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YorkiePoo dog information, including Yorkie Poo size, temperament, grooming requirements, potty training help and more. Learn about YorkiePoo's lifespan and find out how big Yorkiepoo dogs get.

Yorkiepoo (Poodle Yorkie mix)

Yorkie Poo dog imageWhat is a Yorkiepoo? Yorkiepoos are small-sized crossbreed dogs between either a Miniature or a Toy Poodle and the Yorkshire Terrier. Yorkie Poo dogs have acquired many character traits from both their parents. Although not all Poodle Yorkie mix dogs inherit the same characteristics, some will inherit more Poodle traits, while some will inherit more of the Yorkshire Terrier physical and temperament traits. Other YorkiePoo pups will inherit a mix of both character traits. If you are considering getting a Yorkiepoo dog, learn as much as you can about the parent dogs to get an idea of what personality and physical traits will go into the hybrid dog.

Happy and energetic Yorkie Poodle mix dog has great stamina and is an active pet. Yorkiepoos can bark loudly, making them good watchdogs. Many Yorkie Poo dogs are surprisingly good jumpers. Are Yorkie Poodle mix dogs easy to train? Although YorkiePoo dogs are highly trainable, an owner with little dog training experience will need to have lots of patience while training the young Yorkie-poo.

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Half Yorkie half Poodle dogs resemble both of the parents in both appearance and temperament. Yorkie Poo dogs are intelligent and alert. Since Poodle breed has three sizes, depending on whether the Yorkie Poodle mix was developed by having a Toy Poodle as one of the parents or a Miniature Poodle as one of the parents the size of Yorkie Poo dog can vary from very small to medium small. Most Yorkie Poo dogs reach about 15 pounds in size. Yorkie Poo dogs come in a variety of colors, since Poodle breed comes in a variety of colors. Yorkie Poodle mix dogs are highly intelligent and respond well to gentle training. Poodles and Yorkies are low shedding and hypoallergenic breeds, Yorkie Poo dogs share these qualities as well.

Image of Yorkie Poodle mix.

Yorkie Poo

Being very active dogs, Yorkie Poodle mix dogs need to get sufficient daily exercise and enjoy participating in family activities. With their little antics Yorkiepoos will turn even the gloomiest day to a bright one. YorkiePoo dogs make wonderful pets for families and for single adults of any age who have lots of time and attention to dedicate to a small family pet. Yorkiepoos do well with single people, retirees, and families with kids. Yorkie-Poo dogs have adorable eyes and one big heart full of love for his or her owners. However, Yorkshire Terrier Poodle mix dogs need to start training as soon as they arrive home at that tender age, so as to instill good behavior. Potty training, for example, needs to start upon the puppy's arrival to your home.

Yorkie Poo dogs do well with kids as they will play together in the yard, then later rest at their owners' feet for a nap. Yorkiepoos are suitable for living in an apartment or in a country home as long as they get to spend most of the day with their owners. Yorkie Poo dogs are not suitable for busy people who are at work all day long and can only spend a few hours in a day with the dog. This sociable and highly intelligent dog needs to be around his family most of the time.

Yorkie Poo Life Expectancy

How long do YorkiePoos live? Half Yorkie half Poodle dogs are long lived and can live up to 15 years of age. Smaller dogs such as Yorkie Poos typically have a longer life expectancy and with good care, healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet Yorkiepoos can live a long and happy life.

Yorkie Poo Size

How big do Yorkie Poo dogs get? Yorkipoos are small dogs whose height ranges between 7 and 15 inches while their weight ranges from 3 to 14 pounds. Given that their size varies depending on whether a Toy Poodle was used to create it or a Miniature Poodle, it's important to know the sizes of the parent dogs to estimate how big your Yorkie Poo dog will get when the dog matures.

Yorkie Poo Temperament

You can best describe Yorkie Poo's temperament as eager, playful and intelligent. On the other hand, they are considered as obstinate barkers that have perpetual desire for attention and exercise. Their jumping and barking habits can easily be curbed by sufficient physical activity, socializing and training them early on.

Yorkie Poo is an affectionate, fun-loving and active dog that relishes the company of humans. These dogs love participating in their family's activities as they are very loyal and loving to their owners. With a terrier heritage, he's very confident and easy-going.

With his high level of intelligence, Yorkie Poo is one of the best companions you'll ever find, provided he's trained consistently using positive reinforcement techniques.

The Yorkie Poo, being a descendant of two purebred dogs is likely to have unpredictable temperaments. A Yorkie-Poo puppy's personality can be affected by several factors from heredity to socialization and training. There are those Yorkie Poo puppies that will always be quiet and hiding in the corner, and there are those that will beat up their fellow littermates. When acquiring your Yorkie Poo, ensure to choose one that is somewhere in the middle of the two characteristics.

Prior to acquiring your Yorkie Poo puppy, ensure to meet at least one of his parents to get to know the kind of character you're bringing on board. You could also meet one of the siblings or parents' relatives to know precisely what character of dog you could have at adulthood. This helps you in ensuring you have at the back of your mind the Yorkie Poo character that you're comfortable with.

Just like other hybrid dogs, Yorkie Poo needs early training and socialization. You need to expose him as much as possible to as many sounds, sights, experiences as well as people when they are still in their puppyhood. This helps a great deal by ensuring you have a well-rounded dog. You can start by enrolling him in a good puppy kindergarten. In addition, you could also invite visitors regularly and also take him to stores that admit dogs or at busy dog parks to enhance his social skills and improve his trainability. Meeting neighbors during leisurely walks also helps a lot in polishing social skills. It is very important to ensure positive and comfortable environment for your Yorkiepoo dog during socialization to help the dog learn to be confident in different situations.

Yorkiepoo exercise requirements
Since they are lively pups, YorkiePoo dogs like playing and being active. Giving your dog a walk around the block several times each day will ensure they stay trim, fit and healthy. Offering your dog a few different dog toys can help you to better understand his or her preferences when it comes to dog toys. Some Yorkie Poo dogs enjoy chewable dog toys while others like fetch toys and some prefer interactive dog toys such as treat dispensers that can keep your pet busy and happy especially during the times when the dog has to stay spend an hour or two alone when you are away.

Yorkiepoos will also do well in homes with fenced yards as Yorkie Poodle mix dogs like playing outdoors, chasing balls or dog toys. Just ensure that they are well supervised while they are playing. This is because they can easily be fetched by huge birds or even find their way out and start wandering on their own.

Yorkiepoos also do well in apartments thanks to their convenient size. As long as you provide your pooch from 30 to 60 minutes of daily exercise then you are good to go because this pup loves just being anywhere and being outside gives the dog a chance to explore the world while getting some exercise.

Are Yorkiepoos good family pets?
Yorkiepoos do well with children who are much older and especially those that have been taught how to interact with them. Due to their small size, Yorkiepoos are vulnerable and can be hurt by children who play in a rough manner. The interaction of this pooch with other pets should be supervised - Terrier mixes often have a strong prey drive and may be tempted to go after the family's hamster. Due to their hunting instincts, these pooches can result in chasing habits and therefore need to be supervised.

Yorkiepoo appearance
Yorkiepoos have a soft touch of the Poodles legs and have quite fine bones. They have slender heads with gentle tampering muzzles and expressive dark eyes. The body is normally muscular and slim with the length of their backs being approximate to their wither's height. Their coat texture and color may vary and can range from curled to straight but in most cases its light and silky in texture. Yorkie Poodle cross dogs also come in a variety of colors which include apricot, cream, red, sable, black, and white.

In addition to different coat colors, the markings and patterns of each Yorkie Poodle mix dog varies from one pooch to the other, hence making the Yorkiepoo a unique appearance that one cannot predict.

Yorkiepoo History
Yorkiepoos are new designer dogs that have gained popularity over the past decade. Like with all other designer dogs not much information is available about crossbreed dogs. They are a mix of two pure breeds the Yorkiepoo and the Toy or Miniature Poodle who have abundant information. Getting some insights from their histories is one factor that will make you understand your Yorkiepoo better.

The Yorkshire Terrier breed is known to have existed over 100 years back in Scotland and England. These dogs were used to root out rats by miners and by other working-class individuals during the industrial era. Initially, they were known as the Broken haired scotch until the year 1874 when they were named the York shire Terriers after a remarkable progression show.

Yorkshire Terriers were recognized by the American Kennel Club in the year 1878. They were later sorted by royalties and increasingly became companion dogs rather than hunting dogs. Since then they became popular not only in the United Kingdom but also in the United States.

Poodles come in three varieties: the Toy, Miniature and the Standard Poodle. They have existed since the 18th century. Royalties from Germany and the French called for their downsizes, the Toy and the Miniatures. Later they became easier to manage and domesticate. The American Kennel Club recognized them in the year 1887.

Yorkiepoo Pedigree
The Yorkiepoos have always been created from the Toy Poodle and the Yorkshire Terrier. However, breeders have gone ahead to breed the Yorkshire Terrier with Miniature Poodles. This has brought a variation in both the size and the weight of the offspring begotten. Sad as it the Yorkiepoo is not recognized by the American Kennel Club because it's considered a hybrid dog. Although breeders are breeding these hybrids to get a more uniform look, they still do not qualify for any official pedigree papers.

Yorkie Poo grooming

How to groom a Yorkie Poo dog? Yorkie Poo coat ranges from being straight to curly. It is usually luxuriously silky and soft in texture, and you will actually feel awesome when you run your fingers through the Yorkie Poos' coat. The Yorkie Poo is considered a low shedder, but you need to care for this fine and silky coat to keep it healthy.

You can brush the Yorkie Poo at least thrice a week to ward-off any tangles. The hair around the eyes can be brushed away to prevent irritations, which will occur if you happen to ignore this simple task. You could also use a pair of scissors to trim the hair around the eyes to protect them. Don't put your Yorkie poo on a bathing schedule. This can be done only when necessary using dog shampoo, as frequent bathing will damage your dog's skin.

To eliminate bacteria that lurks in your dog's teeth and tartar build-up, you can brush the Yorkie Poo's teeth twice or thrice in a week. This will also enhance fresh breath to promote a better experience when playing with the dog. To prevent gum disease or other dental problems, you can brush the dog's teeth on a daily basis.

Trimming Yorkie Poo's nails once every couple of months can help to protect yourself from painful tears and other problems when the dog is jumping at you. Check to see if they are clicking on the floor and trim them accordingly. Don't trim the nails too far, as dog's nails do have blood vessels in them, and cutting them too far could cause pain and bleeding.

Always endeavor to check Yorkie Poo's ears for bad odor or redness which are signs of infection. To prevent possible infections on the Yorkie Poo's ears, ensure to wipe them during the routine checks using a PH-balanced cleaner for ears. Never insert anything into its ears' canals, only clean the external parts of their ears. These checkup activities should be accustomed to the Yorkie Poo when it's still a puppy. And since dogs are usually touchy about their feet, handle the Yorkie Poo's paws more frequently and endeavor to make grooming an exciting experience for your dog. This will have laid the groundwork for seamless vet examinations and other kinds of handling when the dog becomes an adult.

Similarly, ensure to check for rashes, sores, or any other signs that could be possible infections such as tenderness, redness and skin inflammation in the mouth, nose, and eyes as well as feet. For a healthy Yorkie Poo, the eyes need to be very clear with no redness or discharge whatsoever. That said, follow every step to the latter while taking your Yorkie Poo for weekly vet examinations in order to spot any health problems early.

How to care for Yorkie Poo
Yorkie Poo usually feels at home when in an apartment or house. Given his small size, he can even live comfortably in a small condo, but outside isn't a recommended living place for these pooches. For his physical and emotional wellbeing, he must live indoors. Surprisingly, despite his tiny size, this little pooch has high energy bursts and will require consistent exercise on a daily basis.

To maintain his healthy wellbeing as well as happiness, romping or walking around the yard on a daily basis will help a lot. You can even make him play a game of fetch along the hallway so that he can off some steam.

To protect your Yorkie Poo more, you can crate train him. This helps to prevent him from landing into things he's not supposed to or even other kinds of accidents. Additionally, the Yorkie Poo can use the crate as a resting place where he can retreat for a nap after playing. Training your dog to stay in the crate needs to be done at an early stage. This will make your Yorkie Poo to easily accept confinement in case he ever needs to be boarded in a car or even hospitalized.

Endeavor not to stick your Yorkie Poo in the crate all day like it's a jail. Actually, this little puppy shouldn't spend continuous hours in the crate unless he's sleeping at night. These pooches are people dogs, they are meant to live freely with humans in the house but not under any kind of confinement. In fact, there are many ways to help your Yorkie Poo start feeling comfortable sleeping and resting in the crate.

To have a strong and healthy Yorkiepoo, you ought to feed him with well-balanced dog food that is full of all nutritional requirements. In cases where you struggle to feed your Yorkiepoo, you can mix canned food to his kibble to entice him. However, do not rely on wet food for your pooch, as without dry food Yorkiepoos are likely to suffer from gum diseases, tooth loss, or bad breath. Brushing Yorkiepoo dog's teeth regularly with a canine toothpaste can help to keep the dog's teeth healthy.

Yorkie Poo potty training

How to potty train a Yorkiepoo dog? Given that these pups are intelligent and eager to please their owners, Yorke Poodle cross dogs will not be so hard to train. All you need is time, consistency and positive reinforcement methods and soon you will have a fully potty-trained dog. Here are steps to follow during the training.

Identify the potty area. Then take your dog outside, give her enough opportunity to go potty then take her to the selected area without interrupting her. Keep in mind too that small dogs have small bladders so to say they can't hold it in for long.

Praise Yorkie Poo after a successful elimination business. Since they like praises they will always strive to get it by doing the right thing. You can also choose to reward your pooch through a simple walk or play.

Maintain a schedule: Take your dog outside the same time everyday especially after eating, napping and drinking. Also, make use of cue words that the dog will relate with the poo business such as "Go pee". Since these pooches do well with repetitive commands, cue words work really well.

Clean accidents: Once the pooch goes potty in the wrong place, clean it as soon as possible. Do not let the dog sniff around or she may end up pooing in the same spot again. While at it, avoid yelling or punishing the dog for the accidents as they may not relate well to that.

How to train a Yorkie Poo dog?
The Yorkiepoo is a pooch that is always out to please their owners, so at least this should play well in the training session. Focus your training on positive reinforcements methods such as excited praises and delectable tidbits. Avoid aggressiveness and the use of harsh words for this will only make Yorkshire Terrier Poodle mix dog hostile and discourage him from learning.

The good thing with Yorkiepoos is that they learn quickly basic commands and even typical parlor tricks such as dance, play dead, rolling over, shaking hands and also crawling. The pooch is very enthusiastic and determined to entertain, a factor that will keep your family and friends laughing and entertained. So, enjoy teaching Yorkiepoo incredible tricks and you'll be shocked to learn what your pooch can do.

Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle mix dog has also the capability to become agility or a therapy dog. If you are the kind that likes competitions Yorkiepoo dog may just be the right dog for you.

Pros and cons of owning a Yorkie Poo

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