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Bernedoodle pros and cons

Pros and cons of owning a Bernedoodle

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Owning a Bernedoodle pros and cons

Bernedoodle pros and cons Bernedoodles are among the most popular hybrid dog breeds and people who are considering getting a Bernedoodle dog are often curious to learn about pros and cons of owning a Berne Doodle. Designer dog breeds such as the Bernedoodle were created by crossing two or more dog breeds. Bernedoodles are the offspring of the two breeds - Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog. When two breeds are crossed, some of the positive as well as negative qualities of the parent breeds are genetically transferred to the resulting offspring. What are some of the pros and cons of Bernedoodle dogs that potential owners need to be aware of?

Short lifespan of Bernese Mountain Dogs was one of the reasons for creating a Bernedoodle dog - Bernedoodles tend to enjoy a longer life and may have fewer health problems that are frequently found in Bernese Mountain Dog breed. Besides the advantage of a longer life expectancy, Bernedoodles are also highly intelligent and easily trainable dogs, thanks to the brainy Poodle parent's genetics that went into creating this mix. What are other pros associated with Bernedoodle dogs? Berne Doodles shed significantly less than Bernese Mountain Dogs. In addition to the benefit of low shedding, many Bernedoodles produce less pet allergens when compared to Bernese Mountain Dogs. The reason for increased hypoallergenic coat quality is because Poodle dogs are known for their low allergen coat which can help in decreasing of pet dander and other allergens in Bernedoodle dogs.

Besides longer life span, high intelligence and hypoallergenic, low-shedding coat, what are some of the other positive qualities that Bernedoodles are known for? One of the pros of Bernedoodle dogs is that this hybrid is very versatile in size - Bernedoodles come in Toy size, Medium size as well as Large or Standard Size, depending on which size of Poodle was bred into the mix. Bernedoodles that are larger in size may be more suitable for larger living spaces such as a country home with a spacious fenced yard for the dog to enjoy. Bernedoodles that are smaller in size, such as Mini Bernedoodles or Toy Bernedoodles may be happy living in a city apartment, as long as they get sufficient exercise.

Some of the challenges of owning a Bernedoodle include the fact that this active dog needs plenty of time for outdoor activities and exercise such as walking or playing. Not all owners have the time that this adorable but very demanding for attention dog deserves and requires in order to live a happy and fulfilled life. Another con associated with Bernedoodles is that this dog is not ideal for people who are at work all day long and can only spend the evening or the morning with a sociable Bernedoodle that needs to be around family most of the day. Bernedoodle dogs make great pets for active people who can spend a lot of time during the day with the family pet, exercising, walking and interacting with this smart dog. Physical as well as mental stimulation is very important for Bernedoodles. Young Bernedoodle puppies are especially needy for your time as they need to be supervised, potty trained, taught good manners, exercised and socialized during the first year of their life in order to grow into a well behaved, happy and healthy dog that is comfortable in different circumstances.

Another con associated with Bernedoodles is that their lovely coat requires frequent attention, brushing, trimming and grooming in order to stay healthy and neat. Leaving a Berenedoodle's coat neglected will result in mats and tangles that may cause skin irritation and other skin issues. Only consider getting a Bernedoodle if you have the time as well as resources necessary to properly take care of and groom a high maintenance dog such as the Bernedoodle.

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Pros of a Bernedoodle

Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle mix makes an excellent dog for an active family with older kids.
Most Berne Doodles get along well with other pets, especially when socialized early in life.
Bernedoodle dogs are perfect for new owners who have the time to properly care for this dog.
Many Bernedoodles are hypoallergenic and produce lower amounts of pet allergens associated with many dog breeds.
Bernedoodles are very good swimmers.
Bernedoodles can live in apartments, small condos, or countryside homes with a backyard. Choose the right size of Bernedoodle according to your living space.
Bernedoodles have few health concerns in comparison to Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Cons of a Bernedoodle

Bernedoodles are highly demanded, making them expensive to acquire. Consider adopting a Bernedoodle from a local Bernedoodle shelter.
Bernedoodle dogs can misbehave if not socialized and trained well.
Bernedoodles dislike being left alone for long periods of time - not suitable for people who spend all day at work.
Berne Doodles are highly active and aren't suitable for people that aren't able to walk the dog a couple of hours each day.
Grooming a Bernedoodle at a dog grooming salon can be expensive.
Bernedoodles need outdoor exercise for at least a couple of hours each day.

Bernedoodle health problems

Generally, Bernedoodles are healthier pups since they are a hybrid dog, unlike their parents. Although Bernedoodles have lesser chances of inheriting genetic diseases, they still suffer from some ailments similar to those of their parents though many Benredoodles stay healthy throughout their lives.

Here are some of the health conditions Bernedoodle dogs may be susceptible to

Hip dysplasia - Commonly inherited from the Bernese Mountain Dog, this is a painful condition that affects hip joints. The femur bone and the hip socket fail to fit properly which results in malfunction. Through wear and tear, the condition ends in lameness. Keep your Bernedoodle in healthy weight starting during puppyhood to help lower the chance of joint issues.

Elbow Dysplasia - This condition affects the elbow joint and its cause is not yet known. It may result from an accident, abnormal cartilage or a nutritional cause. Since the bone is not well fitted, the increased pressure causes pain and later lameness. Bernedoodle puppies should be kept in healthy weight and high impact exercises need to be avoided until the dog is fully grown to help decrease the possibility of joint problems later in life.

Skin issues - Bernedoodle skin conditions may include allergies and hot spots, it results from skin lesions that make the dog constantly lick, scratch the skin leaving scabs. Proper coat care is necessary for Bernese Mountain Dog Poodle mix starting early in life.

What is a Bernedoodle?

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