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Owning a Cheagle dog pros and cons

Cheagle pros and cons

Pros and cons of owning a Cheagle dog

Cheagle health issues

Owning a Cheagle pros and cons

Cheagle pros and cons Cheagle dogs are gaining their popularity and many potential owners of Chihuahua and Beagle mix dog are curious to find out what are the pros and cons of owning a Cheagle. Hybrid dog breeds such as the Cheagle were initially created in order to decrease the problem areas in purebred dogs that often have serious health issues or may not be suitable for most households. Cheagles have some advantages that purebred dogs may be lacking. While the positive qualities of parent dogs get transmitted to their puppies, some negative qualities may also show up in the offspring. Here are some pros and cons of owning a Cheagle dog.

One of the pros of owning a Cheagle dog is the joyful and playful temperament of the Beagle Chihuahua mix dogs. Always upbeat and happy, Cheagles make suitable companion pets for an array of family situations. From active seniors who are looking for a pet to pamper to families with older children who want to add a pet full of charisma and character to their household to single people who may want a dog to have a pet to care for are all suitable options of potential Cheagle owners.

In any case it is wise to consider all the positives as well as all the drawbacks of any specific dog that you are looking to add to your family. There are some cons associated with owning a Cheagle and excessive barking is one of the challenges with this designer dog breed. The Chihuahua parent is usually prone to barking excessively, and Cheagle is highly likely to inherit this trait. Fortunately, this incessant barking can be curbed by training your Beagle Chihuahua mix early on. The "Quiet!" command can be very useful when owning a Cheagle dog.

Another challenge that Cheagle owners may encounter with Cheagles is that this dog is prone to separation anxiety. The nature of the Beagle parent is being a pack dog. If left for extended periods of time, your Cheagle will most likely get frustrated and stressed. This is perfectly curbed by training your Cheagle on how to play with toys, which can easily distract him from the owner's absence. Another option is to get a couple of Cheagles instead of only one. That way your Cheagles will always have a company and will be less prone to developing a separation anxiety. People who spend most of the day away from home should not consider a Cheagle dog because Chihuahua Beagle cross dogs need to be with their family most of the day and can be rather demanding for attention.

Some Cheagles may be fond of nipping, which can be inherited by a Chihuahua Beagle mix dog. Feisty Chihuahuas are fond of being aggressive by nipping, a trait that is also likely to be inherited by the Cheagle. This kind of aggression comes as a result of the dog thinking that it's imminently under an attack of any kind and needs to protect his territory. By doing this, he believes he's defending himself from threats and protecting his family members as well. Potential for nipping behavior can be considered as another con of owning a Cheagle dog.

Small Dog Syndrome is yet another challenge that some Cheagle owners need to overcome. This is a behavioral syndrome that happens when dog owners tolerate behaviors that are undesirable from their small Cheagles, as their size makes them seem like no threats. This behavior can be curbed through early training.

Now that we looked at some of Cheagle cons, let's consider the positives of owning a Cheagle dog. Some of the pros of owning a cheagle include the dog's loyal and affectionate personality. Another positive of owning a Cheagle is that this dog is easier to groom than most other dog breeds. Cheagles often shed less than Beagles, and owners can expect moderate shedding level from their Cheagle dog. Brush your Cheagle with a brush to remove the dead hair from his coat to help manage shedding.

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Cheagles are usually smaller in size than Beagles and as a result they are more suitable for living in apartments. As long as a Cheagle gets enough daily exercise, this dog can happily enjoy a life in an apartment. Smaller dogs are often easier to manage than larger breeds and Cheagles are conveniently sized, which is another reason why they are gaining popularity in the recent years.

While Cheagles make good family dogs for families with older kids, Cheagles are not suitable for families with very young children or toddlers. Cheagles may have less tolerance for kids who may tease them and can get snappy and another reason is that Cheagles are active dogs and need plenty of attention and families with very young children may not have the time to properly care for a small but demanding dog. Cheagles can be difficult to train, which is yet another challenge with this hybrid dog that makes it less suitable for families with very young kids. Cheagles that inherited the independent temperament of a Beagle can be stubborn and unwilling to follow commands. Cheagles are also scent oriented dogs and will follow interesting scents when outdoors. This is another reason why Cheagles may have difficulty focusing on training when there are so many interesting scents around. Potential owners should read a book or two on dog training prior to setting on training a Cheagle. Be prepared to exercise your patience as you are training your Cheagle dog. Always keep training sessions fun and short to be effective. Cheagles love to eat and having some tasty treats can help to keep the dog focused on you during training. It is best to start training a Cheagle indoors in a quiet place with as few distractions as possible so that the dog has a chance to concentrate on what you are teaching him at the moment. Five-minute long reward based training sessions work best with Cheagles.

Pros of a Cheagle

Chihuahua Beagle mix dogs are loyal and affectionate
Cheagle is a low-maintenance hybrid dog that is easy to groom
The small size of a Cheagle makes Chihuahua Beagle dog ideal for living in small home setups
Cheagles usually get along fine with other pets in the household as long as they are socialized from a young age

Cons of a Cheagle

Cheagle are not suitable for families with little children
Cheagles are difficult to train and can be stubborn
Some Cheagles shed more than others, depending on whether the coat quality was inherited from Chihuahua or from Beagle parent
Excessive barking can be an issue for some Cheagles
Cheagle dogs are active and need plenty of mental and physical exercise during the day

Cheagle health problems

Being designer hybrid dogs, Cheagles can be assumed to be free of many health issues that do affect their parents. However, Cheagles are predisposed to some hereditary health problems that affect the Beagles and Chihuahuas. While Beagles are usually at a high risk of glaucoma and patellar luxation, Chihuahuas are usually susceptible to teeth and eye conditions as well as the Mitral valve disease.

As a result of their tiny body size, Cheagles tend to be fragile to a greater extent against weather conditions that are extreme. For this reason, you should always ensure your Beagle Chihuahua mix is indoors unless you've gone out for a walk.

While most of Cheagles are healthy, some Beagle Chihuahua mix dogs are predisposed to various health problems depending on how they've been bred. Make sure your Cheagle is regularly checked by a vet for any health issues. Other health problems that are common to the Beagle Chihuahua mix include

Hip dysplasia
Thyroid issues

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