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Poogle information, including Beagle Poodle mix lifespan, size, personality and grooming needs. Learn how to care for a Poogle dog - from feeding to potty training. See Poogle photos and get all the info you need to understand Poodle Beagle mix dog.

Poogles (Beagle Poodle cross)

Poogle dog imageWhat is a Poogle? Also referred to as the Beaglepoo or Beapoo, the Poogle is a hybrid dog, an offspring resulting from crossing a purebred Beagle with a purebred Poodle. Beagle Poodle mix is a small to medium-sized dog featuring the Beagle's playful temperament and the Poodle's wavy coat. One of the reasons for crossing a Poodle with a Beagle is because while Beagles produce an abundant shedding, Poodles are known to be low-shedding as well as hypoallergenic dogs. When crossing these two breeds, Poogle often inherits Poodle's nonshedding coat. Beagle owners may appreciate the fact that Poogles produce much less shedded hair. Poogles are well known for their loving temperaments and affectionate personalities, which make them excellent companions for most families and single adults. If you are, therefore, looking for a small, playful, loving and smart dog breed, the Poogle is good to go.

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With a warm and friendly personality, the Poogle is an intelligent animal that makes a great pet. It is ideal for all age groups in families of seniors and singles. Poogle's intelligence is attributed to the brightness of its purebred parents. As such, Poogles will tend to respond very well to training. These beautiful pooches are also exceptionally observant, and can easily learn new tricks.

Although Poogles possess keen hunting instincts, they are very wonderful companions and they love being with humans a lot. Poogle dogs will bond with all age groups in their family, and showing off their tricks to those they love is something they enjoy doing. Most Poogles get along fine with other dogs in their family mainly because Beagles are very friendly and easily make friends with other canines, which is a trait that is inherited by many Poogle dogs.

Although Poogles are not large dogs, they are full of energy and owners need to keep their Poogles mentally and physically engaged throughout the day. People who like long walks with a pet several times a day and have plenty of time each day to dedicate to an intelligent and active pet make suitable owners for Poogle dogs.

Being hybrid dogs between purebred Beagles and Poodles, Poogles are not recognized or registered by the American Kennel Club. Poogle is recognized by the following designer breed clubs:

International Designer Canine Registry
Designer Dogs Kennel Club
American Canine Hybrid Club

Poogle Life Expectancy

What is the average lifespan of a Poogle? With proper exercise and diet, the Poogle can enjoy a lifespan of 10 to 13 years. To help your Poogle evade the risk of congenital diseases, ensure to follow responsible breeding procedures that involve routine vet checkups.

Poogle Sizes

How big do Poogle dogs get? Weighing between 11 and 25 pounds with height of 9 to 16 inches, Poogle's size may vary widely depending on parent dog's genetics that is responsible for the size of the dog. For instance, a Poogle resulting from a Standard Poodle and a Beagle would definitely produce a larger offspring than one which results from a Toy Poodle and a Beagle or Miniature Poodle and a Beagle.

Poogle Temperament

Being an active and loving dog to the family, Poogles are very hearty and usually enjoy the children's company. Although they are very curious and affectionate with strangers, these small dogs are vocal in nature and have a high level of alertness, which makes them ideal to be used as watchdogs. With the Beagles' pack breed mentality, Poogles tends to be very friendly towards other dogs including the family cats. But the prey mind in them is likely to make them somehow aggressive towards other smaller animals outside family pets. Poogles also portray stubborn characteristics, but this can be well solved by exposing him to consistent training and lots of mental stimulation. When you maintain consistency and be patient in this, you will absolutely have an excellent companion.

Poogles are also remarkably active and are characterized by an all-around friendly character. With a high level of being adaptable to outdoor and indoor conditions, this dog that is growingly popular makes an ideal family pet. Poogles love fun activities and they usually entertain themselves a lot even when there are indoors. With their easy-going nature, Poogles are very comfortable when interacting with children and other pets in the family. They cherish a lot to interact with humans. These characteristics stick in them if they just get trained well during their puppyhood. The Poogle is somehow a quite dog breed, but will instantly alert the owner if it sees any suspicious thing as they are very protective of their families.

Just like their Poodle parents, Poogles demand a lot of attention if not special treatment from their owners and family members. With their high level of intelligence and friendliness, Poogles will surely give you an easy time while training them. Poogle dogs also have moderate to high energy levels. As such, Beagle Poodle mix dogs will require moderate exercise of not less than 30 minutes on a daily basis.

Poogles are quite affectionate and will enjoy spending as much time with humans, making them an overall ideal companion for people of any age. They usually don't have tendencies of being overly wary of strangers, but will typically be comfortable in the company of anyone. Poodle Beagle mix dogs are well trusted to play around children but supervision is paramount since small pups can be easily hurt by reckless-playing children.

With the Beagles' pack mentality and Poodles' confident nature, the Poogle will get on well and comfortably with other dogs. A Poogle dog will typically be the VIP in the local dog park. This trait will not be replicated to smaller pets like cats, as the Poogle may have an urge to keep chasing them given their high prey drive.

How the Poogles relate to small Children
Being an out-and-out lover of people, Poogles usually socialize very well with young children. They will be quite protective of young kids, and they enjoy very much playing with them. The Poogle puppy does require a little bit of attention but is likely to act out if left alone or ignored. Bringing these little pooches to your home usually make parent-stars in the eyes of their children, as Poogle pups tend to be so irresistible to little children.

Poogle Exercise Requirements
Although the Poogle is considered a small dog breed, it's a fairly active dog, and it's recommended to be exposed to daily walks on a daily basis in addition to the playtime you give them. Since the Poogles love to play a lot, playtime and games with other dogs will be highly appreciated by them. To curb any possibility of developing problem behaviors, ensure to expose your pup to regular exercise as well as mental stimulation.

Being very active, Poodle Beagle mix dogs need to be exercised on a regular basis to remain fit. Poogles are also high-appetite dogs and have overeating tendencies, and exercising them helps to prevent obesity while helping to extend their lifespan. They will enjoy running inside the house and around the yard, playing with toys and other dogs as well.

Poogle appearance
With two different looking parent breeds, Poogles have varied appearances. Just as with other dogs that are non-pedigree, Poogles also don't have a standard. This means they are not being bred to produce an appearance that is uniform. As such they will have varying colors, with some featuring solid colors and other tri-colors like their Beagle parents. Most common coat colors that feature in Poogles include black, white, brown, gray, golden, brown and white and black and tan.

Poogles have long, pendulous ears that usually reach their chin, while their dark brown eyes make them have pensive expressions as they are well set apart. Beagle Poodle mix dogs also have a brown or black nose that elongates from their relatively long muzzle. Supported by their sturdy limbs, Poogles feature a compact body that is well-muscled. Their tail, which curves towards the head and over the back has a sickle shape.

Poogles also have understandably variable coat types since the Beagles' and Poodles' fur are quite different. Generally, Poogles will have a wavy coat that will range from being curly and dense fur from the Poodle to the straight, short coat from the Beagle.

Feeding the Poogle
Healthy and nutritious diet helps to keep your Poogle healthy. Feeding your pet only the commercial dog food may result in your pet not getting enough vitamins and minerals. Adding some healthy food options to the dog food may be a good idea. Add a boiled egg to your dog's regular dog food. Some Poogles enjoy getting more variety in their diet. Try adding boiled cabbage, or even some cooked beef (without any spices added). Avoid leaving the dog food out for the Poogle to free feed, as the high appetite for these dogs can make them overheat, causing obesity and related health issues.

Depending on the activity levels of your pup, ensure to divide the meals into two or three times a day. Proper diet and eating habits definitely go a long way to extending the lifespan of your dog. For the proper development of your dog, ensure to feed your dog a healthy diet that includes dry dog food, grains and other nibbles that are rich in fiber. You can also include some chopped chicken pieces or dog meats cut into small pieces to help the Poogle consume them easily.

Poogle Puppies
With looks that resemble little bundles of fur, Poogle puppies love to cuddle and never get tired of playing with those they love in the family. To ensure healthy development and maturity for your Poogle puppy, ensure the small dog is well-fed, perfectly groomed and checked regularly for health wellness at the vet. To help these little dogs grow to be well-behaved canines, ensure to train and socialize them early enough.

History of the Beagle
With its origin believed to have been America in the 1980s, the Poogle is probably one of the original designer dogs to be created. The small-sized Poogle breed resulted in crossing a vast majority of Beagles with Toy / Miniature Poodles rather than Standard Poodles. Being fairly a new hybrid without deep documentation about its history, Poogles' purebred parents have a rich history.

Poodles, with their loving and intelligent personalities as well as a non-shedding coat, is the basis of the vast majority of designer dogs. They were traditionally a utility dog that was used for retrieving prey from water and sniffing out truffles. Most people tend to associate Poodles with France, while in fact they were originally created in Germany. Throughout the years, Poodles have contributed to a number of dog breeds such as the Miniature Schnauzer and Bichon Frise among others.

The Beagle, on the other hand, was used for hunting and relished such opportunities to do so, since they are quintessential scent hounds. Beagle breed resulted from breeding tall Foxhounds with smaller hounds to produce a breed with low-ground hunting abilities without requiring huntsmen on horsebacks. Noticeably, modern-day Beagles are actually shorter than the Original Beagles. Beagle dogs were exported into the USA during the 1800s and became immediate hits with the rabbit hunters. Later in 1885, the Beagle breed became recognized and registered by the American Kennel Club(AKC).

Poogle Pedigree
Purebred Beagles were crossed with purebred Miniature or Toy Poodles to produce the first generation of Poogles (F1s). Although these hybrid offspring are well known for uniqueness and unpredictability even within the same litter, they are generally intelligent pups. This happens in most cases since the crossing of purebred dog breeds produces puppies that may favor one side of the parent than the other. The Poogles available at the moment are the unpredictable first generation puppies. And as stated earlier, the Poogles are yet to be recognized by the AKC as a real breed as a result of their unpredictable traits. But this could happen if multigenerational breeding is done by crossing the F1s amongst themselves and continuing with process down the line. To achieve a purebred Poogle, it will likely take several decades to achieve.

How to groom an Poogle?

The Poogles' coat appearance depends on which parent was favored more. It will normally exhibit something from the curly coat of the Poodle and Short coat of the Beagle. That said, a vast majority of Poogles will have wavy hair of medium length on the forehead, cheeks, and muzzle.

Poogles that have long hair usually require more grooming than the Short-haired Poogles who require to be brushed and combed once or twice a week. For those with curly coats or long hair, you will need to have a Puppy clip or Poodle clip for clipping occasionally to avoid the hair from tangling.

Generally, the Poogle doesn't shed a lot and will, therefore, be a lot easier to clean. Some Poogles tend to be hypoallergenic but ensure to pay a visit prior to acquiring the Poogle pup to test this. Bathing a Poogle dog should be done when necessary using a vet-approved shampoo, as bathing frequently could potentially damage the natural oils on the dog's skin that helps to keep it moist.

Poogles' ears are usually covered with fluffy hair and may catch debris, dirt, and moisture. As such, you need to check the Poogle's ears once a week and wipe them using a cotton ball and water or an ear cleaning solution for dogs to prevent any infections. The dog's teeth should be brushed at least twice a week using canine toothpaste to prevent dental issues as well as maintain fresh breath. The nails should also be clipped when they get long, and you shouldn't cut them so deep as they could easily bleed and cause a painful experience for the Poogle.

Poogle dog training

Being an offspring of two intelligent purebred dog breeds, the Poogle is quite a smart dog as a result. As such, they are capable of retaining much of what they learn in addition to picking up things quite quickly. Poogles thrive when positive reinforcement techniques are used during training. Since Poodle and Beagle mix dogs tend to be very sensitive and don't forget quite easily, always endeavor to avoid harsh training methods.

Also ensure to train your Poogle when it's still a pup and socialize early on, especially if they're going to live with other smaller pets like cats since these pups have a high level of prey drive, a trait likely to be picked from its parents. Poodle Beagle mix dogs are also very sensitive to smells which are likely to side-track them from the training attention. That said, ensure the training environment is clear and free of any destructive smells to help them focus more on the training activities.

Potty Training the Poogle
While potty training your Poogle may feel like a large time-consuming obstacle, there are two major elements of this aspect you need to put in place that include:

Having a potty training plan that will work to encourage your Poogle puppy to learn fast

Based on your Puppy's age, you need to have reasonable expectations from the training

Start the potty training process immediately as your Puggle puppy gets home and be consistent from the first day, as every day that the Poogle puppy is not trained, it becomes another day of your puppy being confused and not knowing what to do when the nature calls.

After identifying a dog toilet area indoors or outside your house, ensure to always keep your Poogle on a leash whenever you are at home in order to lead it to this designated potty area once every 1 or 2 hours. Small puppies have small bladders and will feel the urge to relieve quickly. Also, after they eat, play or wake up from sleep ensure to take him to the dog potty area to relieve himself. Have a treat available to immediately reward the Poogle pup upon successfully using the dog toilet as intended. A small treat lets your dog know that you are happy with his behavior and that he or she is doing the buisness in the correct location.

Whenever you're away from home, you can employ an indoor playpen for puppies. Playpens are open-top sturdy pens that will allow your Poogle puppy to move around while playing. Leave some chewable dog toys so your puppy can stay busy while you are away. Do not leave the young Poogle pup alone for long periods of time.

If you want to protect your floors and furniture at night from accidents that are bound to happen during potty training your Poogle, using female dog diapers or male dog diapers may be a good idea. Dog diapers work well to absorb the dog's urine and come as disposable or washable. Dog diapers also can be used when you are unable to supervise your pet during potty training to help avoid ruining your floors or rugs as your Puggle is mastering potty training.

Things to avoid during potty training a Poogle puppy
Avoid punishing your Poogle puppy for any accidents in the house, as this could make the dog mistrust and fear you, making the potty training process even harder. Avoid confining your puppy in a crate all day as the puppy will definitely be emotionally and physically stressed and may not cooperate as needed. After all, confining the puppy doesn't help in the potty training process as puppies will always poo and pee whenever they need to.

Puppies learn more effectively when they have motivation and reason to perform certain actions. As such, giving a Poogle an incentive to perform an action applies to a very large extent to potty training more than in other actions. After your Poogle relieves himself at the potty area, ensure to give praise and simultaneously, offer a reward. This could be accompanied by a command like Good poo! Good potty! or any other you find easy and relevant. Once the behavior has been learned through positive reinforcement until it becomes a norm.

Pros and cons of owning a Poogle

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