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Dorgi (Dorgi and Corgi mix)

Dorgi dog imageWhat is a Dorgi? Dorgi is a mix between a purebred Dachshund and a purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Dorgi dogs are intelligent, alert and friendly, making Dachshund Corgi mix a suitable companion pet for many people and families. Dorgi dogs are very trainable and can be involved in agility training, hunting and even being a responsible watchdog. Although a majority of hybrid dogs are purposefully bred for companionship, the Dorgi is a descendant of two breeds that are quite hardworking. Dachshunds are fierce hunters, while Corgis have a rich history as herding dogs. As such, their inherited traits make them courageous, energetic and alert. Aside from being very active, Dorgi dogs have inherited intelligence, sociability, and friendliness from their parents making them excellent family dogs.

Although Dorgi dogs are quite friendly, Corgi Dachshund mix dogs tend to bark a lot. Corgi Dachshund dogs are also prone to obesity. Dorgis' appearance could resemble the Corgi's head and Dachshund's body, with short limbs for the size of dog. Just like the Dachshund parent, Dorgis have very sensitive backs, which makes them quite vulnerable. This necessitates supervision when they are playing with little children. Nevertheless, Dachshund Corgi mix dogs are great watchdogs and true companions.

Corgi and Dachshund Mix (Dorgi)

The cross between a Corgi and a Dachshund is also known as Dorgi. Corgi Dachshund cross dogs inherit traits of Corgi and Dachshund breeds that can be observed not only in the appearance of Dachshund Corgi cross, but also in the temperament. Half Corgi half Dachshund dogs tend to have an elongated back and short legs, just like the parents. In temperament, Corgi Dachshund dogs are bold, outgoing, stubborn and bossy if allowed. Dachshund Corgi dogs are also playful and affectionate with their families. They enjoy being involved in all family activities. Sizes of Corgi Dachshund dogs can be different due to many size variations that include Mini Dachshund, Standard Dachshund and Pembrokes and well as Cardigan Corgis. Depending on which type of Dachshund and Corgi were the parents of the Corgi Dachshund pup, the Dachshund Corgi dog will be in the size range of the parents when fully grown.

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Image of Dachshund and Corgi mix (Dorgi).

Dachshund Corgi mix

Dorgis are energetic, brave, alert and loyal. With the long-working histories of their parents, the Dorgi will never be afraid to do any business. They can easily be taught agility, herding, hunting as well as obedience skills. They are quick learners and suitable for first-time dog owners.

Most Dorgis enjoy the company of sensible children. But as a caution, Dorgis are energetic. As such, you will need to supervise their interactions with small kids as you expose them to ideal levels of exercise. Corgi and Dachshund cross dogs also enjoy living in a space with easy access to outdoors.

Pros and cons of owning a Dorgi

Corgi Dachshund Mix Life Expectancy

Dorgi dogs have a life span of 12 to 14 years on average. Dog's longevity depends on many factors that include genetics, health, lifestyle and diet. Keeping your pet active and catching any health issues early on can help to increase your dog's lifespan. Diet is also important and dogs that eat a well-balanced and nutritious food suffer from fewer health problems and live healthier lives.

Dorgi Size

Dachshunds come in two sizes, the miniature and standard and depending on which of these Dachshund varieties was mixed with a Corgi dog, the size of the Dorgi may be from small to medum. To get an idea of how big your Dorgi will be when full grown, arrange to see both parents of your puppy. Based on the parents's size you will be able to estimate the size of your Dachshund Corgi cross dog when he or she is full-grown. A majority of Dorgis will weigh about 15 to 28 pounds with a height of around 9 to 12 inches. Male Dorgis are slightly bigger than their female counterparts.

Corgi and Dachshund Mix Temperament

Dorgi's character differs from one dog to the next. Some will be more Corgi like while others will portray more character traits of the Dachshund. Through the great "smile" the Dorgi generally has a well-rounded personality shining through. Dorgi dog will always enjoy sticking by your side while enjoying your company as you perform your daily tasks. To children, visitors as well as other pets Dorgis welcome the opportunity to make new friends. To prevent your Dorgi from separation anxiety, having another canine by its side will help a lot.

Since both purebred parents of the Dorgi are from a working lineage with Dachshunds being hunters and Corgis great herders, the Dorgis will be alert and active dogs. Additionally, these pooches tend to bark a lot. As such, they will strive to keep an eye over your home as excellent watchdogs. Although the majority of people who own the Dorgi contend that training is quite easy, they also require outdoor exercises of an hour or more to help maintain their good behavior. The energy level of this dog are quite high, and if not exercised as required, Dorgis may be prone to obesity or to behavior issues that stem from lack of sufficient physical and mental stimulation.

Some Dorgis inherit the stubborn personality from the Dachshund parent. More stubborn and independent-minded Dorgis may take longer to train. Dorgis tend to give off the impression that they think they know best. To a large extent, this kind of stubborn nature is attributed to their intelligence. As such, you need to set rules and implement training as soon as your Dorgi arrives home.

Dachshund Mix dogs coexist fine with other dogs when socialized early on. Some Dachshund Mix dogs may have strong hunting instinct and should be introduced in a careful way to smaller pets such as hamsters. If you happen to own other small pets, Dorgis will most likely run after them at first sight due to the hunting traits from their Dachshund parent. This behavior can be curbed through early socialization and training. You just need to ensure you are adhering to a proper training technique through positive reinforcement by frequently rewarding your Dorgi for good behavior. When left for long periods alone, they may experience loneliness and develop negative behaviors. Ensure to spend as much time with your Dorgi to offer the dog the attention he needs. Sociable and active Corgi mix dog is not suitable for people who have full time jobs and must leave the dog home alone for the whole day. Dorgis are happier in homes where they can spend most of the time with the owners, staying active and enjoying life with their beloved owners.

A properly trained Dorgi will get on well with children and pets in your family. However, they are likely to get a little feisty as a result of Dorgi's stubborn streak especially around those children that do not know how to behave well around dogs. As such, The children and your Dorgi should be taught how to respect each other when it's still early. That said and done, they will become great playmates for many years.

Dorgi puppies are small and delicate. It is therefore important to supervise when the small puppies are playing with children. Make sure the puppy is handled carefully to avoid any injuries. It is equally important for your Dorgi to meet different people, as this will eventually make him a social dog who gets along well with everyone.

Dorgi Exercise requirements
Dorgis are active pups. They need at least one hour of daily exercise to keep them happy and healthy. Physical activities should include leashed walks and unleashed play sessions in fenced areas. Dorgis enjoy playing with toys such as balls where they can run around in a safe but enclosed yard.

If your Dorgi does not receive enough exercise per day, they may get bored and result in destructive behaviors all to expend their excess energy. Since both their parents the Corgi and the Dachshund are renowned working dogs, Dorgis will do well in performing a variety of tasks.

What do Dorgi dogs look like?

Taking after the Dachshunds and Corgies, Dorgis are low to the ground pups with an elongated body which is larger in length than in height. Despite their short legs, these pups have sturdy bodies and fox-like corgi appearance. The pup's ears are large and erect, while their coats may vary in texture. There are three different coat types in Dachshund dogs, contributing to the versatile coats of Dorgi dogs. Dorgis may have coats of different colors that may include black and tan, dark brown, chocolate, black, brown and white, spotted, light brown, golden and many others.

Hybrid dogs are known to vary to a large extent as a result of many genetic combinations. Even the personality and physical traits of puppies from the same litter are usually very different. For the Dorgi owners, the most apparent variation of great importance is the coat length. Corgis tend to have thick, medium-length but may be occasioned by fluffy, long coat coats. On the other hand, Dachshunds feature 3 types of coats including long, smooth and wire-like coats. You will have to select your breeder accordingly depending on whether you want a long-haired or short-medium Dorgi. For instance, when Corgis are crossed with long-haired Dachshund, long-haired Dorgi pups will be produced. Request from the breeder the information regarding how generational differences affect the Dorgis' coat. That said, most breeders are known to offer 1st- and 2nd- generation Dorgi pups. Please take note of the following useful information:

F1 = purebred Dachshund x purebred Corgi.

F2 = Crossing two F1 Dorgis.

F3 = Crossing two F2 Dorgis or one F1 and F2 Dorgi.

F1B = F1 Dorgi x purebred Dachshund or purebred Corgi.

F2B = F2 Dorgi x purebred Dachshund or purebred Corgi.

The precise heritage of the Dorgis is somehow hazy. However, Queen Elizabeth II of England has been a big fan of Corgi dog breed. The two purebred parent breeds have a rich history. The Dachshund history dates back to the 1500s when it was used for hunting small game animals in Germany. The Dachshund was referred to as the Badger Dog at that moment. On the other hand, the Corgi was well renowned as a favorite animal in regal circles with deep origins in the United Kingdom. Today, the Dorgi is well known as a designer breed and is yet to be recognized or registered as a breed by the American Kennel Club. However, it has been recognized by several hybrid organizations in the United States.

How to groom a Dorgi dog?

Dorgis are low maintenance dogs and require moderate grooming. Depending on which parental side your pooch leans on they may be more or less of shedders. Their coats are short to medium in length and often described as dense. Regular coat brushing can help keep your dog's coat healthy and aids in shedding management.

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Trim Dorgi dog's nails regularly to prevent discomfort associated with overgrown nails. To maintain good dental health, brush Dorgi's teeth daily using a canine toothpaste. This will also prevent the dog from having dental issues and bad odor.

Keep in mind that while choosing a bed for these pups, pick one that is comfortable for their long backs, incorporated with enough pillows and blankets. Dorgis are also adaptable pups to most environments, and will just be fine in cooler weather. However, be careful not to leave the dog in extreme cold or hot temperatures.

Corgi Dachshund mix dog potty training

Dorgi dogs are smart and very trainable, however, those Corgi and Dachshund mix dogs that lean towards the Dachshund parental side will call for a more profound and consistent training method as they tend to be a bit more stubborn. Employing tolerance, consistency and patience is important when training your pet.

Given that Dorgi dogs are food motivated, they will do very well with food reward-based training. This will make the dog strive to do better in the training. Other positive reinforcement methods will also work.

Dorgis are prone to separation anxiety whenever they are left on their own for too long. They may result in destructive behaviors such as excessive barking and destructive behaviors. If you must leave your pet alone for an hour or so, be sure to give your dog a good long walk to tire him or her out so that when you are away the dog will be more inclined to resting while waiting for you. Also, leave some safe dog toys to keep your pet busy when you are not there to supervise. Leave some chewable toys or treat dispenser toys to keep Dorgi busy.

Potty training Dorgi
Start potty training your Dorgi as soon as he arrives home. It may take time for the Dorgi to get used to the potty training sessions, but he will eventually get accustomed when the right positive reinforcement techniques are applied. It could mean many sleepless nights for you, but once your Dorgi puppy has learned going potty by himself, you will relax! Here are some important steps you can follow to effectively potty train your Dorgi:

1. The first step is to identify an ideal potty area, where you'll be taking your Dorgi puppy to relieve himself after he wakes up, after eating or drinking, or after he's played a lot. You don't have to wait for any signal. However, you can also take him out when you see some of these signs: Going round in circles
Barking while running around
Sniffing on the floor
Going back to a previously soiled area

2. Once at the potty area and after relieving himself, praise your Dorgi puppy and reward him for obedience. He will associate the potty training session with a positive experience and create the willingness to repeat it.

3. You can also combine the praise with a command such as "Good dog!". Eventually, after repeating the entire process several times, your Dorgi will learn going potty by himself. But you need to be patient without punishing your dog for any accidents, as this would make the training sessions even harder to accomplish.

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