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Owning a Malshi dog

Malshi pros and cons

Pros and cons of owning a Malshi dog

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Owning a Malshi pros and cons

Malshi pros and cons Is Malshi a good dog for me and my family? In order to find out whether Malshi is the right dog for you, it is important to find out all of the pros and cons of owning a Mal Shi, otherwise known as Maltese Shih Tzu mix dog. Since Malshi dogs are created by crossing a Maltese breed with Shih Tzu, Mal Shi puppies may inherit a different set of traits from both of these breeds in a random combination. It is almost impossible to predict exactly what full grown Malshi dogs will look like and what will their personality be like.

What are some of the pros of owning a Malshi dog? Since both of the parent breeds of Mal Shi are small in size, Malshi dogs usually weigh up to 10 pounds in weight and can reach a height of up to 11 inches tall. This small hybrid dog is suitable for many living conditions including apartment, condo or a large country home. Malshi's small size also makes this dog easy to travel with and to manage during walking. For older people who don't mind the extensive grooming needs of Malshi, this hybrid dog is one of the best breeds to own. Maltese Shih Tzu mix dogs are affectionate and very loving towards their owners. One drawback of owning a Malshi dog is that this dog always wants to be with the owners and is not suitable for people who can't spend most of the day with the dog. Malshi is always hungry for owner's attention and really dislikes to be left alone. Some Malshi dogs may be prone to separation anxiety, which can be a disadvantage.

Are Malshi easy to care for? Malshi can be a hands full when it comes to grooming needs. The continuously growing Malshi coat is hypoallergenic and doesn't produce much shedding, which is why this hybrid is rapidly gaining popularity. The negative side is that Malshi's coat needs daily care and grooming needs are above average. Potential Malshi owners need to be aware of how much work it is to keep Mal Shi's coat tangle free and neat. From monthly trimmings to daily brushings, Malshi can be a lot of work. Dog grooming enthusiasts may find this hybrid simply irresistable because there's always something that needs to be done in regards to Malshi's coat. Whether it is to brush the coat or to remove any tangles or to keep the dog's hair from getting in the dog's eyes - there's a lot of maintenance. Malshi owners who are not big on grooming may find that trimming the dog's coat short leaves them with less grooming work that needs to be done in between trimmings. The con to high maintenance dogs such as Malshi is that grooming them may take a lot of time and money - pet grooming can be expensive if you take your dog to a professional dog groomer. To help minimize the grooming costs, some Malshi owners choose to do the grooming work at home. A lot of money can be saved by getting professional grooming tools, watching a few Malshi grooming tutorials and getting some practice with grooming your beloved pet. Many Malshi owners enjoy grooming their pets and find grooming sessions as a rewarding time spending with their adorable Malshi dog.

How much exercise do Malshi dogs require? Malshi have moderate exercise needs and three half an hour daily walks combined with some indoor playtime can keep your Malshi dog happy. Younger Malshi that are under three years of age are most active and with age and as the dog ages, the exercise needs start slowly decreasing. Older Malshi dogs are naturally less active than younger pups. For people who are looking for a very active dog that can run for miles, Malshi is not suitable.

Malshi dogs are hypoallergenic because both of the parent breeds, the Maltese as well as Shih Tzu are nonshedding and produce less allergens than most other breeds. This quality is a pro especially for people who are more sensitive to allergens produced by dogs. Always spend some time with a Malshi dog prior to final commitment if you have serious pet allergies to make sure that your allergies are not triggered by Mal Shi.

Are Malshi dogs easy to train? If your Malshi's temperament comes from the Shih Tzu parent, then training a Shih Tzu Maltese mix dog can be challenging because the dog can be obstinate. Some Malshi are easier to train than others. Regardless of Malshi's temperament, this dog can be trained with positive training techniques. Finding the appropriate motivation that suits your individual Malshi can make all the difference during the training process. Some Malshi may respond well to food motivation while others enjoy training during play. Unless you are hiring a professional dog trainer, reading a few books on how to train a dog can help especially if you are a new dog owner with no previous dog training experience.

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Malshi owners who live in apartments may choose to housetrain their pets for using an indoor dog litter box, which can make your life much easier.

Malshi pros

Small-sized perfectly for small condos, apartments and other small living quarters
Coexists well with pets, kids and frequent visitors
Mal Shi dog needs moderate exercise
The Malshi is very adaptable
Mal-Shis are hypoallergenic
Most Malshi dogs don't bark much

Malshi cons

Malshi can be stubborn and difficult to train
Mal-Shi is not an intensive exercise companion
Malshi dogs can acquire Small Dog Syndrome or separation anxiety when left alone

Malshi health problems

Maltese Shih Tzu mixes are considered healthy, but just like other crossbreeds, they are susceptible to certain physical and hereditary issues. Although it's not guaranteed for your Mal-Shi to be a victim of these health issues, it's always important to be informed in order to take necessary precautions as a prospective Mal-Shi owner.

Prior to acquiring your puppy, ensure the breeder shows the Mal-Shi's parents' health clearances. This means that the parents have been cleared after being tested for a particular condition. It is also important to find out if your Malshi has resulted from multigenerational breeding, or it's a First-generation offspring. If the Mal-Shi is a first-generation pup, ensure you're aware of possible health concerns. Multigenerational breeding for this dog is rare though! But regardless the generation, there should be applicable health clearances available, since some disorders result from recessive genes that could fail to show for many generations.

For Malshis, you should get to see health clearances from the OFA-Orthopedic Foundation for Animals with a fair or good score for:

Hip dysplasia
Elbow dysplasia
Von Willebrand's disease

Auburn University also gives clearances for Thrombopathia, and for normality of the eyes from the CERF - Canine Eye Registry Foundation.

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