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Dachshund pros and cons

Dachshund pros and cons

Dachshund sizes

Dachshund temperament

Dachshund training

Types of Dachshund

Dachshund shedding

Dachshund care

Dachshund health problems

Dachshund origin

Dachshund pros and cons

Dachshund pros and cons

Dachshund owners point out that in addition to many positives about owning a Dotson dog, there are also some disadvantages. Advantages to owning a Dachshund breed include the versatile size that includes Standard and Miniature Dachshund. The advantage of the Miniatuare Dachshund is that the convenient size of the dog makes this breed perfect for living in an apartment or in a country home. Standard Dachshunds are larger and require more space, which makes Standard Dachshund more appropriate breed for a country home. Cons of owning a Dachshund include the dog's bright and energetic temperament. Advantages of the breed include the dog's sociable and outgoing disposition towards other dogs. Owning a Dachshund includes other valuable positives. This breed makes a wonderful family pet for an active family or for older adults who can handle this willful and at times obstinate dog.

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Cons of owning a Dachshund include the breed's tendency to bark - Dachshunds really enjoy the sound of their deep and loud voice. Other negatives associated with Dachshund include difficulties with housetraining. Dachshunds can be stubborn and strong willed, which can be a disadvantage as well. Dachshund's physical characteristics contribute to back problems that this breed is susceptible to. Disadvantages include the dog's strong hunting drive and Dachshunds need to be supervised around other small pets.

Dachshund size

Dachshunds come in two sizes - the Standard Dachshund and the Miniature Dachshund. Mini Dachshunds are more popular in cities, where there is limited space and miniature dogs such as the mini Dachshund can successfully adopt to living in an apartment. Dotson dogs that live in an apartment need to get plenty of exercise and to spend lots of time with the family. Standard Dachshunds are more common in the suburbs, where people have more space and often have a home with a yard, where the larger Dachshund can enjoy more exercise space during the day. Both Standard Dachshund and Miniature Dachshunds have three coat varieties that include the short coat, wirehaired and long coat. Despite differences in size, there are many similarities between Standard and the Miniature Dachshunds when it comes to temperament.

Mini Dachshund weight
(Miniature Dachshund) weight: under 11 lb (under 5 kg)

Standard Dachshund weight
(Standard Dachshund) weight: over 16 pounds (over 8 kg)

Mini Dachshund size
(Miniature Dachshund) height: 5 to 6 in (12.7 to 15.2 cm)

Standard Dachshund size
(Standard Dachshund) height: 8 to 9 in (20 to 22 cm)

Dachshund coat comes in three varieties including the shorthaired, the wirehaired and the longhaired
Dachshund colors: Varied

How many puppies can a miniature Dachshund have?
Dachshund litter size: 1 to 8 puppies

Life span of a Dachshund
Dachshund lifespan: 13 to 15 years

Dachshund other names: Dotson dog, wiener dog

How much does a Dachshund cost?
Dachshund price starts at $300 and up depending on many factors

Comparison between Miniature Dachshund and Standard Dachshund

Dachshunds compared to Beagles

Dachshund breed compared to Welsh Corgi

Dachshund temperament

Dachshund temperament

Dachshunds are impressively courageous dogs with a brave and clever temperament. Designed to hunt above and below ground on badgers and other burrow-dwelling animals, Dachshunds are the smallest breed in AKC hound group. Dotson dog breed excel at hunting and were bred to not just stalk prey but to kill it. This breed makes an excellent watch dog. Dachshund's most important feature is it's sensitive nose. Like all hound breeds, Dachshunds are very efficient at following a trail. Short, stout legs keep the dog close to the ground, and close to the scent that they follow during hunting. Dachshund's long and narrow body is perfect for fitting in tunnels and burrows. Strong, webbed, spade-like paws enable the dog to move a lot of dirt fast as they pursue the prey. Dodson dogs can easily dig a hole as much as a foot deep in under a minute. If your Dachshund is predisposed to destructive behavior, do not leave the dog unattended in the yard unless you are okay with this behavior. A crate may come in handy and early crate training is ideal for Dachshunds.

Although bred for a sporting life in the country, a miniature Dachshund makes a good city dog. Mini Dachshunds can be trained to use potty indoors, which is convenient for Dachshund owners who live in apartments.

Early obedience and socialization is very important for Dachshunds. These are highly stimulated dogs that like to run and chase everything that they see and basic training is necessary to maintain control over the dog whenever needed. Socialize your Dachshund early on. Daily mental and physical exercises help your Dachshund to maintain even temperament and help prevent excessive barking. Are Dachshunds good with kids? Dachshunds are better suited for older, sensible kids that can respect the dog's needs. Dachshunds have little tolerance for teasing or rough handling. Dachshunds need a lot of attention which makes them ideal companions for older people who have lots of time to allocate to their pet. Do not leave your Dotson dog alone for long periods of time as loneliness can lead to excessive barking and frustration and Dachshunds have a big bark for their size. The dog needs pleny of attention from the owner. To keep the dog entertained provide some dog toys. Dachshunds really enjoy playing with toys that can be stuffed with treats.

How to train a Dachshund

Dachshunds can be stubborn and as a result need more of your time, patience and persistence when it comes to training. Positive reinforcement is the best training approach that works for this smallest hunting breed. Ignore the bad behavior and reward the behavior that you want to see more of. Training should be positive, consistent and reward based to encourage the dog to learn. If you plan to train your Dachshund dog, see the following article Dachshund dog training tips.

Housebreaking can be difficult with this breed as many Dachshunds don't like to go outside in cold or wet weather. A covered designated area is recommended, if possible. Some Dachshund owners choose to use indoor potty for their dogs. Indoor dog toilets are very convenient as the dog always has easy access to his potty area.

All dogs need to be trained to walk on a leash. Be patient with your dog and start with training your Dachshund to only wear a collar or a harness without a leash first. Use plenty of positive reinforcement and treats and once the dog is comfortable wearing his harness or collar, start introducing a leash.

Dachshund harness
A comfortable dog harness is a good option for a Dachshund dog. There are some disadvantages associated with dog collars in comparison to dog harnesses. Collars tend to exert more pressure on the dog's neck area and are more appropriate for larger, more difficult to manage dogs. A harness does not put as much pressure on the dog's throat even if the Dotson dog likes to pull on the leash during walking.

Types of Dachshund

Dachshunds come in two sizes, the Miniature and the larger Standard, each of which has three coat varieties. The Dachshunds come in three coat types: shorthaired, wirehaired and longhaired. There are advantages and disadvantages to owning a Dachshund of one of the three coat types. Depending on the Dachshund type you choose, the breed gets good grooming reviews overall. The shorthaired Dachshunds will need minimal amount of coat maintenance. The wirehaired and longhaired Dachshunds may need slightly more time allocated to brushing their coats. Wirehairs need their coat hand stripped two or three times a year. There are some genetic differences between Dachshunds based on their coat type. Wirehaired Dachshunds are considered to be the most mischievous, stubborn and energetic of the three varieties. The longhaired Dachshunds are known to be the quietest and sweetest-natured due to their spaniel heritage. And finally the shorthaired Dachshunds tend to attach themselves to one person and are more aloof with strangers. Regardless of what type of Dachshund you own, all have the same happy temperament, although owners of the breed report that Longairs may be slighly more easygoing and Wirehairs a little more extroverted.

The advantage of owning a miniature Dachshund is that they are more energetic than the larger standard Dachshunds. Another positive about Dachshunds is that this breed is famous for the wide array of colors that include black and cream, black and tan, blue and cream, blue and tan, chocolate and cream, chocolate and tan, cream, fawn (also called Isabella) and cream, fawn and tan, red, wheaten, wild boar, black, chocolate and fawn. Marking combinations include brindle, dapple, brindle piebald, double piebald and piebald.

Dachshund shedding

Do Dachshunds shed? Long haired Dachshunds have longer coat and the disadvantage to owning a long haired Dachshund is that their shedding is more abundant than that of the shorthaired Dachshunds. Shorthaired Dachshunds are low maintenance when it comes to grooming. Use a bristle brush and a rubber pin brush to manage shorthaired Dachshund's shedding. A natural bristle brush will work well to keep a longhaired Dachshund's shedding to a minimum. Be sure to brush your dog's coat regularly - at least once every two or three days for best results. Compared to many other dog breeds, Dachshunds have moderate shedding. With the correct deshedding tools combined with regular brushings, Dachshund's shedding can be successfully managed. Brushes for smooth Dachshunds (short haired Dachshunds)
Bristle brush
Rubber pin brush
Grooming tools for longhaired Dachshunds include the following:
Natural bristle brush
Other tools for Dachshund grooming include dog clippers, scissors set to trim the coat and a grooming table that will make dog grooming a lot more convenient as you won't need to strain your back to groom the dog.

Professional dog clippers
Scissors set
Grooming table
An adjustable grooming table makes grooming your Dodson dog a lot more comfortable, especially if you have a long haired or wirehaired Dachshund. Short haired Dachshunds are a lot easier in terms of coat care and will not require as much grooming time as will longhaired and wirehaired Dachshunds.

Dachshund care

Regardless of what type of Dachshund you have, the dog will need to have the teeth brushed daily starting at an early age. Brushing the dog's teeth helps to remove plaque. Plaque that is not removed periodically will turn into a yellow crust on the dog's teeth that is known as tartar. Tartar harbors harmful bacteria that can damage the dog's teeth and may create other health issues for your pet. Use canine toothpaste as human toothpaste is not safe for dogs.

Dog's nails need to be trimmed as soon as you start hearing clicking sounds whenever the dog is walking on a hardwood floor.

Pay attention to the paws as well. In the winter it is important to wash the dog's paws off with warm water after each walk to remove any ice melting chemicals that are used on the streets and can be harmful to your dog's skin.

Keep your Dachshund's nose healthy during winter.

Check the dog's ears periodically for ear infection. Dog ear wipes are an easy way to keep Dachshund's ears clean.

When it comes to dog beds, Dachshunds often prefer the cozy cave dog beds. Many Dachshunds like to burrow themselves into their bed and a cave style dog bed is designed to make the Dachshund comfortable as the dog can hide in the cozy cave.

Dotson dogs need to wear weather appropriate Dachshund clothing during cold winter days. Dachshunds often don't like to come outside during cold or rainy days. A warm dog winter coat or a waterproof coat for the rainy days can help to make going outside more pleasant for your four legged friend.

Many Dotson dog owners choose to have a pet carrier that can be convenient on the go. For best results feed your Dachshund a breed-specific, high quality dog food. Even though Dachshunds may be small in size, the little breed loves to eat! Avoid overfeeding your dog and keep the dog in good physical condition to minimize any risk of issues with their spine and joints.

Dachshund health problems

Due to their relatively long lifespan, Dachshunds are considered to be a healthy breed overall. Keep in mind that because of the long body and short legs these dogs are prone to having spine problems, which in a serious case may even lead to paralysis. If you allow your Dotson dog to sleep on a couch, remember to provide an easy way for him to get on a couch instead of having the dog jump on the couch every time. Jumping may hurt the dog's sensitive back.

A pet ramp or pet stairs can help your dog to easily get on and off any furniture without the risk of back injury.

Some owners like to use a dog ramp for getting the dog into a car without lifting the dog.

Dachshund origin

The Dachshund breed appeared in Germany as early as 15th century. The breed originated from a cross between a Pincher and a French Bassett Hounds and later with a Spaniel. The name Dachshund comes from the German word "Dachs" meaning "badger" and "hund" meaning dog. According to the AKC, Americans called the dog "Badger Dog" during the postwar years to disassociate the breed from its German origins. The breed's popularity in Britain can be explained by the fact that Queen Victoria is known for being partial to Dachshund breed. Queen Victoria's famous saying goes as follows: "Nothing will turn a man's home into a castle more quickly and effectively than a Dachshund".

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