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Alusky (Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute mix)

Alusky dog imageWhat is an Alusky? Alusky designer dog is produced when a Purebred Alaskan Malamute is crossed with a purebred Siberian Husky. Aluskies are active, friendly, and athletic dogs that thrive very well in extremely cold areas. With a wolf-like appearance, an Alusky is likely to stop you tracks! Husky Malamute mix dog's friendliness, loyalty and playfulness will surprise you. It is a hardworking dog with very sturdy muscles inherited from its parents and adaptable for pulling the sled in the snow. The Alusky will intrigue you with its beauty, body shape, intelligence and speed.

If you like exercising and having those morning runs and jogs, then the Alusky will make a great companion as it is vigorous and requires frequent exercising. Get a high-quality leash for your Alusky and go for those walks, hikes and play in the park any time of the day provided it is not too hot outside. Alusky dogs are not ideal for warm or hot and humid climates as these dogs were developed for comfortable life in cooler and even colder climates. People who live in tropical or warm climates should consider other dog breeds, more suitable for warm weather conditions.

You will be surprised how this dog will get comfortable and friendly with your children and visitors. The Alusky is loving, caring and understanding to kids and doesn't get agitated when they make too much noise and a little bit unruly. It will engage in kids-dog play and enjoy their company all the time. With its friendly and sociable nature, you surely can't entrust the Alusky to guard you.

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Besides, the Alusky is an easy dog to keep and maintain, though stubborn and commanding at times, a trait it borrows from the Alaskan Malamute. It will live to its maximum years when fed and kept well with frequent visits to the veterinarian for a check-up on its health. You can feed it with foods ranging from own homemade dog food to bought dry dog food with the right nutrients. When it comes to grooming, Alusky dog may require your dedication to keep the coat in best condition. The abundant Alusky coat produces a significant amount of shedding and brushing the dog can help to manage the heavy shedding that occurs twice each year, during fall and spring seasons. The dog sheds during summer and winter as well but not as much as during the heavy shedding time. Be sure to get the right grooming tools that include undercoat rake and FURminator deshedding brush for large dogs to help removing the dead hair from the dog's luxurious coat.

Size of the Alusky
The Alusky dog is a large dog that takes after its parents Alaskan Malamute and the Siberian Husky who are known to have big bodies. Most Alusky's weigh 60-100 pounds with a height ranging from 26-28 inches. However, their sizes and weight may have substantial variances depending on which parents' traits were favored more by the Alusky offspring.

Alusky Life Span
Alusky designer dogs can live for about 10 to 16 years. However, just like other dogs, the Alusky's lifespan depends on the dog's genetics as well as lifestyle. From good feeding, regular health checkups at the veterinarian, and following the required grooming procedures as will be discussed in this article.

Alusky Appearance
The Alusky dog has a very alluring wolf-like appearance that will make you stop and have a glance at it at your first sight of this dog. It has a beautiful fluffy tail that is long and compact, and a body covered in a heavy coat. The Alusky dog coat color varies depending on inherited color traits. Aluskies may have a mixture or one of the following colors: black, white, tarn, red, silver, grey, brown, cream, light brown, gold, salt and pepper, and markings that may vary in color.

Looking into its eyes it appears to have deep almond-like eyes just like the Alaskan Malamute which are blue or brown. They also have inherited the wolf-like ears that are wedge-like and upright standing. Besides, they possess masculine legs, dark noses, dark and broad muzzles.

Feeding the Alusky
The Alusky is a huge, vigorous dog with high energy bursts and needs to be fed with a balanced diet of high-quality dog food loaded with ideal nutrients for optimum vitality and health. From among the many whole food brands available, select dry dog food without any artificial ingredients or allergens. You can feed your Alusky small portions divided into several meals without leaving food out for the dogs to feed all day. Free-feeding your Alusky puts the dog at risk of being overweight, which can be a recipe for health issues.

Exercising the Alusky
Being a very active dog needs daily exercising to stay healthy and in good shape. This dog is known to be a quick weight gainer if kept idle for some days and this can be very dangerous for your pet's health as it can easily become obese. Engage Husky Malamute mix dog in various physical activities such as morning jogs and some ball kicking in the yard as well as toy play when it is in the house to keep it occupied all the time. Unleash its leash and let it run free in the compound with your children and if you have a pool in your compound you can let your dog swim the pool at least twice in a week for it flex its muscles. Ensure your compound is well fenced in such a way that the Alusky can't be able to dig and find a way out of the compound.

If you are a fan of hikes, you can let the dog accompany you and you will both have much fun together. Additionally, the Alusky always exercises better when it is in the company of other dogs. Therefore often take it to a nearby dog park to meet with other dogs for an hour or two of dog play for this is physically and mentally healthy for the Alusky. This also enhances their social skills.

Alusky Puppies
Alusky puppies just like any other puppies are fragile and they should be handled with a lot of care and tenderness. They need good training in their first six months as well as being fed with a healthy balanced diet. As part of the training setup, you can come up with a structured timetable that indicates the time for puppy waking-up, eating and playing. This way it will get used to this routine even when it grows up to an adult dog. Let the Alusky puppy socialize when still small for it grows as a happy and content dog with the ability to survive around different kinds of people, animals, and things.

Suitable Environment for Aluskies
The Alusky is originally an outdoor arctic dog that should be kept in a household that has a big or ample yard space for the dog's activities. Your house should be in a cool locality as the Alusky's survive best in cold zones. Apartment living is not suitable for Aluskies - they need space and a lot of it. Exercise Alusky outside frequently to keep it active. Aluskies need to walk several miles every day to burn the ample amount of physical energy that they are well known for.

History of the Aluskies
There is no documented date for the origin of the Alusky dog but there is a great history of this dog's purebred parents, being a crossbreed of the Alaskan Malamutes and the Siberian Huskies. The breeder of the Alusky desired to have a stronger, more resilient, active and healthier dog than the parents and it was a success. The result was a hard-working dog that would later be used for pulling sleds, hunting of polar bears and seals as well a good companion just like its parents. Arctic sled dogs were developed for survival in extremely cold climates like Alaska.

The Siberian Husky origin dates back in the 19th century coming from Siberia which is in North-Eastern Asia and was owned by the Chukchi people. This dog was later taken to Alaska by William Goosak to serve as sled dogs during the Nome Gold error. The Siberian Husky was a strong, active, vigorous dog that could survive in the cold Alaskan weather. On the other hand, the Alaskan Malamutes were used as utility dogs for multipurpose tasks such as hauling freight over ice and snow, locating holes of seals in ice and hunting. The Alaskan Malamutes were recognized as a breed in 1935 by the American Kennel Club.

Alusky supplies

Alusky temperament

Being very social, the Alusky gets along well with everyone it meets. Energetic and playful, Aluskies are friendly and smart dogs that act in a loving and charming manner and are always eager to please their owners. Just like their Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky parents, Aluskies are wonderers and have a tendency of roaming around and getting lost. As such, you ought to pay much attention to the Alusky if you own an unfenced garden or yard.

Although Aluskies are quiet in nature, they are very social animals and are comfortable being around lots of activity and noises. In their own way of thinking, Aluskies tend to have an independent character, which could at times make them be headstrong, stubborn, and temperamental. With their strong memory, it is usually difficult for them to forget harsh treatments or other unpleasant situations towards undesired behaviors. Aluskies also have a very strong instinct, with a high level of sensitivity and intuitiveness. This makes them treat small pets as prey. For this reason, it's very important to train and socialize Aluskies from early puppyhood with other pets.

Aluskies also tend to get along very well with strangers and rarely back, making them not be perfect watchdogs. Aluskies also have a great liking for humans and enjoy more while they are indoors despite having outside space. They don't thrive very well when left alone for extended periods of time. If it happens, they are likely to become very bored and develop destructive behaviors. You should, therefore, include your Alusky in your family activities, as he will definitely demand a lot of attention.

With strong endurance and stamina, Aluskies will absolutely require an outlet for their high energy bursts, both mentally and physically. This could involve things like canine sports and other games such as those that represent their original purposes like racing and sledding. If your Alusky finds a fenced yard in your home or a place they can freely dig such as a sandbox, he will be very happy.

Are Alusky dogs good with kids?
As earlier mentioned, the Alusky dog is very friendly, loving and affectionate towards children. Husky and Malamute mix dog likes to cuddle and play with kids and toys such as balls and it condones children's savage behavior to a certain level with ease. For better relationships between the two parties, you can get a beautiful leash for your Alusky and teach your children how to walk with the dog and how to play fair games together. However, there should be a strict supervision of kids-dog play every time to obstruct bad behaviors such as tail pulling and scratching from both ends. Teach your children to be friendly and caring for the dog too.

Alusky dogs are social dogs and they like interacting with other dogs. You should often make efforts to take your Alusky to places where there are other dogs such as your neighbors' place, at the park to play with other dogs, to dog shows and dog races. Interaction is good for their brain as well as growth and in-case you want to travel for some time, you can always take it to a veterinary clinic for boarding where it will mingle with other dogs. Additionally, teach your dog to mix and be friendly to other dogs in the compound and neighborhood.

Nevertheless, you should know that the Alusky does not relate well with pets such as cats and parrots and tends to have a habit of chasing them around due to the inherent hunting drive. Malamute Husky mix dogs will chase every small animal and cats they come across especially when you are not around. If you have other pets at home, it is best to have Alusky puppy raised with the other pets so that Alusky can be socialized to other animals that live in the household.

How to groom an Alusky dog

Alusky Coat and Grooming
The Alusky has a beautiful, thick and deep coat that sheds a lot and needs regular brushing weekly to maintain its cleanliness and healthy skin. During a high shedding season, the Alusky tends to shed more and will require daily brushing to maintain the top condition of its coat, and you will definitely be prepared to clean up fur around your home.

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If the Alusky favors the Alaskan Malamute more, the strong, thick nails will need to be clipped on a monthly basis. You can start this when the Alusky is still a puppy and willing to cooperate. But as a caution, you need to be very careful not to cut the young Alusky's nails too short, as they are likely to develop aversive behaviors later. Check to see if the nails are clicking on the floor and trim them appropriately. This will prevent the dog from scratching you or tearing fabric when jumping on you.

Bathing the dog should only be done when necessary using a vet-approved mild shampoo. Frequent bathing is likely to damage the natural oils that keep the dog's keep moist and healthy. Notably, when you're washing your Alusky, always clean its ears, eyes, and paws with a damp cloth as you also check for any kind of redness that might indicate some sort of infection. Teeth brushing is also part of grooming and the Alusky's teeth should be brushed frequently to promote healthy gums and fresh breath.

Some of the essential equipment you need when grooming your Alusky include:
A Furminator for the long-haired Aluskies
A Slicker brush
An undercoat rake to remove the shedded undercoat
A Wide-toothed comb

Alusky training

Since these dogs are always eager to please, they easily obey commands, which makes it easy to train them. However, Husky Malamute mix dogs tend to be independent thinkers and can portray stubborn behaviors. As such, first-time dog owners are not recommended to acquire Malamute Husky mix dog since they require an experienced and firm attitude during training. Aluskies have very good memory, and you, therefore, don't need to employ harsh and negative reinforcement methods rest the dog will become resentful. Instead, employ positive reinforcement methods that involve rewarding and praising your Alusky for good behavior. Start training and socializing your Alusky at an early stage to make things work easier for you. Obedience training is also highly encouraged, so ensure to enroll in a puppy kindergarten.

How to potty train an Alusky dog?
Potty training is one of the most essential tasks you should perform as soon as your Alusky arrives home. You wouldn't like your Alusky puppy to mess around the house on the floor and couches. Since Aluskies likes to please their owners, he will not give you a very hard time potty training. But for first-time dog owners, it could be a little bit tough. By following the recommended procedures, it will not be very difficult. First, acquire a dog crate of ideal medium size. Secondly, identify a potty area outside your house where you want your Husky Malamute dog to be relieving itself. Train Malamute Husky cross dog to rest in the crate if he's not playing or eating. Help your Alusky understand that this is a resting and sleeping area.

Take your Alusky out to relieve after every two hours or watch out for alarming signs that your Alusky may show when it wants to relieve himself such as barking, sniffing a place soiled earlier, scratching on the floor and going round in circles. Take the dog to the potty area outside immediately and ensure he relieves himself. After he's done with this business, don't allow the Alusky to play outside, as he may get confused with the potty training process when he identifies going outside with playing.

Ensure to praise your Alusky and reward him with treats like pieces of meat or chicken pieces when he's done relieving himself so that he identifies this act with a positive experience. This will make the Alusky want to repeat this as much as possible. Repeat this process and ensure to take your Alusky to its crate after relieving himself. Avoid giving your dog water at night or before it goes to sleep to avoid cases of urinating in the house.

In-case you find that your Alusky has soiled itself once in a while in the house after training, you shouldn't punish your puppy. Instead, clean up the soiled area thoroughly so that the dog won't soil at the same spot again when you are not around. To stop the on and off of your puppy soiling in the house you should take Alusky puppy outside for a potty break every time you notice any signs of potty readiness. Make sure to reward Alusky pup for pottying outdoors in the designated area. When every correct process is followed, your dog will eventually learn to potty at the designated area outside the house. Be patient and pay close attention to the dog's behavior to catch the right moment to take the dog outside for a toilet break. With the owner actively potty training an Alusky dog, this process should not take longer than a few weeks.

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