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Airedoodle dog breed pros and cons

Airedoodle pros and cons

Pros and cons of owning an Airedoodle dog

Airedoodle health issues

Owning an Airedoodle pros and cons

Airedoodle dog was developed by crossing an Airedale Terrier with a Poodle. Poodle and Airedale Terrier mix dogs possess the temperament qualities as well as physical traits that are a combination between the two breeds that can be transferred to Airedoodle puppies in different proportions, which makes each Airedoodle dog very unique.

Airedoodle essentials
Airedoodle pros and cons Doodle mixes such as the Airedoodle often result in hypoallergenic dogs that are also low shedding, much like the purebred Poodle dogs, making doodle hybrids very attractive to dog owners. Poodles are also known for their exceptional intelligence and that is yet another reason that makes doodle dogs so popular. What are some of the pros and cons to owning an Airedoodle dog? Some of the positives to owning an Airedoodle dog include the dog's versatile abilities - intelligent Airedoodles can excel in many jobs, including being loving family pets, as watch dogs and guard dogs, Airedoodles are suitable as hunting dogs and they can be trained to be useful in many other occupations.

Active people who are planning to take their pet for long walks, hikes and other activities may find the high energy of Airedoodle dog as a positive quality. Airedoodles make great exercise partners for those who like to spend a lot of time outdoors and stay active. On the other hand, people who are less active may find that the high energy of Airedoodle dog is not suitable for their lifestyle - not everyone is thrilled to have to walk an active family pet for miles every day. Airedoodle dogs make good companion pets for people who have lots of time to dedicate to exercising their dog every day. Working people who are not at home during the day are not ideal owners for an Airedoodle as this dog needs to be with the owners most of the day doing productive things. Various behavior problems start happening if an Airedoodle is left alone with no healthy ways to use their energy. Young Airedoodles are especially energetic and need supervision throughout the day as they are getting obedience training, potty training and socialization that are all necessary for Airedoodle puppies.

What are some of the cons to owning an Airedoodle dog? Airedoodles have a beautiful coat that is often hypoallergenic and low-shedding thanks to the Poodle parent. Airedoodles shed significantly less than Airedale Terriers but the coat maintenance is above average. Only people who are ready to groom their dog frequently, brush the dog, trim the coat once every couple of months and remove any tangles or mats that may start forming between brushings are all necessary to keep the Airedoodle's coat healthy and beautiful.

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Airedoodle dogs may also feature a beard around the face which may need extra care to keep the area clean after each meal. Food particles may get stuck in the hair around the dog's face and need to be cleaned immediately after each meal.

Are Airedoodles good with children? When raised together, Airedoodles can be good companions for children - this intelligent dog has plenty of energy for running around with kids and enjoying different fun activities with their families. For families with toddlers or babies, getting an Airedoodle may be an overwhelming responsibility and is not recommended. Taking good care of an Airedoodle puppy takes almost as much time and energy as taking care of a young human child and not all families with young kids have the time that is necessary for proper care of a demanding dog such as the Airedale Poodle mix dog.

Although Airedoodles come in miniature and standard sizes, this dog may be too active to be comfortable living in a small apartment in the city with limited space to run around, which is another con to owning this dog. Airedoodles prefer living in a home with a spacious, fenced yard where the dog can get some exercise during the day and stay active. What if you live in an apartment and want to get an Airedoodle dog? If you live next to a park where you can take your dog for a healthy, long walk several times every day, regardless of the weather and you can spend most of your day with the pet, then you may find that a Miniature Airedoodle may be the right dog for you. Mini Airedoodles are smaller in size and can be more comfortable living in an apartment setting in comparison to large standard Airedoodle dogs that are simply too big for city apartments.

Airedoodles can be a lot of work especially during puppyhood, which is a con for many people. Taking care of a young Airedoodle is a full time job, considering that you need to potty train the pup, feed the young Airedoodle several healthy meals, socialize him and provide obedience training to raise a well rounded pet that is a pleasure to be around. People who are at work all day long and think about getting a dog such as Airedoodle should think twice because this dog needs a family that he can be around most of the day. A lonely Airedoodle is not a happy dog - he needs your time, dedication and company every single day.

Pros of owning an Airedoodle

Airedoodle dogs are friendly, energetic and intelligent
Airedale Terrier Poodle mix dogs love human companionship
Poodle Airedale Terrier dogs are playful and active
Airedoodles love outdoor activities such as walks, agility training or even tracking
Airedoodle dogs get along well with other pets and are good with kids when raised together
Airedoodles are not very vocal and don't bark much when compared to many other dog breeds

Cons of owning an Airedoodle

Airedoodles can be challenging when it comes to grooming
Airedoodles should not be left on their own for long since they may get in trouble when bored or lonely
Airedoodles are sensitive and feel the owner's mood
Finding Airedoodle puppies may be challenging as this is a rare mix at this time
Airedoodles are not suitable for living in apartments

One of the challenges that Airedoodle owners may come across is what to do when the family needs to take a vacation and there's no one available to take care of the family pet. Dog boarding may be a solution in that situation. Learn more about dog boarding requirements.

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Airedoodle health problems

Most at times mixed breed dogs do not inherit potential health conditions that are present in their parents. However, this is not a guarantee for Airedoodle owners to lay still. They need to do personal research on both breeds of the parent. Inherited ailments could include

Hip dysplasia - a condition where the hips of your dog are dislocated or underdeveloped from their original place. This condition causes sharp pain on the back of your puppy or dog and makes movements painful. In such cases, you are advised to take your dog to the veterinarian and have him treated.

Patellar luxation - a health condition whereby the kneecap of your dog is dislocated. The knee appears swollen and may make your dog have abnormal gait caused by the pain. Visit a vet soonest possible to treat it.

Dermatitis - happens due to the wiry nature of the Airedoodle dog's coat. You will be able to identify dermatitis in your dog while it has excessive licking and itchy skin.

Other ailments may include gastric torsion or bloat. Use slow feeder to feed your Airedoodle dog.

In order to have a healthy puppy, be on the lookout for the following:

Airedoodle breeder should allow you sufficient time to let your chosen puppy be checked by a certified veterinarian

A caring breeder should provide you with the puppies' feeding, care, training and grooming written instructions

Airedoodle breeder should provide you with the puppy's vaccination and health records as well

What is an Airedoodle?

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