- Papillon vs Chihuahua
Chihuahua versus Papillon

Papillon vs Chihuahua

Dog breed comparison between Papillon and Chihuahua dog breeds. Differences and similarities between these small companion dog breeds.

Difference between Chihuahua and Papillon

Chihuahua Papillon mix

Papillon vs Chihuahua grooming

Papillon vs Chihuahua lifespan

Papillon vs Chihuahua size

Papillon versus Chihuahua shedding

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Papillon vs Chihuahua temperament

Papillon vs. Chihuahua origin

Papillon compared to Chihuahua good with kids

Papillon vs Chihuahua companion dogs

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Papillon vs Chihuahua intelligence

Chihuahua vs Papillon trainability

Papillon vs Chihuahua barking

Chihuahua vs Papillon exercise needs

Chihuahua vs Papillon health issues

Papillon versus Chihuahua behavior problems

Papillon versus Chihuahua popularity

Papillon vs Chihuahua loyalty to the owner

Chihuahua compared to Papillon apartment dogs

Papillon vs Chihuahua
Papillon pros and cons

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Chihuahua vs Papillon
Chihuahua pros and cons

Chihuahua vs Papillon

Papillon and Chihuahua are small companion dog breeds that share many similarities and some differences as well. What are the similarities between Chihuahuas and Papillons? Papillons and long haired Chihuahuas have a similar look, with both breeds featuring upright ears with fringes or hair. Short haired Chihuahuas have noticeably less furry coat and it is easier to tell the difference in appearance between short-haired Chihuahua and a Papillon.

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What are the differences between Papillons and Chihuahuas? When compared in size, Papillons are larger and taller than toy-like Chihuahua dogs. Although both, Chihuahua and Papillon are intelligent breeds, Chihuahuas are much more challenging to train than eager to please the owner Papillons. Papillons are among the easiest small breeds to train while Chihuahuas may require more patience and consistency in order to learn basic obedience commands. Potty training is more difficult with Chihuahuas as well.

Papillons and Chihuahuas are both long lived and healthy dog breeds with few genetic health issues. In grooming there's not much difference between a Papillon and a long-haired Chihuahua. Both of these breeds need to be brushed daily to keep the coat healthy. Mats tend to form around the silky soft hair located around the ears of both of these small breeds. Short haired Chihuahua is easier to groom than a Papillon as the short hair doesn't mat as much as Papillon's longer hair.

Potential Chihuahua and Papillon owners need to be aware that both of these companion breeds need to spend most of the time with the owner. These small companion pets dislike being left alone and are happiest around their human family.

Complete comparison between Papillon and Chihuahua breeds.

Chihuahua Papillon Mix

Half Papillon half Chihuahua dogs inherit the traits of both parents. Since Chihuahuas and Papillons may have a variety of colors, half Chihuahua half Papillon dog can be of any color. When a short coated Chihuahua is mixed with a Papillon, the resulting puppies may be either short haired or feature a longer coat. Long coated Chihuahuas mixed with Papillons usually produce puppies that have a longer coat, just like the parents.

Image of Chihuahua Papillon cross.

Chihuahua Papillon mix

Chion is another name for Papillon Chihuahua mix dog.

Chihuahua vs Papillon: Grooming

Grooming routine for both Chihuahuas and Papillons is very similar. Both breeds require daily brushing to keep the coat tangle and mat free. Eye stains that occur in some dogs need to be gently removed with a dog eye stain remover. Both breeds should have their teeth brushed daily, starting during puppyhood. Dog's toenails need to be trimmed once every six weeks or so.

Chihuahua versus Papillon: Lifespan

Papillons and Chihuahuas are healthy small breeds that are among the longest living dog breeds. Both breeds can live up to 15 years and sometimes even longer. On average, Chihuahuas live longer than Papillons. Many factors can affect a Chihuahua's or Papillon's life expectancy. The overall health of the dog, lifestyle and other factors affect longevity.

Chihuahua vs Papillon: Size

Chihuahuas are by a few pounds lighter and by a few inches shorter than Papillons.

Chihuahua male weight: 4 to 6 lb (1.8 to 2.7 kg)
Papillon male weight: 8 to 10 lb (3.6 to 4.5 kg)

Chihuahua male height: 6 to 10 in (15 to 25 cm)
Papillon male height: 7.9 to 11 in (20 go 28 cm)

Papillons vs Chihuahuas: Shedding

Papillons shed twice a year and have a moderate level of shedding. Chihuahuas are also known for moderate shedding. Long haired Chihuahuas appear to shed more than short haired Chihuahuas mostly because of the length of their coat. To manage a Chihuahua or Papillon shedding, brush the dog's coat with a small deshedding brush such as Furminator deshedding tool to remove most of the dead hair.

Chihuahua vs Papillon: Price

Papillon puppy prices start at around $400 while a Chihuahua starting price is usually around $500.

Chihuahua vs Papillon: Temperament

Chihuahuas and Papillons are alert and intelligent dogs that enjoy being around their owners. There are some differences in personalities of these breeds. Chihuahuas can be snappy when provoked while Papillons are not aggressive by nature. Chihuahuas and Papillons love to be in the center of attention and enjoy being pampered. Both of these small companion breeds need to spend most of the time with their owners.

Chihuahuas tend to pick one member of their family as their favorite while Papillons have an unlimited amount of love to give to all family members.

Papillon vs. Chihuahua: Country of breed origin

Chihuahua breed was developed in Mexico.
Papillon breed was developed in France.

Good with kids: Papillon versus Chihuahua

Papillons and Chihuahua are more appropriate pets for families with older, sensible children because these small breeds are too fragile to be in a company of toddlers who can easily hurt the little dog by accident. Children need to be taught that dogs aren't toys and need to be treated with respect that they deserve. Parents need to explain to children that a family pet should never be bothered when the dog is eating or sleeping. Small kids should not be allowed to pick the Chihuahua or Papillon up. Instead, they can pet the dog while sitting next to the animal. Chihuahuas and Papillons are not ideal family dogs for families with very young children.

Chihuahuas vs Papillons: Companion dogs

Both, Chihuahuas and Papillons are popular companion dogs for seniors and for any owner who can provide the small pet with the love and attention the little dog needs. In return, Chihuahuas or Papillons are willing to provide an unconditional love and a wonderful sense of humor to their owners for as long as they live. Conveniently sized Chihuahuas and Papillons are easily transported and make good apartment dogs. These breeds do not have high exercise requirements but they do need a few daily walks and a playtime with the owner.

Good with other dogs: Chihuahua vs Papillon

Chihuahuas and Papillons are unaware of their small size and will happily play with larger breeds. Owners should be very careful when letting a small Chihuahua or Papillon play with a large dog as Chihuahuas and Papillons can accidentally get hurt by being stepped on by a larger dog or even worse, the larger breed may mistake the smaller Chihuahua or Papillon for a prey. Be very selective when choosing playmates for your small dog. Early socialization is important for both breeds as well socialized Chihuahuas and Papillons can build confidence and be comfortable in different situations.

Papillons compared to Chihuahuas: Intelligence

Papillons are the most intelligent among small breeds but clever Chihuahuas aren't far behind. Papillons and Chihuahuas enjoy mental stimulation and owners can provide the small dog with interactive toys. Treat dispenser toys for toy breeds can also be a lot of fun for your small pet.

Papillon vs Chihuahua: Trainability

Papillon is eager to please the owner and is easier to train that a Chihuahua. In comparison to Papillons, Chihuahuas can be challenging during training and aren't ideal for obedience enthusiasts. Gentle and fun training approach works best for both of these small breeds.

Papillon versus Chihuahua: Barking

Chihuahuas are more quiet than Papillons and don't bark as much on average. Papillons, in comparison, tend to bark whenever there is an unfamiliar noise or anything else that gets the dog's attention. Although both, Papillons and Chihuahuas can be good apartment dogs, Papillons and Chihuahuas benefit from learning the "Quiet!" command. If barking is an issue, Papillon or Chihuahua owners can train their pets to stop barking on command because loud dog barking is not always welcomed by apartment neighbors.

Chihuahua compared to Papillon: Exercise needs

Despite the small size, Chihuahuas and Papillons both enjoy taking walks with their owners. With small breeds such as the Chihuahua or Papillon, carrying a small dog if he is tired is easy as these breeds are easy to carry. Some owners decide to get a small pet carrier that can keep the Chihuahua or Papillon comfortable during trips or long walks.

How much exercise do Papillons and Chihuahuas need every day? These small breeds adjust to the level of physical activity of their families. Papillons and Chihuahuas enjoy a few daily walks and some indoor playtime. Keeping a dog physically active helps to keep the pet healthy and in good weight. Chihuahuas are especially prone to overeating and can easily get overweight, especially as the dog gets older. Maintaining a healthy amount of dog food combined with enough physical activity can help to keep your dog healthy for many years.

Health issues: Difference between Chihuahua and Papillon breeds

Chihuahuas and Papillons are healthy and long lived breeds with few genetic health problems. Papillons and Chihuahuas may suffer from kneecap dislocation. Other potential health issues for Papillon breed include eye problems. Open molera (an opening at the top of the skull) makes Chihuahua breed more fragile.

Chihuahua vs Papillon: Dog behavior issues

Papillons and Chihuahuas are sensitive to being left alone. If left alone often and neglected, both of these companion dog breeds will develop behavior and at times even psychological problems. Papillons may engage in excessive barking and are prone to separation anxiety, especially if overcoddled during puppyhood. Chihuahuas can be difficult to housetrain. Potential owners need to be prepared to be very patient with a Chihuahua dog during the potty training and should never punish the dog for any accidents that are bound to happen during dog toilet training. Punishing a dog for an accident will only confuse your pet and make potty training even more difficult than it needs to be.

How to help your Chihuahua or Papillon to behave while you are not at home? Always give your pet a good walk prior to leaving. This way a Chihuahua or Papillon is more likely to sleep and relax while you are away. Provide some toys for your pet to keep them busy. Chewable toys or treat dispenser toys can keep your dog busy for a while and the dog will have something to do while you are not home.

Difference between Chihuahua and Papillon: Popularity

Chihuahua takes 30th place in popularity ranking in the United States, according to AKC. Papillons are less known and take 53th place in popularity ranking in the United States.

Chihuahua compared to Papillon: Loyalty to the owner

Chihuahuas and Papillons are very loyal to their owners and are happiest when owners are around. These companion breeds need plenty of love and attention and in return they will love their owners to bits for many years to come.

Comparison between Chihuahuas and Papillons: Apartment Dogs

What are the differences between Chihuahuas and Papillons as apartment dogs? As long as Chihuahua or Papillon gets to spend most of the time with the owner, these breeds are happy living in an apartment or in a country home. Chihuahuas and Papillons who live in an apartment need to get exercise such as walking and playing with the owners. The small size of either Chihuahua or Papillon makes these breeds very appropriate for apartments.

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