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What should I know about calming dog beds?

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Why should I buy a calming dog bed?

Calming dog bed

Have you ever heard of a calming dog bed? Dog calming beds were initially developed for anxious dogs, but they have quickly been embraced for other dogs. They are comfortable and perfect for dogs who are dealing with joint issues, being designed with the dog's health in mind. As you will see, many of them are made in the shape of a donut, so that your dog can nestle and feel comfortable. Moreover, they are made from pet-friendly materials, with covers that can be easily cleaned. You might choose from a variety of neutral colors to match your home d├ęcor and make hair shedding less visible. Your furry friend deserves the best, including when it comes to sleep and rest in general.

Calming dog bed
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What should I know about calming dog beds?

Just like their human parents, dogs might experience feelings of anxiety and insecurity. One of the best things you can do to help them is purchase a calming dog bed. Often times, these are covered in faux fur, contributing to a warm and comfy feeling of security. It has been determined that calming dog beds can actually ease anxiety. The raised rim might help them rest their head and feel even more comfortable. For most dogs, the dog bed will become their safe space, including when they are dealing with separation anxiety.

According to the specialists in the field of canine psychology, a calming dog bed should have a cover made from soft fabric. It might also have a raised rim, which will provide adequate support for the head. If your dog is older or has joint issues, make sure the edges are not too tall. Otherwise, a bed with raised edges might help an anxious dog feel more relaxed. As mentioned above, faux far is the best, as it will adopt the dog's natural smell, contributing to the feelings of safety he/she needs to ease the anxiety experienced. Other features to consider include the following: removable and machine-washable cover, deep crevices for burrowing, non-slip and dirt-resistant bottom, orthopedic memory foam mattress for joint pain.

As a pet parent, it is only normal to do your best and alleviate your dog's anxiety. A calming dog bed might not seem like such a big deal, but the truth is that it can make a genuine difference. As previously stated, the dog will perceive it as his/her safe space, associating the bed with feelings of calm and peace. Remember to opt for a high-quality bed, one that meets all the essential criteria. If your dog does not feel comfortable, he/she is bound to become even more anxious, experiencing physical health issues as well.

You might also feel confused when it comes to why your dog is feeling anxious. Aside from separation anxiety, many dogs experience such feelings when they are changing homes or there are frequent distressing elements, such as fireworks or thunderstorms. The dog's personality should also be considered, as some dogs are prone to anxiety, needing a place where they feel both secure and comfortable. Upon choosing a calming dog bed, you will re-create the experience of feeling safe as a pup, next to the mom and litter.

Choosing a calming dog bed

In the simplest of terms, a dog bed should be comfortable, warm, and safe. A quality calming dog bed is often designed in the shape of a donut, with a raised rim, and soft fiber filling. As many manufacturers would say, it is the kind of bed built to soothe. You might notice that such beds are both soft and supportive, representing the perfect choice for anxious dogs. The materials used are dog-friendly, with just the right amount of support and additional benefits, such as orthopedic features.

Calming dog beds are like a warm hug, reminding dogs of their own family. Modern versions appeal to dogs who like to snuggle and burrow, being suitable for both sleep and resting. They might also represent a suitable alternative to regular crates, as many anxious dogs often refuse such enclosures. As you will see for yourself, these beds are available in various sizes, colors, and styles. You can find beds that support large breeds, with a supportive filling. Do not forget to choose one with a no-slip base to reduce the risk of accidents, especially if your dog is the active kind.

If you are the owner of a senior dog, who is already dealing with joint issues or other age-related problems, you might also consider a bed with orthopedic features. The memory foam mattress might make a genuine difference, and you should also purchase a waterproof cover to keep cleaning down to a minimum. For dogs who are professional chewers or diggers, you might choose a more durable cover. Manufacturers draw attention that fur covers are not a solid option for chewers, so you might have to do more research before concentrating on a final option.

For a snuggly feeling, you can consider a soft bed, one that is covered in high-quality artificial wool. As opposed to the faux fur, such materials should only be hand washed. Some beds have a zipper lining, so you can adjust the stuffing as desired. As you will also be able to replace the interior filling, a longer lifespan is guaranteed. The thick padding might be preferred by senior dogs, as the self-warming effect will be beneficial for their achy joints.

Aside from the donut style, there are other types of calming dog beds you might consider. There are cave-style beds, those with bolsters and/or orthopedic features, and self-warming beds. The donut-style bed is recommended for small breeds, such as Shi Tzu, Chihuahua, or Pug. It features raised edges, offering support and helping the dog feel relaxed at the same time. The bolster dog beds are similar, in the sense that the dog has plenty of opportunities to rest his/her head. For many dogs, these bolsters are actually contributing to the feelings of security. They are best suited for medium and large-sized dogs, such as Border Collie, Labrador, Retriever, etc.

Calming dog bed cave style
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What about the cave-style dog beds? These are perfect for dogs who are burrowers, having different shapes and styles. If your dog likes to hide, you might choose one that looks like a sleeping bag or settle for the dome-shaped bed. You can expect such beds to have a soft interior lining, which will help your dog feel less anxious. With self-warming beds, the dog's body heat is actually the one that makes the bed warm and cozy, easing his/her anxiety. Last, but not least, you have the orthopedic dog beds, which are equipped with memory foam mattresses. Pain might cause anxiety, so you need a quality bed to relieve joint pain and help the muscles feel less stiff.

Let's talk a bit about the size of the calming dog bed. We have already talked about donut-style beds and how they are best suited for small dogs. The bolster beds are recommended for dogs of a larger size, while the orthopedic bed is good for dogs who are dealing with joint issues. Before purchasing a calming dog bed, it might be advised to measure your dog. Start at the nose and measure him/her until the end of the tail. Take into account the distance between the shoulder and paw. Add a few inches to the final measurements, so that the dog has plenty of space to stretch and turn around. Also, with small breeds, make sure that the bed is not too large, otherwise it will not feel snuggly, and the dog might continue to feel anxious.

As already mentioned, you will have to choose a cover that is machine washable. Remember that accidents can happen, no matter your dog's size or age. A removable cover can be easily thrown in the washer. For senior dogs, there are beds equipped with waterproof lining. Once again, with such a bed, accidents are easier to take care of. Keep in mind that some materials are also resistant to absorbing odors, with antibacterial properties. This is true for faux fur. As for the non-slip bottom, this is especially important for an older dog. He/she needs a stable bed, otherwise accidents can occur, making your canine companion even more stressed.

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Advantages of calming dog beds

The main advantage of purchasing a calming dog bed lies in the fact that it helps your furry friend feel less stressed and anxious. Of course, it might be a good idea to combine the bed with other anxiety-relieving solutions, such as adequate training and/or conditioning. Specialists recommend spending some time with the dog, while he/she is in the bed. You can stroke his/her face and chest, or even massage his/her ears. Your proximity will have a beneficial effect, helping him/her relax.

Aside from the anxiety relief, a calming dog bed comes with other advantages. By having a safe place to turn to, your dog might be able to handle stress and separation anxiety more effectively. By choosing a bed with a raised edge, you will offer the necessary support for the neck and other stressed joints. In turn, this will be good for his/her physical and mental health. Such beds help dogs fall asleep faster, so they can enjoy restful sleep. A well-rested dog will have a strong immune system, not to mention the benefits whereas cognition and learning are concerned.

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Here is why you should buy a calming bed

How can you tell if your dog is anxious? Anxiety can affect dogs just as humans, and it might be essential for you to recognize the signs, so you can help your dog without delay. Many dogs are dealing with separation anxiety, which clearly relates to your absence. Others might fear loud noises, experiencing anxiety in relation to thunderstorms and/or fireworks. In some dogs, anxiety appears due to changes in their environments or normal routine. It might also come as a protective behavior, as the dog fears that something might happen to their owner.

Such behaviors should not be dismissed as something normal, and you must learn to recognize them. A dog who is anxious might bark or howl when left home alone, panting and pacing as a result. Shivering, hiding, or running away are common behaviors. They might dig or try to escape from their yard, attempt to destroy furniture, or engage in self-harm, such as excessive licking or chewing. Other dogs might refuse to eat, urinate more frequently, or enter a state of permanent agitation. Looking away, paw lifting, or lip licking can be more subtle signs of anxiety. This is the reason why you should always attention to your dog and his/her body language.

Aside from purchasing a calming dog bed, you might consider taking certain measures to help your dog deal with his/her anxiety. For separation anxiety, behavioral training works the best. You might want to offer your dog something to stay occupied while you are away, such as food puzzle toys. Medical treatment is recommended for extreme anxiety and only under the direct supervision of the doctor. Last, but not least, make sure that your dog gets plenty of out time.

What are some of the reasons to buy a calming dog bed?

Let's recap all the benefits of a calming dog bed! The first thing to remember is that such beds are mostly recommended for anxious or stressed dogs, but all dogs can actually use them. They are even suitable for senior dogs dealing with joint issues, being equipped with orthopedic features. A memory foam mattress can help relieve the joint pressure, while a waterproof cover will guarantee the best possible protection in case of accidents.

As you have seen, these beds are available for dogs of various sizes and breeds. The donut-style beds are best suited for small dogs, while the ones with bolsters and the cave-style beds are perfect for larger breeds. They are often covered in faux fur and perfect for dogs who like to snuggle, providing them with a safe place that eases their anxiety. Always remember to check whether the dog fits comfortable in the bed, with enough space to stretch and turn around. A non-slip bottom might reduce the risk of injuries, so make sure to take this into consideration.

A calming dog bed represents a good option for an anxious or stressed dog, providing him/her with a safe space to rest. The most important thing is that your dog feels comfortable, with no obvious signs of distress. As you have seen, there are plenty of other features to be on the lookout for. You might also want to check out the manufacturer's recommendations, as these will help you take an informed decision.

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