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Owning an Alusky dog positives and negatives

Alusky pros and cons

Pros and cons of owning Alusky

Alusky health issues

Owning Alusky pros and cons

Alusky pros and cons Alusky dogs were developed by crossing an Alaskan Malamute with a Siberian Husky. Potential owners can benefit from learning about the pros and cons of owning a Husky Malamute mix dog. Aluskies inherited some traits from the Alaskan Malamute and some from the Siberian Husky breeds. As a result, every Alusky dog is unique in appearance and in temperament. Aluskies are large in size and are not suitable for apartment living, which is a disadvantage for people who do not have a home with a large fenced yard to provide the big dog with the amount of exercise it needs every day. Aluskies are strong dogs with a good work ethic and they make very suitable sled dogs because both, Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies are excellent sled dogs and the offspring of these two breeds is well equipped to handle this difficult job that requires a lot of endurance and strength.

Another challenge to owning an Alusky is that this dog needs to live in the cooler climates because of the thick coat that would make living in a warmer climates uncomfortable for the dog. If you live in a moderate climate with very distinct winter and summer seasons, Alusky may be fine during the spring, fall and winter while in the summer time the dog may need to spend more time in an air conditioned space to be more comfortable during the warm weather.

Aluskies need a seasoned dog owner who is experienced in handling large and independent minded dog breeds such as the Malamute or Husky. Although Alusky dogs are highly intelligent, they may present a challenge during training. Young Aluskies need a lot of attention and dedication from the owner as Alusky puppy needs to be socialized and trained to grow into a well-mannered adult Alusky dog that is a pleasure to be around. Owning an Alusky dog requires a lot of time and dedication and working people may not have the luxury of time that it takes to properly care of an Alusky dog, which is another con.

Aluskies feature an undercoat that can produce a lot of shedding and people who are susceptible to pet allergies may find that Husky Malamute mix dog aggravates their allergy. Be sure to spend some time with the dog before you make the final committment to determine whether you are allergic. Taking care of Alusky's coat is a daily task that requires a thorough brushing to remove the dead hair from Alusky's coat. It is best to brush the dog outdoors as there will be a lot of dog hair around when you are done brushing. Managing Alusky's shedding may be time consuming as you will need to do more work around the home to remove the dog's hair from all surfaces frequently. Using a vacuum cleaner that is designed for handling pet hair can be very helpful if you own an Alusky dog.

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Other cons to owning an Alusky dog may include the strong hunting instinct that may cause your Malamute Husky cross dog to chase all the small animals it can find outside such as cats, squirrels and even birds. Be sure to keep your dog on the leash when you walk your Alusky to prevent the dog from accidentally running away as he is chasing prey. If you have small animals at home, socialize the Alusky pup early on to make sure that the dog doesn't treat other pets as prey. Supervise your dog around small animals to prevent any accidents.

Aluskies are high-energy dogs and need sufficient exercise every day in order to productively use their energy. Alusky dogs need an owner who is very active and has the time to walk several miles with Alusky every day. If you are unable to walk long distances with the dog or find another way to keep the dog physically and mentally active, this is not the right dog for you. Aluskies require a lot of mental and physical stimulation every day and need an owner who can actively participate in dog sports such as sledding, for example. If left bored and lonely for long periods of time, Aluskies develop various undesirable behaviors in order to keep themselves busy. Don't be surprised if after a long day at work you come home to find your furniture ripped up or doors scratched up. Don't blame the dog for these behaviors - Alusky is not meant to sit at home all day long and he needs a way to burn all the extra energy.

Alusky Pros

Aluskies are good companions for single owners who can dedicate plenty of time to this dog
Husky Malamute mix dogs are very active and great pets for people who love to walk for several miles every day with the dog
Aluskies are intelligent and outgoing
Malamute Husky mix dogs are suitable for colder climate

Alusky Cons

Alusky can be stubborn and hard to train for first-time dog owners
Alusky is not suitable as a watch dog or as a guard dog as they weren't bred for protectiveness
Aluskies are seasonal heavy shedders and require frequent brushing

Alusky dog essentials

Since Aluskies are wanderers by nature, they can easily run away if not keenly watched.

Alusky health problems

Hybrids such as Aluskies are believed to have better health than their parents though this might be debatable. Each Alusky dog may face different health challenges depending on the genetic pools they come from. Some may inherit the same health issues as their parents and therefore, you must do a proper background check of your Aluskys descendants' health before buying one. Demand their health certificate from the breeder before dishing out cash to purchase the dog as this will enlighten you on how to handle your Alusky's health issues. However, there are common hereditary diseases that an Alusky may face including the following:
Hip Dysplasia: Affects the dog's hip bone and causes a lot of pain, inflammation and dog lameness
Elbow Dysplasia
Progressive retinal atrophy
Lysosomal storage disease
Congenital larynx paralysis
Ear infections due to debris build-up, lack of proper air circulation and buildup of wax
Obesity due to overfeeding and lack of enough physical activities

Some of these diseases are treatable and not life-threating although to ensure that your Alusky maintains a clean bill of health, always take it to the veterinary clinic for frequent checkups and prevention of foreseeable diseases. Also make sure that your dog gets vaccinated for Canine Parainfluenza, Coronavirus, Distemper, Parvovirus, Rabies, Leptospirosis and Kennel cough.

Alusky info

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