chewing to release the pent-up energy. The best dog beds for them are the ones with a sturdy canvas base. The material is highly resistant, and even persistent chewing will not affect its integrity. It is also important to consider a bed that can hold its shape well, as these cannot be chewed, no matter how hard your dog might try. You might also notice that most chew proof dog beds have hidden zippers, as there are many furry friends who simply love to chew off zippers.

Whether you are the proud owner of a teething puppy or you are the human friend of a mature dog dealing with anxiety, there are certain measures you can taken to prolong the existence of any dog bed. The most important thing is to take your dog out every day, so that he/she gets plenty of exercise. If you notice any attempts at chewing, interrupt the behavior and offer a chewing toy to focus on. To the best of your abilities, limit the time your dog is home alone. You might hire a dog walker for a separate outing to break up a long day. Last, but not least, you can apply a special spray to prevent chewing.

Choosing an indestructible dog bed

In choosing a bed, even an indestructible one, you have to think about two main things, meaning the length and weight of your dog. Take adequate measurements, from the nose to the base of the tail, and keep in mind that this represents the minimum length a bed should have. Then, consider the fact that the dog should have plenty of room to stretch and turn around, making his/her comfort a top priority. For a small dog, who is also showing signs of anxiety, a den bed with raised sides might be a good choice. The unique design will help them feel more secure, protecting against the cold at the same time. With medium and big-sized dogs, make sure that the bed is large enough for them to feel comfortable.

You might also notice that the beds for dogs come in all these different shapes. What is the best option? It all comes down to your dog and his/her preferences. If your dog likes to curl up in a ball and sleep, then perhaps you should go with a circular dog bed. On the other hand, if he/she prefers sleeping in their side, legs stretched and all, then you might purchase a rectangular bed. Bolsters can help dogs keep their heads up while resting, providing added comfort and security. Just make sure that these are just as indestructible as the rest of the bed.

Frisco Steel-Framed Elevated Dog Bed
Frisco Steel-Framed Elevated Dog Bed
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Different types of chew proof dog beds

Is your dog a "professional" chewer or rather a dog who likes to play, often expressing his/her joy in unusual ways, such as chewing his/her bed? Regardless of the answer, purchasing an indestructible bed is a good decision. Modern chew proof beds are made to resist even the most persistent chewer, and we will show you the features you need to be on the lookout for.

First and foremost, the best dog beds are made from water resistant ripstop ballistic fabric. While these are more expensive, they are definitely worth the investment, holding up to a dog who not only likes to chew but also dig and scratch. The resistance might also be guaranteed by the heavy-duty frame, preferably with steel legs. As you will see for yourself, some beds are recommended for light chewers, so make sure to take your dog's behavior into consideration. Other beds have added fastenings for the covers, so as to prevent chewing and other unwanted behaviors. The feet are equipped with non-skid rubber, keeping the risk of accidents down to a minimum.

The mattress is another essential element to consider. Your dog might benefit from a memory foam, orthopedic mattress, but if chewing is an issue, you should consider one that can withstand chewing. As mentioned above, a bolster might help your dog rest more comfortably, but you need to make sure it is made from a resistant material as well. Some beds use the chew-guard technology, so be sure to check out this feature. The heavy-duty lining can deter the dog from chewing the actual bed, but it might not be that comfortable. Additional features that discourage chewing include hidden edges, durable/resistant covers, and finished seams.

Even though it is commonly believed that puppies are chewers, mature dogs might engage in such behavior all the same. Over time, they might go from chewing a sneaker to destroying their bed altogether. While chewing represents a form of play, allowing dogs to explore their surroundings, it might also come as a sign that they are bored or anxious. While shopping for a chew proof dog bed, it might also be a good idea to make an effort and discover the root cause of your dog's behavior.

Providing your dog with ample opportunities for play and long walks might help. There are also chewing toys that you can purchase, in order to support the healthy use of his/her chewing instincts.

Advantages of indestructible dog beds

Naturally, the advantages of purchasing an indestructible dog bed are obvious. You are probably tired of your dog chewing through one bed after the other, feeling frustrated and helpless. An indestructible bed will eliminate such frustrations from the start, allowing your dog to sleep/rest comfortably. Moreover, various features are often integrated, so you still purchase a bed for additional needs, such as the orthopedic mattress, non-skid rubber feet, and so on. Despite being made from durable materials, these beds are easy to clean.

All chew proof beds are highly resistant, being made from dense fibers and an exterior that can withstand punctures. The triple-stitched seams contribute to their resistance as well, with little or no chance for the dog to chew through them. If your dog is allergic, do not worry, as there are plenty of beds made from hypoallergenic materials. Added layers might be used to reduce the risk of damage, such as the one caused by scratching or digging. They might also be waterproof, representing the perfect choice for dogs who are prone to accidents, such as puppies or senior dogs.

Their durability makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. In fact, many chew prof beds are kept outside during the summer, with no visible signs of wear and tear. As manufacturers promise, these beds can withstand even the most severe weather conditions. And you might not be aware of this for a fact, but such beds are perfect for heavy dogs. Given the guaranteed durability, with reinforced seams and added layers, it should come as no surprise that they offer the extra strength large breeds require.

Here is why you should buy an indestructible dog bed

Let's recount all the benefits indestructible dog beds have to offer! The first thing to remember is that chew proof beds can help you control your dog's behavior, while offering a comfortable place to rest and relax. However, you will still have to take other measures to prevent chewing, and hopefully you will find the suggestions provided above helpful. Chew proof beds are durable and resistant, so you do not have to worry about having to replace them often. In fact, many manufacturers have a guaranteed replacement policy, extending up to 120 days.

As you have seen, the indestructible dog beds can be purchased for dogs of various sizes and breeds. The most important thing is that you measure your dog before making the actual purchase, taking his/her weight into consideration as well. Such beds are often waterproof, being suitable for growing puppies and senior dogs at the same time. They have reinforced seams, hidden covers, and other features that prevent chewing, and can be used both outside and inside. Many of them come with reinforced bolsters, being either circular or rectangular in shape. They are easy to clean and low maintenance, representing the perfect choice for someone who is always busy.

Does my dog need a chew proof dog bed?

This is a very good question to ask yourself, and it shows that you really care about your four-legged friend. While puppies might abandon chewing as they are trained, a mature dog might show stubbornness when it comes to such behaviors. The behavior might be corrected through training, but the results can take a long time to materialize. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, you will definitely need to consider an indestructible bed, preferably one with a metal frame. You might purchase a raised bed with a hard frame, equipped with heavy-duty fabric that the dog simply cannot chew. Usually, the fabric is securely attached to the metal edge, so as to make chewing impossible. For moderate chewers, you can opt for more durable fabrics, such as canvas or ballistic nylon. These fabrics are strong enough to withstand chewing, but they are way more comfortable. Occasional chewers might also do with standard dog beds, preferably with a resistant cover, such as the one made from denim. Proper training can help you address the chewing behavior in an effective manner, be sure to remember this.

In conclusion, an indestructible dog bed represents an excellent option for your four-legged friend, especially if he/she is a determined chewer. With a chew proof bed, you will keep unwanted behaviors away, while allowing your dog to rest comfortably. As you have seen, there are numerous features to be on the lookout for, including the heavy-duty frame, resistant mattress, or reinforced seams. It is also important to address the behavior through training and reward your dog for his/her achievements. Always choose a bed that is of good quality, with consideration to your dog's needs and behavior.

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