- Golden Mountain Dog pros and cons
Owning a Golden Mountain Dog pros and cons

Golden Mountain Dog pros and cons

Pros and cons of owning a Golden Mountain Dog

Golden Mountain Dog health issues

Owning a Golden Mountain Dog pros and cons

Golden Mountain Dog pros and cons Potential Golden Mountain Dog owners need to be aware of some cons and pros that come with owning a large and very intelligent pet. Golden Mountain Dogs are an offspring of Golden Retriever and Bernese Mountain Dog breeds. Both parent breeds are naturally friendly, sociable and get along easy with other pets in the household. Golden Retrievers are very popular large dogs that have many important occupations, including being great family dogs. Golden Retriever and Bernese Mountain Dog mix inherits many characteristics from both of the parent breeds that include the positive and negative traits.

Golden Mountain Dogs are very trainable, which is one of the pros to owning this dog. It is important to start training your Golden Mountain Dog early on, at around two months of age your Golden Mountain pup is ready to begin basic training and potty training as well. Fortunately, Golden Mountain Dogs are eager to please their owners and when training is done in short (2 to 5 minute) sessions using positive reinforcement. Reward-based training is most effective with your smart pet.

Do Golden Mountain Dogs make good pets for families with kids? The advantage to owning a Golden Mountain dog is that this pet is family friendly and gets along swell with children. Active and playful, Golden Mountain Dogs enjoy running around and playing fetch with the kids. Even the friendliest dogs need to be supervised around kids and Golden Mountain Dog is not an exception to that rule.

Are Golden Mountain Dogs suitable for apartment living? The short answer is no. Golden Mountain Dogs are very energetic and active and require a good deal of exercise combined with mental stimulation during the day that may be difficult to accomplish in a city environment where space is often an issue. Unless you have a spacious fenced yard and a park where you can easily take your pet every day for exercise, consider another dog breed that will be more comfortable in less spacious environment such as city apartment.

Active people who enjoy long daily walks with their pet may find an advantage in a highly energetic dog such as the Golden Mountain dog. At the same time, people who don't like to walk for miles may find the dog's energy level overwhelming and not compatible with a more laid back way of life which is a con in that case.

Many people expect that Golden Mountain Dog will require regular grooming but not everyone may have a good idea of how much Golden Retriever and Bernese Mountain Dog mix actually shed. One of the challenges to owning a Golden Mountain Dog is that this beautiful dog produces a lot of shedding around the year. Shedding management is a big job when it comes to owning a Golden Mountain Dog. Potential owners need to have a plan where the dog can get regular brushing in addition to frequent home vacuuming in order to keep the abundant shedding under control. Shedding management is not the only grooming task for Golden Mountain Dog owners. Dental care is also important and daily brushing with canine toothpaste starting during puppyhood is important. Healthy teeth often translate into healthy dog and owners of Golden Mountain dog need to keep that concept in mind when caring for their pet.

Hertzko is a deshedding brush that helps to remove most of the dead hair from the dog's coat in a gentle yet effective way. You will be surprised at the amount of shedded hair that this brush can remove from a Golden Mountain Dog even in one grooming session.

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Are Golden Mountain Dogs good watchdogs? If you are looking for a watchdog, consider other breeds because Golden Mountain Dog is so friendly that he will make friends even with people that he is not familiar with, which can be a con to someone who is hoping to get a dog that can also play the role of a watchdog in the household.

While temperaments as well as appearances of Golden Mountain Dogs may be very different since this dog is a hybrid between two distinct breeds, it may be challenging to predict exactly the personality and appearance of a full-grown Golden Retriever Bernese Mountain dog cross. One of the ways to estimate the size and personality is by observing the puppy's parent dogs. Since temperament as well as appearance are among the inherited traits, by spending time with both parent dogs you can get a better idea of what your puppy will be like when he or she is a mature dog. Pay attention to how sociable the parent dogs are, do they tend to bark at strangers or have a very friendly approach to even unfamiliar people? How big are they? Do they seem more timid or rather confident? All of these observations can be helpful in determining the important characteristics in your pet.

One of the cons associated with owning a Golden Mountain Dog is that this dog is a true companion and needs to be with the owner most of the time. People who have full time work and work outside home may not be the ideal owners for this hybrid dog. Golden Mountain Dogs are happiest when they can spend a lot of time with their families instead of waiting all day long for the owner to come back from work and spend quality time with them. When selecting a dog, be sure to consider your lifestyle - some dogs have more energy and need to have an active life while others are more laid back and don't need miles of walking every day. Bernese Mountain Dog and Golden Retriever mix dog needs lots of outdoor time and plenty of mental and physical engagement throughout the day to stay healthy. Can you or a family member be there with the dog most of the time every day, walking the dog and providing sufficient exercise to your pet? What about vacation time? Do you have a responsible person who can help and take good care of your pet while you are away for a while? All of these questions need answers before you decide on getting a Golden Mountain Dog.

While getting a new puppy is a very exciting time, it is also a high responsibility because Golden Mountain Dog puppies need constant supervision throughout the day to be fed, potty trained, taught good manners and learn basic training commands and don't forget socializing to raise a confident family pet. The first few weeks your young pup will depend on your care in so many ways that even the most dedicated owners may feel overwhelmed. Some nights you may not get enough sleep as the puppy will likely feel lonely and will let you know how he or she feels by making plenty of noise. During the day potty training will be another important goal and your full attention will be necessary in order to take the Golden Mountain Dog pup to the potty area whenever he displays readiness to use potty. Puppies can be demanding and taking care of a new puppy can be a challenge especially for busy people who have other important responsibilities.

Pros of Golden Mountain Dog
Golden Mountain Dog is one of the most affable and friendly dogs
Golden Mountain Dogs are eager to please and respond well to training
Golden Mountain Dogs get along well with people and other pets
Another pro of owning a Golden Mountain Dog is that this Golden Mix is very intelligent

Cons of Golden Mountain Dog
Golden Mountain Dogs are heavy shedders making grooming very time consuming
Active dogs like the Golden Mountain Dog require a lot of mental and physical exercise every day
Golden Mountain Dogs are sensitive to hot weather and may easily overheat
Golden Mountain Dogs are prone to several health issues such as obesity

Golden Mountain Dog health problems

Hybrid dogs tend to be healthier than purebred counterparts. However, the Golden Mountain Dogs may be prone to health issues that affect their purebred parents. Here are some of the health issues that may affect and shorten the Golden Mountain Dog's lifespan:

Obesity happens if your Golden Mountain Dog fails to be exercised regularly or is overfed. Obesity can make the dog unhealthy in many ways.

Hip Dysplasia occurs when the dog's body has chronic pains and there are weak mobility issues. The disease results from obesity which puts excessive pressure on a dog's joints and bones. In nature, this disease is hereditary.

Cancers such as haemangiosarcoma, osteosarcoma, and histiocytoma are more common in the Golden Mountain Dog breed than in others. Pet owners need to be extremely vigilant while they lookout for changes in their dogs' unusual growth or behavior such as limping.

Bloating is a health condition that makes the Golden Mountain's stomach swell up due to excessive gas build-up. It may exert pressure on the dog's diaphragm, which may eventually lead to breathing problems. If you happen to detect any of these signs, take your Golden Mountain Dog to the vet for immediate treatment.

Feeding the Golden Mountain Dog

As highlighted earlier, Golden Mountain Dogs are very susceptible to obesity and other weight gain issues. Although they have a good appetite, you should give them a healthy and controlled diet. Dietary needs are bound to change as your Golden Mountain Dog advances in age from puppyhood to being an adult and senior years later in life.

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