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Newfypoo dog info, including Newfoundland Poodle mix personality, care and grooming requirements as well as tips on how to potty train a Newfypoo puppy.

Newfiedoodle (Newfoundland and Poodle Mix)

Newfypoo dog imageWhat is a Newfypoo? Newfypoos are crossbred dogs between the Standard Poodle and the Newfoundland. The two combined breeds have great traits including character (temperament), appearance, which the Newfypoos have inherited. Intelligent, playful and very trainable, the Newfypoos have other several names including Newdle, Newfiepoo, Newfydoodle, Newfydoo, Newfiedoodle, Newfiedoo, Newfoundlandoodle, Poofoundland, Newfoundlandpoo, Newfoundland Doodle, Newfoundland Poodle Mix, and Newfy Poodle Mix.

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Most Newfypoos are known to inherit the hypoallergenic coat of the Poodle and the Newfoundland's great strength and desire to work. Newfoundland Doodle dogs are suitable for families with large backyards where they can expend their excess energy through various activities. Newfy Poodle mix dogs are not ideal for people living in apartments or condos. Since Newfypoos are friendly and outgoing, they will get along well with people of all ages including the young and the old.

Charming and quick to learn, Newfoundland Poodle mix pups will also require early training and socialization to maintain good behavior. Newfoundland Poodle cross pups will need to be showered with lots of love and attention by their handlers.

Given that Newfypoo dpgs are hybrid dogs, it is not quite easy to determine which parental genetics will be favored in your dog. They can either be more of Poodles, more of the Newfoundland's while some will be somewhere in between the two. Whichever the case be sure your dog will be gentle, smart and very friendly.

Newfypoo Life Expectancy

How long do Newfypoo dogs live? Newfypoo's lifespan ranges between 8 to 12 years, which is considered a shorter period compared to other large breed dogs. Newfiedoodle dog's lifespan could, however, be shorter if the dog is not well taken care of. Proper diet and exercise combined with a healthy lifestyle help to extend your dog's life span.

Newfoundland Poodle Mix Size

How big do Newfypoo dogs get? Newfypoos are large-sized dogs with a height of 21 to 25 inches, though the female counterparts may appear smaller than the male counterparts. In weight Newfiedoodle dogs can reach from 85 to 110 pounds. What age is a Newfypoo full grown? It takes about a year and a half for a Newfypoo dog to reach adulthood.

Newfeypoos are relatively new large designer dogs. It's believed they came into existence at the beginning of the 21st century. Breeders began intentionally mixing the Standard Poodle with the Newfoundland to get a hybrid dog that is hypoallergenic, intelligent and friendly.

To better understand the Newfypoo dog it is important to learn about the parent breeds whose genetics combined in Newfypoo dog.

Newfoundland dog
This giant breed hails from Canada and has been around for hundreds of years. Newfoundland dogs existed in Canada even before the 1600s.

Owing to the Newfoundland's good nature and great strength, the dog was employed as a working dog, used to haul carts and fishing nets. Later the dog became a family pet and was recognized by both the American Kennel Club and the Kennel Club of United Kingdom.

Poodle info
Poodles have gained popularity in the hybrid world and breeders prefer crossing them with other dogs for many good reasons. Poodles are intelligent, don't produce much shedding and are hypoallergenic. Although the Poodle has been mainly associated with French culture these dogs first originated from Germany and were used as hunters, to hunt water fouls.

The ability to think fast made Poodles a versatile breed, which won the hearts of many breeders. Later, Poodles were kept as family pets, and are often used as show dogs.

Newfypoos Pedigree
Newfypoos are crossbreds between the Poodle and the Newfoundland. In the Pedigree world, these pups are recognized as the first-generation hybrid, meaning they have been bred from a pure-bred Poodle and a pure-bred Newfoundland.

Newfoundland Poodle Mix dogs vary greatly in appearance, temperament and even in grooming needs, depending on how the genetic cards played out in each Newfypoo dog. For instance, your Newfypoo may inherit the Poodles curly coat and a narrow muzzle, while another one from the same litter may inherit the big teddy bear-like heads of the Newfoundland's. Do not expect any uniformity in your first-generation hybrid dog since they are simply unpredictable, even if pups come from the same litter they may all be very different from one another.

Breeders are however working towards creating a more uniform Newfypoo through the multigenerational method. The method involves mixing the first-generation dog with either a Poodle or the Newfoundland, depending on which genes you need to be dominant in your Newfypoo pup.

Newfypoo's Appearance
Newfypoos appearance varies from one dog to the other depending on which parental genes dominate more in the dog. It's not uncommon to see a difference in appearance from pups that come from the same litter. These pups are classified as large breeds while in some instances the dogs could be giants, also depending on the type of breed used to create him. Newfypoos have rectangular bodies with straight limbs. While some might inherit the long pointy muzzles of the Poodles, others will inherit the broad square muzzles of the Newfoundland. With oval-shaped eyes, these pups have densely furred, wide and pendulous ears.

Newfypoos coats are medium to long, dense, hypoallergenic (though not in all dogs) shaggy and will have either curls or waves. Newfypoo dog's coat comes in a variety of colors including black, silver, white, red, brown, pied, cream, blue and grey. Others will have two colors combined with black and white being among the most popular.

Newfoundland Poodle Mix Temperament

Newfypoos have a big heart, are super friendly, lovable and intelligent. Due to their playful, social and outgoing nature, these pups will get along well with anyone in the family. However, older children will do better with the dog compared to young children. Because of their sheer size and strength, younger children interacting with the dog will need an adult's supervision, to avoid any unwanted situations.

Newfypoos are loyal to their families and some Newfypoo dogs may be more protective of their territory than others and can be suitable as a watchdog although many Newfypoos are too friendly to actually start a fight with a potential intruder.

Newfypoos like participating in the family's activities and enjoy learning learning new tricks. These pups dislike being left alone for long hours for they will easily get bored. Ensure you keep your Newfoundland Poodle mix pup busy during the day to help prevent destructive behaviors that may start happening when the dog is bored and lonely.

Newfypoo Exercise Requirements
How active are Newfypoo dogs? Despite Newfypoo's large size, they do not require vigorous exercise to stay in shape. One solid hour of walking every day is enough for most Newfypoo dogs. Involve the dog in other activities such as swimming, catching balls, going on a walk, jogging, frisbees and merely playing in the park or in a fenced yard.

Dog owners should, however, be very careful while exercising these pups especially at their tender age. This is because vigorous exercises could harm their fragile joints leading to joint-related problems. Avoid exercises such as high jumping, even in their adulthood.

Exercises such as swimming should be widely endorsed since these pups love swimming more than anything else. The exercise is safe since there are fewer chances of getting injuries. An exercise program can be formulated for your dog the veterinarian, according to your dogs' size and conformation. This will help determine whether the exercises offered are detrimental to your dogs' growing bones.

Are Newfypoos suitable as family pets? Given that Newfypoos are friendly and social, they will do fine in families with children. However, these pups will require to be socialized starting at a tender age to be comfortable in various environments and around different sorts of people. While interacting with younger children, supervision will be mandatory, due to their large size. If left unattended the dog may end up knocking down a child, which is an unwanted situation. Newfypoos will do well with other pets in the house provided they are socialized early.

Newfypoo puppies are absolutely adorable but they need a lot of attention and dedication from their owners. They should be handled with care to avoid any injuries, especially when playing with kids. Newfoundland and Poodle mix puppies need to be trained and socialized early on to grow into well behaved family dogs.

Newfoundland Poodle Mix grooming

How to care for a Newfypoo dog coat? Depending on what type of coat Newfypoos inherit, more or less grooming will be required. Newfypoos come in three types of coats that include the curly or the wool coat, the hair coat, and the fleece coat.

Newfypoos with wool coats doesn't shed at all. This is due to the nature of its coat which is dense, and makes combing it a great challenge. However, brushing the coat twice or thrice a week will play the trick. The coat also requires fewer haircuts due to the slow growth rate.

Pups with the hair coat are the easiest to manage and don't shed much as well. They only require some trimming around the chin and the eyes. A soft brush is recommended to brush the coat, to circulate evenly the oils all over the Newfypoo dog's fur.

Newfypoos with fleece coats, on the other hand, are considered high maintenance, due to the nature of their coats. Lovely and soft to the touch these half Newfoundland half Poodle pups will not shed much either. Use a slicker brush to brush the coat in order to prevent matting.

Discussed below are some tips that will help groom your Newfypoo.
Brushing your Newfypoo: Brush your Newfypoos coat thoroughly before you start bathing the dog. This will help untangle the dogs' fur as well as get rid of any embedded dirt. A slicker brush should work well in this case. Using the wrong brush can inflict your dog with excruciating pain as well as cause sores in the skin.

Get rid of tangles with a clipper: Begin clipping your Newfypoos coat in areas that are not easily maneuvered. This will help you comb the coat well since you will have gotten rid of knots and mats. Do the exercise with specialized clippers meant for Newfypoos as well as a comb that can be used afterward.

Bathing your Newfypoo: Bathing your dog should always happen once every few months. Do not bathe your dog with too hot or cold water, the water should be in the lukewarm state and always test the water temperature before you begin.

Scrub the coat using dogs' shampoo and afterward rinse the coat thoroughly. This will allow you to see the Newfoundland Poodle dog's coat clearly and decide how you wish to trim it. Drying your pooch: Dry the dog's coat well before you start trimming it. Use a clean, dry towel to rub the coat and get rid of any excess moisture in it. You can as well let the dog shake itself to get rid of the remaining moisture as the coat air dries.

Given that Newfypoo pups are prone to ear infections, it's always advisable to dry the dog's ears thoroughly after bath or after swimming and get rid of any wax build-up and dirt. If you notice a bad smell from the ears or the ears look red and inflamed inside then the dog may need to see the vet to help clear the ear infection that is common for this hybrid.

Newfypoo's eyes should be cleaned regularly. Wipe the dogs' eyes with a soft cloth at each corner carefully to get rid of any dirt.

Newfypoo dog dental care. Maintaining your dog's dental hygiene is very significant, this will prevent bacteria and other plagues. Dog-friendly toothpaste and toothbrushes are recommended for this exercise, which should be done frequently. Although in some dogs the exercise may be a bit challenging if the dog doesn't like being still and opening their mouth.

Newfypoo's nails grow quickly and will need occasional clipping. They should not be felt scratching on the floor, neither should they begin growing inwards. This can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Use nail clippers for dogs otherwise one may end up overcutting or clipping the nails too short, which may cause the dog a lot of pain and discomfort.

Newfoundland Poodle Mix potty training

Given that Newfypoos are smart, intelligent and eager to please their owners, training them will not be a hard task. They easily grasp commands and making many repetitions to be of no use. Newfypoos do well with positive reinforcements, early behavioral and early socialization training. If you wait for too long before you start the training, your pup will, later on, develop behavioral problems that won't be easy to curb in adulthood.

During training its advisable to use rewards and encouragements for any milestone achieved. Since these dogs' are quite heavy in adulthood, leash training should also be administered early enough. This will give you total control over your dog, especially when you are walking. The dog will not suddenly stop nor will it pull on the leash while walking.

Newfypoos are great trick learners and you will be shocked to just how much your Newfypoo can learn. Due to their intelligence, Newfypoos will learn so much fun like tricks such as high five among other tricks.

Potty training a Newfypoo Puppy should start when the puppy is around two months of age or even sooner. Potty training a Newfoundland and Poodle Mix puppy will take your time and attention especially during the first week or two. Fortunately Newfypoo dogs are intelligent and eager to please their owners, making them good students when it comes to potty training. Remember that a puppy can't potty train himself or herself and your attention will be needed to help the dog learn good manners around the home.

Below are a few steps to follow when potty training your Newfypoo dog.

Identify the potty area where the dog can pee and poop as needed. Before you bring your Newfypoo puppy home, find a potty area that the dog will use as a toilet. If it's the yard mark just one area since you don't want your whole yard to be full of poop.

Start potty training the pup as soon as you bring him or her home. Once the Newfypoo gets home start the potty training at that tender age, this will save you much trouble in the future as the dog progresses to adulthood. The Newfypoo puppy can start the training as early as 8 weeks.

Be watchful and pay attention to your dog's behavior to catch your pup right on time to take him or her to the potty area. When it is time to go potty, the Newfypoo will give you signs, such as sniffing around. Walk him to the potty area before he messes up inside the house. Your goal is to take the dog to the potty area when your pet is ready to use it.

Maintain a routine during potty training. You will notice that your puppy does his or her potty business at certain times of the day. Know the exact time your puppy needs to go poop by maintaining a schedule. Mostly the dog will need to use the bathroom 15 to 20 minutes after the following activities; Napping, taking a meal, drinking, playing sessions and before going to bed.

Shower praise every time your puppy does the business in the right place. After your Newfypoo has done the toilet business properly, praise him with words such as "Good dog!". This encouragement will go a long way in ensuring the training is successful. Your puppy will soon understand which behavior is being praised and rewarded and will try to replicate that behavior, which is what we want.

Learn to use cue words while potty training your Newfypoo. Newfoundland and Poodle mix dogs often grasp commands very quickly. Cue words such as "go potty" as this command will be very useful in many occasions.

Avoid punishments. In case your dog poops in the house, avoid punishments as the dog will only get more confused thus slowing the potty training process. Promptly clean up the area thoroughly with an enzyme based cleaner to completely get rid of the smell of urine or feces from the floor. Leaving even a faint scent of urine will result in your dog using the area as his or her toilet in the future. Enzyme-based cleaners can help to completely remove any scents from the accident area.

Interrupt accidents: In case you catch your Newfypoo in the act of pooing, interrupt him softly but with words that get his attention such as No! pick him outside to the potty area to finish the business.

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