- Schnoodle pros and cons
Owning a Schnoodle positives and negatives

Schnoodle pros and cons

Pros and cons of owning a Schnoodle dog

Schnoodle health issues

Owning a Schnoodle pros and cons

Schnoodle pros and cons Schnoodles are quickly gaining popularity among dog owners and for many reasons. What are some of the pros to owning a Schnoodle dog? Poodle mixes such as Schnoodles share a very desirable trait in common which is a low-shedding coat that is also in many cases hypoallergenic. Besides being considered a low shedding dog, a Schnoodle also inherits adorable looks from the parent breeds. Many people call this hybrid a Teddy Bear dog. Schnoodles are not only good looking dogs, they are also known for their intelligence. Schnoodle's parents (Poodle and Schnauzer) are smart dogs that are also easily trainable, which is another advantage to owning a Schnoodle. Start training your Schnoodle puppy early on and use positive motivation techniques during training to accomplish impressive results with basic training and with potty training as well. Highly intelligent Schnoodles learn quickly and enjoy pleasing their owners - a combination that makes this dog suitable even for a novice pet owner who doesn't mind the high grooming needs of Schnauzer Poodle mix dog.

Speaking of grooming needs - Schnoodle dogs are high maintenance when it comes to grooming. The fluffy coat needs to be properly taken care of to stay beautiful and neat. Considering the amount of care that Schnoodle's coat requires - high grooming requirements may be a con to owning a Schnoodle dog, unless you enjoy brushing your dog's coat frequently and giving your pet a haircut every couple of months. Professional grooming sessions may be expensive - which is another disadvantage to owning a Schnoodle dog. Schnoodle owners who want to cut the costs of costly dog grooming appointments have an option of learning how to groom their pet at home. The initial investment in professional grooming tools may add up to a round sum, but nevertheless is much less expensive than taking the dog for a haircut every couple of months to a professional dog groomer. Learning to trim a Schnoodle's coat at home is not that difficult, especially if you already took the dog to the groomer recently and can still see the outlines of the haircut that you can simply follow as you are working on trimming your Schnoodle's coat.

Do Schnoodles make good watchdogs? Most Schnoodles will alert their owners of someone approaching their territory with a loud bark. Schnauzer dogs are excellent watchdogs and many Schnoodles take this trait after their Schnauzer parent. Barking is something that many Schnoodle owners are familiar with and while some may consider this as a negative quality, people who live in their own homes may find that barking is a very useful and positive quality as the dog can notify them of strangers approaching their home or of mailman stopping by to drop off the mail. Schnoodle is there to let you know that there's someone at the door with a loud bark. Apartment dwellers may be concerned that their Schnoodle may disturb neighbors with frequent barking, in which case the dog can be taught to stop barking on command. Most dog trainers suggest to first train your Schnoodle to bark on command and once the "Bark!" command is mastered by your pup, he is ready to learn the "Quiet!" command, which can be very useful especially if you live in an apartment complex and want to be considerate to your neighbors.

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Are Schnoodles good family dogs? If you are looking for an active pet that will be your partner during long daily walks and a playmate for older kids then Schnoodle may be just the right dog for you. Schnoodles are happiest in families where the dog can spend most of the day with the owners. Fun, intelligent and sensitive to the owner's mood a Schnoodle is a great companion pet for active adults of all ages. People who are energetic and like to spend lots of time outdoors walking their pet and interacting with the dog may find a very suitable pet companion in a Schnoodle dog. One of the advantages of the Schnoodle dog is that they come in a variety of sizes and people who live in smaller spaces such as city apartments have an option of getting a smaller Schnoodle type while people who are interested in getting a larger dog can look into acquiring a larger, Giant Schnoodle dog that is perfect for households with a large fenced yard where the dog has plenty of space to exercise and spend some energy during the day.

While there are many cons associated with owning a Schnoodle, there are some challenges that potential Schnoodle owners need to be aware of. From high grooming needs, to a dog that has a lot of energy and needs several long walks during the day and plenty of mental stimulation to stay busy in a productive way, Schnoodles can be a hands full. People who are not prepared for a very active pet that needs plenty of attention, especially during puppyhood may be overwhelmed with the amount of dedication and time that your Schnoodle needs every day, especially during puppyhood. Schnoodle owners will spend a considerable amount of time socializing and training the Schnoodle puppy. Potty training a Schnoodle dog may take some time and the owners need to be there to train the dog as your Schnoodle can't potty train himself or herself without your presence. Having a young puppy at home is in many ways like bringing home a human baby. The new family addition needs lots of your attention, time and care to grow into a well behaved pet that is a pleasure to be around. Potential Schnoodle owners who travel frequently may need a support system - such as a relative that can take care of the pet while the owners are on business trips or on vacation. Schnoodles also need to spend a lot of time with their family - leaving an active dog home alone for hours may be a recipe for behavior and psychological problems that may start developing in a dog that doesn't receive the necessary amount of exercise and is left to be alone during the day.

Pros of a Schnoodle

Schnoodle dogs shed very little in comparison to most other dogs
Schnoodle is a protective dog, with excellent watchdog abilities
Another pro to owning a Schnoodle is that with their joyful nature Schnoodle dogs make good family pets
Schnoodles are highly trainable and quick learners

Cons of an Schnoodle

Schnoodle dogs aren't suitable for people who work outside home most of the day and cant's be with the dog most of the day
Some Schnoodles are prone to excessive barking
Schnoodles are not suitable for families with very young children
Schnauzer Poodle mix dogs can be stubborn and temperamental, especially the large variety

Schnoodle health problems

Schnoodles suffer the same conditions as their breed parents. Although they are generally healthy pooches, Schnoodle dogs are prone to a number of illnesses. It's advisable to keep up with the dogs' vet for regular check-ups.

Here are some of the conditions Schnauzer Poodle mix dogs may suffer from

Progressive retinal atrophy - This is a condition that affects the eye's retina and leads to partial blindness than to total blindness. When, unfortunately, there is no cure for this condition, the majority of dogs do adapt to the blindness condition provided that the environment does not change a lot.

Cataracts - This is a condition that affects the eyes as well, a cloud of membrane forms over the eyes leading to vision loss. The condition can be treated through a surgery process.

Patellar luxation - This happens when the Patella's bones are not aligned properly, as a result, it slips in and out of place leading to pain and abnormal gait. In cases that are not so severe treatment is not really necessary, but in severe cases, surgery may be the only way out.

Epilepsy - This is mild or severe seizures which can manifest in various unusual behaviors or shaking. Although this condition is scary most dogs live a normal life. Dog owners should, however, keep in mind that this problem could be an issue of an underlying condition, therefore visiting a vet regularly should help keep your dog strong and healthy.

Addison's disease - This is a serious condition caused by the adrenal gland not producing sufficient adrenal hormones. Symptoms include loss of appetite, diarrhea or vomiting. In other cases, it may manifest as shock or unexplained collapse. The disease is usually treatable alongside other oral medications.

Gastric dilatation (volvulus) - This is a fatal illness that occurs when the dog eats quickly one huge meal, drinks a lot then exercises immediately after. The pooch's stomach twists and distends making the dog unable to pass excess gas. As a result, the dog's pressure goes down, if immediate action is not taken the dog may die. Its symptoms include retching, salivating, lethargy or restlessness. Take the dog to the vet as soon as you see any of the mentioned symptoms. Always use slow-feeding plate for dogs that may be at risk for Bloat (another name for Gastric dilation) when feeding your Schnoodle.

Schnoodle dog information

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