- Havachon pros and cons
Owning a Havachon dog pros and cons

Havachon pros and cons

Pros and cons of owning a Havachon dog

Havachon health issues

Owning a Havachon pros and cons

Havachon pros and cons If you are considering getting a Havachon dog, there are some cons and pros to consider before you make the final decision. Some of the advantages to owning a Havachon include the dog's cheerful and happy personality. Havanese Bichon mix dogs are naturally sociable and make wonderful pet companions for people who don't mind the extensive grooming needs. Fluffy dogs such as Havachons require daily brushing to keep mats and tangles at bay and monthly coat trimmings to keep the dog looking neat.

Other pros to owning a Havanese and Bichon Frise mix dog is that this is a very intelligent dog that generally responds well to training. If your Havachon inherited the temperament of his or her Bichon Frise parent then chances are you will notice some degree of stubbornness. For example, some Havachon dogs can be potty trained quickly while others may take longer time to master the potty training skills. With positive training approach and your patience this smart dog can successfully learn basic training and can succeed in some dog sports.

Are Havachon dogs low shedding? The advantage to owning a Havachon dog is that this hybrid dog is low-shedding and produces a minimal amount of shedding. Even though Havachon dogs are considered to be non-shedding, the amount of grooming that Bichon and Havanese cross dogs require is significant. Not everyone likes to spend lots of time brushing a dog's hair or grooming their pet and people who are not into these activities should look into getting a dog breed that is less demanding than Havachon. Havachons require frequent brushing and owners also need to look out for any mats or tangles on the dog's hair and promptly remove these to prevent discomfort and skin issues. Havachon's coat requires a lot of attention from the owner, which may be a disadvantage for some people.

Havachons are adaptable and adjust easily to most living conditions. From small apartments to large houses in the countryside - Havachon dogs are happy companions as long as they get to spend lots of time with their owners which is one of the pros for many Havachon enthusiasts. The important part is that this companion dog needs to be around the owner most of the time. Leaving Havachon alone for long hours every day is a recipe for behavior problems that may include excessive barking or other undesirable behaviors. For busy people this may be a con as this sociable dog needs human company most of the time.

Advantages to owning a Havachon dog is include the fact that this dog is suitable for families with older children. Havachons quickly become friends with kids and enjoy playing and staying active around children. Parents need to teach kids how to treat the small pet with respect that the pet deserves. For example, kids should not approach the dog when the pet is resting or eating. Always supervise your kids around the small pet that may be especially vulnerable during puppyhood.

Retirees and seniors make wonderful owners for Havachons. With the increasing numbers of senior pet owners it is not surprising that small companion dog breeds such as Havachon are quickly gaining their popularity. Seniors and Havachons are a match made in heaven because often retirees have plenty of time to dedicate to a beloved companion pet and in return Havachon dog can give the unconditional love and companionship that can be so important for the elderly. Havachon dog owners tend to stay more active throught the day as the dog needs to be walked and taken care of. Staying active and getting outside for fresh air is beneficial for the health of the owner and of the dog, which is yet another pro to owning a Havachon dog.

Havachon Pros
Bichon Havanese mix dogs are easy to train
Havachons are small in size to fit in apartments and small condos
Havachon dogs are hypoallergenic
Havachon dogs are great with kids
Havachons love attention
Bichon/Havanese mix dogs adapt easily to various environments

Havachon Cons
Havachons are high maintenance when it comes to grooming
Havachon dogs are prone to many inheritable ailments and diseases
Havachon puppies are fragile
Some Havachons may be stubborn

Havachon health problems

Given that Havachons are designer dogs, they are likely to suffer some health conditions the same as the ones suffered by their parents. Although most Havachons are generally healthy there are a few diseases that will require monitoring. Health conditions that Havachons may be susceptible to include the following:

Mitral Valve Disease which is a condition that affects Havachon's heart. It is usually a low-grade murmur that is picked during the first visit to the dogs' veterinarian. Diagnosis will be done through chest X-rays and normally medication is offered to reduce progression as well as symptoms.

Porto-Systemic Shunt. This condition is usually present from birth; normally affected dogs will have signs such as gastrointestinal or neurological signs. Ultrasound is used to detect the condition and dye is often used to mark the affected area. Medications can help the condition but surgery is usually the most effective method to treat the condition.

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Patellar Luxation. Small breeds are often affected by this condition, whereby one or both knees suffer. Owners with affected dogs will see them skipping one or two steps before resuming a normal walk. The condition is usually graded from one to four, with four being the most severe stage. Despite which stage the dog is, they will still suffer from osteoarthritis. However, surgery is the most effective way to treat the condition.

Hip dysplasia: This condition affects the dog's hip joint has not developed properly. Instead of rubbing smoothly against each other, they rub against each other. This then leads to pain and later lameness. Symptoms of hip dysplasia include reluctance to jump, run or climb, decreased activity, stiffness, loss of thigh muscle mass or decreased range of motion. Lifestyle modification can be used to help the dog cope with the situation, but in severe cases, surgery is the only option to normalize the dogs' life.

Cataracts: This is an opacity in the lens of the dogs' eye. It may affect a small area of the eye or the whole eye. Total cataracts that affect both eyes could easily lead to blindness. Even though cataracts are mainly inherited, they may not affect the dogs' lifestyle if they affect only a small portion.

There are other minor conditions that Havachons may suffer from, including

Bladder stones

Feeding the Havachon
Food for Havachon dogs should be well balanced with all the nutritional requirements included. It should also be formulated according to the dog's size, energy levels, and age. Generally, the food should make your dog happy, healthy and strong.

High-quality dry kibble dog food is what is most recommended for these breeds. Ensure that you stick to a particular schedule to avoid free feeding your Bichon Havanese Mix dog. This will help to prevent Havachon from gaining unnecessary extra weight. Obese dogs often suffer from multiple other health problems that were initially triggered by the extra weight.

Divide the recommended daily amount of food into two or three portions per day.

Havachon information

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