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Owning a chug dog pros and cons

Chug pros and cons

Pros and cons of owning a Chug dog

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Owning a Chug pros and cons

Chug pros and cons People who are planning to get a Chug dog often wonder what are the cons and pros of owning a Chihuahua Pug Mix dog, also known as Pughuahua. As with any hybrid dog, a Chug carries the genetics of very different dog breeds, specifically the Chihuahua and the Pug. Each of these breeds contributes to Pug's temperament, appearance, size and even into the overall health of resulting Chug puppies. While Chihuahua and Pug mix dog may feature traits of both of these breeds, it is almost impossible to predict the final temperament and appearance of the Chug dog due to the two different genetic pools that combined to create this wonderful small companion pet. To understand a Chug dog better, it is important to learn about his parent breeds.

One of the advantages to owing a Chug is that Pughuahua dogs make great watchdogs, thanks to Chihuahua influence. Pugs may be quiet and reserved when a stranger approaches their home, but Chihuahuas are the ones who will make anything unusual happening known to their owners by actively barking. Many Chugs tend to be much less quiet than Pugs thanks to their Chihuahua genes.

Just like Pugs and Chihuahuas, Chugs are very suitable for living in an apartment due to their compact size and moderate energy levels. Chugs are highly adaptable and can be comfortable living in a small apartment in the city or in a large house in the suburbs. The Pug Chihuahua Mix dogs are not very demanding in terms of space and with a few daily walks combined with some playtime they are happy campers as long as their family is near them.

Another good thing about Chug dogs is that the designer mix dog is suitable even for first-time dog owners. Chugs are less demanding in terms of grooming due to their short coat, which is another pro of owing this charming dog. Chugs don't have a fluffy coat and do not require hair trims, which can save a lot of money at the professional dog groomer's saloon. Chugs are relatively easy to take care of, but potential owners need to be aware that most Chugs produce an impressive amount of shedding. Just like Pugs, Chugs can shed a lot and shedding management is a part of taking care of this adorable mix between a Pug and Chihuahua. How to manage Chug shedding? One of the most effective shedding management tools is a FURminator deshedding brush or Hertzko Deshedding Brush that helps to remove most of the dog's shedded hair from his coat. Using deshedding tools frequently helps to minimize the amount of dog's hair around your home.

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Is Chug the best dog for me? Chugs do well in environments where the dog can spend most of the day with the owners. Working people who only have an hour or two out of the day to spend with the dog should consider other breeds as Chugs are mainly companion dogs that are not happy when left alone frequently or for prolonged periods of time. Older people, seniors and single adults who have plenty of time to dedicate to an attention loving pet are ideal owners for this designer breed. Families with older, responsible children may also find that a Chug can get along great with the kids. Families with small kids and babies, on the other hand, are not recommended to get a Chug. Chug needs lots of attention and may compete with small kids in the family for that attention. Chug needs lots of time and care and families with little children may not have that time to allocate for caring for a dog. Chug puppies are especially demanding for time and your attention. Chug pups need the owner to potty train them, to socialize these dogs to make sure that the dog develops a good temperament and that he can be comfortable in many different social situations that the Chug may encounter during his life. Socialization and training take a lot of time and attention from Chug's owners, which is a con especially for people with younger kids living at home. Socializing the Chug early on also helps to prevent the dog from developing aggression towards other dogs that some Chugs, especially male Chugs may be prone to.

Chug owners also need to keep in mind that Chugs are sensitive to sudden changes in temperature and to weather extremes. Chugs should avoid being outdoors during the extremely cold or extremely hot weather. Be sure to get a winter coat for your Chug so the dog can be comfortable walking during the colder weather. During summertime be sure to keep your pet in a cooler area at home where he is not subjected to extremely hot and humid weather.

If your Chug has a particularly short muzzle, some airlines may not allow your pet to fly as brachycephalic dogs are prohibited from flying by many airlines. This can be a disadvantage for people who are used to flying with their pets. For potential Chug owners who travel frequently, traveling by car with a Chug is an option. In some cases if the Chug needs to be left at home, it is very important to have someone available who can take good care of your Chug while you are away. Chug owners may choose to provide an indoor potty system for their Chug so the dog can do the business without having to wait to go for a walk. Klean paws indoor potty is a convenient option that is designed specifically for small dogs such as the Chug.

Are Chugs easy to train? That depends on your Chug's temperament - those Chugs who inherited Chihuahua's personality may be easier to train than Chugs who are more like Pugs. Pugs are known for their independent personality that makes training this dog potentially a challenge specifically for new dog owners who don't have much experience in obedience dog training. Even novice pet owners can pick up some great tips from books on dog training and every Chug owner needs to know the basics of dog training in order to succeed with potty training and general obedience training of a Chug dog.

Pros of having a Chug

Chugs can make perfect watchdogs
Chug dog is ideal for first-time dog owners
Chugs are highly adaptable
Perfect for homes with kids
Well sized for condos and apartments
Chug just needs a little exercise and is suitable for less active dog owners
Gets along well with other pets especially if a Chug is raised together with other dogs or even cats in the household
Wonderful companions of older people in solitary homes
Cons of having a Chug

Chugs shed a lot and require shedding maintenance
Chug dog is susceptible to health problems
Chugs are sensitive to extreme weather
Chug needs lots of attention from the family
Some Chugs can be aggressive toward larger dogs
Chug is not recommended for very little children
Owning a Chug requires early socialization so the dog can be friendly strangers and other pets

What are some of the health issues associated with a Chug dog? The benefit of crossing a Chihuahua breed with a Pug is that the resulting Chug dog has less breathing problems than Pug dogs due to the slightly longer nose that allows for fewer health issues associated with brachycephalic breeds such as the Pug. Chugs can be expensive in terms of healthcare and even though grooming needs may not be high for a Chug, the dog's health may require the owners to be financially prepared to handle any potential health issues that a Chug may face during his lifetime. Here's a more detailed information about potential Chug health issues and problems.

Chug health problems

Although designer dogs were bred to produce offspring with no fewer health issues, there are some hereditary health problems from the parent breeds that actually get to these little charming Chugs. Some of the common health conditions in Chug include the following: Chugs may be prone to various eye disorders including Cataracts and others as follows
Exposure keratopathy syndrome
Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (Dry eye)
Corneal ulcers
Pigmentary Keratitis

Although there are fewer health issues in Chugs due to the shorter muzzle, there still is a potential for some of the following health problems that include
Muzzle Problems

Stenotic Nares
Elongated Soft Palate (ES)

Other Chug health problems include
Intussusceptions that affects male dogs that are under the age of one-and-a-half years.
Intestinal Issues
Luxating Patella
Leg Problems
Spine Issues
Neurological Health Issues
Hemi vertebrae

While most Chugs live a happy and healthy life, some Chug dogs may experience the mentioned above health problems.

Getting a Chug puppy is a big decision and understanding all of the cons and pros associated with this adorable yet demanding dog will help you to become a great owner to a very deserving pet.

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