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Snorkie information that covers Schnauzer and Yorkshire Terrier Mix personality traits, grooming needs, care requirements as well as potty training. How big do Snorkies get? How long do Snorkie dogs live? Find answers to these questions and much more.

Snorkie (Yorkie Schnauzer mix)

Snorkie dog imageWhat is a Snorkie? Snorkie is a crossbred dog between the Yorkshire Terrier and the Miniature Schnauzer. The offspring of Schnauzer Terrier Mix is beautiful with plenty of heart, spirit, spunk, piercing brown stare and shaggy grey coat. Small but robust, the dog inherited the best character traits from both its parents including the bold temperament of Yorkshire Terrier and playful yet alert attitude of Miniature Schnauzer.

In the past, both parents were used as ratters thus making this pooch an active and alert pet. Keep in mind that Snorkies may have a strong prey drive and may chase small animals such as cats or squirrels. Introduce Snorkie to small pets carefully and start when the dog is still a young puppy. Snorkie dog is intelligent and thrives well on human interaction, very affectionate and cuddly this dog gets very attached to his or her family.

Snorkies make good watchdogs. Schnauzer Yorkie mix dogs are courageous and alert if anything out of the ordinary occurs they will raise an alarm. Although Snorkies are small dogs, they are full of high vigor and spirit so finding productive ways to spending this excess energy is very important. Sociable by nature, these pooches don't like to be left on their own for long hours. If that happens, the dog is forced to keep busy by doing things that may be undesirable. Behaviors such as excessive barking and chewing on your shoes while you are away may start developing.

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Schnauzer mix dogs are not ideal for people who intend to be out of the house for long periods, leaving the dog all alone. Snorkies can easily suffer from separation anxiety and the small dog syndrome if proper training is not instilled early enough. They also require sufficient exercise and plenty of interaction and cuddles from their handlers.

Snorkie Life Expectancy

What is the average lifespan of a Snorkie dog? Snorkie's life span ranges between 12 and 15 years. Lifestyle, diet and overall health are important factors that play a role in the dog's longevity.

Snorkie Size

How big do Snorkies get? This hybrid that is also known as the Schnauzer Terrier mix or Yorkie Schnauzer. Snorkie is a small dog whose weight and height depends on which of the two parents' genes is more dominant. Snorkie's weight ranges between 5 and 15 pounds for most dogs. Schnauzer Terrier mix dogs often have a sturdier frame than the fragile Yorkie and usually stand at 5 to 12 inches at the shoulder.

Snorkie Temperament

It's a delight to have outgoing, devoted, smart and affectionate pups in your house. Snorkies are social characters that enjoy being in the company of both humans and other pets. They bond easily with families that are attached to them and are very loyal. Although they are good with children their small size calls for supervision while playing with kids and toddlers.

Owners are advised to start training their pups as soon as they arrive in homes to avoid unwanted situations and bad behavior. Since Schnerriers are hybrid dogs it only means that they can inherit temperaments from either or both their parents. Such alert dogs are used for guarding thus making them good watchdogs. Schnerriers will raise an alarm if anything out of the ordinary happens but should not be considered as guard dogs due to their small size.

Owing to their nature of being tenacious and high spirited, Snorkies can at times be stubborn. Since the dog's parents were ratters in the past, Snorkies have hunting tendencies that make them chase after every rabbit or gerbil or even anything that is moving. Early training and positive reinforcement will give you a well-behaved dog. Yorkie Schnauzer mix dogs are suitable for most living situations, including for people living in apartments as long as the dog gets enough exercise during the day.

Exercise and activity levels of a Snorkie
How active are Snorkie dogs? Snorkies are small pups that require a reasonable amount of exercise. Several half an hour long walks per day and some active playtime will do to help burn the abundant energy. Schnerrier dog enjoys playing with balls and chasing things such as rats, or anything moving.

Snorkies adapt well to small homes and apartments that don't have plenty of activities and are more ideal for people with fewer activities. Although they are small in size, their owners should know that they require plenty of mental stimulation to put off boredom.

Are Snorkie dogs suitable for families with kids? Snorkies do well with children. Owners are however required to supervise their interaction, especially with very small children. If not supervised the puppy may get hurt from overly excited children due to their small size. On the same note, toddlers may get hurt from this dog's snappy behavior. Snorkies also do well with other pets in the household provided Schnerriers receive socialization sessions early enough.

Snorkies do well with children. Owners are however required to supervise their interaction, especially with very small children. If not supervised the puppy may get hurt from overly excited children due to their small size. On the same note, toddlers may get hurt from this dog's snappy behavior. Snorkies also do well with other pets in the household provided they receive socialization sessions early enough.

Snorkie Puppies
Generally, small breed dogs need more extra care similar to that given to toddlers. Due to their small size, Snorkie puppies can be easily hurt by overly excited kids. Their interaction with children needs to be supervised so that it can be gentle and calm. Early socialization training sessions need to take effect as soon as the puppy arrives home in order to instill good behavior.

History of Snorkie
Snorkies are designer dogs created out of mixing two purebred dogs the Yorkshire Terrier and the Miniature Schnauzer. Like all other hybrid dogs, much is not known about the true origin of these dogs where and when they were first bred. However, experts have it that they originated in the United States in the last about 20 years, like the majority of all other hybrids. In order to shed more light on this designer dog, let us see some facts about its parents.

Also known as the Yorkie the Yorkshire Terrier is a small toy dog that came into being in Yorkshire, North England. This dog was bred during the 1800s from a mixture of local breeds including the Skye Terrier and the Tan and Black Terrier but the latter is now extinct. This dog was used as a ratter to patrol local mills and mines and is still popular in the United Kingdom.

On the other hand, the Miniature comes in two other forms that are the Standard and the Giant. Originating from Bavaria Germany, this dog was used as a farm dog. Other owners would prefer to use them for multi-task activities such as catching rats, herding animals, guarding property and animals.

The Pedigree of the Snorkie
Also known as the Schnerrier, these pooches breed parents are in good standing with diverse histories as family companions, pets and show dogs. Their histories stretch back to their humble beginnings as vermin hunters. However, Snorkies are not recognized by the American Kennel Club. So sadly, they do not qualify for any official pedigree papers. Hopefully, over time things will turn a new leaf.

Nevertheless, this should not change your mind about acquiring this beautiful pooch, she happens to have incredible qualities inherited from the parents that will definitely win your heart. Whether or not she has pedigree papers this designer dog is one you will enjoy interacting with.

Snorkies Appearance
Regardless of their different backgrounds, Snorkies parents are not too much dissimilar from each other when it comes to appearance. Thus, the appearance of the Snorkie is more uniform, unlike other hybrid dogs. Snorkies appear to be more Yorkie than Schnauzers. Though some Snorkies have the silver color of the Schnauzer, many Snorkies appear to be bigger, and darker in color, more like Yorkshire Terriers.

With a neat black nose at the end, Snorkies have longer muzzles than those of the Yorkies. They have circular deep brown eyes that portray a friendly and alert expression. These pooches' ears may either be high set folded, small and erect or fallen somewhere in between. Either way, they appear cute and lovely. They have small compact bodies that have limbs in great proportion. The tail is short or medium in length and very densely furred.

Both its parents' coats are high maintenance, so the Snorkie is not an exception. They may have dense undercoats and long silky furs. Some Snorkies have grey coats of the Schnauzers while others have black and brown fur. Others may have grey, tan or white coats. Shedding is minimal in this hybrid dog, which is an advantage for the owners as there's less dog hair around the home where a Snorkie dog lives.

How to groom an Snorkie dog?

As Snorkie dog owners expect the grooming process to be a bit time consuming, this is because both parents of these pups have fairly high maintenance coats. They are considered low shedders but their coats tend to tangle and form mats, thus they will need thorough grooming thrice or more times per week. Depending on your pooch's hairstyle clipping can be necessary every 9 to 10 weeks, incorporated with some baths.

While applying the line brushing method, use pin brushes to brush your pups while spraying their coats with detangling mist beforehand. A 2 in 1 comb is more efficient to use while working through stubborn mats and tangles. At times you can use your fingers to untangle then finish off with the comb.

If you are considering brushing your pooch while bathing her, then a kitchen sink is enough since the dog is so small. Canine shampoos are more preferred other than the human shampoos because human shampoos can irritate the dogs' skin easily. In cases where your pooch has the longer silkier coat courtesy of the Yorkie parent, canine conditioner is what will work best. Lather your pup and rinse well with enough water, blow dry or towel her then give the coat a quick brush so as to make it neat.

Every couple of months Snorkie owners will give their dogs haircuts. Owners of Schnauzer Terrier dogs will at times choose to do the haircuts themselves depending on the style. Below are some tips for styling and haircutting your Snorkie.

The Snorkies hairstyles come in various forms depending on whether the pooch is more of the Yorkie with a long and silky coat or more of the Schnauzer with medium to long and wiry coat.

One of the most popular cuts for Snorkie dogs is the Puppy cut. This specific style makes your pup more maintenance-free. It's clipped short all over while some leave the facial area a bit longer. The cut can easily be done in the comfort of your home with instructions.

Schnauzer cut is another popular haircut for Snorkie dogs. If your pup is more of a Mini Schnauzer this style will look great on her because it's generally based on trimming. Cut the hair about 2 inches while leaving the under-belly hair longer. The leg hair should be trimmed in a reverse round manner while the facial hair should be left long. Grooming can be done at home but it will require lots of practice.

Teddy bear cut looks adorable on Snorkie dogs. This cut makes your Snorkie resemble a stuffed animal. Cut the body hair short about 2 inches while leaving the facial and the leg hair a bit long. Sculpt and round the hair to give you a teddy bear-like appearance. The grooming can also be done at home but requires practice as well.

3-Layer cut is also known as the 3 stacks, and only works if the Snorkie resembles the Yorkie. The head, face, and ear hair are cut to just below the shoulders, while the body hair is cut 2 to 3 inches above the ground. The hair around the legs is cut to an inch above the ground. This cut is very difficult to attain and may require a professional groomer's help in order to attain it.

Above all, remember to brush your Schnerrier pup's teeth on a daily basis to avoid plaque build-up and maintain fresh breaths. Also, clean Snorkie's ears regularly. The toenails will wear off naturally when the dog is walking on hard concrete for walks.

Snorkie potty training

Snorkies are smart, quick to learn and intelligent dogs. However, Yorkie mix such as Snorkie may not be so easy to train since they may be temperamental and strong-willed at times. If early training is not instilled, these pups can pick up bad behaviors and use the same to manipulate situations. Snorkie dog owners are recommended to start early training in order to avoid this.

Given that these pups love affection, praise and food one can use these tricks to train them. Schnauzer mixes such as Snorkie dog learn commands and tricks very easily. However, it's not advisable to take your puppy home if you are not willing to take the first days into training with your pup.

Small breeds are also prone to Small dog syndrome' a condition that not only makes the dog unhappy but also becomes frustrating and unrewarding to her owner. Snorkies suffering from this condition can be spoilt, demanding, and can be snappy or yappy.

Well-meaning dog handlers can be a part of this problem without knowing, since they treat their dogs like toddlers by allowing them to jump up and act hyper, picking them up and babying them. When early training is practiced your dog will not suffer from this syndrome.

Snorkies are intelligent pups, if trained and are well behaved, potty training can be made much easier. However, owners are advised to practice patience, consistency and commitment while incorporating positive reinforcement techniques. Before coming home with your puppy identify the potty area where your pooch will be defecating. One that is not visited by other pets and is easy to clean. Secondly, decide on cue words to use during the elimination time.

Keep an eye on your puppy: Once you get home with your Schnauzer Yorkie mix puppy, feed your puppy and observe her for signs that she wants to pee. Depending on her age she can just start to pee, pick her up to the potty area, as the pooch develops, she will learn to go potty slowly.

Make use of cue words: Depending on the words that you have chosen, utter them on arriving at the potty area. They could include "pee" or "go potty" then soon afterward the dog will learn to relate the words with that business.

Reward on good performance: Once your Schnauzer mix puppy goes potty well, shower her some praises such as uttering. "Good dog" you can as well offer her some playtime or a walk.

Interrupt accidents: When the pooch happens to have a poo accident, interrupt her during the process with words such as "No" or "Stop" while making sure that you don't shout or yell. Dogs associate yelling and shouting with punishments, and this may discourage the puppy from doing it well. Take the dog to the designated potty area so the dog can finish business there. Praise the dog and give her a small treat once the dog does the right thing.

Clean messes fast: Once your Yorkie mix puppy goes potty in the house, clean the mess as soon as possible. Delaying the cleaning process will make your Snorkie associate that smell with eliminating at the same spot. Thoroughly scrub the area to get rid of the smell completely. Using an enzyme based cleaning products works best for removing dog urine and feces odor from the area to help prevent future accidents there.

Feeding the Snorkies
Snorkies diet should be chosen carefully since they are prone to gaining weight easily. Be sure to place their food and fresh water in the same place so as to create consistency in case of a change in the environment. Young pups should be fed at least three to four times a day in small portions. This will help with their digestion due to their small stomachs. If you happen to leave food open all day or choose to free feed them, the pups may feed on everything which will make it hard for their stomachs to handle and digest. A normal Snorkie puppy should already be on a diet by the time she reaches 8 weeks. Schnauzer Yorkie Mix dog should be fed with high-quality dry dog food with just a few treats. Split the food into two meals for a morning and evening meal times.

By the time the Snorkie pup gets to maturity at about 9 to 12 months she should be fed on high-quality dry kibble dog food. While it's very convenient, this meal will meet the nutritional needs. Adding some healthy food options such as boiled eggs or steamed vegetables may help to keep your dog in good health. To help minimize risk of dental issues with your pup, many vets recommend feeding your pet with dry dog food.

In cases where you are concerned about your Snorkies diet or maybe desire to change it, consult with your vet or ask the breeder for dog food recommendations. Although pet food comes with guidelines from the manufacturer, not everything could be suitable for your dog.

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