- Chorkie pros and cons
Owning a Chorkie dog pros and cons

Chorkie pros and cons

Pros and cons of owning a Chorkie dog

Chorkie health issues

Owning a Chorkie pros and cons

What are advantages and disadvantages of owning a Chorkie dog?
Chorkie pros and cons Chorkie dog enthusiasts have many positive things to say about the Chihuahua Yorkie Mix. Some of the pros of owning a Chorkie include the dog's natural ability to be a good companion dog. Chorkies are loyal to their families and want to spend all the time with their owners. Chorkies are great dogs for people who want a small pet that doesn't shed much. Chorkies shed minimally, which is another pro associted with Yorkie Chihuahua mix. Hybrid dogs such as Chorkies can be different in appearance and their coat may be long, short or medium length, depending on which breed's genetics came into play in the dog's appearance. Some Chorkies may look more like Chihuahua breed while others may resemble Yorkshire Terrier since both of these breeds are present in Chorkie's genetics. While Chorkies inherit may good qualities from Yorkies and Chihuahua breeds, Chorkie dogs may also inherit their parents health issues.

Is a Chorkie a good dog choice for me? Whether a Chorkie will fit into your household depends on several factors. Chorkies can be very vocal - these small dogs really love to bark and for people who live in an apartment Chorkie may cause some friction with the neighbors who may not appreciate a dog barking frequently in an apartment complex. While a barking dog may be a con for many people who consider this designer mix dog, for those who own their own home barking may be considered as another positive quality. Although Chorkies love the sound of their voice, they typically bark for a reason. For example, if a stranger is approaching your home, a Chorkie will likely start barking to notify the owners about something unusual happening in their environment. Chorkies, therefore can be very successful watchdogs, which is yet another benefit of owning a Chorkie dog.

Do Chorkies make good family pets? Again, the answer to that question depends on your family situation. If you have very young children or babies, a Chorkie may not be a suitable family pet in that case because Chorkies are small in size and are prone to getting hurt by small children, which is a con. Some Chorkies may not tolerate being teased by children and may respond in an aggressive manner, which is another reason why Chorkies are not suitable for families with little kids.

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While Chorkies are not kid-friendly, they make great companions for older people who can shower the small dog with lots of attention - just what a Chorkie is hoping for! Chorkies are full of personality and their bold and at times bossy temperament can be endearing to adults of all ages. Chorkies are small in size and can be easily transported. Chorkies are great companions for walks and keep their owners more active as this little dog requires some exercise during the day. How active are Chorkies? Chorkies are reasonably active dogs and when full grown, Chorkies can enjoy longer walks with their owners and can appreciate some playtime at home or outdoors. If you like longer walks, have a small dog carrier handy so that you can use it whenever your Chorkie gets a little tired or needs some rest.

What are the cons of owning a Chorkie dog?

Are Chorkies good with other pets? Chorkies can get along fine with other dogs, especially if raised together or socialized early. As for small pets like hamsters or mice, Chorkies may experience a strong prey drive around these pets and owners of Chorkie dog need to be careful when introducing a Chorkie to a smaller pet to avoid any potential tragedies. Yorkshire Terriers were used as ratting dogs in the past and some Chorkies may have a strong prey drive as a result of their genetics that is closely linked to Yorkies.

One of the pros of owning a Chorkie is that this hybrid dog has a good chance of inheriting the long lifespan that is associated with Chihuahua breed. Chihuahuas are among the longest lived breeds that can live up to twenty years of age and in some cases even longer, which helps Chorkie dog to also enjoy a longer life span. Taking a good care of your dog, keeping your pet active mentally and physically and maintaining your dog's good health can translate into a longer and healthier life for your pet.

Can Chorkies live in an apartment? Although Chorkies enjoy the sound of their voice, they make good apartment pets with the right training. Chorkie owners have an option of training the "talkative" pet to stop barking on command. The small size of Chorkie in combination with reasonable energy level makes this breed very suitable for a happy life in an apartment, as long as the dog gets sufficient amount of daily exercise, walking and spending time with the owners.

For working people who can only spend a few hours each day with the dog and have to be at work all day long, a Chorkie is not a suitable dog. Chorkies need to be with their owner most of the day and they may develop separation anxiety and other behavior or psychological problems if left alone for prolonged periods of time.

Since Chorkies may feature varied coat texture and lengths, grooming needs are very individual for each Chorkie. Longhaired Chorkies may be more challenging to groom as their coat needs not only frequent brushing but also requires trimming to keep the dog's coat neat and easier to care for. Shorthaired Chorkie dogs are easier to care for.

Here is a video tutorial that shows how to properly take care of a Chorkie puppy.

New Chorkie owners may be surprised to learn that Chorkies are not easily trainable due to their independent temperament. Chorkies are intelligent small dogs that need consistency and patience from the owner during basic training as well as during potty training. If you are looking for a dog that is easily trainable, Chorkie may not be the right dog for you.

Chorkie pros and cons

Pros of Having a Chorkie

Chorkies are friendly, loyal, and make great companion dogs
Yorkie-Chihuahua Mixes get along well with other pets if socialized early
Chorkies don't shed much, and short hair Chorkies have low maintenance requirements for grooming
Yorkie-Chihuahua Mixes are the ideal family pets for households with elderly people and older children
Chihuahua Yorkie mix dogs have a fairly good life expectancy
They are ideal dogs for indoors that don't need a lot of exercising space
Cons of Having a Chorkie

Your Chorkie is likely to experience a few serious hereditary health issues
Chorkies are a vocal breed
Chorkies may be more challenging when training compared to other breeds
They do not fit families with little children
Your Chorkie may require bi-weekly brushing depending on the coat inherited

Chorkie health problems

Being an offspring of two purebred dogs that are known to be relatively healthy, the Chorkie tends to follow suit. You, however, need to be keen on some health conditions that a Chorkie may inherit from Yorkshire Terriers and Chihuahuas.

The following are some of the health issues that affect Chorkie parents:

Chorkies are predisposed to hypoglycemia - low sugar in the blood sugar
Mitral valve disease - PDA
Patellar luxation - Knee dislocation
Skin allergies
Tracheal collapse

Since Chorkies are prone to tracheal collapse, wearing a collar is not recommended for this small dog. Instead, get a comfortable harness for your small dog to decrease the pressure that is applied to the dog's neck during walks to help minimize the chance of developing tracheal collapse in your pet.

Other non-genetic issues to be careful of include the fragile nature of the Chorkie pups, as well as their high appetite. Chorkie puppies need to be handled very carefully to avoid serious breakage injuries. To avoid your Chorkie from becoming obese, ensure to balance meals and treats with exercise and activities so that your dog lives a healthy life. To ensure your Chorkie is not followed up by these hereditary health conditions of the Yorkies and Chihuahuas, get your pup from reputable breeders who will have tested the Chorkie parents prior to breeding.

Renal dysplasia
Patellar luxation
Lung disorders
Invertebral disk disease
Von Willebrand's disease

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