- Large dog breeds

Large dog breeds

Here is a list of large dog breeds with photos. Large dog breeds are dogs that weigh 60 lbs and more. Giant dog breeds weigh 90 lbs or more. Large and giant dog breeds have a shorter lifespan (life expectancy) in comparison to other breeds. Big dog breeds usually have more puppies in a litter. Large dogs need more living space and are more popular in the suburbs where most people have houses with backyards and plenty of space for a large dog. Owners of big dogs know that veterinary visits are pricier with large breeds. Big dog breeds may be predisposed to certain canine genetic diseases such as dog arthritis and other joint conditions due to more pressure on joints caused by more body weight. Traveling with large dogs is more expensive. Dog food and dog toys for large dogs can be more expensive. Before you commit yourself to getting a specific large dog breed, do a thorough research and find out how active the breed is and how much maintenance and grooming the large dog breed requires. Can you spend two or three hours each day on being active with your big dog, walking the dog, training and playing with your big pet? Some large dog breeds are more active and need hours of exercise each day, while others may be lazy big dogs that enjoy spending most of the day relaxing on a couch. Consider your living situation - having a large, fenced yard where the large dog can run around and explore will be very helpful on days when you do not have much time to spend on walking the dog. Some large dog breeds shed more than others and may need more time and financial resources from the owner for coat care and professional dog groomer appointments (unless you choose to do all the grooming and coat care at home). Each dog breed has unique shedding patterns throughout a year, unique dog training, dog care and dog grooming needs. We want you to be more prepared for being a great owner of the large dog breed of your choice after visiting our site.

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Big dog breeds list and pictures

Large breeds compared

Afghan Hound large hound breeds

Akita large sized breeds

Alaskan Malamute large to giant sized breeds

American Foxhound large dog breeds

Anatolian Shepherd giant dog breeds

Azawakh large sized dog breeds

Belgian Malinois large dogs

Bernese Mountain Dog large dog breeds

Black Russian Terrier large size dog breeds

Bloodhound large hunting dogs

Borzoi large size breeds

Bouvier des Flandres big dogs

Doberman Pinscher large breeds

German Shepherd large dogs

Giant Schnauzer large dog breeds with pictures

Golden Retriever large dog breeds

Great Dane giant breeds

Labrador Retriever large breed

Rottweiler large breed

Compare large dog breeds
Detailed comparison between the large dog breeds provides key differences between the large breeds. The large dog breed comparison includes sizes of the dogs, trainability, bite force, dog's top speed, loyalty of the large dog to the owner, how well the dog gets along with children and with other dogs, overall health of each of the compared dog breeds and many other important factors.

Big dog breeds list and pictures Afghan Hound

Large dog breeds list and pictures

Afghan Hounds are large dogs with a lot of style and grace. Potential owners need to be aware of intense grooming requirements of this large dog.

Afghan Hound breed pros and cons

Large dog breeds list Akita

Large dogs list

Giant dogs such as Akita are known for their loyalty and strength. This large breed requires experienced owners who can handle a dominant and powerful dog.

Akita breed pros and cons

Large dog breeds list Alaskan Malamute

List of large breeds

Alaskan Malamutes are large working dogs with a warm coat that helps the dog to tolerate cold temperatures. This large breed has a lot of energy and is more comfortable in a cooler climate.

Alaskan Malamute breed pros and cons

Compare Alaskan Malamute to other dog breeds
Alaskan Malamute vs Siberian Husky

Large dog breeds American Foxhound

American Foxhound breed pros and cons

Compare American Foxhounds to other breeds

Foxhounds are large hunting dogs that used to be kept in packs.

Foxhound compared to Beagle

Giant dog breeds Anatolian Shepherd

Giant dog breeds list

Giant dogs such as the Anatolian Shepherd are suitable for homes with a large territory where the dog can stay busy every day. This is a unique large dog breed that is not suitable for most pet owners.

Anatolian Shepherd breed pros and cons

List of large breeds with photos Azawakh

Big dog breeds list and pictures

Large breed such as the Azawakh comes from Africa. The short coat makes this large dog most suitable for living in a warm climate.

Azawakh breed pros and cons

Large breeds with photos Belgian Malinois

Large breeds

Belgian Malinois breed pros and cons

Large breeds compared
Belgian Malinois compared to German Shepherd

Large dog breeds list with photos Bernese Mountain Dog

Large working breed such as Bernese Mountain Dog was originally developed as a general help farm dog. The abundant coat keeps this large dog warm during cold weather.

Bernese Mountain Dog breed pros and cons

Giant dog breeds list with photos Black Russian Terrier

Big dogs listed with photos

Black Russian Terrier breed pros and cons

Large breeds compared
Compare Black Russian Terrier to other breeds
Black Russian Terrier vs Giant Schnauzer

Big dogs list with photos Bloodhound

Large dogs with photographs

Large scent hounds such as Bloodhounds have lots of energy and need an owner who can successfully manage a large and at times stubborn pet.

Bloodhound breed pros and cons

Large dogs with photographs Borzoi

List of large dog breeds

Borzoi breed pros and cons

Large dog breeds compared Bouvier Des Flandres

List of big dogs

Bouvier breed pros and cons

Large dog breeds comparison Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher breed pros and cons

Large breeds compared
Compare Doberman to other breeds
Doberman compared to German Shepherd

Doberman compared to Rottweiler

Big dogs compared German Shepherd

German Shepherd breed pros and cons

Large breeds compared
Compare German Shepherd to other breeds
German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois compared

German Shepherd and Doberman Pinscher compared

German Shepherd and Rottweiler compared

German Shepherd and Golden Retriever comparison

German Shepherd compared to Labrador Retriever

Large dog breeds with pictures Giant Schnauzer

Large breeds compared

Compare Giant Schnauzer to other large size breeds

Giant Schnauzer and Black Russian Terrier comparison

Large breeds Golden Retriever

List of large dogs with pictures

Golden Retriever breed pros and cons

Large breeds compared
Compare Golden Retriever to other breeds
Golden Retriever compared to Labrador Retriever

Golden Retriever compared to German Shepherd dog

Giant dog breeds list Great Dane

List of giant dog breeds

Great Dane breed pros and cons

Large dog breeds differences Labrador Retriever

List of large dog breeds

Labrador Retriever breed pros and cons

Big breeds compared
Compare Labrador Retriever to other breeds
Labrador Retriever compared to Golden Retriever

Labrador Retriever and German Shepherd comparison

Large dog breeds listed Rottweiler

Big dog breeds with pictures

Rottweiler breed pros and cons

Large breeds compared
Compare Rottweiler to other breeds
Rottweiler and Doberman breeds compared

Rottweiler compared to German Shepherd

Compare large dog breeds

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