- Rottweiler vs German Shepherd
German Shepherd versus Rottweiler

Rottweiler vs German Shepherd

Comparison between Rottweilers and German Shepherds in detail. Differences and similarities between these large dog breeds.

Difference between Rottweiler and German Shepherd

Rottweiler vs German shepherd temperament

Rottweiler vs German shepherd size

Rottweiler vs German shepherd guard dog

Rottweiler vs German shepherd bite force

Rottweiler vs German shepherd speed

Rottweiler vs German shepherd lifespan

Rottweiler vs German shepherd shedding

Rottweiler vs. German shepherd origin

Rottweiler vs German shepherd good with kids

Rottweiler vs GSD other dogs

Rottweiler vs German shepherd intelligence

German shepherd vs Rottweiler trainability

Rottweiler vs German shepherd barking

Rottweiler vs German shepherd personal protection

German shepherd vs Rottweiler exercise needs

Rottweiler vs German shepherd health issues

German shepherd vs Rottweiler behavior problems

Rottweiler vs German shepherd popularity

Rottweiler versus German shepherd loyalty to the owner

German Shepherd breed info

Rottweiler breed info

Rottweiler versus German Shepherd

The Rottweiler and German Shepherd breeds have a lot in common. Both breeds are active and have a strong work ethic. The Rottweiler and German Shepherd are among the top police dogs. These large working breeds do best with an experienced dog owner, capable of establishing a mutually respectful relationship with the dog. Both breeds are trainable and require at least basic training to be manageable in a family setting. German Shepherds and Rottweilers make excellent guard dogs and when properly socialized and trained, can make reliable personal protection dogs.

What are the differences between a German Shepherd and Rottweiler in terms of temperament, size and grooming needs? Keep reading to compare Rottweiler breed to German Shepherd in detail. Difference between Rottweiler and German Shepherd breeds explained.

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Rottweiler vs German Shepherd temperament

Differences between Rottweiler and German Shehperd breeds include temperament. German Shepherds are even-tempered, adaptable and eager to please the owner. This breed loves a challenge, obedient and reliable. Just like German Shepherds, Rottweilers are loyal and confident dogs. While Rottweilers are highly trainable, German Shepherds may be easier to train for less experienced owners. Rottweiler breed has a more dominant temperament in comparison to German Shepherds.

Rottweiler vs German Shepherd Size

Rottweilers are heavier and taller than German Shepherds. Although large Rottweilers have more weight and overall power, German Shepherds are more agile and faster than Rottweilers. See below for size comparison between the Rottweiler and the German Shepherd breeds.

German Shepherd male weight: 30 to 40 kg (66 to 88 lb)
Rottweiler male weight: 50 to 60 kg (110 to 130 lb)

Rottweiler male height: 61 to 69 cm (24 to 27 in)
German Shepherd male height: 60 to 65 cm (24 to 26 in)

Rottweiler vs German Shepherd guard dog

Rottweilers and German Shepherds have high potential to be trained as excellent guard dogs. The original purpose of both of these strong working breeds was to guard and to herd. Large and strong breeds such as German Shepherd and the Rottweiler are intimidating, which helps to deter intruders. Rottweilers are very territorial and they naturally enjoy patroling their territory. GSDs and Rotties are naturally protective and well suited for guard dog training. Natural guard dogs such as Rottweilers and German Shepherds need to receive proper socialization from the early age.

PSI (pound force per square inch): Rottweiler vs German Shepherd

Rottweiler Bite Force is 328 PSI
German Shepherd Bite Force is 238 PSI
Both of the breeds are in the top ten dog breeds with the strongest bite force.

Rottweiler vs German Shepherd running speed

German Shepherd top speed is about 30 miles per hour (48 km/h).
Rottweiler top running speed is about 20 miles per hour (32 km/h). German Shepherds are faster than Rottweilers.

Rottweiler vs German Shepherd lifespan

Rottweiler life expectancy is about 9 to 10 years.
German Shepherd life span is shorter and is about 9 to 12 years.

Large dog breeds such as the Rottweiler and the German Shepherd have a relatively long life span compared to some other large breeds. Many factors contribute to a dog's longevity, including genetic diseases associated with the breed, lifestyle, care and general health.

Rottweiler vs German Shepherd Shedding

Rottweilers and German Shepherds breeds shed considerably. German Shepherds have a longer coat and may be higher maintenance in terms for coat care than Rottweilers are. Rottweilers shed a lot despite having a shorter coat. Having the right deshedding tools can make a big difference in managing shedding for both of these large breeds.

Country of breed origin German Shepherd compared to Rottweiler

The Rottweiler breed was developed in Germany. The original purpose of the Rottweiler was to be a cattle drover dog.
German Shepherd breed was developed in Germany as a sheepherding dog.

Rottweiler vs. German Shepherd Good with kids

German Shepherds have softer temperament and are less dominant than Rottweilers. German Shepherds make good family dogs and are easier to manage for less experienced owners.
Dominant Rottweiler needs an experienced owner who is able to manage a more stubborn Rottweiler.
When socialized from a young age, the Rottweiler and German Shepherd have the potential to be loyal family dogs. As with any large dog breed small children need to be supervised around the dog.

Rottweiler vs German Shepherd Good with other dogs

Level of socialization depends of each individual dog (how much time the owner spent getting the puppy comfortable around other dogs) plays an important role in determining how good the dog is around other dogs. Both, the German Shepherd and the Rottweiler are capable of getting along with other dogs if socialized early.

Rottweiler versus German Shepherd Intelligence

Both of these working dog breeds score high on intelligence. GSD scores higher on intelligence tests but not all German Shepherds are equal in terms of intelligence, just like not all Rottweilers are equal in intelligence when compared to other dogs of the same breed. Due to these variations within each breed, intelligence level needs to be tested on individual dogs to make a reasonable estimation.

Rottweilers vs German Shepherd Trainability

Rottweilers are more stubborn and more dominant than German Shepherds. Though Rottweilers are trainable, the trainer will benefit from having more dog training experience to manage this strong minded dog.
German Shepherd breed is easier to train.
Although both of these working breeds are trainable, the Rottweiler needs a more experienced trainer to achieve better results during training.

Difference between Rottweiler and German Shepherd Barking level

German Shepherds usually bark when necessary but in general they tend to bark more than the more quiet Rottweilers. Although both of these breeds are natural guard dogs, the German Shepherd barks more on average when compared to the Rottie.

German Shepherd vs Rottweiler Personal Protection Training

Both, the Rottweiler and the German Shepherd are among the top dog breeds for personal protection. Personal protection training can be time consuming and expensive. Given an opportunity, both of these breeds are capable of becoming excellent personal protection dogs.

The Rottweiler vs German Shepherd exercise needs

German Shepherds are more active on average than heavier Rottweilers. Both breeds need daily physical exercise, long walks and plenty of mental stimulation to stay in best shape. Rottweilers tend to be more relaxed and calmer at home, while German Shepherds show more energy.

German Shepherd vs Rottweiler health issues

Both breeds have a set of genetic diseases associated with each breed. German Shepherds often suffer from hip dysplasia. Rottweilers are also predisposed for hip dysplasia like most large breeds. Bloat can be an issue for both of these breeds. Rottweilers have a shorter muzzle and have a tendency to overheat easily. Dogs with shorter noses often have trouble with hot temperatures as they aren't able to cool themselves off as efficiently as dogs with ordinary muzzles.

Dog food for large breeds

Rottweilers compared to German Shepherds dog behavior issues

When bored, either of these breeds will get destructive. The dog is simply trying to find a way to keep himself busy doing something when the owner doesn't present the dog with a constructive way of spending his day. Be sure to tire your German Shepherd or Rottweiler out before you leave the dog unattended and provide something for the dog to keep him entertained. A chewable toy goes a long way when your dog is home alone and is looking for something to chew on.

Rottweiler and German Shepherd breeds compared: popularity

Which breed is more popular a GSD or a Rottie? German Shepherd takes the second place among the most popular dog breeds in the United States.

The Rottweiler is not far behind and takes 8th place among the most popular dog breeds in the United States.

GSD vs Rottweiler Loyalty to the owner

Both of these breeds are very loyal to their owners.

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