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Chorkie (Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier mix)

What is a Chorkie? Chorkie hybrid is a confident and cute crossbreed between a Chihuahua and a Yorkie or Yorkshire terrier, which are also tiny and cute animals. Chorkies also go by the following names: Chiyorkie, Yorkie-Chi, York Chi and Yorkchi. This small dog weighs up to 10 pounds and doesn't exceed a height of 9 inches when fully grown. Loyal, inquisitive and energetic, the Chihuahua and Yorkshire terrier temperaments combination will surely bring an impression.

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Prospective dog owners usually select a particular dog breed for various reasons. Some may want to have value dogs for companionship and those that will do well with their children, while some will acquire the dogs for working and guarding. The main reason why a majority of people with choosing a particular pup is cuteness, which is actually not a practical trait. To most dog owners, the Chorkie is among the cutest designer dogs breeds today.

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Just as it happens to other crossbreed dogs, the physical appearance of the Chorkie can at times have noticeable variances, which is dependent on the contribution of genetics made by the parents. Like their parents, however, Chorkies are toy-sized dogs that make them ideal pets for indoor living. Chorkies retain the head shape of the Chihuahua parent as well as the silky and long hair of the Yorkie parent. Although the ears can be at times droopy, they are usually erect resembling those of the Chihuahuas'. Due to the genetics of the Chihuahuas, the Chorkies can appear in a variety of colors from grey, black, and tans among other mixtures. To predict the traits of a designer crossbreed dog isn't an easy task. All you should know is that whatever the outcome of a Chorkie, the results will absolutely be adorable.

The coats of Chorkies resemble those of their parents in regards to type and color as well as in varying dynamics. The main color coats of Chorkies are silver, white, brown, black, and blue. Some dogs will have solid colors while others will have a mixed blend of the named colors. The coats feature silky, light-colored with medium length and eyebrows that are distinctive.

Yorkies are usually hypoallergenic, while Chihuahuas are not. The resulting offspring of Chorkie tends to have a low-shed coat and are hypoallergenic. But if your Chorkie happens to favor more traits from the Chihuahua, he will shed more. Despite their moderately long coat, Chorkies don't do well in very cold environments due to small stature. Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier cross dogs can handle moderate but not extreme heat.

Chorkie Dog Breed Information
Being a relatively new crossbreed created during the 1990s, their different appearances vary from one dog to the other. Averagely, they tend to maintain their parents' toy size. Their legs' height could end up being short like the Yorkie parents or skinny and longer like the Chihuahua parents. These crossbreed dogs also maintain small faces with round, big eyes that are dark-colored. Depending on the parentage, the Chorkie ears will vary in size and shape. They will either be short, or large with triangular ends and rounded variations. Their colors can range from black and brown to reddish shades and gray, or a general mix between these colors.

Based on the Chorkie parent traits of having a common small size and also showing an attitude of disproportionate confidence toward other dogs and people as well, Chorkies are sensitive and snappy dogs. They can also tend to be difficult to live with since they like dominating their owners, but this can be well handled through proper guidance and leadership.

Chorkie life expectancy
How long do Chorkies live? As a general rule of thumb, small dog breeds tend to live more than the large dog breeds. With both parent breeds having longer life expectancy, it becomes reasonable to expect that the resulting Chorkies will have the same good longevity. With this breed though, you should be cautious of few health issues to deal with. Yorkies can live for about 14 to 16 years, while the Chihuahuas can live for 14 to 18 years.

The average lifespan range of the Chorkie is slightly lower than that of his parents at 10 to 15 years. Depending on the genetics of the parent breeds as well as how healthy the Chorkies are kept, your Chorkie will actually enjoy a longer lifespan.

History of the Chorkie
The Chorkie could have been produced by accidental crossbreeding many years ago. Having been officially branded about 20 years ago, the Chorkie has now become a very popular and favorite designer breed to many dog enthusiasts. The Chorkies we have today are results of first-generation breeding from pedigree Chihuahuas and Yorkies. This makes it hard to have similar Chorkies even in a single litter in regards to behavior and appearance. But due to some similarities present in their parents, some generalizations can be drawn from this.

Making a trace as to when the first intentional crossing of the Yorkie and Chihuahua is somehow impossible. Although they are believed to have been in existence since the 1990s, the exact place they came from isn't well known. Nevertheless, they have gained great traction and are very popular designer crossbreed dogs.

Chorkie Pedigree
Chorkies are as a result of crossing purebred Chihuahuas and Yorkies, which are small dog breeds that are very popular. Being designer crossbreeds that are not purebreds, they aren't recognized as a real breed by the American Kennel Society and do not also qualify for pedigree official papers. It may take several multigenerational crossings for a purebred Chorkie with predictable characteristics to be available.

However, there exist other smaller clubs who recognize the Chorkie breed and do offer certification papers for these designer pups, that is, if certification is so crucial to you. Even without any papers, the Chorkie is with no doubt an adorable dog breed with an impressive ancestry as discussed above. Having been present for centuries, the Chihuahua and Yorkie breeds have been highly treasured highly by pet owners.

Chorkie Diet
Dry quality dog food of high quality is best for your Chorkie. Kibble for the most recommended food type for your Chorkie, since it consists of nutritional food that will meet all the dietary needs of your pet, and is also available in a ready form for booting. To select the best food type for Chihuahua Yorkie mix dog, there are some considerations that you have to put in place. This includes the size of your Chorkie, age, as well as your dog's level of activity. All these change as Chorkie dog transitions from puppyhood to adulthood.

You also have to be careful about the serving sizes when it comes to the Chorkie. With voracious appetites, and as petite dogs, you don't have to give your Chorkie too much kibble for him to be full. Just follow the instructions given by the food manufacturer. Alternatively, you can seek some advice from your vet about the feeding schedule of your Chorkie based on its size and age. If you just let your little Chorkie free feed, he will quickly gain weight and have a big belly. Health issues will kick in, as his small frame cannot handle excessive amounts of fluff.

Dog manufacturers do their best to guidelines on how to feed your dog. However, each individual dog has different needs, and this is where your vet comes in to assist you to identify the particular needs of your Chorkie pup.

Chorkie Puppies
These are probably the cutest creatures you'll come across! The breeds' litter size is small, and you usually have 2 to 3 siblings that are furry from which you can choose. Even in these small numbers, the Chihuahua-Yorkie puppies consists of a bunch that is feisty! These puppies need to be handled by attentive owners who are dedicated and attentive. Those who own these pooches should be aware of the importance of training and socializing them early on while using gentle touches to create an alpha-dog relationship. If this isn't observed, rather than the puppies growing as calming companions, they will end up becoming tiny titans.

During their puppyhood, Chorkie crossbreeds are cuddly, adorable, as well as full of energy and spunk. You may consider puppy kindergarten for your Chorkie so that they can learn obedience as they socialize. This will help your puppy to grow as a well-behaved pet.

Chorkie Exercise Requirements
As earlier mentioned, the Chorkie dogs predominantly enjoy camping indoors unless you are living in a more temperate environment. To fulfill the exercise requirements of your Chorkie dog, have plenty of toys around for the dog to play with and run around. You can also take Chihuahua Yorkie mix dog several times for short walks during a long day at home. Chorkies have a tendency of getting little bursts of energy but do not have sufficient stamina to maintain this. A trip to the Dog Park or yard as they run around and explore off-leash would help. This dog breed is a perfect fit for anyone searching for a cool companion since their exercise requirements are relatively low.

How to groom a Chorkie

Care and grooming requirements vary from one pup to the next. Due to its nature of being a designer crossbreed dog, puppies tend to vary in traits and appearances even those that are from the same litter. But generally, these dogs do not have demanding grooming needs.

The Chorkies that have long hair will need their hair to be trimmed periodically and groomed on a semi-weekly basis. This eases the manageability of their long coat while keeping them tangle-free and healthy. On the other hand, the short-haired Yorkie-Chihuahua mixes will need less frequent grooming.

Among the best traits that make these pooches' favorites to most dog enthusiasts is their nature of being low-shedders. As a rule to every Chorkie owner, endeavor to groom your dog on a weekly basis, as well as scheduled weekly teeth cleaning and ear checking sessions. The Chorkies' bodies should also be thoroughly checked for fleas, ticks, slight injuries and general health checkups.

Since they are not heavy shedders, daily brushing of the Chorkies' fur will help in removing tangled coat and fur. You need to bath these dogs at least twice a week since the majority of their kind are predominantly inside pets. They like lounging around coaches rather than roaming outside, and so keeping them clean would be helpful.

You can maintain their healthy coat by trimming regularly at the groomers. If residing in a warm climate environment, Chorkie's fur will be less heavy and shorter during summer to make him more comfortable. Always ensure to keep the fur around ears well-trimmed and brush out any hair from Chorkie's ears to prevent ear infections and blockages.

Chorkie temperament

An individual Chorkie will most likely combine the characteristics that their parents have. However, it's hard to predict as Chorkie pups tend to be a little be different from each other, depending on which traits they favor more from either parent. With the Chihuahua and Yorkie parents being self-assured and confident dog breeds, Chorkies tend to retain this temperament.

Just like the Parents, Chorkies are playful and energetic little dogs, making them demand a great deal of play and exercise. If these dogs are not ruled with limitations and boundaries since puppyhood, they are likely to become willful and extremely stubborn. If you happen to be fooled by their small sizes, they will portray their real monster in them, which may eventually make you feel like you're sort of a human pet as a result of the Chorkie becoming dominant. Just be strict with your Chorkie since the day it arrives home to avoid all these inconveniences.

The Chorkies have also inherited the barking trait form their Chihuahua parents, and will alert you of any stranger approaching your home. As such, combine with the courageous character from the Yorkie, Chorkies can be perfect guard dogs. Although they may not be able to overpower the intruder, they will alert you of anything trespassing by raising a racket. For this reason, ensure to socialize your Chorkie early enough to avoid the tendency of barking to almost anything including your visitors. Obedience classes will assist them not to become dog Napoleons, but be well-behaved tiny companions.

Since they are mixed crossbreed dogs, the personality and temperament will definitely vary accordingly similar to their appearances. Although you can predict the temperament of a crossbreed based on the parents', it isn't a sure guarantee, as it will depend on which side the Chorkie favors more.

Generally, the Chorkie crossbreed inherits several traits from both parents. The dogs are often quick in body and mind, making them fairly easy to train. So long as you have their bad habits pecked in the bud, and they receive proper disciplined training, you will absolutely have a super obedient Chorkie dog.

Generally, these dog breeds don't go along well with little children. With their reckless playing techniques, they can easily injure or break the little pups. But for families with older children or elderly couples looking to get attentive dog companions, they make perfect pet match since they are playful, friendly and loyal.

Chorkie potty training

How to potty train a Chorkie? Chorkie puppies just Sleep, walk, eat, and potty. They aren't aware of the place and time they should do these activities. It's you to determine the schedule for training to ensure your Chorkie pup learns all these. The hardest of all is the process of potty training. You can follow the following steps to achieve success in housetraining your Chorkie:

As soon as you have your Chorkie at home, ensure to start planned sleeping/feeding and eliminating/relieving schedule.

Equip yourself with a small bag for dog treats to reward Chorkie for good behavior.

Get potty cleaning supplies to clean up in case the puppy messes on the carpet such as the Nature Miracle Stain and Odor Remover. Any enzyme based cleaner will help to eliminate the smell of dog's urine, which is a must during potty training a Chorkie.

Have a 6 to 10 ft leash and collar ready.

Select a designated spot for puppy pottying.

When you start the training process, ensure the Chorkie puppy is done pottying so that you can praise him.

Before returning to the house, ensure the puppies have fully emptied their bowels or bladders. Watch them closely to ensure they really potty.

After Chorkie is done pottying, reward the dog with treats such as chicken pieces so that your tiny pet can associate going to potty outside with a positive experience. Chorkies will eventually learn and do it on their own.

Since house training a grown-up Chorkie pup could be an issue, ensure to start this early enough. Since Chorkie crossbreeds are susceptible to wet or cold weather, ensure to have a sheltered potty yard.

Chorkie training
Since the parent breeds of the Chorkie are known to be willful and stubborn when it comes to training, the same applies to the crossbreeds. However, Chorkies are intelligent, eager, loyal, and responds well to reinforcement techniques that are positive. While their eagerness to please and smart character may ease the process of quickly picking up commands, don't expect to sail smoothly when training this dog.

To make your work easier, just be patient with your Chorkie puppy while following the correct approaches. Right from the start, ensure to assert yourself being the leader of this pack. Also ensure you are not bossed around by your Chorkie puppy, as this could create terrible behavioral problems as you move on with the dog and may end up lasting the entire lifetime of your Chorkie.Your training routine needs firmness while you exude confidence. By using positive reinforcement methods that involve offering treats and praising your dog when it behaves as expected, be sure the training will be successful.

When excessive punishment and negative reinforcement methods are used, this isn't training, as it will never work. These cuties don't deserve this, so avoid it at all costs. When training this breed, start early while you maintain gentleness and firmness. Treats and high praises will make the Yorkie side of your Chorkie dog to respond positively. Still with a Yorkie heritage, endeavor to socialize your Chorkie puppy to other people, pets and other new situations in an environment that is positive and happy.

The Chorkies are also highly prone to excessive barking and small dog syndrome in their puppyhood. This is eliminated by socializing and training them early enough, which also makes the Chorkie puppies realize their own potentials as perfect companions. You surely wouldn't like to have a bossy, yappy, and grumpy tiny dog. So do as you are required to!

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