- Pomapoo pros and cons
Owning a Pomapoo positives and negatives

Pomapoo pros and cons

Pros and cons of owning a Pomapoo dog

Pomapoo health issues

Owning a Pomapoo pros and cons

Pomapoo pros and cons Pomapoo dogs were originally developed by crossing a Poodle dog with Pomeranian. The offspring of Pomeranian and Poodle mix is often called Pompoo or Pom Poo. There were several reasons why Pomapoo dogs are quickly gaining popularity among dog owners. One of the advantages that many Doodle breeds such as Pomapoo dog share is low shedding because the Poodle parent of Pomapoo dog is known as a non-shedding dog breed that does not produce much shedding when compared to most other dog breeds. Poodles are also hypoallergenic and as a result, their offspring may inherit that quality as well. Pomapoo dogs typically shed much less than do purebred Pomeranians and they are often more suitable for people with mild pet allergies, just like Poodles. If you or someone in the family has known pet allergies, be sure to spend some time with a Pomapoo dog prior to making a final committment in order to be sure that the dog is a good fit for you and for your loved ones. Too many dogs end up in dog shelters because owners don't take the time to spend with the dog and make sure that their allergies are not aggravated by the new pet. Let's explore the pros and cons of owning a Pomapoo dog in detail.

What are some other pros to owning a Pomapoo in addition to this mix being low shedding as well as hypoallergenic? Pomapoo dogs are conveniently sized and make great apartment pets for people who live in cities. Pomapoos come in several different size categories that depend on which type of Poodle as well as Pomeranian was bred into the mix. Toy Poodle and Toy Pomeranian Mix, for example will result in smaller Pomapoo dogs, while a cross between Mini Poodle and Standard Pomeranian will result in larger Pomapoo offspring.

For people who don't mind high grooming needs which Pomapoo dogs are known for, the luxurious and fluffy coat of a PomPoo dog is something that many pet parents really enjoy about their Pomapoos and consider the coat one of the pros of this beautiful mix. The coat tends to be from medium length to long and can be either wavy or curly in texture. If you choose to keep a longer haircut on your Pomapoo, brushing the dog frequently should become your habit that will help to prevent mats and tangles from forming on the dog's coat that can cause discomfort to your pet.

Do Pomapoo dogs bark a lot? Poodles and Pomeranians tend to enjoy the sound of their voices and it comes as no surprise that many Pomapoo dogs take after their parents and also like recreational barking. While excessive barking can be a con to people who live in apartment buildings and do not want to cause any noise distractions to their neighbors, people who live in their own homes may look as barking as something that is positive. Pomapoos make good watchdogs and will let owners know that someone is approaching their home, for example. This is clearly a pro of owning a Pomapoo.

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Do Pom Poo dogs respond well to being trained? If your Pomapoo inherits Poodle parent's eagerness to please the owners, then you are blessed with a Pomapoo that responds very well to basic obedience training and general training. If, on the other hand, your Pomapoo takes after his Pomeranian parent in temperament, be prepared to put in more time and more patience in order to get your Pomapoo to learn basic commands. While Pomapoos are very intelligent, some may be more stubborn than others in temperament, making them more difficult to train. Consistency and patience are your best friends when it comes to training a more independent-minded Pomapoo dog.

Are Pomapoo dogs high energy? Pomeranian Poodle mix dogs are moderate energy level and require several half an hour long walks each day. Pomapoo dogs require not only to be physically active during the day, they also crave some mental stimulation that comes from playing, interacting with the owners, playing with interactive dog toys and spending time outdoors in a way that keeps the dog engaged and happy. Pay close attention to what dog toys your Pomapoo is most attracted to and let your dog enjoy these. Some Pomapoos really like to play with treat dispensing toys that are not only fun and offer a tasty treat as a reward while keeping the dog busy, but provide a much needed source of fun and entertainment that your smart Pomapoo may really appreciate.

Can Pomapoos be left alone? Cons to owning a Pomeranian Poodle mix dog include the fact that Pomapoo needs his family around most of the day. If you have a full time job and your dog is staying home all day long all alone, that is a recipe for various behavior and psychological problems in your pet as Pomapoos need to be with the owner most of the day, every day. Are Pomapoo dogs good for families? Families with older kids, retirees and adults who work from home make great potential owners for Pomapoo dogs. Families with very young children should wait until the children are older as owning a Pomapoo takes your time and energy that may not be available when there are small kids that need full attention from their parents. Dogs should not compete for attention with children and it is best to wait until owners are fully ready to dedicate their energy and time to the new pet that deserves a family that can properly care for him or her.

If you are someone who enjoys vacations every year or more frequently, think about arrangements for your Pomapoo dog. While some people choose to leave the pet with relatives or friends, others may have to find other ways of having their pet taken care of while they are on vacation which may be expensive. Having a dog comes with different expenses, which is another con associated with pet ownership.

Pros of owning a Pomapoo

Pomapoo dogs are low shedding and produce much less shedding in comparison to Pomeranians
Pomapoos are small enough for apartments where pets are allowed
Pomapoo dogs are highly intelligent
Pom Poo dogs respond well to being trained
Pomapoos are great companion pets for families with older kids and for retired people as well

Cons of owning a Pomapoo

Some Pomapoo dogs can be stubborn and more challenging to train
Pomapoos are prone to excessive barking
Pomapoo dogs are susceptible to some health issues associated with Poodles and Pomeranians

Pomapoo health problems

Pomapoos are hybrid breeds which means they do not suffer as many ailments as their parents the Poodle and the Pomeranian suffer. While most are considered healthy some are prone to a few health problems which is why good care and regular veterinary check-ups should be maintained.

Here are some of the common health problems they suffer that include the following

Pomapoo dogs may be prone to patellar luxation which is an orthopedic condition that affects the knee. Pooches affected will find that the luxating patella jumps of its location which then leads to abnormal gait and discomfort. If it's not severe a change in lifestyle and modifications can manage the situation, if its severe a surgery may be recommended to correct the issue.

Addison's disease is another health condition that some Pomeranian Poodle mix dogs may suffer from. It is a hormonal disorder that results from inadequate levels of aldosterone and cortisol. Symptoms of the disease can vary and may include lethargy, stomach upset and shaking. To confirm the ailment blood tests should be done and medication is given to managing the symptoms.

Collapsing Trachea is another health issue that may affect Pomapoo dogs. The disease affects the small dog's trachea collapsing which leads to dry cough and reduced exercise abilities. X-ray advanced imaging methods can be used to determine the severity of the disease. Medication such as bronchodilators and fluoroscopy should control the symptoms while surgery should be used to totally cure the condition.

Cataracts that are opacities that occur in the lens of the dog's eyes leading to a blurry vision. If the cataract is not big most likely it won't affect the dog, but if it's thicker and denser they will most likely cause blindness. Hence, it's advisable to keep up with the dogs' vet to rule out any possibilities of cataracts.

Epilepsy which is a chronic condition that causes multiple seizures, it could be caused by a genetic predisposition or an underlying problem. It's the most long-term chronic disease in dogs. Normally, it happens when there an abnormal electrical activity in the dogs' brain thus leading to a sudden change in behavior or movement. Unfortunately, there's no treatment for this disease but with proper care and lifestyle, the dog can live a high quality and normal life.

What is a Pomapoo?

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