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Pomapoo mixed breed info that includes the Pom Poo personality traits, grooming requirements as well as potty training tips. Learn how to properly take care of Pomapoo dog - from feeding recommendations to Pomapoo appearance including Pomapoo photos and images.

Pooranian (Pomeranian Poodle mix)

Pomapoo dog imageWhat is a Pomapoo? Intelligent, compact and affectionate Pomapoos are crossbred dogs between the Poodle and the Pomeranian. Pompoo pups inherited the best character traits from both their parents. Also known as Pomerdoodle, Pompoo, Pom Poo and Pooranian these designer dogs are well known for their loving and affectionate nature as well as their big personality and small size. Since these pooches are a mix of two different breeds their appearances and behaviors vary depending on which parents' genes dominate in the puppy.

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Spunky and incredibly cute, Pomapoos make great companions for singles and retirees. This is so because Pom Poos are not too high maintenance in regard to their activity needs and love loads of attention. Pomapoos may not be the ideal choice for people with very small children since they can be easily hurt if mishandled. If you intend to keep a Pomapoo in such an environment, then be very careful and supervise the child's interaction with Pooranian.

Pomapoos have a moderate activity level which is usually adaptable to their handler's lifestyle. Pooranians need active playtime and nice walks every day. Given that Pom Poo dogs learn quickly and are very smart, it's advisable to start socialization training soonest possible. Incorporate the training with positive reinforcement and lots of praise and rewards. Positive training techniques combined with plenty of socialization of the Pom Poo puppy will help you to raise a well-disciplined pooch.

Pomapoo Life Expectancy

What is the average lifespan of an Pomapoo dog? Owing to their hybrid nature, Pomapoos are more likely to live longer than their parents. Pom Poo life span ranges from 12 to 16 years, compared to dogs their size who live up to 10 years only.

So as to achieve their life expectancy, Pomapoo owners should treat Pomeranian Poodle mix dog well by supporting their mental, emotional and physical needs. Nutritious and well balanced diet, active lifestyle and keeping the dog in good health all help to give your Poodle Pomeranian cross dog a chance to live a long and healthy life.

Pom Poo Sizes

Pomapoos are small sized dogs. They weigh from 5 to 15 pounds, while their height ranges from 8 to 10 inches at the shoulder. The size of Pomapoo will, however, vary depending on the size of both parents used to create the pooch. Poodles, for example come in three sizes, including smallest Toy Poodle to medium size Mini Poodle to largest Standard Poodle. Pomeranians come in Mini and Standard sizes. Size varieties between these breeds make a difference when Poodle dogs are crossed with Pomeranians. Offspring may be from tiny five pound full grown Pomapoo dog to a larger 15 pound mature Pompoo. In order to get an idea of how big your Pomapoo will grow once full grown, ask the breeder to show you both parents of your Pomapoo dog.

Pomapoo Temperament

Pomapoos are small dogs with big personalities, affectionate and intelligent. They are not shy or aggressive. Pompoo dogs are very friendly, but if their pom parent personality dominates, they are a bit reserved when meeting new individuals. Pomapoos will be affectionate with all family members but will be more bonded to their caregivers.

Start socializing your Pomapoo pooch as early as possible once she comes home. Expose the dog to new people, animals, and even sounds. Start the socialization sessions before the Pompoo puppy is four months old to sixteen weeks. At this stage, the Pomapoo puppy is highly receptive to new places, people, sights or experiences. Socialization will help boost the puppy's confidence when going to new places or meeting new people or animals.

Since Pomapoos are smart and intelligent they re always on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. This makes them perfect watchdogs, but due to their small nature, they have never been considered to be trained as guard dogs. Pomeranian Poodle mix dogs are ideal for families with children so long as total care and supervision are provided.

Pomapoo appearance

What do Pomapoo dogs look like? Pomapoos are fluffy, soft and incredibly cute. Their appearance will vary depending on which parents' genes are dominant on the pooch. Still, they maintain their short legs, dainty demeanor, well-proportioned body, and small paws. They will either have wedge-shaped heads which take after the Pomeranian or long narrow muzzles resembling that of the Poodle parent.

Pomapoos coat range from medium to short in length and can be wavy, curly or straight. If the Poodles genes happen to be dominant, the pooch will be hypoallergenic which is perfect for allergy sufferers. Their ears could either be pendulous soft or erect which doesn't really matter because they are all attractive. With a merry and inquisitive expression, Pomapoos have dark and round eyes and straight or curled up tails.

Pomapoos coat which is actually their most desirable feature is usually medium in length, wavy and very soft to touch. The coat will be slightly thicker on the tail and ears respectively. Some pooches will have solid coats that are either brown or cream although others will have two-tone coats with patches of different colored furs.

History of Pomapoo
Pomapoos may have existed over the last ten or twenty years ago, but breeders started intentionally mixing the Toy Poodles with the Pomeranian in the late 1990s in North America. Their main intention was to minimize the health conditions that are common in pure breeds to create an affectionate and intelligent pooch. Since then, breeders continued to create these incredible pooches as their demand increased.

Since not much is known about Pomapoos history, a glance at Pom Poo's parents' information may provide more insight into what to expect. Pomeranians are known to originate from Pomerania a part of Western Europe. Apart from being bred in very cold climates, Pomeranians have a wolf-like appearance and are very powerful. The dogs were later bred to their now very small size hundreds of years ago.

On the other hand, Poodles began in Germany as water retrieving dogs and were much larger. Breeders found them to be perfect for the job due to their curly and waterproof coats. Above all their high intelligence and natural swimming capabilities. Later, they moved to France as elegant companions where they were bred into smaller dogs giving way to the Toy and Miniature Poodles.

However, Pomapoos are not recognized by the American Kennel Club due to their hybrid nature. Institutions that recognize them include; - The International Designer Canine Registry, The Designer Dogs Kennel Club and the American Canine Hybrid Club.

Pomapoo Pedigree
Pomapoos are crossbreed dogs between the Poodle and the Pomeranian. It's through multigenerational crossbreeding that it's possible to have Pomapoos that have more or less parental genes in their heritage. After the initial crossbreeding most breeders tend to stop the practice so as to make Pomapoo an existence of first-generation mixes. As it's known it's the nature of first-generation dogs to be very unpredictable.

As a dog owner in need of Pomapoo that has a more predictable disposition and looks, seek to find a professional breeder that breeds second-generation Pomapoos. Although they are not easy to find they are sure out there. Despite Pomapoo's purebred lineage, they are not recognized by the American Kennel Club, thus their puppies don't qualify for any registration and official pedigree papers. Sadly, this happens to all types of designer dogs.

Pomapoo Exercise Requirements
Pomapoos don't require vigorous exercise activities and their activity levels go in hand with their owner's lifestyle. A walk per day will do just fine for them as they strive to get rid of the excess energy, which can also be achieved through active play playtimes.

These exercise requirements are what make these pooches ideal for apartment dwellers or seniors who don't have a lot of time to exercise their dogs.

Pomapoos Interaction with Children and Pets
Overly excited children can easily hurt your dog due to their small size. However, you will find that Pomapoos are very good with children who know how to interact gently since they are so loving and affectionate. Always be careful not to leave the dog with very young kids unsupervised alone under any circumstance since it might not be safe.

Pomapoos also do well with other pets in the house, provided they were socialized early in a calm and gentle manner. Remember that these pooches don't like to be left alone for so long since they are attention seekers. For safety purposes, remember to protect your pup from older dogs while in public.

Caring for the Pomapoo
Dog owners are advised to keep up with regular veterinarian check-ups. This will help detect any health issues as early as possible and diagnose it. The vet can help with a care routine schedule that will ensure your Pomeranian Poodle mix dog stays strong and healthy.

These Pooches have moderate energy levels and tend to gain weight much easier. Pomapoos are very attentive and like participating in your daily routine activities. They also don't demand too much exercise for one walk per day will do the trick.

Check your Pomapoos ears for debris or pests on a daily basis and clean them as recommended by your veterinarian. Once or twice a month trim your Pooches nails such that they don't click against the floor.

Oral health is another factor that matters a great deal. Since Pomapoos are prone to plaque build-up and other dental issues, ensure that you brush their teeth on a daily basis. If you do not know how to go about it, your vet can easily give instructions on how to do it properly.

Given that these Pooches are quick learners, instill good habits through training as early as possible. If the dog adapts to bad habits while young it becomes difficult to break that habit later on. Use positive reinforcement techniques while being stern and loving at the same time. In the end, you will have a well-mannered dog.

Bearing in mind that small dogs have small bladders, it's advisable to keeping checking on your Pooch since they require frequent potty sessions.

Pomeranian Poodle mix image Pomapoo Puppies
The average litter size of Pomapoos is between 4 to 6 puppies. They are very small at birth such that you can hold them by your palm. Owners are advised to handle them with a lot of special care so as to avoid any accidents.

During that tender age, owners are advised to start training both social and behavioral so as to avoid the development of bad habits. Many owners may fall for their adorable looks hence delaying the training session. If that happens and the dog develops small dog syndrome, he will be very difficult to handle and hard-headed. So, take precautions.

Feeding the Pomapoo
Pomapoos diet should be well formulated since their bodies require a well-balanced diet of healthy fats, meat-based protein, and complex carbs. Considering that all dogs have different and unique traits proper accountability should be taken before choosing their food. Petite Pomapoos do best on high-quality dry food which offers the right nutrients based on the dog's age, size and activity levels.

Just because Pomapoos are small pooches it doesn't mean that their appetite is small as well. They are prone to gaining weight very easily and also have plaque build-ups. Avoid leaving food outside in the open all day. Instead give the dog small meals twice or thrice in a day, considering that their dietary needs will also change from puppyhood to adulthood. Still, do not feed your dog wet food since these can lead to oral issues and early tooth loss.

If you are not sure about which food to feed your pooch or you're considering changing the dog's diet its recommended that you consult your dog's vet first. Although dog food usually comes with the manufacturer's guidelines the vets advise is still very important. Consult with a qualified vet about your dog's dietary needs in order to have a strong and healthy pup.

How to groom an Pomapoo dog?

Pomapoos coat is mainly a mix of both the Poodle and the Pomeranian coat colors. They include black, brown, red, white sable or fawn. On other occasions, the coat can be either solid or have a mix of colors. The coats are usually short to medium and don't shed much especially if they inherit the Poodle coats.

Although as an owner you should groom your own dog, Pomapoos require professional grooming every four to six weeks. The pooch requires regular brushing to prevent mats and bathing in between the appointments with the professional groomer. Pomapoos are also prone to developing reddish-brown tear stains below their eyes. It's recommended washing their faces daily while carefully cleaning beneath the eyes in order to prevent stains from recurring.

Trim the Pomapoo's nails every one or two weeks, do not allow them to grow so big such that you can hear them scratching the floor. Also, keep your dog's ears and clean and dry at all times to avoid pests and debris. Brush their teeth on a daily basis using vets approved toothpaste so as to attain good oral health and fresh breaths. These incredible dogs are not suited for extreme weather and so you will need an extra coat during winter seasons. In summer months you will need to apply sunscreen to the dogs' nose, ears, and other sensitive areas.

Pomapoo dog training

Pomapoos are intelligent dogs given that they inherit their Poodles parent genes. Poodles are easy to train and highly intelligent and these qualities are among the reasons why Pomapoo designer breed was created. Some Pomapoo dogs are more challenging during training, especially if the Pompoo inherited temperament of the Pomeranian ancestors. Pomeranians are naturally more stubborn and independent, making them more difficult to train. Start training your Pom Poo pup as early as possible while they are still at that tender age and are eager to learn. Socialization and behavioral training should come first in order to make the Poodle and Pomeranian mix dog comfortable with different surroundings, people and other pets.

Keep in mind that when you wait for so long without starting the training, your dog may develop various behavior issues that may be more difficult to correct later in dog's life.

Pomapoos do well with positive reinforcement type of training while incorporating rewards and praises after achieving a milestone. However, they enjoy upbeat and varied sessions since they can become easily bored if asked to repeat the same tasks.

Potty training the Pomapoo
Pomapoos are intelligent pooches that can be trained easily while being patient and consistent. Below are a few strategies that can be used to potty train your Pomapoo. Choose a potty place. If you are training your Pomapoo to use an indoor dog potty system, be sure to have the system set up before you bring the Pom Poo pup home to start potty training immediately upon the dog's arrival.

Before coming home with your Pomapoo, first, identify the place you want to be the dog's toilet. Pomapoo dog's potty area should be convenient for you and the Pomapoo is because you will need to be taking your Pomapoo there regularly so as to reinforce good potty behavior.

Decide on a cue word that will associate with potty business: Choose a cue word that you will use anytime your dog goes potty. This will build an association between the dog and the potty area and he will go even on demand. Such words include: Go potty or Go toilet.

Monitor your Pomeranian Poodle mix dog while training him: Watch out for signs that your Poodle Pomeranian mix dog wants to eliminate. The dog may sniff the floor in circles, appear restless or scratch the floor repeatedly. If you spot such signs then take your dog outside to the potty area.

Show your Pomapoo the potty area: Take your Pomapoo to the potty area where you want him to eliminate regularly. The dog will associate the scent of the area with the elimination business. This will make the dog go to the area anytime he wants to eliminate it.

If you are having difficulties managing your Pomapoo's potty training during nighttime, use doggie diapers to protect your floors and furniture from accidents. Dog diapers are available as diapers for female dogs and diapers for male dogs and are a convenient and easy way to prevent your pet from peeing on the floor when you are not there to supervise him or her.

Shower Pomapoo with praises once he eliminates in the correct place: The best way to teach your Pomapoo good behavior is by praising him. Let the dog know that he has done it well in the potty area. In other instances, you can reward your dog with gifts such as treats, some walk time or play sessions.

Stop your Pomeranian Poodle mix dog from eliminating where he should not: Once you notice that your dog is about to eliminate where he's not supposed to, clap your hand loudly to capture his attention. Avoid yelling or shouting loudly to the dog, as well as using physical punishment. If that happens the dog will associate potty business with punishments. Instead, once you capture his attention, lead him gently to the potty area.

When an accident occurs: In case Pomapoo pees or poops on the floor where not intended, clean the area immediately using enzyme-based cleaners that are meant to clean pet messes. Leaving the place unclean or with even a faint scent of the pet's urine may prompt your dog to eliminate in the same spot again. Do not use physical punishment on your Pomapoo dog when the accident happens, this will only discourage him and even cause other problems such as fear and anxiety.

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