- Corgipoo pros and cons
Owning a Corgipoo dog pros and cons

Corgipoo pros and cons

Pros and cons of owning a Corgipoo dog

Corgipoo health issues

Owning a Corgipoo dog pros and cons

Corgipoo pros and cons What's not to love about adorable Corgipoo dogs? Fluffy and sociable, Corgi Poodle Mix dogs are wonderful pet companions for people of all walks of life. From seniors who want a cheerful dog that craves all their attention to families with older kids who want a pet that would be intelligent and playful with the kids - Corgipoos are full of joy and will always be up for a walk or for a playtime. No one can get bored in a household where a Corgi Doodle dog lives. For people who are looking to get a Corgipoo dog, there are some things to consider before you bring home the puppy.

Pros of a Corgipoo

Corgipoo dogs respond well to training, which is an advantage for novice dog owners who have little experience training a dog. Using positive reinforcement is the best way to help your Corgi Doodle dog learn quickly and enjoy the process. Several five-minute long training sessions throught a day that are reward-based are most effective with this intelligent dog.

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Another pro to owning a Corgipoo dog is that having a Poodle as a parent makes Corgipoo dog less likely to produce a significant amount of shedding. Most Corgipoos shed little and some have hypoallergenic coats much like Poodle dogs.

Hybrid vigor is another pro to owning a Corgipoo dog. Mixed dog breeds typically show lower occurences of various health problems than purebred dogs and Corgipoos happen to be among those dogs that have fewer health problems than Poodles or Corgies.

One of the best things about owning a Corgipoo dog is that they are highly intelligent. Poodles are well known for their intellectual abilities and Poodle mixes often inherit that trait from Poodles.

Corgipoos are also adaptable to apartment life due to their small size, which is yet another positive about owning this Corgi mix. Conveniently sized Corgi Poodle mix dogs can be great pets for city dwellers as long as they get sufficient exercise and they do need plenty of mental and physical stimulation during the day.

Corgipoo dogs are also great with kids and other pets, especially if raised together. Corgipoos are playful and active, making them fun companions for older kids who enjoy running and playing with the family dog.

Another advantage to owning a Corgipoo dog is that they are great for first-time dog owners. Easily trainable Corgipoos make wonderful pets for families, single people and for active seniors who want a pet companion dog that loves to be showered with attention.

Cons of a Corgipoo

Some of the cons to owning a Corgipoo dog is that if overfed or fed with an unhealthy diet, a Corgipoo dog is prone to obesity that comes with a range of related health problems.

Corgipoo dogs require obedience training that may be time-consuming and should begin early on, while the dog is more receptive to being trained.

Predicting the size of a full-grown Corgipoo may prove to be difficult since mixed dog breeds are not consistent in sizes.

Corgipoos need a lot of time and dedication from the owners, especially young Corgi Poo pups. Young puppies may be a full-time work to raise and train and people with limited time may not be able to provide the dog with the care and attention the dog deserves, which is a con.

And finally, owning any dog is a big responsibility, and owning a Corgipoo is a decision that comes with the understanding that the dog needs to be cared for, exercised, properly fed and groomed regularly. When the owner is on vacation, there needs to be a responsible adult that can watch over your pet while you are away. In many ways dogs are like children that need your love and attention to stay happy, healthy and well-behaved.

Corgipoo health problems

Since Corgipoos are hybrid dogs they may be healthier than their Poodle and Corgi parents. However, they are prone to suffering from the same health conditions as their parent breeds.

Pancreatitis is a condition that results from an inflamed pancreas which may cause severe pain or death. Its symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, reduced appetite and signs of a painful abdomen which includes stretching and a hunched posture. Although not all cases of pancreatitis are known to have triggers, giving your pooch human food or very fatty foods can cause the problem.

Patellar Luxation is a health condition that leads to lameness, accompanied by arthritis and a lot of pain. Surgery is the most effective way to treat the condition, although the cases can be managed on anti-inflammatory medicines whenever needed.

Legg's calves Perthes disease occurs when the head of the femur bone degenerates. This leads to an improper hip joint and continuous pain. The affected dog will usually raise the leg off the ground or limp. Through x-rays, the condition can be identified and treated through surgery to remove the affected area. The medication is later followed by intense physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Intervertebral Disc Disease {IVDD} is a health condition that happens due to spinal impingement and disc herniation. Affected Corgipoos appear to be in a lot of pain and hunch over or walk gingerly. Common signs could also include shivering and panting. In severe cases, the dog's ability to maintain a steady posture or walk may be affected. Diagnosis is done through a CT Scan while in mild cases pain relievers can be administered to the dog.

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