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Corgipoo (Poodle and Corgi mix)

Corgipoo dog imageWhat is a Corgipoo? Corgipoo (also known as Corgi Doodle) is a small-sized dog that is a cross between the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Poodle. With sturdy elongated bodies and short stout legs, Corgi Doodle dogs love to be the center of attention and always crave human companionship. Like many Poodle mixes, Corgipoo dogs are very intelligent and respond well to training.

Poodle mixes such as Corgipoo are gaining popularity among dog owners for many reasons. Corgipoo pups may inherit the hypoallergenic coat from the Poodle parent. Does a Corgipoo shed? Corgipoo dogs don't shed as much as Corgies, which is yet another great quality that Corgipoos inherit from the Poodle dog. Unlike purebred dogs, each Corgipoo dog features a unique coat that may or may not inherit the Poodle parent's hypoallergenic and low shedding qualities.

Poodles are easy to train and are known as some of the most intelligent dog breeds and Corgipoos can boast high intelligence just like their smart parents. However, Corgi mixes such as Corgipoos may be very strong-willed if they inherit Corgi's personality traits. If you can meet both of the puppy's parents, you may observe their personalities and appearances to help estimate the temperament and appearance of your Corgipoo pup once he or she reaches the adult age. Just like people, dogs inherit many traits from their parents and you can learn a lot about your puppy by paying attention to how their parents act in different circumstances. Dog's temperament is also shaped by external factors and you can help your Corgi Poodle mix puppy to grow into a confident and well behaved dog by providing your pet with socialization and obedience training early on.

Corgi Poodle Mix Life Expectancy

What is the lifespan of a Corgipoo? Corgipoos have a life expectancy of about 10 to 12 years. Life span of Corgipoo dogs depends on the health of your pet, lifestyle and diet.

Poodle Corgi Mix Size

How big do Corgipoo dogs get? Given that Corgipoos are small-sized, they stand at 10 to 12 inches at the shoulder and weighs between 12 to 30 pounds. However, the shortness or tallness of your pooch will be greatly determined by the Poodle parent type. Whether Corgi dog was mixed with a Miniature or Toy Poodle will make a difference in the size of your Corgipoo dog. Corgi mixed with a Mini Poodle will produce larger dogs than a mix between Corgi and Toy Poodle.

Difference between Toy Poodle and Miniature Poodle

Corgi and Poodle Mix Temperament

Corgipoos are very intelligent, friendly, affectionate and outgoing pups. Corgi Poo dogs will fit in any family setting without a problem getting along well with kids and adults. Corgi Poos crave human companionship, are very loyal and love to be the center of attention. Corgi Poodle mix dogs may be prone to separation anxiety especially if left alone frequently. While Corgipoo dogs are great companion pets, potential owners with limited time to dedicate to a family pet should look into other dog breeds because Corgi Doodles thrive on attention and need to be around owners most of the time.

The Corgipoos are not great watchdogs and may not raise an alarm at the sight of a stranger. This is because they are not territorial and rather sociable and may instead welcome strangers. Some Corgipoos exhibit a mischievous and stubborn streak that can be troublesome if not controlled. Early training will be a plus in controlling their mischief while improving their social skills as well. In cases where training is delayed this dog may develop bad habits that prove difficult to curb as the dog matures.

Exercise requirements - how active are Corgipoo dogs?

Despite their small size, Corgipoos need daily exercise to keep them happy and healthy. Several daily walks of about twenty to thirty minutes long in addition to some playtime can help to keep Corgi Doodle physically and mentally stimulated during the day.

Corgi Poos also require a lot of mental stimulation to keep their brains active. Corgipoos enjoy solving dog puzzles and running agility courses. Still, they enjoy playing games such as fly balls and find it whereby you are required to hide treats or toys and let the dog find them.

Since Corgipoos can become clingy to their owners at times, it's recommended that you avoid leaving them on their own for prolonged hours. Leaving the dog alone and bored for long hours can result in destructive behaviors such as barking and soil digging.

To ensure that your Poodle Corgi mix dog remains comfortable and friendly in different social situations, introduce Corgi Poo pup early to socialization and behavioral training. Procrastinating with socialization and obedience training may result in the pup adapting to bad habits that will be difficult to correct in the future.

Given that Corgipoos are intelligent and friendly, with early socialization they will get along well with people of all ages including children and seniors. Teach your children how to gently approach the dog where to touch and what not to do. This will help along the way in ensuring that the puppy does not get hurt nor irritated and can learn to be comfortable around kids and enjoy their company.

Since Corgipoos love loads of attention, they make great pets for many different family situations where Corgi Doodle dog can get plenty of time and attention. If you have other pets in the household, Corgipoo dog can get along with other dogs or animals fine so long as he is well trained and socialized early in life.

As with any dog, avoid leaving your children especially toddlers with the dog unsupervised. This will ensure that there are no unwanted occurrences may happen in your absence.

What do Corgipoos look like?

Since the Corgipoo is a hybrid dog, predicting how your puppy will look like is a bit challenging. The Corgi Poo puppy may end up looking more of the Corgi or more of the Poodle, depending on which parent's genes dominate. In most cases, Corgipoos will have domed skulls, almond-shaped brown eyes, and ears that are either erect or floppy. With small muzzles and moderate-sized black noses, these pups will also have shorter legs resembling the Corgi more than the Poodle.

Their coats are medium in length, dense and are slightly wavy or curly. Corgipoos have double coats taking after their Corgi parent with the inner one usually wooly and very soft to the touch. The color of their coats ranges from black, red, tan, brown, white, sable to cream. In other instances, Corgi Doodles will have a mixture of two or more colors, which will result in spotted coat color.

How to groom a Corgipoo?

Most Corgipoos have inherited their Poodle parent's coat which sheds little and is more suitable for pet allergy sufferers. Corgi Poodle cross dogs may have coats that range from wavy to very fluffy and the length may be difficult to predict. Grooming needs of Corgipoos depend on the type of coat of the dog.

Regardless of the type of coat that your Corgipoo dog inherits, the coat needs to be brushed once daily to prevent it from forming mats and tangles. The practice will also keep the dog's fur healthy and very shiny. If your pooch takes after the Welsh or Cardigan Corgi, expect him to shed a little more since the Corgis produce much more shedding than Poodles and shedding management may be more time consuming for that type of coat.

Dog grooming supplies

To keep your dog's teeth healthy, it is important to start training a young Corgipoo pup to accept brushing his or her teeth. Always use a canine toothpaste when brushing your dog's teeth. Regular brushing will help prevent your dog from suffering from any dental problems.

Corgipoos dog's nails should be trimmed regularly to ensure that they don't click on the floor as he walks. Be very careful when trimming Corgi Doodle's nails. Dogs have live blood vessels on the lower section of the nail which if cut could cause the pooch a lot of pain and bleeding.

Corgi Poodle mix dog potty training

Given that the Corgipoos have the Poodle parent genes they should be easy to train since they enjoy learning. Corgipoos are intelligent and usually grasp obedience commands easily especially with positive reward-based training instead of using harsh methods.

Considering their high energy levels, Corgipoos can be stubborn and destructive if early socialization and behavioral training are not done. Avoid waiting for too long before you start training your Corgi and Poodle mix puppy. A well-rounded dog results from a puppy that was well trained. These dogs can be trained to herd or to be therapy dogs.

Due to their small-sized nature, high energy levels and great sighting skills these pups are also used in military training. Its advisable for dog owners to take advantage of those early puppy days and expose them to other new environments, people and pets. This will improve your Corgipoo's social skills and help him stay out of trouble. Avoid yelling at the dog while training because this will not yield any successful results and may actually slow down the training process.

Corgipoos need potty training to avoid messing in the house now and then. Since they are intelligent and eager to please, Corgi Poo dogs after a few weeks of potty training will learn what is expected of them so long as you employ positive reinforcement and patience. Soon Corgi Doodle dog will be able to do toilet business outside without any trouble.

Here are a few steps that will help to potty train your Corgi Poo dog

For the first couple of weeks, keep an eye on your Corgipoo. Ensure that your Corgi Doodle is feeling comfortable in your presence. Observe for any signs that he needs to poo or pee. This could include sniffing the ground or moving in a circular motion. In cases where you must leave your Corgipoo alone, put him in a room that will be easy to clean such as one that is all tiled up.

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Create a food schedule for your puppy. Through schedules, the Corgipoo dog can know when to expect food and when to go outside. Avoid free feeding the dog at any given time as this will only slow down the potty training process.

Note when your puppy needs to use the bathroom. According to the schedule that you have set for your dog, in a few days you will be able to estimate when your dog needs to poo or pee. Usually that happens at specific times. Such will include after meals, after drinking, after having a nap or after having a play session.

Take your Corgipoo outside 5 to 10 minutes before bathroom time. After you have made yourself familiar with your dog's activity schedule, always take Corgi Doodle outside before the time comes and wait till he does his business there. Smaller Corgipoo puppies will need to be taken outside more frequently owing to their small bladder size that can't hold much urine and needs to be emptied out more frequently than that of a full-grown Corgipoo dog.

Reward your dog every time he goes poop or pees outside as expected. Offer Corgi Doodle dog a treat, shower him with praises, petting him or giving him toys to play with. Doing this will make the dog associate going potty with good time, and will encourage your dog to continue doing the business in the designated dog potty area outdoors.

Never punish your dog for pooing inside the house. Avoid any punishments and especially with small puppies since they still can't associate the mistake with the punishment. The mistake will certainly happen but older dogs will instead become fearful of you or nervous, slowing down the potty training process.

Continue taking your Corgi Poo dog outside until he learns the ropes. The process will usually take between two weeks to a month. So long as you use positive reinforcement and you're consistent, your Corgipoo will learn.

Clean accidents using enzyme-based cleaners. That helps to get rid of the bad odor and prevent the dog from going poo in the same spot in the future.

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